Tartaros Online returns as “Tartaros Rebirth”


Even though it’s been over a year since Tartaros ended, looks like it’s coming back with a vengence (?) as “Tartaros Rebirth“.  No longer under MK-Style, Tartaros Rebirth is now under the Games Campus Japan label. Those of you who heard of Games Campus probably know of the English subsidiary whose list of games seems to as terrible as the beta of Asda Story I played many years ago 😆 (which apparently came back too wtf lmao). While part of me is excited to bask in the nostalgia of poor game mechanics and a horrible pay to win system, they already gave me the middle finger by putting ye olde’ GAIJIN BLOCK on the site. I had to access it with a proxy to be even able to take this screenshot. I’ve asked their official twitter gm on why the block but who knows if they will respond with anything beyond “this game for Japan onry.” Hopefully if there’s a continuation of the story, someone will record and upload it to NicoNico so at least I can enjoy the one aspect that kept me playing for 3 years.


9 thoughts on “Tartaros Online returns as “Tartaros Rebirth””

  1. because to them having “their own natives playing in peace together” is more important than opening up to the world.
    obviously conflict is going to happen between cultures but rather than dealing with it, they’d rather just make less money
    (or maybe they assume that foreigners without a foreign credit card wouldn’t be of much monetary value anyway)

  2. in this age where the internet brings the world togther, it is shameful that these companies insist on attempting to divide people with region blocks.
    it is very depressing to see gamescampus has done this; I wonder how much money they stand to lose by slamming the door on foreign customers like this.
    I could see it if there was a localization in the works for the west and other territories, but there is not.

  3. I don’t understand why they would block foreign gamers from playing their game… They are stupid since letting foreigners play would be better business.

  4. I recall the last tartaros was a remake of like a REALLY REALLY old version where they totally revamped the graphics.
    But I agree they’d have to revamp the system (to not force you to have level 10+ upgraded weapons to even kill anything) and the graphics too.
    I’ll keep my eye out on it but with the gaijin block I don’t expect to get anywhere.

  5. Welp. I blew it.

    Anyway, unless they make some big changes, I don’t really see many people coming back. And if they keep the same outdated graphics, I doubt they’ll get any new players either…

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