Unboxing: Code;Realize & Senjou no Waltz

The new light bulb in my living room is terrible!
The new light bulb in my living room is terrible!

I’m still playing Marginal#4 but I’ve been slacking off because FF14 is a waste of all my time (ಠ_ಠ). Once I finish MG4 though I plan to move on to Code Realize since I’ve been looking forward to that a bit more than Senjou. Either way both games have good reviews on Amazon so hopefully that means they will both be great. Also for those who missed my MG4 unboxing on twitter:

My game pile on the desk is growing ugh. I used to be on top of these things, how did this happen…. _ノ乙(、ン、)_



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  1. Hi, there is no need to change the vita language to Japanese or create a Japanese PSN account. I have account in US store and my Japanese language Vita game run just fine there. The only time you need to create a Japanese PSN account is when you want to redeem DLC code that is inside the game box, and per what I know, Senjou no Waltz do not have any DLC code.

  2. My vita is japanese too xD. I have the system language in spanish, and the store located on spain (where I live). But thanks! by your answer I think the game will run ^^

  3. I’m not sure about Spanish Vita sorry mine’s Japanese!
    You shouldn’t need the PSN store unless you plan to buy from there. If you import a physical copy it shouldn’t matter the region of your Vita because it’s region free.

  4. Hi Hinano! I want to buy senjou no waltz! But I have a question for you, Do you have to change the language of your psvita to japanese or create a japanese account in the japan ps store?. I mean, I have my psvita slim in spanish and my account in spain ps store. Can I run the game without changing anything?. Thanks! And sorry for my poor english.

  5. Just thought I’d post this here, but the recommended play order for Senjou from the writer’s blog is アベル→ラスティン→パシュ→ティファレト→ニケ→ヴィルヘルム

  6. Enjoy your new games (and FF14!), I look forward to read again & again your awesome -next- reviews ⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾! I ordered LE for these two games, they are actually in the mail with Marginal #4 (and, like I ordered them from CD Japan, see you in 1 month little bishies ahah). I sincerely hope Hèrlock Sholmes get a hidden route in C:R (*꒦ິㅿ꒦ີ)…

    I’m pretty sure you will beat your game pile on your desk, cheer up (ง •̀ω•́)ง !

  7. Thanks ^^ Nice unboxing. How do you like the limited edition? Do you think the extra goodies worth extra money? I read from your previous post that the booklet is quite small. Then I guess what matters is the limited edition drama cd? Hmmm… I mostly buy regular edition but I’m contemplating on limited edition… I’m a newbie in this genre (Otome game) and your review helps me a lot. Now I’m playing Hanamani and DiaLovers. Enjoying both of them! My Vita never leave my side!

  8. Thanks for your reply. Well, I was hoping for some music PV to entertain us aside from the VN counterpart. I guess I’ll wait for your full review about the story before deciding to buy it then XD

  9. Aaah yeah that’s what happened with my raid/guild group too. They weren’t bad but drama cropped up far too often then I liked. :/ Made me want to log on less until eventually my sub ran out and I didn’t feel a desire to renew it.

    woo more bookshelves! I’m a bit OCD about my storage so I’m always curious how other people do it. Especially with books. So scared to ruin them @ A @ Anyway, can’t wait for your next review! 😀 Good luck on the backlog xD

  10. May I ask about the Marginal 4 here? Kinda on the edge about buying it. Does it have any music rhythm mini game inside, or some music pv aside from the opening and ending song? Thanks

  11. FF14 is ok if you don’t care about endgame raiding, but finding a group of people who you can deal with, have the same schedules and have a similar skill level.
    I’m currently unhappy with my raid group and well I guess it’s a blessing in disguise cause I have less desire to login to the game which means more time for otome!
    My games are mostly just sitting on my bookshelf but yea im running out of room now

  12. oh boy xD Not related to otome games but I recently got a ps4 and like 4 games for it and now my backlog is suffering like crazy…. especially with those open world games like GTA V and Assassin’s Creed Unity so I understand your pains of putting FF14 away to play other games XD

    Also, how’s FF14? I bought and played it during their release but never renewed my sub cause I plowed to level 50 in the first 2 days and then got bored a week later after trying out the boss runs. But looking at gameplay now really makes me want to go back to play >_< Especially now that I got a better mouse for those skill keys.

    So many questions so I hope you don't mind x: but how do you store your games? Do you end up keeping most of them or resell them? I love physical game copies but now I need another bookshelf ヽ(゜n 。)ノ

  13. Oh you’re playing Code:Realize first! Have fun playing the game! And I’ll be waiting for your reviews since I want to see if you’ll also like it as how the people who rated it in Amazon did 😉 I’m also excited to play the game but my copy won’t arrive until Norn9 Var Commons is released (⌒-⌒; )

  14. Yeah I am I mean I never stopped but I really should tbh…raiding and statics stress me out so much by the time I’m done for the night I want to strangle somebody

  15. Oh hey! It’s funny I bought the Senjou Waltz LE ver, and C:R the RE ver haha xDD But I actually prefer the C:R art style though haha xD
    game pile will only get higher huh .. 8″”D the life of a fangirl 8″DD

  16. Are you playing Final Fantasy XIV again? ;3 Keke~~ But I understand you about back logs. ~_~ *stares at her own pile*

    Also I love the tiny snow falling!!

  17. I feel your pain as I still have a long Vita/PC/PSP backlog to play before the year ends (hopefully) orz.

  18. Haha. My Vita backlog is pretty bad considering how little Vita games have come out so far. I really need to sit down and just get some playing in.

    Have fun with the route! Looking forward to your review(s)!

  19. Yea I have a lot of PSp games as well but who cares! XD the backlog on my desk is only Vita games (with some drama CDs wedged in between) so I forced myself off FF14 this evening and I’m gonna play moebaby Rui’s route all night (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

  20. I just paid for my order for these recently so they’re in the mail. Seeing your unboxing made me more excited for them to get here. It looks like you got the RE for Senjou and LE for Code Realize? That’s what I did too. I’m glad both seem to have gotten good reviews on Amazon. Hopefully that counts for something.

    I actually just started playing FFX recently because I bought the Vita Remaster (and I never played the original) to make use of my Vita, so I understand other things eating up time. Your backlog is still enviable. I have so many PSP games I still gotta play and the Vita’s screen has spoiled me in a short amount of time, making it harder to go back…

    On another note, I love your Winter background (with the tiny falling snow!!). It’s my favorite one so far xD

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