Otome Game Review: Binary Star

It’s 50 years into the future, in the country of Cloud. Cloud’s been plagued with a massive drug war on the drug called “Star” and has been ignored by other countries to help stop the spread. The drug, like any drug, has destroyed families and caused gang wars and mass murders. In order to combat the ongoing problem of both dealers and drug abusers (coined as “Stardust”), a team of “Angels” has been formed. These angels go around trying to capture and rehabilitate the drug abusers in order to help get to the root of the problem, and to put an end to the drug war. Our heroine, Sorano Fuu got involved in the drug war because her parents became dealers in order to support the family. Due to getting in a spat with another dealer, Fuu’s parents were killed when she was 7 years old. She was rescued by a pair of Angels and decided to then grow up and enroll in a special academy to become an Angel herself. Now 13 years later, Fuu is 20 and has graduated from the academy. She’s put in a team with 4 other Angels, Yun, Mict, Tchicai and Rayla and the leader Izuki, going on missions to try to find and capture the drug abusers in the town of Akatsuki. During the time spent with her team mates, she discovers more about their pasts with connections to her own. Lots of spoilery text ahead so skip to final thoughts to avoid as usual!

Brief Glossary:
Hoshi – Star = The drug in question
Hoshikuzu – Stardust = The drug addicts
Tenshi – Angels = The organization who’s fighting the drug war
Akatsuki = The city that Fuu & co. are assigned to protect
Tenjou = The top organization that oversees everything in Cloud
Adam, Eve & God = The top heads at Tenjou

yun01Kamiya Yun – Yun is coined as the “hentai” character since first thing he does when meeting Fuu is basically talk about how they can make beautiful music together. Though he seems like he’s just a lewd dude from the start, Yun is actually quite smart and he has a goal that he won’t let anyone get in the way of.  When Yun was a shota, he had a best friend who was also his neighbor, Kiri. Unfortunately by the time they were both 5, Kiri’s dad became a drug addict because of Star, and his mother got sick of his shit and left. She promised she’d come back for Kiri and left him in the care of Yun’s family. Kiri couldn’t stand to be separated from his father, who lived next door, so he would sneak out and visit him. Unfortunately being balls high on drugs, Kiri’s father would constantly beat him and he’d return to Yun’s house with bruises. He begged Yun not to tell anyone and Yun had to basically sit there watching his friend get beat up by his dad without anyone to go to for advice. (´・ω・`) One day the Angels busted into Kiri’s house to stop his dad and ever since then Kiri disappeared. From that day Yun had assumed that Kiri was dead and had vowed to become an Angel so he could kill all Star dealers. In his mind, it’s the dealers fault that the drug continues to be spread and even though Izuki says they’re not allowed to kill unless ordered, Yun has his own plans. He will do anything to kill all dealers and when Fuu chooses him as a partner, he tells her right off the bat to “not get in his way”. So basically dude’s on a path of revenge, which I can sincerely sympathize with, but the hatred inside of him is basically eating him alive. Fuu realizes this, and every time he goes on a rampage mass murdering every dealer/abuser, she tries to stop him. At one point, she gets a cut on her cheek and feeling responsible for it, Yun asks to break up their partnership. Revenge aside, Yun’s a huge dork though. He’s really shy when Fuu shows him any positive emotion and he shits bricks when there’s talk of ghosts.

yun02Their relationship finally progresses when during one of the missions they walk through some eerie forest & abandoned mansion – and Fuu holds his hand to make him less terrified. (*´∀`) By then they’re already head over heels for each other, but a wrench is thrown in when Yun’s long lost friend Kiri shows up – and is working for a Star dealing gang. He’s also gone absolutely insane and has a ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ rage level obsession with getting Yun back to himself and killing that EVIL COCKBLOCKING BITCH that is Fuu. He attempts to kill her multiple times by shooting her, but Fuu is a superwoman and somehow survives 2 gunshot wounds though it takes her a while to recover. While she’s recovering in a hospital, Yun visits her and they end up confessing their love for each other and officially becoming a couple. That’s when Yun finally opens up and tells her about his past and relationship with Kiri. He then apologizes for saying horrible things about her parents and she’s like it’s ok I forgive u QT. (・ω<) (Which then makes him all ドキドキ and he jumps her in bed until she punches him in the gut lmao. XD) So then the unthinkable happens and Fuu gets an invitation from Bi to go to them….AND SHE GOES WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Seriously bad guy sends you invitation, GOING IS NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. Yun finds out and shits bricks so the rest of the Angels now go looking for her. Needless to say she runs into Kiri, and realizes quickly that the lights are on but no one’s home. He’s been busy getting high on drugs so he can see illusions of his family and now that he found Yun again, I guess he wants to get high together :lol:.  After telling Fuu about his 13 year homo fantasies with Yun, Kiri tells hehe’s brought her here to kill her.  Just then Yun bursts in going FUU BABE Y U DO DIS while Kiri runs off somewhere.  After once again showering each other with how much they love each other, the rescue van comes and takes them back to the dorms.

yun03Meanwhile back at the ranch, Kiri is raging that Fuu cockblocked his Yun and his munchies. He calls his dealer asking for 3 days worth of Star so he can trip balls and forget about what happened. After finding out Kiri’s a Stardust, Angels then decide to make saving Kiri their top priority. Upon her release from the hospital, Yun begs Izuki to let him be her partner once again. That night Yun has a nightmare that Fuu got killed by Kiri and then he goes to kill Kiri in revenge. He asks to talk to Fuu for a bit and she comforts him in his room until they both end up smooching (and then humping) in his bed. (♡´౪`♡)) When meeting with Kiri and asking him WHY U DO DIS, he responds  that he figured by taking the same drug as his dad he’d “understand him” and also hoped that eventually his dad would run out and stop. But of course that didn’t happen and instead he became a crazy ass drug addict himself.  Yun asks him “what exactly do you want anyway” and he says he would do anything for love and doesn’t wanna end up like his dad. Just when they think they’ve convinced Kiri to leave the dark side, his drug dealer shows up and tries to kill him. Yun jumps in the way to save him and gets stabbed instead. The dude comes out saying that traitors receive death and that Rayla is next, before disappearing into the night.  After this Kiri and Yun recover in the hospital while Fuu visits them and Kiri gets annoyed with their flirting covering them with a curtain and plugging his ears with headphones :lol:. In the epilogue, Kiri goes into a serious rehab program to stop his Star addiction. After Yun gets released from the hospital, they go shopping for their anniversary to buy more pair accessories. As they’re picking them out Yun gets all antsy and tells her to hurry up so they can go back to their dorms and hump happily ever after :lol:. Loneliness End: The night Yun has the nightmare and Fuu calls him he tells her that he’s so distressed right nwo that if she came over, things would head into the Cero D direction. When meeting with Kiri, Yun is unable to convince him to stop being a drug addict and before he can kill Fuu, that dude comes out once again and kill him first saying Fuu must not die. After this Yun is so heartbroken that he’s afraid that he might lose the only last important thing to him – Fuu. Due to this he ends up spending every waking moment with her and feeling sorry for him she lets him do this hoping one day he’ll snap out of it. (´;ω;`)

