Otome Game Review: Watashi no Real wa Jujitsu Shisugiteiru

Translated as roughly “My offline life is blossoming too well” the story is about Anesaki Nozomi who is a closet otaku. She acts like she’s Miss Perfect in school, always doing favors for teachers and getting the best grades. She’s even the VP of student council and is an idol amongst her peers. However the moment she gets home, Nozomi whips out her 3DS and starts poking her 2D mens! The only one who knows the truth about her otaku hobbies is her step brother Shun, who she is currently living alone with because their parents are traveling overseas.  This is a free doujin game created by Tetrascope and is available to download on their site. Spoilers after the jump and also because this game is really good there’s a LOT OF TEXT \(^o^)/

**Please note due to the creators not particularly liking the idea of people posting too many CGs from the game I’ve only posted a small amount in this review. Please enjoy the CGs in the game yourself ^^**


Hoshina Hozumi – Per recommended order I decided to do Hozumi first as he is basically least connected to Nozomi’s past. Hozumi is the younger twin brother of Mizuho, the student council president who Nozomi works with. Hozumi’s also a delicious tsundere and in my head I imagined him being voiced by Nakamura Yuichi :P. Nozomi thinks Mizuho is an ikeman but she never imagines actually dating him. Aka he’s basically like this eyecandy for her and because she’s like ew 3DPD :lol:. Eventually though, Mizuho asks her out on a date but then the day of, he calls her saying he can’t make it. She feels like an ass coming home immediately cause Shun would make fun of her so decides to just go out to town on her own. While she’s walking around she sees “Mizuho” and he’s not a nice guy at all…he’s complete reversal of his usual personality! The next day he asks her to make up for it by going another time but she’s horrified at his haraguroness so she twists her way out of it saying it’s no big deal. After this just being around him is awkward cause she keeps thinking he’s thinking horrible things about her. When walking home she finally decides to say something she runs literally into his younger brother Hozumi. He’s foul mouthed and rude and she realizes the guy she saw in town was Hozumi not Mizuho. They take Nozomi to their house to treat her injury and run into the Hoshina twin’s childhood friend Shizune. Shizune is like some eroge heroine who is super kawaii uguu with big boobs but thinks that Nozomi is super cute while Nozomi’s like NO WAY DUDE LOL. She doesn’t even use any makeup or beauty products (much to Nozomi’s jealousy). After Shizune bandages Nozomi’s injured foot, Hozumi offers to take her home on his bike which is ok since Nozomi felt bad riding on a bike with Mizuho in front of his childhood friend. So after this Mr. Bad Attitude Tsundere takes her to the hospital and generally does stuff for her in his rude ways lmao. Once they are alone, she unleashes all her rage calling him a shitface asshole. He’s pretty surprised at her change of character as she beats his back down while they ride to the hospital. Afterwards she realizes that she’s shown her true image to the brother of her adored senpai XDD. He says that he’ll pay for her doctor visit (his parents that is) and that he has no problem taking her to the hospital and taking responsibility for the injury. She then asks him to not tell anyone about all the things she said to him and he’s like ohohoho I got your weakness!

She also tells Hozumi that she’s not a good match for Mizuho anyway. Hozumi says that his bro might be interested in her but she needs to put some effort into it like make him bentos or something. Nozomi says she can’t really compete with Shizune but Hozumi’s like “if he was interested in her he woulda hit dat sheit years ago lol.” AND THIS IS THE ROOT OF A 10 YEAR MISUNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE TWINS LOL. One day when coming home from school with Mizuho, they run into Shizune and what looks like a Hozumi that got punched in the face. He then leaves, and Shizune gets upset and runs off crying seeing Mizuho and Nozomi share an umbrella. She finds Hozumi all brooding behind the house in the rain and after she accidentally flashes her pantsu to him he gets over his emoness and takes her home on his bike. Since it’s pouring she asks him to come inside. While they’re changing Shun gets home sees both of them half naked and things they just had sexy time and shits bricks. After he leaves Hozumi and Nozomi chat a bit in her room until he starts to look at her psp. He turns it on right at the kiss scene and is like…dafuq. Hozumi’s not particularly shocked that she has this hobby and asks if she wants to be liked by others. Nozomi says she does and nobody would like her real self which is how her old self used to be. He then adds that there’s at least 1 person who would like her true personality…and says he doesn’t hate it. It makes them both blush like idiots and to break the silence Nozomi decides to treat his face wound. He tells her it’s because he got in a fight with his dad who hasn’t been home for half a year. She also notices an injury on his arm so she decides to treat it too. She tells him that she doesn’t hate him and in fact she likes him a lot and feels comfortable being around him. The next day Nozomi runs into Shizune and Mizuho together at the bookstore and gets really jealous. However just then she runs into Hozumi who pretends to be like his brother but she figures it out immediately xDD. Just then Mizuho and Shizune see the 2 of them together thinking they’re also here together. While Mizuho and Nozomi are going to the register he asks for Nozomi to help him out with getting Shizune and Hozumi to get along again (as their relationship’s been on the rocks for ages).

