Otome Game Review: Chronostacia

It’s year 2999, and the residents of Albion live in a town which is towered by a large yggdrasil tree with a giant sand clock embedded into it. This sandclock determines humanity’s time and if not flipped properly every 1000 years, humanity will disappear! In order to keep the time flowing, a “BANK” collects everyone’s time and those who do not deposit it eventually get turned into time sand. Our heroine Lucia runs a cafe called Cocono Cocono and is the owner of a small sand clock that resembles the one embedded in the yggdrasil tree. One day the bank informs everyone that an organization called “Baroque” has raided the time bank and stolen all the time. Due to this, there’s only 99 days left until the world ends. Immediate spoilers following the cut!

Yea that intro don’t make no sense because it’s OTOMATE’S GREAT PLOT HOLE STORY TIME! Before we begin here’s a handy dandy timeline to follow:

Otomate y u do dis to me
Otomate y u do dis to me

misc01A lot of stuff happens in 2989 so I’ll just touch on it briefly and go into detail in the routes themselves. So it turns out that every 1000 years this mystical ygg sand clock must be flipped over or else the world will end because apparently all of humanity are just mere sands of time. Every 1000 years the time god chooses some woman to be the “Chronostacia” and grants her with this magical time sand clock. And so in 1999 the person chosen was a girl named Elizabeth and her lover Amir both saved the world with their power of love. Apparently the power of love appeases the time god that humanity is not declining. Once they save the world, both Elizabeth and Amir are chosen are elders to “watch over humanity” until the next Chronostacia appears. (A Chronostacia is chosen by that sand clock btw.) One day, Elizabeth and her twin brother Soa, are on what look strikingly like the titanic (but it just so happens to be year 2000 something) and the ship sinks. Everyone assumes that they are dead but since Elizabeth has her magical time powers (or maybe the time god was nice to her), she probably froze time and threw both herself and Hollic into a time gap. The two of them then basically wandered in this time gap for hundreds of years to the point that it fried their brains and they lost all their memories. The time gap then pooped them out and they run into none other than Amir! Amir who’s been depressed and lonely because he thought Elizabeth was dead, started working on a man made way to flip that yggdrasil clock. Let’s face it, this power of love thing isn’t as stable and too fragile to trust so we must make a fool proof scientific method to flip the sands of time for the next millenium! Also by then the next Chronostacia still had not appeared which made him even more antsy. Here’s the kicker though: Because Amir is blind he doesn’t know that Elizabeth (who Soa referred to as Liz) was his lover who he thought was dead AND because Elizabeth lost her memories in the time gap, she had no idea Amir was her lover! Still though, the two managed to fall in love all over again 😆  while working on their plans to make a man made way to flip time.

misc02Elizabeth knew that she was the next chosen Chronostacia, however, because Amir had already saved the world once, you can’t save it twice and so by falling in love with someone who’s retired from world saving  = FAIL. Little did anyone know though that technically it was still allowed because Elizabeth wasn’t the next Chronostacia, she was still the previous one and because she hadn’t retired, the next one hadn’t showed up! And so after many years of research, Soa found a way to manually flip time but that required the Chronostacia to sacrifice herself to be turned into sand to give it a huge boost and flip the clock over. Soa didn’t wanna kill his twin sister but she dug up his plans from the trash, followed directions and the following day she sacrificed herself turning into a statue. Unfortunately, she didn’t think her cunning plan all the way through and this did not flip the clock but basically just killed her. Both Amir and Soa were horrified and on top of this, Elizabeth was also pregnant with her and Amir’s child – Adam. Following this incident, Amir and Soa wanted to reverse this mistake and they formed the “Elizabeth System” which would basically collect “time” from people. They would then use this “time” to move time backwards to undo Elizabeth’s sacrifice. And so once they feel like it’s completed, they run the system, it fails, pisses off the time god for messing with time and causes the time split which is basically like the 2nd impact. During this time, both Elizabeth and Soa regained their memories and realized who they were. Soa was thrown back into the frozen time gap, Elizabeth never got revived and Amir lost the remains of his marbles.

misc03So then while being inside the time gap, ONE DAY MAGICALLY a 7 year old loli named Lucia just SHOWED UP out of NOWHERE and met Soa. Soa told her that his name is Hollic – because he’s a time hollic – obsessed with all research regarding time. They hung out for a while and then Soa convinced Lucia that the world outside the time gap is pretty cool so Lucia’s like yay I wanna see it. Since she was the next Chronostacia she was easily able to find the exit and get both herself and Soa out. While in the time gap though, she also ran into Adam, the son of Amir and Elizabeth who was basically an unborn fetus but for some reason he was like 12 years old spiritually~. Anyway she left Adam forever alone and pranced out with Hollic(Soa). Meanwhile back at the ranch, Amir is pissed off that Elizabeth is still dead and when Hollic shows up with Lucia the first thing on Amir’s mind “yess my pretty you will be the next sacrifice for my waifu ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)”. Hollic figured the guy went nuts and did his best to protect Lucia while working in his time gap on a way to flip time without sacrificing her. He wanted her to get with some guy so the power of love would prevail but really he just wanted to hit dat sheit the entire time. Amir in the meantime, formed a “BANK” to suck people’s time to attempt to flip the clock AGAIN even though it OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T WORK THE FIRST TIME. To stop Amir from causing the 3rd impact, Hollic created the resistance group “Baroque” to reveal the truth about the Bank – and that there is 99 days left until humanity ends – not because Baroque STOLE time, but because the Bank was just bullshitting everyone all along. From here I will go into the individual route details.

kyo01Kyogo – Kyogo is Lucia’s childhood friend. When he saw her in the cafe 10 years ago, it was love at first sight (cause obviously you will forever love that 7 year old loli you first laid your eyes on.) He hates the time bank and refuses to use it – though we’re never told why. He’s a cute tsunbebe and is always getting mobbed by a bunch of dogs he takes care of. Now let’s get to the thick of the plot. Kyogo basically monopolizes Lucia as his childhood friend but as mentioned above, Lucia met a boy named Adam while she was in the time gap with Hollic. Welp, that dude IS MAD YO because how dare this random other guy come along and take that spot! I met her first! Therefore I am obliged to hog all her feelings! Needless to say Adam ain’t happy that Kyogo stole his loli and so one day he managed to make an appearance out of the time gap and lured Lucia into this clock tower. Lucia for some dumb reason decided to chase him OUT the window and nearly fell to her death. Fortunately, Kyogo grabbed her and swapped places – falling to his own death instead. Because Lucia didn’t know anything about her Chronostacia powers or that she is the Chronostacia, she unconsciously used them and stopped the time around Kyogo’s heart. Apparently this was enough for him to survive falling off of something that looked like the empire state building ヽ(。_゜)ノ.  After this incident, Lucia passed out and lost all her memories of what happened. So thanks to her powers Kyogo’s been alive and healthy – until Adam shows up in real time, and decides to START THE TIME ON HIS HEART. So of course starting the time on Kyogo’s heart is basically the time right before the heart’s about to die since he should have died 10 years ago. Due to this Kyogo is basically SUFFERING THE ENTIRE ROUTE while trying to protect Lucia from Adam’s peroristic hands. To try and get them together, Hollic makes up a story saying they need to partner up and find these magical gears inside the “time gaps” which appear when Lucia freezes time.

