Galge Review: Ima Sugu Oniichan ni Imouto Datte Iitai! -I wanna say that I’m not your brother right now!-

Well it’s my usual once a year galge time, and after playing the demo, I decided to get the Vita port of ImaImo. Our protagonist Mitani Rikuto has been living with his father for many years after his mother died a while back. Right before starting high school, Rikuto’s father Naoma tells him that he’s remarried and Rikuto will be getting a new step “brother”. No matter how he looks at it, his new “brother” Ayumu looks like a sister and for no good reason has to dress as a girl when going to school. Poor Ayumu just wants to tell her new oniichan, that she’s not his little brother, but his little sister.  On the first day of school, Rikuto realizes that Ayumu is the “girl” he fell in love at first sight with during the entrance exam results announcements.

mao01Shigemori Mao – I picked Mao’s route first because she felt like she had the least to do with Rikuto. He ran into her beating up some thugs at the train station because she’s a badass kendo master. Unfortunately because she’s in this strict family dojo, for generations all the leaders have been men and due to this she’s had to act like a man for the past 5 years. She always wears male school uniform and even goes into the male locker room to change for gym. I have no idea how in the world the school allows this, but she bandages up her boobs and wears male underwear so apparently its ok??? 😆 The problem is, unlike most “traps” Mao doesn’t fit the male role at all. She has a huge rack, and loves cute things and actually enjoys wearing cute frilly dresses. She has to repress all her urges to be feminine and she fears that her strict gramps will find out and kick her out of the dojo. Some stuff is ridiculous too like during the Okasai, (the first spring festival that freshmen compete in) she’s on the volleyball team match and instead of wearing like a sports bra so her boobs don’t majestically fly everywhere..she just….goes to play volleyball in her bandages. Like maybe this would work if you had an A cup but you have like F cups girl and needless to say, the bandages FLY OFF :lol:. Rikuto then has to help bandage her boobs back together and somehow this magically keeps them in place the rest of the match. 🙄 He basically spends most of her route trying to help her “be a guy” and doing stuff like making sure no one comes into the locker room when she’s changing, or making sure that no one’s in the mens bath except her etc. He puts his futon next to hers to protect her from any dudes who wanna hit dat shiat at night. I realize they wanted to have her “be a guy” and all but I just couldn’t take it seriously because her character was SO UNFIT for the role. (I think Haruhi from Ouran pulled it off better.)

mao02During the maid cafe for the charity event, her grandpa shows up and sees her being well… a girl. And of course he sits down, orders and asks for Mao’s “service” which is going raburabu kyun for the guests. Mao can’t bring herself to do it and gramps calls her a failure saying as of today she’s banished from the martial arts discipline. Mao runs out of the school with Rikuto chasing her down. He finds her saying gramps has abandoned her and tells her that she needs to talk to him to make him change his mind.  They go to gramps and beg for him to not kick Mao out of kendo training but he says that she clearly has some regret about not being a girl and the only way to overcome it is to….BE A GIRL. Well all she really has to do is wear a girls uniform since she already likes cute things, and acts like a girl and not for a moment did I ever believe that she was “raised as a man”lol. Matsuri says the best way to experience being a girl is by falling in love and asks Rikuto to help out cause she can tell the 2 of them are in love with each other anyway.She tells Rikuto that he can just be Mao’s “practice boyfriend” in the meantime since Rikuto has a “no fake bullshit girlfriend” policy. Rofl when grandpa finds out they’re dating he starts shipping them and making date plans for them xDDD Mao’s dad was supposed to inherit the kendo dojo after gramps, but he and Mao’s mom died in an accident so Mao had to become the “man” to be the next in line.She became a man at the age of 10 when she started kendo training. Rikuto realizes he’s in love with Mao on their date the next day but doesn’t want to say anything and cockblock her PATH TO KENDOism!  Anyway at the end of their date, Mao blurts out that she wants to continue being a girl because she loves Rikuto and she forgets about her kendo.