It somewhat works when he gets a crane machine item and Shizune thanks him and apologizes. After Mizuho and Shizune leave, Hozumi points to the crane game with Nozomi’s otome game bishie in it and goes “i know you want this (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) lol”. And so he gets it for her in 3 tries and then takes her home on his bike. A few days later Nozomi runs into Shizune at the mall and basically finds out that she’s in love with Mizuho. Shizune says that she doesn’t want to give up on Mizuho but feels like she’s a cockblock to Nozomi and Mizuho’s relationship. Nozomi tells her it ain’t no thang and Shizune ends up hugging her and crying. At school the next day the awkwardness between Shizune, Mizuho, Hozumi and Nozomi continues as Hozumi takes Nozomi to the hospital for her final foot exam. After he brings her back home, she gives him some cookies she made as a thanks for getting her that figure. He’s so shocked he blushes like a tomato then speeds off on his bike (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;; p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q . The day before her delayed movie date with Mizuho, she ends up going to the mall with Hozumi after school. She ends up picking an outfit that Mizuho might like and…one that Hozumi liked too. While they’re riding home they spot Shizune and Mizuho. When they get to her house, Hozumi asks her why she likes Mizuho and she’s like “because he’s hot”. Hozumi then says “so then you may as well date me cause we’re twins and we look the same.” She babbles that she likes Mizuho more but then starts to think about and wonder why she likes him. Hozumi then says lol j/k and as they both gets pissed off he goes home. After she gets home Nozomi gets a phone call from Shizune bawwing that Mizuho rejected her love confession. The following day she goes out for her date with Mizuho but due to lack of sleep and the stress from the day before she passes out soon as she leaves the house. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself in her room being taken care of by Hozumi. (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ He tells her he saw her passed out, her front door open and since her brother wasn’t around he carried her back inside and called Mizuho to let him know what happened. A few minutes later Mizuho stops by to check on her and sees her rolling in bed like an idiot :lol:. Hozumi decides to be a bro and goes to get them drinks, at which point Nozomi decides to go ahead and confess to Mizuho.


Just then Hozumi walks in and drops his glasses but tells them to ignore him and continue. Mizuho rejects Nozomi but somehow she’s relieved and asks why he dumped Shizune too. He then admits that he actually loves Shizune but says that in fact she doesn’t love him, but loves Hozumi. He then says he knows that Hozumi used to love Shizune but Hozumi’s like “um no that was then, and I don’t really like her anymore so she’s all yours dude.” Mizuho says that Shizune can’t tell the twins apart because her whole life she thought Mizuho liked sweets when in fact it was Hozumi who did. Hozumi then mentions that in the past no one could tell them apart when in fact inside they were different. He couldn’t keep up with Mizuho being Mr. Perfect and got sick of his parents constantly telling him why can’t he be like his older brother. So then he tried to study and do his best to be like Mizuho and suddenly found himself getting liked by a lot of people. When they moved and became neighbors with Shizune, after a few years Hozumi found himself falling for her. However after a while he realized Shizune didn’t like him for himself, she liked the him that acted like Mizuho. After that Hozumi felt stupid constantly copying his brother and just stopped giving a shit. Hozumi concludes his story and says that basically Shizune loved Mizuho the whole time and there was never a “Hozumi” in her heart to begin with. Hozumi tells his brother to stop beating around the bush and just go to Shizune. Mizuho then apologizes to Nozomi for everything and she’s like ain’t no thang, in fact why don’t the 2 of you go to the movies instead lol. After he leaves, it occurs to Nozomi that she’s in fact in love with Hozumi instead! (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) Just then as he gives her tea he accidentally knocks the cup and spills it all over her chest. Panicking he grabs tissues and starts wiping her boobs basically groping her lmao xDDD. Realizing what he’s doing he immediately stops. He then apologizes and admits that he knew that Shizune and Mizuho were in love with each other but he pushed Nozomi on to Mizuho to basically light a fire under their asses so they’d finally get together. The two of them then start their usual foul language name calling until Hozumi babbles out that he loves Nozomi. Nozomi is shocked but asks him to repeat it and he refuses and she’s like I won’t say it until you will! They both realize they’re in love with each other but their stubbornness makes them rage at each other to say it out loud xDDD. Eventually she says it and he’s like alright now that that’s done, let’s go on a date woot woot! In the epilogue, he admits that when he carried her back to her house he grabbed her ass lmao ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.