yun04Good End: Izuki gets attacked by that dealer dude and is hospitalized so everyone decides to get together and figure out what happened.  After they decide teams, Yun and Fuu end up together again and he comes to her room that night saying he’ll try to be a more understanding partner to her. And so they end up rescuing Kiri and afterwards Yun says he wants to officially be her partner again. The other guys complain that it’s not fair so he grabs her and kisses her cheek in front of everyone saying she belongs to him. (・ω<) The other dudes rage at him but Fuu ends up picking him as her partner after all. Future End: Yun lets Kiri escape because of his emotions reminding that it’s his best friend and on top of this, Fuu gets injured and hospitalized. BOne Day Story: Yun and Fuu play a game of darts where the lose has to do what the winner says. Fuu wins and asks fora kiss as a reward so he kisses her on the cheek. It’s obviously not enough and they end up smooching for real.  Dream Story: Tefutefu can magically talk and says he’s prepared a fun dream for Fuu. In the dream Yun’s working at that club and says they’re gonna be makin’ love all night per her request `;:゙;`;・(゚ε゚ )ブッ!!  Fuu freaks out and then wakes up in the recreation room in Yun’s lap (*´∀`). Apparently she had fallen asleep watching some horror movie the night before.  She tells him next time he can watch it with her and calls him “My Prince” which is a KO on his heart – and he confesses that he loves her saying he’ll make her feel the same way eventually. Overall I think Yunyun was a hetare moecake but it’s kinda sad that he’s poster boy for the game yet his route barely revealed anything. Kinda reminds me of Oosaka Ryota’s role from Chronostacia and with the whole drug premise I’m having way too many dejavu flashbacks :P.

ray01Konomi Rayla – Rayla acts like he’s the “most normal” one in the group trying to be all cool and badass…but he’s really a tsundere who’s afraid of heights. Also drenching your salad in dressing to the point that it looks like soup is definitely not what I’d consider normal. xD Unlike Yun, Rayla doesn’t want to kill anyone no matter what, even if he’s assigned to.  Rayla has a complex with getting close to people because he was supposedly betrayed by his best friend. About 13 years ago, when Rayla was 11 he was a drug dealer without knowing it. He was just told to “deliver packages” and he only focused on that, not knowing or caring what’s inside. When delivering the stuff to one guy he noticed the dude he brought the package to was fucking insane,so he got curious to what he was delivering and opened the package. Once he opened it he saw that it was the star drug, he took the drug from the dude and ran for it since he knew it was bad. That’s when he found out what the hell his job was and decided to quit. He then asked if his best friend Michiru knew what they were selling, and Michiru’s like lol yep you never asked! Not only that but then Rayla found out that Michiru was taking the drugs every night too. Michiru then tried to kill Rayla with a stun gun for going against him figuring he can just see Rayla’s illusions while he gets high anyway. After this, Rayla was rescued by the Angels, and was put in the care of Izuki. His parents were killed by the drug group “na” and Rayla wanted to die too because he hated his life after what happened. Izuki said he refused to let him die and so then Rayla decided to become an Angel to make up for his sins of drug dealing. Of course most of this is what Rayla was told by the Angels but is not what actually happened. When they get an invitation from Michiru, the current leader of “na” they find out what really happened. Michiru’s dad was the leader of NA and has a GPS implanted into his son to be his “right hand”. (It was forced into him as surgery and he was lied to saying it was some surgery to cure some disease.)

ray02So when Rayla wanted to leave NA, Michiru didn’t want Rayla dead which is why he stunned him to try and help get him out himself  – but it’s kinda hard since his dad’s always tracking him down with his boop beep boop app. He called his dad lying that he “killed Rayla for being a traitor” but the dad wanted “proof” of Rayla’s body. Michiru panicked and then tried to bring Rayla’s body to his parents house, but before he got there, Michiru’s dad killed Rayla’s parents (this is also a false fact that will be discussed later). Freaking out, Michiru ran with Rayla’s unconscious body into a park and dumped it into some bushes before running off. By then, the Angels had found an unconscious Rayla and took him into their care so Michiru was able to make up some lies that Rayla’s body was disposed of etc. The reason he lied about taking the drug himself is so that Rayla would have no qualms running away from him because otherwise Rayla would probably refuse to leave Michiru all alone. (´;ω;`) So basically once Rayla finds this out, and sees crybaby Michiru bawwing about how much he cares about him, he realizes how wrong he has felt the last 13 years. In fact Rayla almost refused to hear Michiru out but fortunately Fuu bitchslapped him in his place. m9(^Д^)プギャー So then while Michiru is sent to trial, there’s no Angel to represent him and he’s kinda given up on life at this point. He’s automatically become NA’s leader since his dad was killed but he couldn’t give a crap about selling drugs. However, if he dared to quit and shut NA down, the “Master” of all drug lords would probably kill him. Therefore he basically continued being this half assed leader for fear of his life. Figuring death is the best way out he shuts down and stops defending himself at the trial. The ojisan judge feels sorry for him so he calls Rayla (who asks Fuu to come with him) to speak to him. On the way there, Fuu tells Rayla that he should tell Michiru how much he cares about him since clearly Michiru opened up his feelings to Rayla.

ray03Rayla tells her that she understands Michiru better than he does and he’s a bit jelly. She makes fun of him and says she still has yet to hear how much he loves her…so he grabs her and makes out with her until they arrive at the court (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.  (And then Jiro-san finds them and makes fun of them ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ ) In this route it’s basically revealed that if Angels don’t “fight” for their client, the client will just automatically be put on death row. Michiru is spared and while he’s being held under surveillance for a while, when Fuu visits him, he slips her a piece of paper with an invitation from the drug lord. They go to the drug lord’s hideout in the woods. When they get there, Rayla runs into Mine (the leader of “ry”) who plays him a recording from the past. Turns out that Rayla’s parents basically wanted to sell him out to protect themselves cause they were dealers too. However, Michiru sacrificed himself and his freedom to protect Rayla instead.  In the meantime, Fuu runs into the drug lord Master who tells her that her happiness was “fake” because it was provided by money earned drug dealing. She almost has a breakdown from what is being said but fortunately an Rayla manages  to come to her and snap her ouf of it.  The rest of the guys arrive to help both Fuu and an injured Rayla and the bad guys run for it.  While in Fuu’s arms, Rayla says he can finally move on from Michiru and asks Fuu to tell him her feelings – so she says she loves him. Best End: Everyone goes to visit Rayla at the hospital and Fuu visits Michiru assuring him that Rayla is recovering.  Michiru tells Fuu how he found out about Rayla’s family and took interest in him..and the day that he was to have the surgery, he ran away. He then ran into Rayla who gave him pudding and from that day decided he wanted to save him from all the drug dealin’ crap.  Because of that he realized he wanted to continue living rather than die from dealing with his father.

ray04He gets a proper trial this time and isn’t given the death penalty. While Rayla is recovering from his injuries, Fuu partners with Yunyun and when Rayla hears this he rages 😆  Anyway now they’re an official couple so he calms his rage down after making out with Fuu in his bed :P.  In the epilogue Fuu takes him to the roof deck while he’s shitting bricks. However she has him lie down on the ground so they can watch the meteor shower in the sky. Good End: Fuu and Rayla fail to save the kindergarten owner son’s life at the trial. Meanwhile, the drug lord Master finds out that Michiru is trying to protect Rayla.  Meanwhile Yun goes on a rampage saying he wants to kill all dealers and gets into a fight with Rayla.  Because Yun can’t control his emotions, they drop him from the next mission too and he gets further pissed off.  Fuu tells him to calm his tits, and he pushes her away – so she bitch slaps him and tells him to STFU and stop being theatrical. Yun calms down and thanks everyone for putting up with his shit lol.  And so all of them go on a mission and Rayla finds out from Yun’s old friend Kiri that the kindergarten thing was a setup to get Rayla to let a dealer die so he would quit being an Angel.  Rayla collapses mentally but thanks to Fuu, and Yun showing up for last minute support everyone gets back on their feet.  They end up arresting everyone but taking Michiru to the hospital to recover from his injuries.  Yun tells Michiru that Fuu is gonna be his girlfriend and Michiru’s like “u ok with that Rayla? :lol”. He then acts like a wingman and pushes Rayla into Fuu and magically somehow they end up kissing xDDD. Meanwhile everyone around them freaks out as the two of them make it obvious that they’re both in love with each other anyway \( ^o^)/. Future End: Leader of Bi, Kiri, shoots the leader of NA and Rayla breaks down crying. Kiri manages to escape but Michiru remains in a coma at the hospital. Rayla is so mentally distraught that he just lies around doing nothing all day with no motivation to do any of his Angel work.