mao03Rikuto rejects her saying she suffered for 10 years so she should think about it on a clear head. Gramps calls Rikuto raging on why he rejected his daughter’s feelings, revealing that after her parents died he went nuts and wanted her to take over the kendo tradition. He went as far as making her act like a guy but as she got older he realized what mistake he made but after all she had gone through it was hard for him to be like “um yea I didn’t mean to force you to train all those years.” He was hoping that she’d give up on her own but she kept going and pushing herself so when he found out that she might wanna bea  girl again, he made up the excuse to “expell her” from the discipline. It wasn’t because she wasn’t good at being his disciple, but because he wanted her to go back to being a normal girl and give up kendo completely. He figured he’d be the last one leading the dojo so all he needed was to figure out a way to convince Mao – and seeing that Rikuto and Mao are all raburabu he figured CHANSU! Mao overhears all this and is really surprised. She then says fuck dis shiat, I’ma be a kendo fighting WOMAN and have my man at the same time woot woot!  And so they both confess to each other that they’re in love as if it wasn’t already obvious lol. And so class 8 wins the Okasai and in the meantime Rikuto asked the Principal to find out about the woman who earned the kendo license. He gets a photo and a letter of the one woman and she’s dressed in a kimono, not as a man like they thought that all of the ones who get this kendo license have to be dudes. So yay problem solved, Mao can get her kendo license and still be a woman. She’s so happy they smooch on the park bench. In the epilogue they’re a normal rabu rabu couple and now she can act all girly without holding back.

kimi01Haida Kimika – Kimika has some people trust issues because she was backstabbed and bullied in elementary and middle school. I couldn’t help but constantly feel sorry for her but she grew as a character near the end so all is well. Because of what happened in the past, she wanted to redo her image and so she took on the role of being class president but she’s constantly stuttering and blaming herself. Rikuto volunteered to be the VP so he could always follow up and help her out. For the charity festa, there’s some easter eggs as they decide to make it “Takafuji Cafe” by having all the girls wear Takafuji school uniforms. Takafuji is the name of the high school that everyone attends in KoiChoco :P. While they’re at his dad’s cafe talking about cake plans for the okasai, her contact falls out so he suggests she wear glasses. When she puts them on, he finally recognizes her as someone who went to his elementary school. She then spills cake on her skirt and for some reason has to strip down to her underwear but covers herself up with a blanket. So then she realizes oh damn im fuggin cold and starts sneezing looking for the temperature meter. She can’t find it so she asks Rikuto to turn it up and then she sneezes which makes her blanket fly off and exposing herself to him lmao /. For the class performance she suggests that everyone do a recreation of the movie/book she likes Tenshi no Namida. Matsuri gets the heroine role but Kimika ends up practicing the lines with Rikuto making him feel like she’s actually confessing to him. One time during practice, Rikuto asks her why she remembered him – she admits that she saw him crying after his father had closed his restaurant because of his mother passing away. He acted like he was fine in front of everyone but Kimika knew how he really felt.

kimi02During rehearsal one day Kimika drops her contact and steps on it breaking it. Rikuto tells her to put on her glasses but she throws a shitfit because her classmates say that she’s “plain but cute” and call her “jimika”. I guess this brings back some trauma from her old school and she starts hyperventilating and crying. She then completely blacks out and faints and thats when Rikuto remembers about her being bullied in elementary school. The next day she says she’ll be fine directing but she nearly has another anxiety attack. After they take a break she and Rikuto go on the roof and he admits he remembered about her nickname. She says that being “plain” was a huge thing for her and she decided to try and change that image in high school by growing her hair down and getting contacts. Rikuto tells her she needs to “accept” her past and stop hating on her own name because of the elementary school trauma. She decides to try to get over it and asks Rikuto to call her Kimika. She then asks all her classmates to refer to her as Kimika as well. (Up to now everyone called her Haida-chan or Haida-san.) After this Rikuto realizes that he’s all dokidoki in love with Kimika and everyone decides to be a wingman and sends them off for a “walk”.  They go to a fortune teller who tells them that their relationship as a couple is that of a married couple – not like a hot burning romance but one where they balance each other out. As they walk home she admits that the reason she was so wary of people is because in the past, her best friend backstabbed her.

kimi03The bitch made up the nickname “Jimika” and spread it around while then acting “nice” to Kimika and pretending to console her. After that Kimika became wary of others and that’s why it became such a trauma for her. She asks if she can call Rikuto by his first name and then almost confesses but Rikuto’s body is not ready so he self cockblocks and they split for the night. So then Matsuri gets hit with the bad luck stick and her classroom chair breaks, and then some guy bulldozes into her in the hallway completely injuring her leg. Due to this she’s unable to perform the main heroine role at the final competition so Kimika volunteers to take over the part since she knows all the lines. Everyone is worried Kimika will shit bricks and get stage fright (which of course she does), but thanks to Rikuto’s ikemanly adlib they make it through. End: And so Rikuto notices Kimika’s coming out of her shell and is talking to classmates normally now. However she is still stuttering around Rikuto cause she’s in love with him. Matsuri and co tell him to stop beating around the bush, but when he goes to confess Kimika beats him to the punch. After confessing they love each other they kiss on the lounge deck. In the epilogue, Kimika helps Rikuto remember that  in 3rd grade when he saw her getting bullied, he took her to his dad’s cafe and treated her to a custard pastry. This made loli Kimika all dokidoki and so ever since then she’s been in love with him. (And lol it feels bad that now you basically ditch her when you do all the other routes lol.) And so as a shy and dorky couple they live happily ever after.

