Unboxing: Chronostacia and ImaImo

One of these is not like the rest.
One of these is not like the rest.

Ok so for those following my twitter know that like one weekend I was browsing the PSN store and found a free demo for ImaImo. It’s from the same makers as Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate so I was like  WHY NOT. Figured I’d just kill some time but after getting through the intro of all the main cast I found myself REALLY ENJOYING IT. The best part of course is the protagonist is an ikemen who is fully voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga ゚.+:。∩(・ω・)∩゚.+:。ゎ~ぃ. Needless to say I ordered dat shiat asap. So I guess ImaImo will be my first Vita VN game 😆 Chronostacia is well same ‘ol Otomate limited edition junk: booklet, 2 CDs, game, box etc. I’ll probably start with Chrono first since my PSP hasn’t been used in so long the battery actually died (and all the cords near my desk are becoming a disaster with Vita there now too x_x). And for those who missed the broadcast I will be broadcasting Chronostacia after a long break ;D.


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  1. yea I have an old CD rack from the olden days where I keep all my CDs
    Any otome games I’ve sold though, I just threw away the CDs. Honestly I’ve never listened to them more than once.
    I only get the extras for the booklets, I have no interest in the frisbees :X
    It’s not really worth it honestly though lol

  2. Ooooh Chronostacia ! I hope it really turns out well. S: I really like the art for it! I’m curious what you do with all the free “extras.” Is it worth it to buy the limited edition for those kinds of extras? They don’t seem worth the extra 20 or so bucks (for me). You must have a shelf full of drama CDs xD

  3. I think Kyougo should actually be one of the first routes you do because it doesn’t reveal much about Lucia’s past or the secrets of the world. But of course you can play in any order you like.

    steampunk series is pretty unique in that the games are single-route single-ending. But I love both their male and female protags, definitely outshine most otome game characters.

  4. wow really that was quick. I guess I should stop playing FF14 and just speed through the game huh lol
    I thought it was better to save Kyougo for last before the uncle’s route but guess it doesn’t matter?
    And interesting about the steampunk protags. I sometimes wish the eroge/galge protags would share their confidence with some of the otome game protags.
    They usually have their own personality and aren’t doormats (i’m sure those exist but I haven’t encountered any in the games I played lol)

  5. Kyougo is such a sweet and going through his route I keep thinking WHY ARE YOU TWO NOT MARRIED YET. I’m still quite curious about the uncle though but it seems like his route is only open on the 3rd round.

    I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND ABOUT GALGAMES AND IKEMEN PROTAGONISTS OMG. I wanted to promoted the Steampunk series to you as well if you like them ikemen guys because seriously I’d take those male protagonists over the majority of otoge men any day.

  6. haha yea I got delayed so xD

    If you’re curious about imaimo just try the free demo. I’ve played/reviewed a few galge/eroge in the past because it allows me to focus on the story which often times is better than some of the otomeshit garbage I’ve sat through.

  7. Ohhhh, I totally forgot Chronostacia was nearing its release. I myself am waiting for Jyuuzaengi 2 to arrive. I’m looking forward to your impressions because I kinda suspect it’s gonna not be worth all the hype as usual but it’d be great if I were wrong so there’d be one more great game to play.
    Is ImaImo interesting to play for girls? I’m not really knowledgeable about this type of games but aren’t those for guys?

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