ray05Loneliness End: Rayla becomes mentally weakened and wants to just ignore everything around him except for Fuu. And yea because of this he has trouble controlling his hormones when alone with her ぺろぺろ(๑´ڡ`๑).  When they go into the forbidden forest in that drug den, Rayla accidentally kills one of the dealers and after realizing what he’s done he throws up.  Drug lord dude runs off with the parting words of “Mikuto and Sakuto you guys are next.”  After all of this Rayla feels like he’s trash for killing someone and tells Fuu not to touch him because she’ll get “dirty” too. Michiru gets a 1 year sentence but Rayla is stuck in time and can’t move on. He basically gives her hickeys over & over as “proof that she’s his” to calm himself down daily. Fuu feels bad leaving him alone and hopes he gets over it one day.  One Day Story:  Rayla and Fuu are on a date and he babbles how he wants her to only have him in her tunnel vision 😆  Dream Story:  Fuu has a dream where Rayla is the kindergarten teacher again and he’s all ichaicha with her…except that he insists they call each other by their “undercover” names lol. She wakes up from her dream yelling that she loves Rayla not the “undercover name” guy.  She then turns to see a blushing Rayla in her room who came in to return a DVD he borrowed – and her her loud love confession XDDD. Fuu says she was just sleep talking but Rayla says he loves her too before leaving. (*´ω`*) Ugh so much text, I actually cut out a huge chunk from my notes including the parts where Rayla was jelly when he was a kindergarten teacher and Fuu was getting hit on. Rayla’s charm is that he’s really a huge tsundere but the more Fuu basically breaks down his wall, the more deredere he got towards her.  I loved Michiru though he’s such a cutie pie, everytime he started crying I wanted to be like COME INTO MY ARMS BEBE I GIVE U ETERNAL HUGS. (Which is like a huge change over the fact that I wanted to punch Kiri in the face most of Yun’s route.)

mic01Haruno Mict – Mict is Mr. Gap Moe in which he acts shy but then gets ikemanly and then starts getting depressed and crying all in a span of a minute.  Everything Fuu says he takes way too seriously and starts derping and blushing like an idiot. He’s 18 years old and likes to sew, and after meeting Fuu for the first time, it’s basically love at first sight. Mict also likes cute girly stuff so his room is full of cute stuffed animals and lots of pink things….basically he’s like an otomen. Just like the others, Mict’s thing is that he’s trying to find his long lost brother, who he thinks became a drug addict and ran away from home. As usual, this is all lies told by the Angels 13 years ago. Unfortunately things change and Mict says his goal was just to find his brother but now he’s fallen in love with Fuu and it’s thrown a wrench into his personality. He wanted to be all cool and composed on his missions but now HE GOT ALL DEM FEELS.  In order to try to get him back on his feet, Fuu lies to him and says that she only sees him as a partner and will never see him as a lover cause as Angels, ain’t nobody got time for dat. щ(ಥДಥщ) Nuoooo Mict my baybeeee.  This is super effective as Mict stops crying and composes himself but deep inside Fuu feels horrible for saying that. So basically most of the route Fuu has to act like she doesn’t see him romantically in any way so that he doesn’t lose focus…but it gets harder when she starts falling for him as well. Drug organization RY has grandiose plans of turning Mict into a drug dealer like his brother Sact (I’m guessing it’s spelled this way since it’s Mikuto & Sakuto).  So as part of the plan, they have Mine, the leader of Ry, intentionally pretend to fall on Mict when they visit him in rehab, and place a drug in his pocket so that Mict would be “found guilty” of harboring Star and be fired from his job.  So then eventually during a body check, they check and find the drug that was slipped into Mict’s uniform. Because it’s such a dangerous new drug it makes it even worse and he’s taken down to get tried and questioned.

mic02Fortunately thanks to Fuu telling the questioner Yuri what happened when they visited Mine that day, he realizes that Mict was set up. He also blames Izuki for being too nice with targets and that this wouldn’t have happened if they just  arrested and killed Mine to begin with instead of putting him into rehab.  Shortly after, Mict gets released and returned to the Angel tower in tears.  Unfortunately by the time they discover Mine was the guilty party, they find he’s escaped the rehab facility.  It turns out that Mict’s brother Sact is in fact no a drug dealer and because he values Mine as his friend, he continues to stay with him hoping one day he’ll kick his drug habit. Meanwhile back at the ranch Mine is raging that he hasn’t got his munchies and pissed off that Mict is taking his “princess Fuu” away. Sact tells him that if he agrees to kick his drug habit, he’ll capture and bring Fuu to him. And so as requested that night, Sact comes to kidnap Fuu.  She manages to turn on her tefutefu and the sound of her kunai gets both Nachi and Mict to rush into her room to help.  Realizing he can’t run away,  Sact reveals himself to Mict and Mict shits bricks. After getting everyone together asking Sact to spill the beans, he says he can’t say anything. Mict rages that he feels like his brother made a fool of him and doesn’t know what to do with any of his feelings now.  After questioning Sact further, he admits that he planned to kidnap Fuu for the leader of RY – Mine. Sact asks to speak alone with Fuu – without Mict. He agrees with it but Fuu is like wtf dude this ain’t the time to be holding back your emotions. She grabs his hands and tells him to stop being theatrical and to grow dafuq up. Mict finally puts on his big boy pants and goes to see Sact along with her. When they get to Ry’s hideout, Sact tells him  how he and Mine met at a part time job together and they used to meet each other every day and talk about the book he reads.

mic03Mine’s parents were divorced and he was being raised alone  by his mother so he tried to be the best son he could. One day Mine told Sact that he’s starting a job at his father’s company and he invited Sact to join him.  Unfortunately their new job was delivering the star drug to people….and when they realized it they felt horrible. Well at least Sact did, but Mine felt so betrayed by both of his parents that he started taking the drug himself. Soo figuring that Sact ruined his chances of being an Angel, he figured he’d instead try to help Mine kick his drug habit as a friend so he just followed Mine wherever he went. (´・ω・`) Sact asks Fuu’s assitance to help save Mine.  After talking, Sact is taken to the judgement hall but on the way Mine attacks the Angel-mobile to help Sact escape. When Mict & Fuu try to stop Mine, Sact says fighting will get them nowhere and that he wants to save Mine.  Mine tells them that Angels are stupid and they just kill drug dealers & addicts without finding out why they rely on the drug in the first place.  They find out that Sact was never a drug abuser so they get him back to Angel tower.  Mict then tells everyone how when Sact left the family, they became completely shattered. Mict refused to go to school and spent most of his time cooped inside so that he had to be home schooled. Eventually the parents got rid of Sact’s stuff and “erased” him from the family. One day a few years later the mother gave Mict a box of Sact’s photos and the letter he left before he vanished. In the letter he lied that he became a drug addict and asked not to tell Mict because he didn’t want to destroy his dream of becoming an Angel. And so not too soon after, the family moved to Merry away from Akatsuki. And so their father is still looking for Sact to this day and Mict became an Angel so he could save Sact….not knowing until now that the letter was a lie. Sact didn’t want to mess up the family or Mict’s dreams so he says he had no regrets about his decision. His only regret was not realizing that Mine’s dad is a fuggin piece of trash.  After they finish talking, Mict goes up to the roof of the Angel tower and starts crying trying to digest everything.  Fuu takes his hand and tells him to spill it all out cause she’s here for him.  Sact then works with the Angels to try and rescue Mine and try to seriously rehabilitate him.