matsuri01Nanase Matsuri – Matsuri is my favorite girl in this game because she’s fun and she catches on to stuff faster than anyone. She’s the first person to realize that Ayumu’s not a guy and keeps it a secret from Rikuto pretty much the whole game. A lot of people ask if she and Rikuto are dating but she claims they are “sworn friends” because of an incident that happened in middle school. So I didn’t mention this but Ayumu and Rikuto are living together and sharing a room because their new apartment was not ready when Ryoko and Ayumu were supposed to move in. So the two of them move in and due to it being small Rikuto and Ayumu end up room mates. The day that they were finally supposed to move in, the company who owns the building goes bankrupt (and this happens in every route), and Rikuto and co. are basically stuck in their old apartment longer. In the previous 2 routes Rikuto got upset but moved on, but in this one he throws a fit at his dad saying he was “fooled again”(More on this later.) Matsuri and Ayumu calm him down and Matsuri asks to spend the night so that she can be the mediator between the 3 of them. After Matsuri takes a bath she forgets her clothes in Rikutos room so when she comes to get them wearing only a towel he shits bricks lmao xD Then her towel falls off just as he’s about to leave the room lmao. She ends up sharing a bed with Ayumu, while thinking about her feelings for Rikuto. Miku, Rikuto’s loli neighbor,  finds out that Ayumu’s a girl and demands to spend the night to make sure Rikuto and Ayumu aint gettin it on, so Ayumu invites Matsuri to stay over one more night. (In this route Rikuto found Ayumu’s birth certificate and was like oh…ok lol.) Miku’s startingher period too so she’s getting all crampy lol poor child.  They all play the game of life and when Rikuto starts to “get married and have lots of kids” Matsuri gets really upset.

matsuri02After Ayumu and Miku fall asleep in bed together, Rikuto and Matsuri end up sharing a futon.  She then asks him if he wants kids in the future, Rikuto’s like yea sure. She cries and thanks him for being honest. The next day when they find out that Miku has started her period Matsuri gets really upset, goes home earlier than everyone else, and then skips school the following day. Rikuto admits to Ayumu that he loves Matsuri and says he’ll go visit her to confess his feelings in hopes she will tell him the truth on why she’s been acting so weird.  When he goes to visit her no one opens the door and when he visits her family’s store he runs into her mom who’s like lol idk where she is. Not knowing what to do he leaves but then runs into Satsuki. She ends up calling Matsuri and asking her to meet at the park but instead has Rikuto waiting for her. He asks Matsuri to tell him what is bothering her because he loves her (*´ω`*). Unfortunately Matsuri doesn’t wanna accept his love because oh noes I can’t have babies that Rikuto wants so she runs away crying and tells him to never mention this again.  He runs into Satsuki the next day and she asks why Matsuri was crying the other day but Rikuto says he has no idea she was crying and all he did was confess to her.  On the way home after school they run into an old middle school classmate who reveals that the reason Matsuri didn’t go out with Rikuto is because this girl liked him and said she’d never forgive if Matsuri NTRed. But now this girl has a boyfriend but when Matsuri says she’s not fit for Rikuto cause he wants kids in the future, the girl’s lol LOL U THINKIN TOO FAR AHEAD and leaves. Matsuri then excuses herself and goes off somewhere until she runs into Satsuki’s who’s like STOP DENYING YOUR FEELS WOMAN.

matsuri03Shinonome Satsuki btw is Matsuri’s childhood friend (lol all the Koichoco references.) That girl from middle school actually tried to do an exchange diary with Rikuto to make him like her but he couldn’t so he got Matsuri to help get her off his back. This is why Rikuto refuses to date anyone unless he actually “loves” them. When he comes home he hears Ryoko and Ayumu talking about the fact that Matsuri’s never had her period. When Rikuto runs into Satsuki the following day they talk and he finds out the reason that Matsuri and her mom don’t get along is that the mom’s got maternity neurosis which is basically an ocd with making sure your baby is developing perfectly…and since Matsuri hasn’t had her period SHITS OFF FIRE THE ALARMS MY DAUGHTERS RUINED. Rikuto waits for Matsuri all day after school and when he finally runs into her after she gets off the train she avoids him again. He chases her down and finds out that she is missing a uterus/cervix/ovaries (idk they didn’t specify) or something and is unable to ever have children. Rikuto’s like “ok and so what idgaf cause I love you!” and she finally stops resisting, hugs and kisses him. They officially become a couple and when Ayumu finds out she bawws and says how she’s happy for them. The next day in school Matsuri is all deredere ichaicha with Rikuto. After taking a break from their performance festival practice they go on a date together.  When they’re on the ferris wheel at the amusement park Matsuri thanks Rikuto for always looking out for any kids that may make her feel bad….but she’ll face it from now on instead of avoiding the problem. Up until now she’s always just said that she hates children. Their performance goes well but Matsuri gets so sick afterwards she passes out.