kyo02The gears are given to them by Hollic who can easily travel between the frozen time space (since he’s originally from there anyway) and eventually they collect them all. But the whole part of them doing this together is what eventually gets the two of them closer and they admit their feelings to each other. Once Lucia remembers about the heart thing with Kyogo he’s all like it’s ok I should have died 10 years ago anyway but she’s like NO BABY NO щ(ಥДಥщ). And so the final day before the world ends they put the play for the kiddies (who got drugged by Amir and co) and Kyogo’s heart condition becomes worse but he tries to push through anyway. This seems to awaken the kiddies out of their trance but during the play instead of “Eva” coming out as the dark lord, Adam comes saying he’s more fit for the role :lol:. Kyogo defeats him and all the kiddies wake up and cheer him on. After this they immediately find the 3rd gear but soon as they unfreeze time Kyogo has a heart attack. Adam shows up and starts stomping all over Kyogo’s poor body so Lucia prays to the powers of time with all her gears in hand. Unfortunately douchebag clown shoves drugs down her throat to knock her out so she can’t finish. When she wakes up she finds herself with 1 hour before the world ends while Adam’s babbling more creepy shit. In the meantime poor Kyogo’s been trying to get back into the clock tower to save her while his heart is on its last beat. Kyogo manages to get all the way to the clock tower and demands yandere clown let go of his bebe.  Adam then tells Lucia that just having 3 gears isn’t gonna save the world and that to save the world you need a sacrifice…which is Lucia. He then says maybe if Kyogo and Lucia and prove their TRUE LOVE the tree will change its mind.

kyo03He says that if Kyogo jumps out of the clock tower and dies for her it will be proof but Lucia ain’t having dat shit again. Suddenly the bears show up saying there’s an error in the Elizabeth system because Hollic snuck in and deactivated it permanently. Adam then realizes he has nothing left so he jumps out the window in suicide…and once again Lucia tries to go after him and slips and falls out. Kyogo grabs her and they both fall out but Lucia doesn’t have her clock so she can’t stop time to save them.  Fortunately the time tree saves them because Adam sacrificed himself along with her clock and was absorbed by the tree. It slows down their fall and they land slowly but just then Kyogo’s heart attack comes back and he realizes his body’s reached its limit.  He dies in her arms…until the magical tree gives him life again. Uncle Exposition shows up to sway that their love saved the world, flipped the sands of time and started another century. He then apologizes and says the 3 gears thing was just a lie he made up in order to get Lucia to find a “partner” to save the world. He also explains that the reason Kyogo was saved was that part of Adam merged with him because of both of their love for Lucia. Hollic then returns to the time gap and asks Kyogo to take care of Lucia for him. And so in the good end Lucia and Kyogo then ichaicha together and live happily ever after. Normal End:  After his system breaks down, Adam shits bricks, grabs Lucia and jumps out of the tower with her. Kyogo jumps after them and grabs Lucia’s hand in what looks like the creation of Adam ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ . The sand clock in Lucia’s hand lights up because the tree’s accepted Kyogo and Lucia’s love and instead takes Adam as its sacrifice. Sand clock is flipped as before and the world is saved, but Kyogo’s heart is not and so he dies. And so some time later Lucia is left alone since Kyogo died and Hollic went goes back to the time gap.  Fortunately she still has Tio and Clive keeping her company while she runs her cafe.

tio01Tio – This was like the worst route in the game. The problem with Tio is that for the most part he’s basically irrelevant to Lucia’s story and the main story and because his true revelation is in Clive’s route, the entire route just felt like a repetitive waste of time.  Also don’t even get me started on how Matsuoka is a total miscast for this character. Tio has the memento disease: his memory resets daily and he can’t remember anything that he’s done the day before. Every day at 6PM his memory resets and he finds himself going “who are you, who am I, where am I?” The kicker is though – he can PAINT the future. He’s often found painting random stuff that comes into his head but little does he know that everything he paints is actually a “vision” of the future. This is why he was taken in by Hollic and Maririn of Baroque and brought in to Cocono Cocono to live with Lucia so he would be safe from the Bank and Amir. Cause let’s face it, who wants him to basically reveal all the plans that Amir has for the world destruction :lol:. So Lucia kinda hangs out with him daily, gets used to his resets and tells him every day who he is and who she is. After a while though, she starts to fall for this kid and the resets become painful because the guy who confessed his love to you will have no idea who you are the next day. Good news for Lucia though is that Tio’s actually ALSO been in love with her before he even met her. When he painted a picture of her at the age of 4 he has no idea who the girl is that he painted but he was “in love with her”. Well lo and behold he met his future waifu 10 years later! 😆 The reason for Tio’s memory problems is because he got involved in the time split that happened thanks to Amir and Hollic’s failure to revive Elizabeth. Adam bed intrudes into Tio’s room and destroys all of his paintings to make sure that Tio doesn’t give away his daddy’s plans but one of the paintings Tio manages to save is a painting he does of Lucia after confessing that he loves her (for like the 10th time.)  Just then Clive bursts in with a handcuffed Maririn saying that this entire building is under arrest.