mic04Before their mission Fuu can’t stand holding her feelings back and seeing Mict force himself to suppress his own…so she finally confesses to him. Now that he can stop holding back Mict immediately grabs Fuu and starts making out with her while telling her how much he loves her. And so they go to meet with Mine but he won’t go easy and has brought backup. When they run into him, Mine says they can keep Fuu as long as he gets Sact back. Sact says he will protect his brother and ensue Mine’s homo rage :lol:. Sact tells Mine to kick his drug habit but he continues his drug induced babble of how he’s forever alone. He then takes out his pocket stash of drugs to try and get high to escape the blatant reality that nobody likes a crazy drug addict shota. Anyway they eventually capture him and throw him into rehab (again) and Mict says he wants to start fresh and first become friends with Mine.  Sact’s punishment is a month of community service and Fuu runs to tell Mict the news. He’s so happy that he uses his string to tie Fuu’s arms and pull her to him to he can kiss her プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  In the epilogue,  Mine kicks his drug habit and tries to live his life better.  Mict gets Fuu a cake celebrating their 2 month and 12 day anniversary of being lovers and Fuu’s like whut. Mine warned Mict that he’s fallen in love with Fuu for real and he’s gonna totally NTR dat sheit :lol:. Anyway they celebrate in Mict’s room with some cake and he asks if they can celebrate every month. Loneliness End: Mict’s feelings for Fuu gets stronger & stronger and with Fuu not stopping him he becomes more and more attached to her.  It’s to the point where he doesn’t want to save Mine, and he’d rather just have him take the drug so he can be immediately arrested. He takes the drug and because it’s a special drug, it basically puts him into an eternal coma. Mict feels horrible cause he had no idea that the star drug Mine was gonna take was gonna be fatal rather than just one where he’d get high.

mic05Mict is so distressed about his decision in ending Mine’s life that he just spends the entire day moping with Fuu. Fuu as usual hopes the dude will wake up & snap out of it one of these days. Good End: Fuu gets kidnapped this time around and tells Mine that she’s not his “toy” to just play around with. Even if he has her in his hands, it’s just a temporary satisfaction and what he really needs is someone to really care for him….someone he’s had by his side all these years – Sact.  Mine realizes this and just then Mict bursts in to discover what his oniichan’s been doing all these years. Mine and Sact are arrested and taken into custody for questioning while Fuu tries to cheer up Mict with some horror movies. The others come in and say that’s a dumb way to cheer someone up and offer other ideas. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) She thanks Yun for his advice about Mict and Mict punches Yun for NTring xDD. Future End: Fuu agrees to promise to be with Mine forever & ever.  He says he’ll even go into rehab as long as she’s with him and says that if she won’t be by his side to just kill him.  Just then a pissed off Mict comes in and kills both Sact and Mine.  When Nana and co arrive, Mict discovers that he just basically killed his brother but he’s in denial because Sact has red blood and he thought his brother was a drug addict who should have yellow blood. Sact manages to wake up and tell Mict that he was just doing his job as an Angel. After Sact is hospitalized and recovering, Mict says that once his brother’s trial is over, he will quit being an Angel.  Since his memory will be erased he asks Fuu to forget about him but she says she’ll never forget about him. One Day Story:  Mict gives Fuu a present hairpin that he made himself.  Dream Story: Fuu and Mict are twins in the classroom again and he says until she finds her man he’ll be there as the temporary replacement. 😆 Fuu wakes up of course and Mict tells her not to leave her door unlocked when she’s sleeping.

chika01Kanou Tchicai – Ugh Chikachan I hate spelling your name! Despite being 28 years old, Tchicai loves sweets and candy and writing cute kaomojis in his tweets (*´∀`). He acts like he’s dorky and silly but honestly most of it is an act to cover up the gloom inside about the past with his father and his family’s company. Unlike the others he’s an analyst, rather than a soldier, so most of his job requires hacking into websites to try and get leads on drug dealers and abusers.  Turns out they had met 13 years ago when she was in rehab and he was talking to her. He started crying because his father had died and she gave him a hankey to dry his tears. Tchikai figured it was her because he heard her talking to herself in the break room recalling the events. He says he always wanted to thank her because of her he felt a lot better afterwards.   He then tells her about himself and how the Kanou group is a famous sweets maker. He was supposed to be the next president of the company to succeed his father.  Unfortunately shit went to hell when a friend of Tchicai’s dad gave him some star drug to try because he was butthurt that his father’s company bought his company. The reason he bought it of course is because the guy was obviously creating the star drug and getting high on it.  While Tchicai starts passing out from the drug, the angry idiot says he’ll get revenge on his father through him. He then demanded that Tchicai’s dad hand over his company back or he’d shoot an unconscious Tchicai…but when the dad refused, the guy went to shoot Tchicai, and his dad got in the way to protect him and died in his place. (´;ω;`) On top of this no one ever told Tchicai’s mom why her husband died and she would cry….but it’s because Tchicai didn’t want her to know the horrible truth since she was raised like an ojousama. He was afraid she’d lose her marbles if she found out the truth.  He then went to rehab to get all the drug out of his system and decided to work hard to take care of his mother. Thanks to Fuu’s encouraging words he was able to get back on his feet and she was an important part of his life…as well as his first love apparently. (And I’m like oh come ON you were like 15 and she was 7 wtf XD…though it seems like mostly feelings for her for being there for him in his weak moment.)  He says that he’s loved her since then and still loves her now but Fuu’s like you’re not in love with me, you’re just in love with an image you created of me based on your emotions. To prove this, she grabs his face and moves it near hers going “DOES THIS MAKE YOUR HEART BEAT FAST!?”  So instead he just thinks for a moment and then kisses her ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ

chika02Unfortunately that earns  him a slap from Fuu cause it’s her first kiss (and his too apparently lol.) He then comes back to Fuu crying and apologizing cause Nachi told him it’s his fault lol. He then says he’ll try to hide his feelings for Fuu inside as to not make her uncomfortable because whenever he openly says he loves her it makes her all ドキドキ(*´∀`*). Eventually he stops treating her like a candy slave and actually stays up late after hours to make a special tutorial so she can learn how to hack websites of drug dealers.  After spending time doing more research with him, she starts to fall for him and wants to spend more time. Even when its late, she makes up some excuse to stay longer..which Tchicai catches on and his heart goes ズキュ━━(*〃´Å`〃)━━>>ンッ. One of their next missions includes sneaking into a kyabakura and having Fuu and Tchicai work there. Unfortunately the owner, Karin is working with the drug lord Master and is fully aware that the 2 of them are Angels. Miss Ara-tits-desuwa acts like she doesn’t know anything and messes with Tchicai’s mind by saying that she has drugs that are made by his father’s company. Meanwhile Fuu is busy trying to hide her jealousy of Karin being all over Tchicai, telling herself that it’s all an act and doesn’t mean anything. When Tchicai returns back to the Angel tower he’s all deredere with Fuu holding her hand before he falls asleep. Fuu then ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。’s and realizes she’s completely in love with him.  Tchicai says the next day that he plans to arrest Karin on his own but after everyone leaves, Fuu tells him she wants to be there to help him if he needs anything. He finally stops holding back and glomps her on the couch saying he’s glad he can open up to someone because he felt like he was taking everything on himself. (*´ω`*) He takes her to his room and tells her about how Karin told him the drugs she has are made by his dad’s company. He then tells her a story that after his father died, he was supposed to take over but then his company received an offer to create drugs by joining forces with a drug group called St. Tchicai decided to protect his company by becoming an Angel instead of taking over as president. That’s why before arresting Karin, he wants to get more info about the drug and if his company really did indeed produce it.  One night after the end of the shifts, Karin pretends to take Fuu out but takes her to some place and is like lol you can stop the act Miss Angel. She points a gun at Fuu thinking that the drug lord Master is like in love with her or some shit in a fit of jealous rage. Fortunately Fuu kicks her ass and bitch starts throwing glass bottles all over the place until Tchicai comes to help. Fuu is surprised to see he has a Katamari – which is a weapon only Soldier Angels can have and Tchicai is an analyst.