matsuri04Rikuto takes her to the nurse’s office and then turns out HER PERIOD STARTED. Oookkaay!? If she was “missing parts” how does that even work lol galge logic ヽ(。_゜)ノ.  She says she’ll go to the OBGYN again and get an exam to see if she can have babies in the future. (And we get yet another CG of them kissing but only see her lol.) End: Matsuri says she’s still a bit jelly that Rikuto sleeps in the same room as Ayumu but Rikuto reassures her that he’s only got eyes for her. They go on a picnic together and she made him some homemade sushi. She says that ever since her psycho mom found out her daughter might be able to have babies she’s been nicer to her and gave her a recipe for these sushi. It’s all thanks to Rikuto going to talk to her mom along with her. Some loli walks by saying if they’re lovers they should get married and have babies and Matsuri smiles awkwardly and says “I hope so”. After the loli leaves, Matsuri asks if Rikuto wanted 3 kids but he says as long as with Matsuri he doesn’t care how many. And so they agree to be together forever. (ノ´∀`*)ノ Ok so let’s just step the fuck back for a moment. I’m a woman playing this game, and there’s stuff about menstruation and periods here and I’m feeling all sorry for Matsuri and Miku……..BUT THIS GAME IS LIKE MEANT FOR MEN. HOW DOES A DUDE PLAYING THIS FEEL WHEN THE ENTIRE ROUTE REVOLVES AROUND MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS LOL. Seriously I’d like to know reactions of any men who played this route. And as a woman, I can surely say that if you “don’t have the parts” your period isn’t going to magically begin?? If you’re gonna write about such a serious subject do some research dude! Or maybe they figured “lol not like any MEN playing this would understand/care anyway :lol:”.

ayu01Mitani Ayumu – Ayumu is obviously the main heroine of this story but because the parents thought Rikuto would refuse a female room mate, they had Ryoko do her hair and dress her up as a boy. Ayumu doesn’t look or sound like a boy though just like how Mao doesn’t either, but because Ayumu’s like an A cup, its easy to cover up…when Rikuto accidentally walks in on her bathing :lol:. He’s like “its a guy a guy..nothing weird..yea…” LOL. Ayumu handles all the chores at home, cooking, laundry because her mom Ryoko is a freelance makeup artist and often has odd hours. Rikuto’s dad works as the owner of a very popular bakery een vijf (which means one five = ichi go = strawberry) because he thinks strawberry shortcakes are the golden food of life. Rikuto’s mother died many years ago but he still wears a wristwatch that she left behind. The wristwatch was actually a replacement for a wedding ring because at the time, Naoma couldn’t afford rings so the two of them had “watches” instead. Ayumu tells Rikuto that she has dreams about some “oniichan” in her head since forever which is why she always wanted a brother.  At the bonfire after the Araiba quest, Ayumu asks Rikuto to tell her why he hates “liars” so much. He hesitates but then reveals that in the past his father got fooled. His father’s friend wanted to start a bakery together and his dad gave a bunch of money he saved up to the guy to  start the store. The guy took the money and ran never to be heard from again. Ayumu hears this and starts to cry. After this event Rikuto ends up getting a fever. He passes out while changing at home so Ayumu helps him into bed. She then takes care of him by making him okayu and giving him sponge baths lol.

ayu02The entire time she’s dressed as a girl and he doesn’t notice until Miku and Matsuri point it out when they visit.  She just uses the excuse that she forgot.  After they leave she almost blurts out the truth about herself but then holds back. One day after school while she’s changing in his dad’s room, Rikuto hears Ayumu screaming.  He runs in and there’s a roach but after he kills it, he realizes Ayumu’s just kinda there in her underwear. He also then realizes Ayumu has the body of a girl not a boy.  He then doesn’t know wtf to think and is busy shitting bricks until a changed Ayumu comes to him. They blow it off as Ayumu’s being gross in her “crossdressing” and that night Rikuto has an ero dream about a female Ayumu in her underwear telling him to grab dat fuckin titty 😆 The next day he starts freaking out at the thought of himself being in love with Ayumu cause Ayumu is a “guy”.  ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ One night while Rikuto’s in the bath he thinks long & hard about Ayumu being a girl and realizes that while he has no solid proof she’s a girl, he also has no solid proof she’s a “boy”.  He realizes that seeing Ayumu in her underwear, there’s no way her boobs were “perfect makeup”. After Ayumu goes to take a bath, Rikuto finds her diary and inside finds a sentence that says she’s really girl. She then immediately runs back, grabs the diary and runs out. Rikuto then realizes that Ayumu really is a girl and is relieved that he’s not a ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ and that she’s indeed his first love.  After this no matter how much Ayumu tries to be a boy, Rikuto sees her as a girl and can no longer ever see her as a boy :lol:. In fact her ways of trying to be a boy just seem adorable to him (*´ω`*).