tio02They accuse Hollic of hiding a criminal and say that Maririn’s part of Baroque. The hilarious part of course is because of Tio’s paintings,  Clive was able to find the hideout and he’s like how the hell were you able to paint the stuff before those events happened!? Tio of course doesn’t even know he has fortune telling art skillz so he freaks out and has no idea what to say. Clive then says that he saw Adam leaving their house and Lucia explains that he came in and destroyed all of Tio’s paintings. After whipping everyone’s asses he demands all of them go with him to the police station. Tio yells  for help saying he doesn’t want to leave Lucia and so Lucia stops time and runs away with Tio away from the restaurant.  They run into Kyogo but then it just so happens that it turns 6PM and starts raining and before they know it, they lose sight of Tio. They end up running around trying to figure out where a memory-less Tio is. She finally finds him sitting alone in some alley getting soaked in the rain, but instead of greeting her with “who are you” he greets her with “Lucia?” He says he has no idea who he is or where he is, but he remembers who she is.  Lucy drops her umbrella and immediately hugs him. Just then Clive shows up and tells them they’re both under arrest from running away from the law 😆 Hollic says that Tio is not part of Baroque and the only reason he knew about Baroque’s hideout is because he can paint the future. Maririn says that Adam is not part of Baroque and in fact he’s their enemy. He also explains that Baroque is not some evil organization but a resistance movement against the Bank and all the time depositing bullshit. He also says that the 99 days thing is something that Baroque uncovered that the bank was actually hiding from everyone. Clive agrees not to arrest or capture TIo and leave him as “missing in action” to the bank but he ends up arresting Maririn so they can talk about Baroque at the police station.

tio03After returning to Cocono Cocono, Tio says the feelings he has being around Lucia makes him feel like they’re lovers and he asks her to confirm it, which she does. And so after this they get all ichaicha raburabu and Tio says he wants to paint Lucia again since his previous painting was destroyed by douchebag Adam.  After he finishes the painting and the 6 PM bells start ringing, he starts crying that he doesn’t care if he forgets everything else, he just wants to remember her. But lol well here we go again, his memory resets and even though he remembers that she is Lucia, he once again forgets who he is and what he was doing. Adam breaks into their house again and starts destroying Tio’s paintings again saying that Tio is a cockblock to his grandiose plans. Not only that but Adam fucking breaks poor Tio’s music box while he’s at it. Just then Clive bursts in and tells Adam to put his dirty hands up. Somehow in the process though, Adam escapes and Tio vanishes along with him.  Normal End: So then cue dejavu, same god damn scene of Tio in the rain all alone crying that he couldn’t bring the painting he did of Lucia back. And just as before, thanks to the magical rain, it actually improves his memory even further and he starts to remember things that he normally would have forgotten. And so their 1 day lovers thing continues and after he finishes her portrait again they kiss. UMM OKAY HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE WITH THE REST OF THE ROUTE LOL. Good End:  Tio manages to get her painting back from Adam and she finds him sitting alone in a rainy alley again. He then starts bawwing how he doesn’t want to forget about her or anyone else and just then her sand clock lights up. The power or rabu strikes again and the yggdrasil tree magically resets the sands of time so that the world is saved and the sand starts freshly falling into the lower half. Lucia and Tio get knocked out for a few days and then wake up to the fact that Tio’s screwed up memory is completely fixed. He can now remember everything and the daily resets are done. (ಠ_ಠ) Hollic goes back to his time gap leaving a fixed music box for Tio and telling Lucia to hit dat shota. A few days later they throw a birthday party for Tio, and afterwards he & Lucia live happily ever after now that he can remember his times with her every day.

clive01Clive – Clive’s route basically throws a shit ton of info dump in your face which was a huge shocker coming from Tio’s route which revealed practically nothing. At first I thought Clive was this whip happy do-S cop, but when you enter his route, for SOME REASON he’s just immediately fallen head over heels for Lucia. He takes her into the police station one night for questioning regarding Hollic and Baroque and immediately after spending the night with her in the questioning room his heart goes ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。 for her lol xD. A few days later he comes and invites her on a date and Lucia’s like (;゚д゚)ェ…? After they go out he says they’ll be out late cause he wants her to attend a ball with him. Orpheus, the next emperor in line,  gives her a sexy ball gown to wear which lights a fire under Clive’s ass (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。). They dance together and after he walks her home he asks if he can invite her out again and they end up going on another date later. When Adam starts causing shit around the city Clive sends his army to search through everything to find him. Just then some crazy guy who thinks the Bank and police stole his time tries to run over Clive and Lucia. The moron crashes into a wall and Lucia’s like WE MUST SAVE THIS IDIOT WHO TRIED TO JUST RUN US OVER ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Needless to say, they get the idiot out but then Clive gets trapped so Lucia freezes time to help them escape. After the car explodes, Clive’s brain melts and he begs for Lucia to take him to the library where somehow he manages to calm down. He then tells that 12 years ago in the time split he lost all his memories – just like Tio. He takes off his gloves to show her the burns on his hand and says that he was hit by lightning which caused them. Because of this he has a hard time grabbing things with his right  hand and he started playing piano as a way to rehabilitate it. Not only that but turns out unlike Tio who FORGETS everything, Clive REMEMBERS everything!

clive02And so to make him feel better Lucia gives him a big ol’ hug (which of course was not shown in the CG) When she goes to get him a drink she finds him playing piano while crying a river. Well the reason he’s so emotional is because actually Tio is his long lost brother. He thought that Tio died during the time split because he was holding his hand but the lightning struck it and he accidentally let go from the pain.You’re probably thinking “well if he went into the cafe surely he saw Tio” but insert yet another MEMORY LOSS excuse here that Clive FORGOT HIS BROTHER’S FACE yet apparently managed to remember EVERYTHING ELSE! ヽ(。_゜)ノ And this is also why Tio randomly referred to Clive as “niisan” at the end of his route without any explanation lol. As a thanks for taking care of him in the library Clive invites her over to his place. They ichaicha raburabu while she makes him some sweets since he actually really likes sweet stuff. (*´ω`*) He makes her a luxurious 3 course meal and realizes that she’s the thing to fill the empty black hole in his heart. Clive then decides to arrest Hollic because after doing a lot of research he concludes that Hollic = Soa and the guy responsible for the time split that killed his brother. Too bad for him Hollic basically jumps between time gaps so Clive has a hard time catching him. Eventually he finds him at Baroque HQ and rages at him for destroying his brain and his family but after Hollic explains the real deal and apologizes for what he’s done, Clive strangles him with his whip. Lucia hugs him from behind to calm him down and to stop Hollic from being strangled to death. He lets go and then babbles about how he spent 12 years plotting revenge for nothing since Hollic wasn’t his true target (now that Hollic is basically against causing the 3rd impact) and he basically worked for the ones that ruined his life aka Amir.  He adds that he decided to never love anyone again because if he were to lose them all the memories of them would be in his head forever and he’d never be able to forget them.