chika03The following day Tchicai tells everyone that he has 2 Angel professions because has taken both Soldier and then Analyst courses. Fuu is a bit jelly cause she realizes that Tchicai really is a prodigy and feels a bit down, along the fact that Nachi has been missing in action and Izuki and Jiro have been looking for him. Tchicai plays some piano for her  in the break room to make her feel better.  He tells Fuu that it’s a song that his mother had composed and he had hoped to someday play it if he ever reunited with Fuu. After hearing this she finally tells him that she’s fallen in love with him but isn’t quite sure how to properly convey her feelings. Tchicai is like zomg get over here on da piano woman and tell me your feels.  She tells him to just give her a bit of time to solidify her feelings and he’s like I’ll wait forever for ya babe. (*´∀`)むふ♪  Eventually Izuki and Jiro find Nachi and tell him they knew he was at the Kanou group. Nachi’s real name is Tsukikage Asuka.  Tchicai has trouble relying on Fuu again worrying that he’ll put her in danger like with what happened with Karin. He then thinks about it and decides to tell her that the person who sent the letter to the Kanou group threatened to spread the news that the future owner had taken drugs (even though he was tricked into it.)  He gets so angry that St took advantage of all of this and basically forced Tchicai to hand over the company. That’s why he wants to find who St is and put a stop to them. Fuu tells him that she’s there for him and he can get angry and cry all he wants in front of her. Tchicai is so happy he starts crying saying that hearing those words is all he ever needed and Fuu puts her shyness to the side and they smooch in his room. (*´ェ`*)キュン♡  Turns out that Tchicai’s mom knew about what happened to her husband and that she’s not weak and he doesn’t need to “hide info from her”. She says that the company will be in the hands of Tsukikage and to leave everything to them. The other Angels tell Tchicai to rely more on him and that he isn’t alone in this..so he ends up telling everyone about his past and family business problems.   After doing some research Tchicai finds out that his company was in fact not making drugs and that Karin had made that shit up. So then Nachi comes back and tells everyone that he’s the son of the Kanou group’s private secretary Tsukikage Taiga, and his real name is Tsukikage Asuka. His father asked him to become an Angel so that he could keep an eye out on Tchicai. When young Tchicai first met Asuka, Asuka was really shy but Tchicai played with him  in the garden and broke the ice. Apparently Tchicai didn’t realize that Nachi = Asuka and it only clicked when he heard his mom referring to Nachi as Asuka and remembered it.

chika04Asuka says he’ll continue to be a butler as well as a soldier because he had taken both courses as well.  Asuka also then tells both Tchicai and Fuu that he’s already told their parents that they’re dating and they’re already making wedding preparations /(^o^)\ナンテコッタ。  The following day they receive a letter from the same person who sent the threat to his company 13 years ago. They say they will give them one more chance to join forces or give them hell. Izuki then shows up and tells them that Karin has been killed. They decide  to do as the letter says and go to the abandoned building and on the way Tchicai asks if Fuu will visit his father’s grave with him after everything’s resolved.  They end up at ST’s HQ and run into the drug lord Master.  Master says that these last 13 years, Asuka wasn’t “protecting him” but “watching him” to make sure he didn’t become a drug addict since he had previously taken the drug. The Tenjou group had attached  a GPS to his ankle to make sure they could keep an eye on him.  Tchicai’s like “bitch please I ain’t even mad, I got a hot babe and awesome friends so sticks & stones my break my bones!” As Tchicai fights him, Izuki and co show up and realizing that the rest of his underlings have been defeated, Master takes Tchicai’s kamakiri and slices his neck bleeding all over the place.  They take him to a hospital to recover to try and save him while the other guys from the other routes get arrested and taken into custody as well. After this, Tchicai and Fuu go on a date where they eat ice cream and ichaicha.  He decides to hand over the Kanou group completely to the Tsukikages because he wants to lead the same path as Fuu – by continuing to be an Angel to improve Cloud. In the epilogue, some time later Tchicai slips a ring pop on Fuu’s finger and tells her once she completely licks it off, he’ll give her a real engagement ring xD.  Loneliness End:  As with the other guys, Tchicai drowns in his feelings for Fuu and feelings of revenge and can’t control himself. That’s why when the Master dude says shit to him, he rages and kills the guy himself. Fuu tries to calm him down but he’s a man on a mission and the mission is to kill the drug lord.  Asuka rushes in and is shocked at what happened but says that his job is to take care of the bodies and tells Tchicai and Fuu to return to the vehicle. Fuu is still shocked but Tchicai is pretty happy cause yay revenge! He tells Fuu that he’ll protect her and he’ll destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way.  I guess this is probably as close as this game gets with a yandere ending lol.

chika05I actually kinda liked it lol but  I always love vengeful characters ( ≖‿≖) Fuu vows inside to someday help him snap out of this. I have concluded that based on everything, Tchicai is clearly  a Scorpio (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Good End:  During a spat with Karin, Fuu gets injured so while she’s recovering Tchicai floods her with candy.  He also asks her to drop out of this mission because he doesn’t want her to get hurt again. Master tells Karin he’ll take over St and he has no interest in her. She rages and says she’ll take her revenge making him regret that he didn’t hit on dat wakai musume. Karin leaves an anonymous message for the Angel team telling them about a drug dealer party probably cause she wants to turn them all in and mess up Master’s plans. Fuu convinces everyone that she’s okay and is ready to do this mission. Tchicai says he trusts her to go along with them and gives her a kiss on the cheek. ( ≖‿≖)  When Fuu runs into Karin she’s hysterically raging that Fuu NTRed Master away from her. In a drug induced rage she tries to kill herself so Fuu bitchslaps her and is like “bitch u think u gonna get dat dick if you die!?” (Ok well she didn’t really say that but since that’s all Karin wants anyway…)  Karin gets arrested and hospitalized and while she’s recovering Fuu visits her every now & then. Tchicai also brings exciting news that his father’s company is in fact not producing drugs.  Suddenly everyone starts hitting on Fuu but Tchicai takes the lead and lies saying she has ketch up on her lips….therefore licking them in front of everyone(/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. Future End: Karin escapes from Fuu and she fails the mission. Feeling guilty and sad Fuu locks herself up in her room. Tchicai comes to comfort her and she begins to cry vowing that this isn’t the end and she’ll do her best next time. One Day Story:  Tchicai and Fuu are eating candy to prove their ~love~ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Fuu tells him she’s sick of all the candy and wants something different like tea. She then adds that it doesn’t have to be a food and she doesn’t mind him showing her affection in ways other than ring pops. Tchicai gets the picture and immediately gives her a candy mouth to mouth (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. Dream Story: Tefutefu has Fuu see a dream where Tchicai is a host at that club where they did the mission. She asks him to make her a cocktail and he keeps bsing her until he talks his way into kissing her. Right before he’s about to kiss her she wakes up to find Tchicai near her bed. Tchicai complains that she was calling out to “Saki” in her dream and gets all jelly xD. He says he was tired at night and accidentally walked into the wrong room thinking it was his own. She tells him that she likes him now more than his “Saki” personality from that mission and he gets all deredere and starts hugging her like a stuffed animal. He then asks if they can sleep together so they can have dreams of each other.