ayu03So then news comes of the apartment landlord going bankrupt and Rikuto freaks out because it’s like his dad got fooled again like in the past with the bakery. Ryoko tells him to calm down and tells him the truth about how much money they deposited in, etc.  Now that they have to live together in this old place longer, Rikuto doesn’t know if it’s better to hide it or reveal that he knows Ayumu’s a girl.  At the charity maid cafe Chisato from KoiChoco, who is actually Ayumu’s younger cousin, comes to visit.  She sits down with Rikuto and tells him that Ayumu tends to take a lot on herself and never ask for help trying to handle everything on her own. Chisato asks Rikuto to help her out whenever she seems in need.  The other girls tell Rikuto that because Ayumu hasn’t taken a break everyone else feels bad and doesn’t want to take a break either. They ask Rikuto to get her to rest so he asks her to rest for a bit.  That night during dinner everyone suggests since their move was cancelled and they took a day off, to do something together as a family.  They decide their first family trip to be a mystery bus tour.  They decide to change things up and split up with Ryoko & Rikuto and Ayumu and Naoma.  Ryoko tells Rikuto that she wants Ayumu to stop taking everything on herself and rely on him. After this they switch back to their regular pairings and everyone goes on row boats. Rikuto tells Ayumu that at first he didn’t care about being her brother but now he wants her to rely on him as her brother. The next morning Ayumu trips and her “short hair” gets undone and she reveals that the long hair her natural hair. Rikutos like lolol  I know but pretends to play dumb and tells her she doesn’t need to “shorten it” for him and can wear it naturally all the time 😆 He also asks her to allow him to split chores with her because he doesn’t want her taking everything on herself.  Additionally Ryoko has Ayumu dress/act like a girl around the house lol.

ayu04After this incident Ayumu starts getting all jelly at any girls that talk/help Rikuto and giving him a sour face.  Later that day one of Ryoko’s film acquaintances asks to use Rikuto and Ayumu as extras in some tv drama.  They have to pretend to be some ichaicha couple and they’re all nervous as hell but do it anyway and Ayumu acts naturally jealous of Rikuto looking at the other actress.  The next day Ryoko makes dinner for everyone and it’s identical to the oyakodon that his mom used to make.  It gives him flashbacks of his mom so much that after he tries to eat it, he starts to cry at the table. His dad tells him he doesn’t have to eat it and apologizes. Rikuto then stops and runs off to his room and remembers his grandparents saying that his mom died because of Naoma. Before dying, his mom asked him to believe in his father no matter what anyone around him said. His dad comes into his room a few minutes later and apologizes for everything.  Rikuto says that he can be “family” with Ryoko, but she will never replace his mother.  He comes out of his room and everyone apologizes to each other, but the damage has been done and Ayumu feels like it was all her fault for asking Rikuto’s dad on his “favorite food”. To try and patch things up, Rikuto asks Ayumu to go out with him for a day.  They go to the aquarium together and hold hands cause thats what siblings (at age 15) do OBVIOUSLY! 😆  He then takes her to the place in front of the school where they first met originally. He realizes he just wants to hit dat sheit, but he can’t because oh noes siblings, oh noes she has no idea I know that she’s a girl, oh noes what if she only wants an oniichan etc. When they get home though, Ayumu asks to hug Rikuto the way Miku always does.  At dinner that night, Rikuto’s dad says that for dinner he’s going to take off his watch – which is the watch that he and Rikuto’s mom used in the place of rings because they couldn’t afford them. He says that he has Ryoko now but wearing his deceased wife’s “wedding ring” is strange.