clive03He admits the one time he stopped giving a fuck about his revenge was when Lucia came over his house for his raburabu dinner. Just then the Vanalguard police comes to arrest Hollic at Baroque and basically ignore Clive’s orders because they stopped giving a shit about him. Clive is like welp I’m follow my own justice, and lets Hollic and Maririn run away leaving Lucia with him.He tells his force that it’s not Baroque or Hollic that they should be after but the real bad guys are the BANK and the 12 elders who have been using them the entire time. Just then Orpheus (the next emperor in line) shows up and he mad bro, but it’s all for show because he whispers to Clive that he’s on his side. Clive and his supporters rip off their medals and say from now on they’re acting on their own as a rebellion force. While he and his dudes run to the leaders of the Bank, he returns Lucia her sand clock. He then asks her to stop time for a bit and while time is frozen he grabs and kisses her.  They reach the elders who think that Clive brought them Lucia and her sand clock but Clive’s like LOL NOPE. He then tells them that Lucia stopped time and they put drugs into all their drinks. Turns out that the drugs were actually given out by them to the citizens because they just so happened to have the counteractive drugs for them!  Orpheus then comes out and says he’s the one who worked behind the scenes to help Clive & co. get here cause he’s tired of the elder’s shit too. He then admits that he knew everything that the elders did but chose to go against them so he feels he should be arrested along with them. Just then their leader, Amir, announces that the 12 elders were just working for him as part of his “Elizabeth system”. He says that by completing this “system”, they will be able to free everyone from the 1000 year sand clock by making the time go backwards! I DUNNO DUDE I DON’T THINK THIS IS THE SOLUTION. And so instead of flipping the clock over via Lucia, his idea is to make the sands of time flow backwards….but of course this ain’t gonna work, and it starts the 3rd impact (aka the 2nd time split.)

clive04Good End: Clive gets sucked into the time split but Lucia grabs on to his hand. He’s like its ok you can let go, this will finally free me from all my guilt and misery. Just then Lucia sees a flashback of how Clive and Tio went into that room with the statue and that’s when the time slip happened and they got separated. Just then Clive’s hand slips out of Lucia’s so she begs for her sand clock to stop the time. As the time stops Lucia jumps and hugs Clive with a death grip so she doesn’t lose him again. (´ω`) As they kiss, the power of rabu convinces the dumb time god to stop raging and to flip the sand clock to start the next 1000 years. Clive asks Orpheus to help him to rebuild their society and be a new leader rather than just arrest him with the other old farts. And so Orpheus becomes the new emperor, the bank is gone and Lucia returns to working at her cafe.  Similarly to Tio, Clive starts to forget unpleasant things but says that he will never forget his love for Lucia. In the epilogue Lucia invites Tio to the library and she hears Clive playing the piano there. Tio hears it and goes to see and turns out that Clive is playing the same exact song as Tio’s music box – that Clive gave to him years ago. Clive notices the burn marks on Tio’s hands and realizes it’s his otouto kun! Clive then hugs Tio and cries begging him for forgiveness and Tio’s like ain’t no thang oniichan. Normal End: Wow this was annoying as all fuck to get. I had to go through like 4 bad end loops with trial & error before I could actually get this damn ending (  ゚,_ゝ゚). Clive and Lucia end up diving into the time split together and when they come out of it they find themselves on the rooftop of Lucia’s cafe. Clive gets the Tio disease and can’t remember anything, including who he or Lucia are. The clock is flipped though, the world is saved, and the next millenium has begun. Clive doesn’t remember shit but he’s totally up for some delicious Lucia homemade cake & tea. Bad End: Clive gets sucked into the time slip and when Lucia opens her eyes the next moment  Lucia’s the only one left alive in a sea of darkness.  This is like the only bad end I did only because I accidentally got it 4 times….. 😐

adam01Adam (Eva)  – I’m just gonna refer to this dude as Adam because he’s really Adam and Eva is just a fake persona that he was forced to put on because Daddy is a disillusioned moron. Adam is your yandere stalker who’s been delivering Sweet Pea flowers to Lucia’s room for the last 10 years. Seems all romantic right, but when he actually runs into her, all he does is lick her, constantly push her against walls and floors, and shove drugs down her throat….all while raging at the fact that Kyogo stole her away from him. 🙄 Needless to say, I got tired of his shit way before I even reached his route so the entire time I’m just rolling my eyes and nothing that he did nor any of the revelations redeemed him for me. Yes he met her in that time gap, and fell in love with her and gave her flowers and made her a fucking circus (more on this in a bit)….but that does NOT excuse his behavior! Here’s the deal with Adam, when Lucia was in the time gap with Hollic, Adam was in there too. She was only able to see him through her sand clock but could not hear him. While Hollic was trying to get her interested in the outside world, she started drawing pictures and one of the pictures she drew was of a circus. Since the circus story was the favorite story that Hollic told her, a circus was her favorite place that she wanted to see in the real world. And so after Lucia and Hollic left the time gap, Adam was left forever alone…until his mother, Hollic’s sister Elizabeth decided to use her powers to bring him out. Technically he was supposed to be this unborn fetus thing that she never got to have due to her sacrifice, but without any explanation he was “born in the time gap” and then he got to move out of it into Lucia’s world. First thing he did was build a circus just for Lucia but daddy’s like “ew you’re a despair and because of you Elizabeth died”. Constantly berating his son, he figured he could make his son useful so he told him to create a persona by the name of Shiroki Eva, who unlike Adam was wearing all white and had blonde hair. Adam is “despair” so Eva was supposed to be “hope” and Amir’s grandiose idea was apparently to use Eva to make Lucia fall in love with him to save the world etc. Unfortunately, either the writers, or Amir or Adam didn’t think this all the way through.