izu01Nanase Izuki – Incoming text wall cause the final plot is revealed in this route! Izuki is such a moe ossan, I wish he was a mode for all otome game ossans. He’s 35 but he’s still a hot ikeman and they don’t force draw some dumb hairy beard on him to make him appear “older”. Like hell yea Binary Star knows where it’s at making ossans ikemans ;D. To add to the hilarity, Izuki is the 35 year old Virgin…blushes when Fuu even as much as holds his hand lmao xDD. Izuki is really bad when it comes to reading long books so Fuu gives him her Myth of the Month book to read since it’s a picture book lol. He looks at the publisher and is shocked asking where she got it. She said after her parents got killed and she spent time at Tenjou hospital, someone gave her that book.  They go to see Rayla who has the same book but when they compare it, Rayla’s book is different from Fuu’s. In Rayla’s book the angel is betrayed by his friends while in Fuu’s it’s betrayed by family – just like their individual situations. They then go to Tchicai and he happens to have the same book, and in his, it says the Angel “lost his father” just like Tchicai. Concerned about too many coincidences, they go see Yun and Mict who also both have the book. And just like with others, Mict’s has the angel betrayed by his brother, and Yun’s has the angel’s friend dying. They all realize that other than the 5 of them they’ve never seen anyone else who knows about this book nor have they seen it for sale anywhere else. Izuki tells them that the difference in everyone’s books is because it has to do with everyone’s individual pasts. Izuki then tells them that he knew about their pasts before being given information from the top. The reason being is that he was on the missions to rescue all 5 of them and they were grouped as the children who all “lost someone due to the drug”.  Fuu then realizes that that “Tenshi oniisan” that tim was Izuki and later that night she thanks him for being there for her. She tells him that she was hoping to run into him when she became an Angel and thank him….so she does after giving him a big ol’ hug. (*´ω`*) Izuki promises to protect and watch over her, not because its his job but because he himself wants to. He vows by kissing her necklace.  A few days later, Izuki’s old Angel friend Yuri comes by to give packages to the Akatsuki team that were mistakenly delivered to him. When everyone opens the package there’s a star drug inside and it says “to the owner of Myth of the Month”. The invitations are all to places where they “snuck in disguise” in their routes (club, kindergarten etc.)

izu02When everyone sees the letters inside the drug,  it forms the phrase “BiNaRy Star”.  They conclude that the package must have been sent by someone within HQ because a package from the outside would have been stopped if it contained drugs.  They decide to go to where the letters invite them and ask for Yuri and his team for help. The thing is his team, Iromeki, is known for killing their targets. When they run into Kiri, he tells Yun that he was the one who tried to kill his father but the father was instead killed by an Angel. They were going to kill Kiri too but Izuki, Ayumi and Jiro let him escape and became a dealer. Kiri also tells Yun that 13 years ago they used to mercilessly kill drug addicts be it adults or children, even though now they don’t do it anymore. Yun flips out because that’s not what they were taught and is like wtf Yuri…and Yuri admits that they used to kill children. While Yun rages at Yuri, Kiri escapes. Meanwhile over where Nana and Rayla are, they run into Michiru who has a bomb attached to him that will go off in 5 minutes. Izuki then informs Rayla that his friend Michiru didn’t betray him but instead saved him. In the last 30 seconds before the bomb goes off Michiru and Izuki both reveal that Angels were the one who killed Rayla’s parents. Rayla gets pissed off and is like why the hell did you lie to me, I trusted you!  Change to where Jiro and Mict are, they have run into Mine. Mine reveals that he received a phone call one day from someone saying that the angels found out that he and Sact were drug dealing and that an order was sent to kill them. The guy said he’ll save them if they join his organization “ry” and continue being drug dealers. Mine didn’t want to be a dealer anymore but the dude’s like “yea well your life is basically ruined so you do this or die.” Having no choice, and being pissed off at Angels, and his family, Mine gave up and just started taking the drug himself.  He then called Sact to join and Sact agreed immediately since his path to becoming an Angel had been destroyed by Mine’s father.  Mict hears this and is like wtf, Angels aren’t allowed to kill children who are 12 years old….but back then, there was no such rule. He rages further because when his brother vanished the Angels told his family that “When Sact is found we will rehabilitate him and return him to you.” Mine tells him that it’s all a lie and they were going to kill him to begin with. Mict gets pissed off and says Jiro is his enemy and was unable to protect his brother.  Just then Mict is able to reunite with Sact who is injured but he confirms that everything Mine said was true.

izu03He didn’t want Mict to know the truth because he didn’t want his dreams to be crushed.  Master requested that Sact tell Mict the truth but since Sact refuses, he got stabbed, and Mine was to tell Mict everything in his place.  The final set is Tchicai and Nachi at the host club with Karin. It’s revealed that both Nachi is Tsukikage Asuka and that Tchicai has had a GPS on his foot the past few years ever since it was revealed that he had taken the drug.  Asuka then reveals that his father asked him to put a GPS on himself to monitor him and “report” it once a month to Angel HQ. This was the only way to “protect” Tchicai from being put on death row, by keeping an eye on him “from the shadows”.  It was thanks to Jiro and Izuki that they convinced the judge not to kill Tchicai because he was given the drug without his knowledge. Asuka also confirms that 13 years ago they didn’t have any rules about not killing underage children who had been dealers or taken the drug.   Meanwhile back at the ranch a drugged up Fuu wakes up next to king pedo, the drug lord Master who has set up the entire plan to reveal the truth to the Akatsuki Angels. He tells her that while her parents were dealers, they decided they wanted to stop and lead a clean life. They had quit being dealers 12 years before she was born but were killed for their past crimes by Angels. Of course Fuu was lied to and told that her parents were killed by some other dealer. The money they earned from dealing drugs was used for them to set up their own business that had nothing to do with drug dealing. So when Fuu was born she thought her parents were good parents with normal jobs and didn’t know about their criminal record. King Pedo asks her to join forces with him to create a new force to go against the evil Angels who have lied and killed people mercilessly.  This is why he spread the truth to all her team mates so that they would join forces against Tenjou with him.   Fuu refuses and just then Izuki bursts in revealing that King Pedo who is the drug lord Master is also his old Angel senpai Asagiri Ayumi. Izuki’s like wtf did you do to her, and he says that he drugged her with a special star drug that would cripple her but not make her completely fall asleep. Izuki rescues her and takes her back to the hospital to recover from the drug but she asks him to stay with her.  Turns out the necklace that Fuu got “from her parents” was actually made by Izuki and given to her in their place. Ayumi asked him not to do this and lie to her but Izuki just wanted her to “feel better and feel like her parents loved her.”  It’s revealed that Ayumi is in charge of Binary Star – the multi drug ring which is why it’s called that , all of the other “stars” rotating around “him. So 13 years ago, they were told there was some crazy drug addict running around and Ayumi, Jiro and Izuki went on a mission to arrest him. Who they found was the drug dealer terrorizing Fuu’s family. He then told the Angels that if they’re gonna shoot him they should kill Fuu’s parents cause they were drug dealers in his organization. He then reveals further that Ayumi’s parents were in the same organization as well and were killed by Angels.