ayu05Naoma then says that Ryoko told him he didn’t have to take it off, but he has a new wife now and he needs to put the past behind him. He blames himself for making it difficult for Rikuto to let go of the past by giving him his mother’s old watch.  Rikuto says he refuses to take off the watch, and Naoma says that’s fine to have 1 memorabilia of his mother – because he has taken all of his wife’s old items and sent them to her parents so he can move on. Upon hearing this Rikuto freaks out that he will only have one mother, and that his dad’s an idiot for sending his mother’s stuff to the people who said horrible things about him. Ryoko bitchslaps Rikuto and tells him that what he’s saying is both rude to his father and his deceased mother. Rikuto just says Ryoko don’t know shit and runs out of the apartment almost getting hit by a car until Ayumu holds him back. He gets on a train to go where his old house used to be and Ayumu follows him there. Unfortunately when they get there, it’s not there, and it’s been replaced by a construction site building a new house. They decide to return home and on the train Rikuto starts crying that his mom’s gonna disappear from his mind. Ayumu ends up crying with him  and when they get back Rikuto says he’s been able to get through all of this thanks to her. Meanwhile Naoma has a letter that Ikumi, his deceased wife, left for Rikuto in the case that he has issues handling his father’s remarriage. When Rikuto returns, he finds out that his grandpa who said shit about his dad, been hit with a terminal illness. Rikuto apologizes to Ryoko, but she’s like it’s ok I kinda expected this. That night Ayumu writes in her diary that she’s in love with Rikuto. That night Rikuto has a dream of his mother “leaving” and he wakes up to find that his mother’s watch has stopped. They take it to a watch repair shop, but it can’t be fixed so Rikuto decides to just leave it broken.  His father also gives him the letter his mother left for him, but he decides to not read it until after the final Okasai event.

ayu06One weekend, Rikuto gets a call from his grandmother (on his mother’s side) saying she wanted to apologize for saying crap about his father. She also asked to pass a thanks to his father for sending over their daughter’s items and making it feel like she’s come back to them. Rikuto then decides to read his mother’s letter and he cries as she basically tells him to try and get along with his new mom and apologizes for not being there for him. Ryoko reads the letter as well and starts crying too. The following day, Ayumu secretly takes Rikuto’s broken watch and calls around to various watch repair shops to get it fixed. Finally she finds some grandpa in the boonies who’s about to retire but he says he can fix the watch. Ayumu skips the dance performance practice and rushes to get to him, waiting all day for him to do his appointments first so he can fix the watch. He fixes the watch but because its the boonies, the last bus to go to the train station has already left. Gramps offers to drive her there because a taxi would cost $50, but it begins to rain heavily and just then an animal jumps in front of their car making them swerve off the road and down the cliff. Due to it being 8 PM with Ayumu still not home, Rikuto grabs his dad’s emergency fund and rushes to find her based on the address of the clock maker that Shousuke found. He runs into Ryuugo senpai who offers to get Rikuto there on his motorcycle. In the meantime the gramps is badly injured with multiple broken ribs so Ayumu has to try to call for help but during a rainstorm in a steep cliff there’s no one to see them. She tries to climb up the cliff to call for help but ends up falling back down. Ryuugo and Rikuto check the clockmaker’s shop, realize he’s not there and think maybe something happened. They find a part of the road with skid marks from the breaks and look below and see the busted RV.

ayu07They run down to it only to find grandpa in it alone who tells them Ayumu went to get help but hasn’t returned.Rikuto runs around the forest looking for her and she almost blacks out, until the oniichan in her head tells her to hang in there :lol:.She starts to hear Rikuto’s voice and calls out to him and eventually he finds her. He hugs her and tells her he knew she’s a girl this whole time, but she’s like I wanna tell you that I’m your imouto! And then she adds that she loves him as a girl, not as a sister. Rikuto’s like awesome, cause I feel the same way! And so Rikuto puts Ayumu on his back and climbs the FUCK OUT CAUSE HE’S ONE BAD ASS MOFO. And so when they climb out they make out until help arrives (but it was one of those face front CGs nooo (´・ω・`)).  End: After this incident Ayumu gets sick and is hospitalized for a bit but when she gets out Matsuri welcomes her back. Because of this whole incident, both of them completely missed the performance party but their class won anyway. Poor Ryuugo lost his bike license for having a 2nd person in the back within a year of riding XD. Once the parents found out that Rikuto knows Ayumu’s a girl, they still allowed them to share a room – though they still have to share the secret that they’re lovers not siblings lol. Ryoko cooks dinner for everyone but it’s different oyakodon than the one Ikumi used to make, so Rikuto doesn’t shit bricks this time. He tells her it’s delicious and even calls her “Ryoko-mom”. The parents then admit that they had Rikuto room with Ayumu so that they would get along better. They also reveal that they had met when they were 3 years old in kindergarten and Ayumu liked him a lot and always called him oniichan. Once Rikuto stopped going to that kindergarten, Ayumu had oniichan stuck in her head and so her whole life she had dreams of her darling Rikuto-oniichan lmao XD. And so they kiss (with a proper CG) this time and after the credit roll Ayumu says her parents found out about their relationship but she wants to call him oniichan just a bit longer. ぶひ\(^o^)/ lol. That was some serious family drama in Ayumu’s route but well さすが main heroine I guess!