adam02First of all, Adam is told to be nice to Lucia via Eva and have her fall in love with him, but all he does is constantly piss her off and nearly kill her out of all his jealous rage. Secondly, even though Amir wants to ship his son with Lucia, in the end it seems like he really just wanted to sacrifice Lucia regardless of what happened with the power of love so I feel like he basically made Adam act bipolar for nothing. And so eventually Lucia joins Eva at the circus as an assistant for his magic show.  After the performance Kyogo tells her he needs to talk to Eva and tells Lucia to wait. She sees Eva going inside the hall of mirrors and thinking he and Kyogo are gonna fight runs after him. Unfortunately she just gets lost and inside it’s creepy as hell with no Eva or Kyogo in sight. When she calls out for help the only person there is of course her beloved stalker Adam. He tells her that he’s always with her and was always with her from the VERY BEGINNING! Then he starts bitching at his reflection and breaking the mirrors and then he stops the time himself. Lucia is surprised that there’s someone else out there besides her that can freeze time.  He then starts licking his bloody hand and babbling that it’s red just like Lucia’s! (ಠಠ)  He then takes some time pills that immediately heal his wounds and give him the time stopping powers, since he doesn’t have the sand clock like Lucia.  He nearly spills the beans about Amir and the drugs on the kids but before Lucia can get the details, Kyogo comes running to save her. Adam grabs Lucia and starts babbling about how jealous he is of Kyogo and Lucia finally realizes that gee wiz Adam = Eva! ヽ(。゜)ノ He then forces some purple drugs down her throat via kiss which basically knocks her out for a while then HILARIOUSLY BABBLES HOW HE DOESN’T WANT HER TO FORGET HIM. (  ゚,ゝ゚) He then starts strangling Kyogo who called him a dirty hentai but then he hears Hollic’s voice, gets scared and runs off. Lucia wakes up a few days later with Hollic telling her that Kyogo saved her from the hall of mirrors. Despite Kyogo being out looking for Adam feeling guilty that Lucia got drugged….Lucia is worried about Adam – the guy who drugged and knocked her out for a week! ヽ(。゜)ノ

adam03After sneaking out of her house she goes to the mirror house to look for Adam. She freezes time and hears him babbling that that he’s despair and she’s hope and that he wanted to leave a SCAR on her so she’d remember him forever and ever!  After the time freeze ends, Kyogo  finds her and she admits that she came to look for Adam. Just then Polter (the nice clown ojisan who built the circus with Eva) shows up and admits that the circus will put on their last performance – to suck the remaining time out of all the guests who attend for Amir and his clock plot. Polter says no one can stop Adam anymore and the entire reason he created the circus was for Lucia to notice him, because she drew that picture of a circus when she was 7. ヽ(。_゜)ノ As they run to look for Adam they run past a bunch of zombie people who are under the effects of the drug to suck the time out of them. They find Eva walking around with the circus and the bank bears brainwashing everyone saying if they drink those drugs they will live a long life.  Just as Lucia tries to convince Eva to stop, Maririn shows up aiming for Eva’s head with a gun.  When Maririn shoots Eva again, Polter runs in the way to get shot instead. He tells Eva that he’s watched his sad face for 10 years and tells him to stop faking it. Polter asks Eva his “real” name but before Eva can tell him, he dies. Eva starts babbling how humans are dumb acting on their emotions, but just then he acts on his own emotion and turns into his true form as Adam. Lawl. Adam then babbles that once the world ends, the humans will die and only superior beings will be left alive for a NEW BEGINNING! Just then the bank announces that there’s 1 hour left until “humanity ends”. Adam then uses his powers to suck the remaining time out of Maririn killing him on the spot. Maririn’s dies in Hollic’s arms asking them to take care of Tio and to not leave him alone, and then his body turns into sand. Adam’s bullshit is not finished yet though cause he goes and starts to move time on Kyogo’s withering heart. Kyogo manages to get a punch in on the idiot for ignoring Lucia’s feelings. Of course because the choices of this game are completely against my every will, I have to give the moron a hug instead of slapping his ass into the time black hole.

adam04And so because Adam realizes that Lucia has “remembered him” he starts crying and blushing like a little girl.  He stops time to explain to Lucia that he cannot return everyone’s times but it’s necessary in order to flip the dumb yggdrasil tree clock’s time. With 37 minutes to go, Adam takes Lucia to his underground hideout where he yells to Amir that he got all the time collected and to free him and start moving all the time backwards. Amir’s like lol no, not enough son, I am disappoint.  Amir then explains there’s 3 ways to save the world. One is to take people’s time via the bank and force the clock to reset, but when there’s not enough time the time split happens – like the one 12 years earlier. The 2nd way is for the power of love but obviously Lucia didn’t fall in love with her yandere stalker so that’s out. The final method is to sacrifice the “chosen one” aka Lucia. Aka he’s just butthurt that his wife Elizabeth sacrificed herself trying to save the world and probably wanted his son to suffer the same misery knowing his son was in love with Lucia.  Aaand so Amir points a gun at Lucia saying she shoulda fallen in love with Eva instead of Adam because Adam is despair and Eva was hope! And soooo Amir shoots Lucia, Adam runs into the way and gets shot instead.  Amir tries to shoot Lucia again but ends up in a family feud with Adam who becomes Lucia’s meat shield. Because Elizabeth thought her husband was a huge dickhead, she decided to give her magical statue powers to her son instead and he uses them to kill daddy. Unfortunately he took too many bullets and he starts dying in Lucia’s arms.  Good End: Adam dies but last minute (literally 59 seconds to go) power of love saves the day and Lucia and Adam find themselves inside the time gap surrounded by all those sweet pea flowers.  The world is saved and they kiss in their time slip and I’m just face palming the whole way down (  ゚,_ゝ゚). Also as if this was a Naruto manga, everyone whose tim was stolen magically comes back to life – sadly Polter died from a gunshot wound so he remains dead :(.  Adam asks Lucia to help him rebuild the circus because it would have made Polter happy had he been alive. They end up leaving Midgard to be a travelling circus in order to return everyone’s time back. I heard from a friend about the normal end being a victory party for Amir so I decided to skip it (and I couldn’t care less about obtaining a guro CG of the heroine e_e.) Honestly, I think the reason Adam’s always butthurt is those high heel stilleto’s he’s always wearing. I bet his feet are killing him and he’s got a painful bunion which constantly throws him into fits of rage!

soa01Hollic – Hollic’s route was good and bad. It was good because it basically gave away all the final revelations of the game, but bad because at least half of it was spent recapping us on what we’ve already learned in the other routes. I mean it was so bad to the point that you could have just played Hollic’s route and know the entire game’s plot. In fact the majority of Hollic’s route I already wrote about in my intro spoiler so not much left to write down here :lol:. In the beginning Hollic is known as Lucia’s “uncle” who mysteriously appears and disappears but his real name is Soa. Well that’s because he’s constantly being sucked back into the time gap that he came from and he’s only able to run out of it thanks to the power of his bangle that his grandmother gave him. His grandmother gave him the bangle and his sister Elizabeth the ring, which he passed on to Lucia. Unfortunately he’s been out of the time gap too long and the bangle is losing its effect so he’s basically trying his best to finish his time research to save the world before the time gap sucks him back in again. He’s also pretty much stuck at the same age forever because he died on the Titanic ship accident so his time has stopped and he’s basically forever stuck in that limbo.  Throughout his route Hollic takes Lucia on a series of “dates” so she can practice getting with a dude to save the world but….all these dates do is satisfy his desire to hit dat wakai musume and I don’t think I saw her interact with any guy but him so she never got a chance to even fall in love with other guys to begin with!