izu04Just then Fuu’s mother says that she and Ayumi’s parents were bffing it up and got high on drugs together. Ayumi’s mother got pregnant with him and realized wow if we’re drug addicts the hospital will find out and arrest us. They decided to quit the drug business so they can raise their children in safety.  They pooled the money together to start a new business but Ayumi was never told about this because the parents wanted to keep their “family” and “business” separate. Because Fuu’s dad was badly injured Izuki went to call for help to get him to a hospital, but when help arrived they thought the 2 people Ayumi was with were drug dealers who were threat…and shot them. Just then Fuu had woken up, come to see her parents dead and was immediately taken away by Izuki as per the intro of the game. And so once everyone is back at Angel tower, Izuki tells everyone the truth that indeed 13 years ago, anyone who as much as touched the drug once, or was a dealer of any age, would be prosecuted.  After all the incidents with the 5 kids, Izuki wanted to quit being an angel because he thought what they were doing was bullshit. Izuki apologizes to everyone and that he had basically lied because he thought it was the best way to “protect” them.  And Ayumi set up a fake death for himself so that he could set up Binary Star – a drug organization to try to start a war against the Angels and their cruelty against anyone associated with the star drug. Jiro tells them about a head group named Adam who are at the top of Tenjou and they were the ones spreading all sorts of false info. The reason is because before they made the 4th ammendment of “no killing drug dealers/users mercilessly” they could kill whoever even if they had taken the drug accidentally (like in Tchicai’s case.) Once they made the ammendment, anyone who was an Angel beforehand, was sworn to silence and if they were to ever speak of it, they would be dismissed and have their memory wiped. By telling all the kiddies Jiro and Izuki are technically breaking this rule but they figured it’s all good and they trust their team. The guy who ended up accidentally killing Fuu’s parents was going to quit being an angel but Yuri told him he needs to ammend for his “sins” by continuing to BE an Angel…so the guy ended up becoming a hidden angel (one that just gathers info) like Jiro and his weapon was confiscated. Suspicious about her necklace, Fuu approaches Izuki and asks him to tell her the truth. He admits that he’s the one who made that and the card for her because he didn’t want her to hate her parents. Fuu says that his lie was a gentle one and it has comforted her all these years. Izuki is so happy that she doesn’t hate him he starts to cry and Fuu wipes his tears away. (♡´౪`♡)

izu05After questioning the captured drug dealers – Michiru, Sact, Karina Yui and Mine – they go to question them and reveal a couple new things. Michiru’s father was killed by Ayumi so that Michiru would be forced to become na’s leader and basically do as Ayumi says. Ayumi also killed Karina Yui’s father so that she could have the Karina group to herself and he also made her leader of St. He wanted the Kanou group but then decided he wanted the Star drug more so he told Karina to get that through St. The one who sent the letter to the Kanou group that time was Ayumi from ar but rather than him directly, it was his right hand man at AR – the guy that had always been listed as Mr. ??? who would relay messages to all the other dealers in the ring but never show his face or say his name. Turns out it’s Alice from the Iromeki Angel team and it was his fault that Fuu got drugged by Ayumi.  While Fuu and Izuki are ichaichaing while watching scary movies, Ayumi injures both Kiri and Alice to use as bait to send “a notice of his final plan” to the Angels. Jiro is a “god” aka a top head at tenjou organization. All the kids would have been rejected by the Adam group at the top when they applied to be angels because they all had a history associated with the drug.Adam and eve are special secret teams that do the back office work for the organization. The only reason they were allowed to enroll in angel school is thanks to Jiro who was like it’s because Adam told them about how they were the ones who let the kids know about angel academy… so after hearing this Eve convinced Adam to let them enroll. The catch was that if after they became Angels and there was no problem after a year of being monitored then they would pass. Jiro suggested that they tell the kids the truth and if they can handle it, they’d pass the “experiment” and if anything goes wrong Jiro said he’d take responsibility. They called the whole project “The Lillith Project”. (Otomate you need to STOP.) Fuu and the other kiddies tell Ayumi that they don’t care that they were tested because they all wanted to work against drugs and knew they’d pass with flying colors. Ayumi is shocked that their response is not just as keikaku and tries to hold Fuu hostage cause now he cannot have his loli waifu and take over Tenjou! Izuki kicks his ass and Ayumi asks to be killed since he’s lost everything.

babiesIzuki refuses since the past 13 years he’s never forgotten about him and was relieved he’s still alive. Jiro had told him that Ayumi being a child of 2 drug addicts would have the predisposition to be evil even without ever touching the drug himself. He tells Fuu that he had the same goal as her: to collect all the star possible to rid the country of it. Izuki then says he’s going to arrest Ayumi and try to rehabilitate him instead. Best End: And so all the drug dealers & abusers are taken for rehab and the Akatsuki Angels go back home to celebrate. While everyone’s partying downstairs Fuu goes upstairs with Izuki and blabbers out that she loves him. Izuki then tells her he loves her as well and they kiss. In the epilogue, Fuu is seen reading a book in Izuki’s lap and he’s fallen asleep. He babbles that he loves her in his sleep and so she decides to nap along with him. (*´∀`) Good End: Despite telling Ayumi the truth about how it was thanks to Jiro becoming god and fighting for him that he was able to become an Angel…Ayumi realizes he’s lost and kills himself. Before dying he tells Izuki to tell Jiro that he’s thankful and he will tell rejoin his parents and tell them that Jiro was a good guy.  What had happened is Jiro was the one assigned to the mission to kill Ayumi’s parents, but once he found out their drug dealings were in the “past” he rushed to stop it, but by the time he got there it was already too late. After Ayumi’s funeral, Izuki’s really bummed out so everyone plans a surprise party to make him feel better. Unfortunately Fuu blows the surprise but he thanks her and promises to act surprised. Well boy is he surprised when he get there and they throw paper plates full of whip cream in his face like it’s some old Nickelodeon show. He acts really pissed but inside is really happy 😀 One Day Story: Fuu asks Izuki to take her to his bar for an ~adult night out~ since Jiro ditched him. He does and she’s all excited being at a bar for the first time, before they drink together. Dream Story:  In this one, instead of having a dream story with Izuki, you get all the characters you couldn’t get with in the game…aka all the sub dudes xD. My favorite was definitely the one with young Izuki…  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;; p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q . My only final beef here is that we never saw sprites for Yuri or Alice and seeing how they both had a vital role in the game it seems like a shame to be honest. Also they never really covered why the hell Alice joined Yuri in the first place…and since Alice showed up in every route it feels like a pretty important piece to leave out. (´・ω・`)



Well I will honestly admit, I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS A GAME ABOUT DRUG BUSTING LOL. I had this “feeling” based on some blogs from Otomate but I’m like “oh well I guess it’s kinda like Chronostacia”…but I didn’t realize the whole game was about a drug war HAHA SHOWS YOU WHAT I BUY MY GAMES BASED ON m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ.  Still though, I am so glad I got this because it was a great game! I loved the mystery surrounding all the guys and the “bit” of reveal in each route the further you went down the line. That’s why it’s very important that you follow the play order of the official blog which is Yun → Rayla → Mict → Tchicai → Izuki. While the sub characters were very ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ in some parts, the fact that Fuu wasn’t turned into a wallflower didn’t bother me at all! (Unlike some games cough.) I also came into this game thinking there’d be yanderes but fortunately there weren’t! The twisted love ends were just right, without feeling disgusting or abusive. I was thinking there’d be some horrid rape or something because HIYO was writing some of the scenarios, but I guess she wasn’t allowed to go wild so we only had some yanhomos and a some overly attached drug abusers. Still I could just be like “well the dude’s high as fuck, so he’s raging cause he’s got the munchies lawl.”