I'm sorry (´・_・`)
I’m sorry (´・_・`)

So this was my first official visual novel for the Vita and I can say it was a great experience. The touchscreen was nice when I wanted to just press to force skip real quick (and this came up a lot because there was a lot of overlapping dialogue that oddly didn’t count as read.) The text was crisp and clear and you could even adjust the outline and shadow if you wanted. The menu and general smoothness of everything was like PC level and I never felt like I had to wait ages to save. You know how on a PSP you hit save, wait like a few seconds, save, wait a few seconds etc. Here it was like 123 bam saved. Smoothest damn portable system I’ve ever played. Cgs of course are large resolution rather than tiny thumbnails and because the artist is great it was definitely worth it. They put a lot of thought into backgrounds as well so during all the various school festivals, the random people in the background would “change outfits” based on what the class was doing (maids, Takafuji gakuen, yukatas etc.) But enough about the game and system let’s talk about RIKUTO. RIKUTO IS A SUPER IKEMAN. He finds a loli’s lost wallet and puts in $10 that was stolen so she can buy her mom a birthday gift! He climbs a fuggin hill in a rainstorm. He takes on a kendo master to prove his feelings even though he knows he’s gonna lose. He fuggin’ pwns the shit out of that school play when his support actress is flailing. But when it comes to anything relating to his mother, he just falls apart and that’s when I was really glad that Ayumu was there to support him.


Also having Rikuto be voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga was a MAJOR PLUS. Well not specifically voiced by him but having a voice in general. There were a lot of scenes where I feel like if it was only the heroine’s voice, it wouldn’t have had the same impact. It also really helped define his personality and my only regret is that the game did NOT have him FULLY voiced. The demo had his voice all over but as you get further into the game, his voice will drop & then come back. Come on guys, give the man a full voice! ლ(╹◡╹ლ) I loved all the KoiChoco connections and technically this game would take place PRIOR to KoiChoco but I feel like if you played this before Koichoco you would miss all the references. My favorite girl will always be Matsuri, but I think Ayumu definitely deserves a gold star for all the various effort she put into everything. For play order I’d recommend the order I picked which was Mao → Kimika → Matsuri → Ayumu. I honestly feel like even though this game is meant for dudes, girls would probably enjoy it too.  You can probably relate to their feelings in a lot of the scenes and then the bonus of Rikuto being a massive ikemen is just the cherry on top. Oh and I forgot but the group’s friend Shosuke, voiced by Matsuoka was a hilarious GENTLEMAN. After playing this game I was thinking how a lot of these galges I play are so pure and sweet and no one’s abusing or beating anyone or being a creepy yandere…and I wondered why can’t more otome games be like this :lol:. If you’re still on the fence about this game, I highly recommend downloading the free demo from the PSN store and trying it out for yourself :D.

P.S. This game made me extremely hungry:


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  1. yea actually a few galge/eroge have animated openings. i coulda sworn there was some otome game that had an animated OP…something really old (like Ps2 land).

  2. あっ、messaged Baggage Forward once again and they replied only 1 hour later! What is this sudden luck. They confirmed they can ship it to me. Thanks once again!

  3. Lol, nah, it’s nothing of that sort in Russia, it’s completely normal, nothing’s changed here xD But you know, tv news tend to add more fire to the situation both here and in other countries, I’m sure, so yeah.
    Thanks, I’ll contact Tenso to see if they ship that stuff to Russia but I see they have a special page dedicated to the fact that they ship stuff with lithium batteries internationally :3

  4. oh I see, it sucks your countrymen have ruined this stuff for you. i can sympathize because my russian relatives always said “if you visit russia hold on to your passport with dear life” 😆

    try contacting Tenso as well, see if they will let you use a forwarding service for the vita.

  5. Ah, it’s okay. I’m not scared to import via fowarding. I use forwarding all the time for otoge and books, but Baggage hasn’t replied to any of my messages which kinda makes me think that some companies don’t work with Russia anymore. I suspect that but I don’t really have any examples for proof.
    The thing is that Big in Japan, for example, stated they don’t work with Russian anymore because they tried to do some fraud through them. But they work with me anyway because I’m their regular customer. It’s kinda sad seein ghow much money I inviest into all that stuff.
    Unfortunately, doesn’t ship PS Vita to Russia :S Thanks for the advice anyway.