soa02As their “final date”, Hollic takes her to the ball at Orpheus’ castle.  Hollic freezes time and asks for a last dance inside the frozen time space with Lucia. While they dance he tells her he did a lot of time research and experimentation and used to live in this castle years ago working for the king. And so he says his lesson is over and they leave the ballroom. That night Lucia asks if he can sleep in the same bed as her like they used to when she was little. But then he says she’s told old for this, kisses her forehead and leaves….just in time for Adam to freeze time and bed intrude into her room. Instead of being his usual dickish self, he’s pleasant and asks Lucia if she’s happy. He tells her that he wanted to talk to her because he won’t be able to sneak in those sweet pea flowers into her room after this.  With this, Adam disappears. Wow what is consistency? One day while cleaning Lucia finds Hollic’s diary where he writes that he was madly in love with her from the beginning and basically blocked her from getting all raburabu with other dudes even though that was the wrong thing to do.  Just as she puts it down she finds Hollic standing behind her and is like OHHH SHEEIT sorrrryyyy. Figuring the feeling is mutual, she tells hiim that she loves him but as usual he babbles how he’s not fit for her. (And all because well he’s this guy stuck in limbo who’s gonna disappear soon and it just wouldn’t work out.)  So then on the final doomsday Hollic runs off and Lucia chases him down into the castle’s basement to stop Amir’s Elizabeth system from causing the 2nd impact. The bear army attacks them as intruders but Hollic kuma stops them and sacrifices himself. They eventually reach Amir’s room and Hollic “releases” the Elizabeth system and both Elizabeth and Amir happily turn into sand and disappear.

soa03Adam, instead of throwing a shitfit & jumping to his doom, is like YAY MOTHER & FATHER ARE FINALLY FREED.  Meanwhile Hollic takes Lucia to the yggdrasil tree and hope that their last minute power of love can save humanity. Fortunately it works, but Soa still has to pay for his sins of screwing with time so he has to return to wandering the time space limbo. He says that even if he can’t be with her, he’ll always love her. And so he disappears leaving only his bangle behind. Good End: And so 1 year later they have a festival to celebrate 1 year after the clock flip, but to Lucia it’s the anniversary of losing her loved one. Soa comes back to Lucia thanks to the power of Elizabeth’s ring and they live happily ever after. Normal End: After Hollic stops the Elizabeth system and suddenly Adam actually gives a fuck so after Elizabeth & Amir disappear he rages, and stabs Hollic with a knife. (Lol the Adam inconsistency between the endings here and the rest of the game was hilarious.) Hollic is determined to save the world and he takes Lucia’s sand clock and Elizabeth’s ring and sticks them on the tree. Since his body is mostly trapped in the time gap now, the stabbing does nothing and he sacrifices himself to the tree.  After he disappears leaving his bangle behind Lucia falls on the ground crying with Kyogo finding her & taking her home.  One year later, Lucia finds a letter from Hollic that’s super long and basically says he will love her from the time space gap.  Based on some stuff  that Hollic said, I have a theory that Lucia is actually a reincarnation of Elizabeth mainly because it seems like she was spawned from the time gap with no explanation how or why she got there. Also absolutely no explanation on why she was magically like 7 years old. This would further support my cause that this game ripped of Eva by making Adam fall in love with the reincarnation of his mom, making Amir rage at his son for the “death” of his mom, and the whole 2nd and 3rd impact similarities :lol:. I also really don’t understand why they bothered making Hollic her “uncle”. Are we supposed to be grossed out that she’s in love with her uncle then go “phew he’s not REALLY her uncle!” ??


Wow well I honestly didn’t really have high expectations for this but it almost feels like the writers just…gave up at the end of every route?? It seems like they had an okay premise, and the routes themselves were going along fairly well but when it’s time for the climax: a miraculous power of love (or some other form or miracle) saves the day. Also it pissed me off how their excuses for a lot of stuff in the game was memory loss. “Oh so and so didn’t recognize so and so because he just so happened to forget what he looked like! Even though he was able to remember everything else!” Or “after that tragic incident 10 years ago, Lucia passed out and lost all her memories!” Wow can we stop with all the memory loss please. Usually when a game is rated Cero C you think “oh yea sexy time” but if you look the back of the cover…the images are “violence and drugs”. And this is true. This game has so much violence and drugs that in some parts I sat there going “so why did he fall in love with her so suddenly? and since when did she fall for him!?” I thought they were busy killing each other and shoving all sorts of multi colored pills down each others throats for any romance to develop. (ಠ_ಠ) Dumb plot elements aside, let’s talk about THAT SUPER SHITTY PROGRAMMING. I was raging so hard during the Miyako FD when my game would constantly freeze and crash but I guess Sanctuary decided to hire the same DUMB PROGRAMMERS AGAIN. The skip in this game was MINDLESSLY SLOW…think CUSTOM DRIVE. Yea it was that bad. This was horrible because in some routes I’d screw up and have to go back to redo my choices and OH GOD THE SLOW AS FUCK SKIP AGAIN (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻.


I ended up skipping most of the bad ends simply because I couldn’t be bothered to sit through that awful skipping. The game also has a “Chronostasis” system where if you see the clock shining in the right corner in a rainbow color you have to move the stick to activate it. It was REALLY hard to catch and sometimes I’d be busy reading and taking notes and completely miss it. This caused me to fail getting Clive’s Normal end about 4 times because I kept getting thrown into the bad end. ( ಠ益ಠ ) And of course then going back and dealing with the mindlessly slow skip I was ready to throw my PSP out the window. On top of the slow skip, the game effects were really laggy. It took me at least 2 routes before I could stop raging at the incredibly laggy falling petals in the background. So basically the combination of bad programming and anticlimatic writing made these last 2 weeks kinda painful to sit through. There’s so many unanswered questions and plotholes, and a lot of characters who we saw appear but we never found out much about who they really are (Maririn and Orpheus.) The only good things I can think of were the art and music which were wonderful. Also I was happy that all the guys called out the heroine’s name if left default. As far as characters go uh…well I guess I liked Kyogo the most he was such a cutie pie. Clive was alright too after I got into his route but Tio was blah, Adam pissed me off and Hollic was just Mr. Exposition and had so much info dump that I barely even saw him as a good love interest. For play order I’d recommend Kyogo, Tio, Clive, Adam and then Hollic for last. I don’t think I wanna bother with anymore Sanctuary collaborations ever again. I guess I always had hope that after the original Miyako game they’d be better but it seems like they focus too much on the art and music and the story and programming got the short end of the stick. I know this game had high reviews on Amazon but with all the plot holes and bullshit deus ex machina that goes on in the game, you ain’t foolin’ me Otomate.