My favorite omake in this game xD
My favorite system in this game xD

The art might have been a bit misleading because if you look at the eyes and around the eyes of all the characters it looks like they’ve been tripping balls all afternoon…but in fact there was nothing like that to any of the main cast. I saw someone on Amazon Japan saying they were disappointed that there was no ending where the guys would “fall to the drug”..but I am honestly happy. If they had an end with the guys falling to the drug then abusing Fuu that would have just ruined the game for me. ( ´_ゝ`) With that in mind, if you are looking for those type of “dark” elements then you won’t find them here. The “darkest ” thing are really the drugs and those involved with them but the guys themselves ARE SWEET BABYCAKES I WANT TO SMOOCH THEM ALL (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)♡♡♡♡♡.  I feel kinda bad for Yun though because he was kinda the poster boy for the game but his route barely reveals anything and he has the least connection to Fuu. This made me think of Chronostacia and how Osaka Ryota voiced yet “another poster boy who’s totally not the main dude” xD. As far as omakes, the omake CGs were wonderful. I didn’t expect so many omake CGs but they were all great! What I wish we had gotten was some kind of character profiles. The most I got from the game was their likes/dislikes and ages but I wanted to know stuff like birthdays and maybe messages for the heroine etc.

Interactions between the guys were comedy gold.
Interactions between the guys were comedy gold.

I also regret not getting the limited edition….this adds to my regret list along with Re:ViceD (ಥ_ಥ). Favorite dude would probably be Tchicai cause I felt like I could relate to a lot of his feelings but I LOVE HENTAI YUNYUN xDDD. Anyway enough of my tl;dr’s but honestly I can’t recommend this game enough. I can definitely say さすが LGS staff bringing out another hit game. I laughed so much and all the guys made me ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。 in every route. Fuu was also a great heroine and she kicked some serious drug dealers asses! If you aren’t sure which Vita game and thinking about Amnesia or Hakuoki, kick dem nasty thoughts and get this instead ;).


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  1. So many good vita games coming from Otomate! Hope the next games *cough*Code:Realize*cough* won’t be a disappointing. I skipped on two good games for that one.

    And LOL I was one of those people who actually thought that this will be a game full of yanderes upon looking at the art XD. The sparkly art is deceiving XD

    お疲れさま on finishing the game! (o^^o)

    1. Me too xD Well I have quite a few Otomate games preordered so their last 2 games have raised my expectations ( ;∀;)
      I thought it was full of yanderes too and when the drug premise came up I had horrid Chronostacia flashbacks.
      Thank god I was proven wrong! 😀

  2. I saved everything for Reine des Fleurs BUT OH GOD GOOD BYE WALLET BINARY STAR HERE I COME. I’ll have to change my mindset of buying games that I have no idea if it’s good or not to this game that’s absolutely adorable.

    I don’t mind spoilers so I’m glad I read through the whole thing.

    I actually really love the drug premise of the game and lmao Otomate. BiNaRy StAr. That’s sounds like something I would do.

    I just hope Trigger Kiss, Code: Realize and Senjou no Waltz would be as good though I’m a bit iffy about senjou and code…

    I’m so excited that Otomate is off to a good start for you in Vita.

    1. RdF doesn’t seem like it’ll be out this year anyway. It says 2014 but it barely has anything up and with no release date I’m already expecting a delay into 2015 at this point. This and Re;ViceD were both great and I can safely recommend both to you! Despite reading my spoilers, I barely went into detail about all the adorable as fuck moments between the guys and Fuu and the guys themselves so you’re still in for a treat 😀

      I’ve preordered all those games so worst case you can just wait for my review before deciding!

  3. Columbian Drug Lords vs the DEA. Yaoi’fied. Japan… I cannot describe what I am thinking with words how to can convert the Mundane into Wierdness. 😛

  4. It’s nice to see Otomate pushed out another great Vita game, hope that they will continue to go strong! I didn’t know what this game was about, but I just didn’t think of getting it due to the graphics, but more I look at it, the prettier it gets… maybe I should get this one later… Using drugs as a theme sounds interesting enough for the plot.

    I just pre-ordered Code:Realize, hopefully that one won’t disappoint since Otomate did sooo much advertising for it…

    I’m glad you like this game since it seemed like Otomate has been disappointing you a lot on its psp games 😀

    Can’t wait to see your review on Trigger Kiss and its “kissing” system xD

    And quick question, are you thinking about pre-ordering Root Rexx?

    1. yea I’m glad the last 2 games I Played by then have been good 🙂
      I didn’t realize it was gonna be about drugs either go figure lol
      Regarding root rexx I was interested in it but releasing a game so soon is so suspicious to me….feels like quality is being cut somewhere so I’m not really sure anymore tbh

  5. *A* so it’s good game? I kinda reluctant at first cose the art lol. I guess I need to save up and buy later 😛 This and Re: Vice D uvu

    1. yea honestly I don’t even think the art is bad? Just think of how games like Toki no Kizuna have pretty art but are a snooze fest and this is a million times better 😛

  6. After reading your review I regretted not buying the game
    Thanks for the review~~

  7. I thought they are just high on drugs or something (must be their eyes) www. But I never would have thought that it would be about drug busting too. XD Now I’m thinking if I should play this.

  8. Finally a good otome game
    Was thinking the best character is SuzuKen’s chara and he’s my fav now after reading this review
    Thanks for the review as always

  9. Hi~~~
    Thank you for your amazing review ^^
    Actually I started playing the game so how can i obtain the good end and unlock the dream story??
    Thanks in advance :3

  10. Wow. So…I’m another person that didn’t quite know what the plot was going to be about when I bought this game…oh the things we look at when we buy games xD. In any case, I haven’t started playing this yet, but I’m really looking forward to it now that I read (parts of) your review! I hope Otomate seems to keep up the momentum they’ve built with the new titles they’ve been making for the Vita.

    1. It’s cool, I always have the final thoughts so you can avoid the spoilers 🙂
      I hope the momentum keeps going but honestly I’m not sure what to think about Root Rexx. It’s giving me “low quality” vibes that -8 had

      1. I appreciate that way you divide the post. It’s really helpful. For games I’m considering buying, I might read the whole thing, or at least skim through most of it to get a general idea, but if I already own the game but just haven’t gotten to it yet, I usually try to read the intro and ending sections so that I can enjoy going through it myself later. Your playing speed never fails to astound me.

        Hmmmm. I’m sure they can’t get it right all the time, but sometimes I wonder why they even make some games if they don’t put effort into it. You would think they would try a little harder since money has to go into making a game and ideally you want it to make money back, so that part just never made sense to me. Your thoughts on Re:Vice[D] already has me regretting not getting that one and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Trigger Kiss as I patiently wait for mine to get here 😀

        1. haha I used to play faster than FFXIV wasn’t distracting me (but since my sub ran out this week I’m almost 3 routes into Trigger Kiss! :D)

          I dunno why they release half assed shit tbh. I can only attribute it to poor management who just “stops caring” and just tells them to release whatever’s done to meet deadlines.

  11. I heard about how cute the “twitter” system is, guess that’s not the only thing that’s cute about Binary Star. Will definitely consider getting this, thanks for the review! \o/ Shall look forward to your post for Trigger Kiss 😀

    1. Yess Binary Star is a great game!! And yea I’m loving Trigger Kiss as well. I’m glad Otomate has been pretty good so far with their new Vita releases!

  12. Wow it looks like this one is a must-buy for me,
    Too sad that there are N-O more otomate PSP games T^T
    I definitely need to buy a VITA
    But why between games like Amnesia and NORN9 psp’s art looks better to me? Why do they change the art in the first place ?,

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