  6. I used baggage forward. They specify on their site that they do ship items with lithium batteries that’s why it was not a problem.
    Sorry I will not message them on your behalf. If you are too scared to import via forwarding service, I suggest using a proxy or one of those sellers

  7. Hey, sorry my comment is not related to this post but that other post’s comments have already been locked, so…
    I’d like to order PS Vita (the same color one as you got) off Amazon Japan. I usually use Big in Japan forwarding service but they said they don’t forward items that contain lithium batteries in them, including PS Vita. How come you got one?
    And I also messaged Baggage forwarding service about it twice (!) but I never got a reply.
    I have a very very humble request: could you please message them and ask if they forward stuff to Russia? I’m scared they don’t like Russia (or something) and don’t forward stuff there >.< And I really want to get PS Vita for my birthday in August X3

  8. oh, I see! so its because of Ayumu-chan!! wow, the title is well-thought really… thank you for the reply, now it’s clear ^^

  9. yes if you look on the cover, right under the Japanese title is the english translation.
    I’m not sure why it’s not literal but I’m guessing it’s because it basically gives a “hint” of Ayumu’s route – the fact that she has to act like Rikuto’s BROTHER even though she’s actually his sister. So in Japanese she wants to tell him she’s his sister, but in English she wants to tell him she’s not his brother, which essentially is the same thing 😛

  10. the name of this post, is this the official title in english? why its not the literal translation?? the english one is the view from the protagonist? compared to the japanese title is from the sister’s point of view?

  11. Oh, I’m not saying it’s GOOD, exactly. The system’s a complete pain in the ass, and the writing is distinctly meh. I guess the novelty of an abuse-free otome game and the fact that I’m currently unemployed and have nothing better to do is carrying me through more than anything, lulz. Just wanted to point they do exist.

  12. I actually played a cute and fluffy otome lately, and it was R-18, which was even stranger. (ONE bad ending, and you have to be deliberately aiming for it) Check out Onedari Sharemate.

  13. if they’re planning it then most likely yes. I’m pretty sure you can download the psp version to your vita but it’ll look stretched on your vita or something xD

  14. oh cool maybe there will be a Vita demo as well! although I think at this point I’m gonna get it regardless 😛

  15. I thought the same thing! they really need to give us some previews so we can grasp a few things about it rather than high expectations crushed by shitty things in the end :/ so far only hanasaku mani mani has a demo available. I actually downloaded it on ps3 but I only played it at the beginning

  16. Looking into that food pics makes me hungry XD There is a demo for this? Looks good so far maybe I’ll try demo first u v u

  17. lol I made myself hungry ;_;
    I’m not sure if there’s a difference with the port from the PC one (both are all ages) but maybe Vita had extra Cgs added? There was a share of fanservice for all the girls but it didn’t feel obnoxious? Like each girl had her “kya im in my undergarments” cg lolol but I just laughed & moved on. Definitely try the demo!

  18. yea definitely download the demo! I would have never even thought to buy this game if I didn’t play it. if only otome games had demos too (・_・;)

  19. Yea honestly most galges I’ve touched have been cute and fluffy romances (or just tearjerkers) which is such a polar opposite of most otome games I’ve played lol.

    Hopefully the yandere phase will pass and tsunderes will prevail again! (like in Ninkoi ohohoho)

  20. Is the Vita region-locked? I’ve heard a lot of otome games are going to start to be on the vita so I’ve been considering buying one, plus after seeing how nice the graphics on this game are (especially the pictures of the food, lol) I’m even more convinced 😮

  21. Wait… if he is not their onii-chan, does that mean that it is completely legal for them to get married? (not that it would have made any difference..)

  22. AHHHHH YOU’RE MAKING ME HUNGRY NOW (the food cgs look so good…..)

    Thanks for the review! I actually had this game (pc version) installed on my pc a long time ago but it just ended on my backlog of never played games XD I wonder if there’s a difference this and the vita version though?
    I’ve played a few galges (a good amount of them 18+) and i’m glad that there are still light hearted games like these that don’t have those huge amounts of fanservice. You’re right about not enough cute fluffy otoges (yandere seems a bit like an otome archetype now). I’d be really happy to play more light hearted otoges!
    Well, I’ll definitely give this game a try!

  23. FOOD PORN!
    I actually saw this on PSN a few days ago and I was waiting for your review. looks like it was worth it huh! but yeah we wish otoge could learn a few examples from these kind of galges.

    and yes I love PSVITA saving speed XD

  24. I’ve never tried playing a galge before, but this does sound pretty cute. I shall check out that trial sometime.

    It’s kind of sad that these kinds of cute fluffy games don’t seem to exist as much in the otome world like you said. You would think they would since it’s geared towards girls but I guess yanderes are rather popular…I have nothing against games with more extreme characters or darker themes, but it would be nice to have more lighthearted games once and a while that don’t have characters with crazy hidden personalities…

    OMG those food pictures. That’s pure torture xD

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