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  1. sure thing I’ll add you to my list ^^
    and yea Amazon reviews are usually balls lol. They gave stuff like starry sky after winter and akazukin high ratings and that’s when I knew they were never to be trusted 😆

  2. Even after reading your “Final Thoughts”, I think I’ll still play this game… waaaay later than I initially intended to. Many of the things you mentioned are flaws I’d have massive gripes with. I guess plotholes are pretty much inevitable when dealing with time-related story elements, but trusting your words, it sounds like there’s a party of shitty writing going on! Slow skipping speed is that one programme flaw that significantly shortens my fuse…

    I’m surprised, seeing as like you mentioned, I’ve been checking the Amazon reviews. I guess in the end, you have to play for yourself. Plus, without any intention to offend, I think Amazon reviewers tend to have lower standards- they hand out 4~5-star ratings like candy! For me it’s even hard to reconcile 4 or more with 75% of games I come across.

    On an unrelated note, I was wondering if it’d be okay for us to exchange links? My blog is pretty new (about two months old), so I’d understand if you’d rather swap links with one that has been around longer. Thanks in advance!

  3. I…I was really looking forward to this game but uh…yeah, I didn’t even last through the first summary. Yes, I don’t know enough Japanese yet to play games so I read summaries for now and…
    Otomate, what has happened to you? Bring back the good old days with Wand of Fortune, Clock Zero, Hiiro no Kakera(not the third fandisc please), Hakuoki(ok, even their Hakuoki games are meh now)
    I loved the anime K, yes, K! Its getting an otome game by Otomate and I’m scared that they’ll butcher it to pieces. ;_; I want K to have a proper game!
    But really, I think I’m going to have some juice and go lie down for a while because reading that summary was painful. NO! I mean, I REALLY appreciate you writing it all down and I’m amazed you DID write that all down but…my head needs to cool down a bit.

  4. I swear that this game is just a mind fuck. The whole concept seems nice and the characters (well most) has a good concept but…. the plot at the end is just like
    Writers: welp, the deadline’s coming, why not just stick to this unfinished piece of crap, eh?

    The ending felt so unsatisfying… I wished that they tried to made it a little bit better…

    Btw, are you going to do BroCon Brilliant Blue? I’m just a lil bit curious… >.>

  5. Yea I was pretty much thinking the same thing regarding the Disney, it’s like are you even trying?
    And yea too many references to “ive seen this somewhere before” like some weird American movie mashup lmao

  6. Wtf? The mighty power of love saves the day! The fate of the world is in the hands of mere love? What kind of Disney expatriate wrote this bullcrap? XD
    Also I was thinking the same thing about it being similar to End of Eva lol. All the time related stuff deters me from wanting to play this game. Such a shame, since Lucia seems really cute, design-wise :/
    Also, is it just me or does Tio strangely resemble Namine from Kingdom Hearts? Like with the whole painting what may happen and memory resetting thing. Looks like these guys ripped off of too many sources lmao.

  7. hi! this is totally unrelated and you might want to shoot me right now lol But I was wondering how you could understand Japanese. Are you Japanese? Half Japanese? Or did you learn it at school or something? Or were you self taught?
    Sorry if I’m being intrusive or something but I’ve been reading your ototme game reviews for quite some time now (and I found them funny and er… Informative haha)
    So yeah, is it okay if you answer my previous questions…. It’s really bothering me lol *fidgets* ~____~

  8. i think its just sanctuary’s terrible programming since non sanctuary otomate games tend to be ok in the programming department

  9. i dont blame otomate for the iso not work
    jz that something wrong with my computer but its laggy when i play on phone and i cant look at the cgs ( ; _ ; )
    but the game works fine since i use the same iso
    no problem
    didnt expect the unexpected for the story
    i havent reach far coz need to srudy for tests 1st
    ありがとうございます for replying (=^▽^=)

  10. ahaha, sorry, my phone showed me this comment like it was your answer to mine ^^;;

  11. I’m playing it on a PSP on CFW so no idea why it isn’t working. *shrug*
    The petals didn’t seem to lag for me but the skip-mode was just horrible! The horrible coding in otomate games has always been a mystery for me. I’ve been working in groups in game development for a while and even the worst coder I ever was in a team with would be able to make a non-laggy novel from scratch. And especially since otomate uses their own framework, optimizing it to work without lag and with fast loading times shouldn’t be THAT hard…

  12. i think the game not working on your emulator is not really Otomate’s fault (・_・;)
    but yes the lagging UMD was terrible, even after i ripped it into an iSO it still lagged in my PSP so that means the game itself is just bad period lol
    good thing i didn’t really have high expectations when coming into this

  13. OAO
    I was hoping this to be a good otome game but no….
    (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
    Otomate SERIOUSLY?!
    My friend and I expected Tio’s route to be sad…
    Apparently this review proved me wrong in a way….
    His route really has no significant if u play his route 1st b4 Clive’s
    Since I cant understand japanese fully, I got lost from all of Clive’s long explanations as well in the common route
    And when u mention that the game is laggy i can agree with that
    I downloaded the ISO for free and played using a PSP emulator and I couldnt play at all
    I need to transfer it to my phone using the same emulator jz to get it to work but it still have loads of problems like statics QAQ
    Seriously…….. *sigh*
    damn u Otomate….
    When i have high hopes for this game u guys ruined it yet again
    BTW thanks for the your hard work of typing out this review (*´▽`*)

  14. Now on Tio’s Route… I was told the chronostasis works by pushing up down right left on the analog pad… won’t work? wtf.
    Love saves the world is the worst excuse ever! And how Kyogo was miraculously healed! …なんじゃこりゃああ?!

