Android Otome App Review: Wankoi


Do you like dogs? Do you like Shiba Inu dogs? Do you like guys who act playful like a dog wagging its tail jumping in your face licking you when you get home? Then you should read on.

Nothing new in the “touch a dude in a phone app” department here other then the fact that Shiba Ken-kun here is voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki.  The gist of the app is you basically go on “dates” with him. He will then fall asleep and you gotta poke him the right way without waking him up. If you succeed, it will increase a”meter” and once that meter is full you can read the next story. You are also limited to how many dates you can go on but you can also then “buy” extra “energy” to go on more dates to read faster etc. So yea it requires a bit of work but if you like wanko boys voiced by Yocchin, then you may not mind.

Personally? I’m a cat person and I’m not that fond of the artwork (feels a bit messy to me) so after playing for a couple days I got kinda bored and stopped.  Still I think it’s a good concept and I’ll just wait till they make a NYANKOI (and not the dumb anime 🙄 ). You can download the app from both the Apple Itunes store and Google Play by visiting the links on the official site.


11 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Wankoi”

  1. its jsut the lines and shading feel too messy for me.
    I guess based on other apps I’ve played I have a higher standard?

  2. To be honest I find the guy totally adorable XD Must he cuz of my obsession with Inuyasha lol. But what do you mean by the artwork being messy? Just wondering cuz I don’t really see anything wrong with it.

  3. yea I ended up uninstalling mine a few days ago as well. and yea the no full voicing was pretty lame. it started out as full but gradually you get less and less lol.

  4. i picked up this game a few days ago but i got kinda bored after a few days since it eventually got repetitive and one of the episodes wasn’t even fully voiced ┐(‘~` )┌ (which was kind of a let down since i was playing it because it had yocchin… i guess dates i can understand not being fully voiced but the episodes should be at least ????)
    i really hope they make a nyankoi though because tsundere nukos !!

  5. yea there’s a ton since a feature of touch screen phones is well the touch screen..and “petting the bishie dog” is the easiest thing they can think of 😛

  6. I’m a bit amazed at how many pet otome games there are… like the I love Pet series as well (ok that’s more of a voice CD kinda thing but still). Is this a fetish thing? haha I get why cat ears and stuff are cute on people though and I’m not judging but more .. curious? Although this game seems to be more about the guy’s personality being like a dog than him BEING a dog….. I hope. But a tsundere cat does sound cute (although most cats I know are already tsundere haha)

  7. I will not be happy until they have a cat version, even if I will never be able to play it because I’m still stuck with a boring dumb phone.

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