  15. i didn’t actually use chronostasis on kyogo’s route. didn’t even know you had to until I got to Clive & Tio.
    and yea I always expect plotholes but when the ultimate end is “love saves the world” there’s basically no hope left lol

  16. Oh man, this sounds… complicated. Just finished 2 of Kyogos ends and I am still fighting with the damn chronostasis. Can’t make it work! Help?? D:
    Stories which use time as a plot device are usually my favorites but most time they fail because thez either become too complicated for the reader to understand or the writing beomes horrible and wild plot holes appear everywhere! Too bad… since Chronostacia reminded me of Michael Ende’s Momo, I thought it could become really great…. at least it’s a short game!! =.=

  17. Yea when I saw the amazon reviews I was pretty shocked at how mine was the 180 degree polar opposite.
    I guess pretty sparkles, art and music are enough to sway people away from the garbage writing? 😆

    I think I went through 2 guides before being able to get the ends I wanted. At one point I just basically used the affection marker and just played it by ear in the hopes that I’d get the end I was going for bleh. I didn’t do a single chronostasis in Kyogo’s route so I was pretty shocked when I kept getting Normal ending in Tio’s like wtf man lol.

    And yea Kyogo and Clive are basically the best dudes. Everyone else is bleh.

  18. Christ this is the most accurate review I have ever read of this game.
    I played it, thinking oh wow okay sparkles and time magic, but the system drove me nuts. Getting the normal end was such a pain in the ass I had to search for a decent guide just to get me there. At least for the bad ends, all I had to do was pick choices that don’t make sense. And I only figured out the Chronostasis effect on my third route. I was going ヽ(。_゜)ノ whenever it would show up and I’m like do you do anything with it or is it just there to sparkle rainbows??
    My favorite would be Kyougo (who is a combination of all of my favorite tropes) followed by Clive. I felt really sad for them in their normal ends because the world got saved but he died/forgot all about Lucia anyway ;A;

  19. It’s been a while since I played Miyako so I didn’t remember the dialogue xD
    Midorikawa’s character is actually one of the better ones in this game so I hope that didn’t turn you off.
    His route was probably the best one now that I think about it? Had a decent balance of story/romance.
    The rest were all over the place and well Hollic is just a story dump and I never really got why she suddenly fell in love with him after acting like his niece all these years.

  20. I expected the same thing. Clock Zero, Chrono Cross RPG to be, and so whatever time slip it is. Dunno if this one really suck cause I just finished the prologue of meeting every character. There are many dialogues, similar to MIYAKO (They’re both from Sanctuary).

    I was excited first, the songs were sung by Shikata Akiko & Shimotsuki Haruka, my 2 favorite singers. Really, I expected it will be best hit like Ar Tonelico, Atelier series etc… Half of it because the world and time slip theme. But after seiyuu confirmation with Midorikawa, I lost hope. I don’t really like the character art design too except Kyogo and Clive (but spoil by Midorikawa) nevertheless. Rather than Hollic, I would prefer Orpheus. It’s sad……

  21. its ココノココノ I believe and クロノスタシア I guess it’s not a huge deal for me? 😀
    I think some people thought Adam was so cute the way he stalked her all those years…I guess some people really like that kind of attention even if its negative lol
    I personally can’t stand these kind of characters but seeing how they keep making them I guess someone out there likes it.
    Oh and the fetus thing is like identical to the plot of Quin ROse’s Peter Pan game 😛

  22. Holy crap. I mean I read your whole post but HOLY CRAP. @A@ I think my brain may have melted a bit there! … You know that if you have to go out of your way to write out a timeline for a game to understand it, it’s too convoluted a plot S: Also Cocono Cocono and Chronostacia are spelled how in the game? It seems like a bother to read such long katakana or maybe i’m too lazy xD

    Btw, why do they have to put in characters like Adam as a potential love interest? I (as a self-insert otome heroine) don’t want to be abused or drugged or killed thank you very much >_> Though I EXPECTED him to be one of the love interests though, which sadly says something about the otome game writers. And the fact that he wasn’t consistent at all scares me even more. Also, you’re pretty much romancing an unborn fetus… that image….

  23. As someone who has played Jewelic Nightmare, I can say it’s okay. The plot is pretty meh, there’s some annoying moments, but nothing too infuriating. Only play it if you’ve got nothing else decent to play. It can be enjoyable if you space out your playthroughs.

  24. lol after Custom Drive and Ozmafia I can safely say this isn’t the first game to give me systematic grief e_e
    it’s funny cause imaimo only has like 15 choices in the whole game and only 4 determine the heroine you end up with.
    i don’t get why otome games feel the need to give us like 50 choices lol.

  25. Yea I heard Jewellic’s plot is really…thin? So I never bothered with it.The sample play movies really bugged me too, maybe it was the art.
    Otomate’s upcoming games seem to be coming from their stronger teams so hopefully there will be something better along the way.

  26. This game, after reading everything, is a WTF all the way man what the hell is wrong with these storywriters

  27. (*`・ω´・b゚・*:.。.☆【オツカレサマ 】☆.。.:*・゚ Never has a game that was just about picking choices given me so much grief before. I hope one day they will realize you don’t need a story that spans thousands of years and Evangelion references to write a good plot.

  28. …it’s sad to see how much of a (visually pretty) disaster this was. I was thinking of trying out Jewelic Nightmare, but after reading this one I think I shouldn’t touch Otomate for a while…

  29. lmao well you should read Adam’s and feel my rage against him! lmaoo XD
    Yea this game isn’t worth it I think your Vita will be a better value
    Otomate’s works are always hit or miss. Fortunately it seems like their upcoming games are from the staff of games I liked so hopefully it won’t be too terrible.
    No idea if SBL and Chrono have same writer. I didn’t check the credits.

  30. So… convoluted…. x_x It’d be more efficient if they researched the secrets of Time Technology for 999 years and used it to build a chronosphere instead…

    FYI, I got lost after seeing the time chart.

  31. “WTF?!” is an accurate response, Hinano. I gave up reading after the second character. If i can’t even read the summary, then i will definitely never get thru the game. XD

    All those time resets, mind-fuckery and this-scene-is-not-as-simple-as-you-think reminds me of a horribly horribly mutated ver, of Pandora Hearts and… i’unno some other time traveling thing gone abysmally wrong. =/

    I thank the various gods that i gave up on pre-ordering this ‘coz i wanted to save up for a Vita. =3

    I’unno about you, Hinano, but i’d be -very- wary of Otomate’s future works with super pretty art (like SBL and this); something tells me that it’s a disguise hiding horrible plot-writing and pacing. >_>

    Btw, i’m curious, do SBL and Chronostacia share the same uh… writer? As in the person who writes the script of the otoges.

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