Nozomi’s shocked but then goes well..you’re my 3D boyfriend so I guess I can let you touch a few things (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。). Just then Shizune and Mizuho show up and Shizune starts babbling that apparently she doesn’t believe that Mizuho really likes her and needed to check with Nozomi first :lol:. Hozomi tells them that he and Nozomi are raburabu now so Shizune and Mizuho are free to raburabu too lol. The 4 of them end up going on a double date as Hozumi grabs Nozomi’s hand. (*´ω`*) Omake: Nozomi finds out that she’s Hozumi’s first girlfriend so he doesn’t really know how to be romantic like the dudes in her otome games. She tries to hug him to get the ball rolling but neither of them know wtf to do so she ends up…tickling him xDD. He tells her to stop and since she doesn’t, he flips her over and kisses her. ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ Unfortunately the serious atmosphere’s too much for him and he just goes back to tickling her as revenge lmao xDD. Omake 2: It’s been 3 weeks since Nozomi and Hozumi saw each other and things are awkward between them. She asks him what’s wrong and turns out he needs help studying for his entrance exams since he’s 1 year ahead of her. After they study and he leaves he ends up leaving his phone in Nozomi’s room. That night Hozumi’s mom calls and rages at him for failing his entrance exams while Nozomi’s like…whut he’s not here lol. She asks Nozomi to tell Hozumi that he can go to whatever college he wants but to at least go to A college. A few moments later, Hozumi comes back to Nozomi’s place to pick up his phone and she tells him about what happened. He explains that he plans to just study for a year and take the exam again next year…so he can go to the same college as Nozomi. (*´ω`*) He then says because it’s a top college he has to study his ass off and he was at the library studying his head off. She says that she’ll help him study and then secretely tells herself she’ll be nice to him when he needs a break xD. For some reason out of all 3, Hozumi’s route ended up being the longest to plow through but I loved every minute of it.

ayumu01 Kuraguchi Ayumu – Ayumu is the shy nerdy otaku type and because I had played -8 before this, I imagined him in my head to be voiced by Ono Yuki as his character looked exactly like Junjun (*´ω`*).  So yea, Ayumu is your typical otaku, and he especially loves light novels. Yea you know all those stupid “ore” and “imouto” and “Seitokaichou” yea he loves those things. His dream is to be a light novel writer but of course the moment anyone sees him reading that stuff they make fun of him and basically single him out. The catch here is, Ayumu used to be Nozomi’s best friend in middle school. When her dad remarried Shun’s mom though and she changed her image and moved away, they lost contact. Once she stopped being an open otaku, she didn’t want anything to do with Ayumu because she didn’t want anyone to ever find out her hobbies. But deep inside, it hurts her because she loved and still does love spending time with Ayumu babbling about all their favorite animays mangas and garugameshes. She asks him not to bother her and that she’s no longer the person she used to be. She feels really bad about it but cares more about her “new school life” than dreading on the past. Because Ayumu’s always by himself the teachers keep grouping him with Nozomi since she’s the vp and it’s her “duty”. One day he forgets his book and so she is asked to move her desk to share hers. She ends up staring at him and realizing he’s kinda cute..while not paying attention in class. When the teacher calls on her, she has no idea where to read and of course no one in class will help her because miss perfect would never NOT pay attention in class! Fortunately because Ayumu’s a sweetheart, he quietly shows her where to read from and she manages to get through without anyone noticing. The way they became friends is before her mom married Shun’s dad, and she was Kimura Nozomi, she was a loner otaku but in her class was Ayumu who was a loner otaku just like her. One day the teacher paired them up for some activity and they became bffs after realizing they both have the same hobby.

The next day Ayumu doesn’t come to class and since he left one of his books in his desk, Nozomi decides to bring it to his house. When she comes she almost chickens out but then his mom opens the door, thinks she’s Ayumu’s friend and arara’s her inside the house :lol:. She gets arara’d all the way up to Ayumu’s room and there’s awkwardness all around until Nozomi tells him she brought him his book. His room is scattered with papers for the novel that he’s writing. Before she leaves, Ayumu says that he keeps his otaku hobbies under cover as much as he can and promises he won’t ruin Nozomi’s life. The following week, he keeps leaving his desk soon as it’s break time and going off to be alone so that he doesn’t make Nozomi uncomfortable ლ(இ e இ`。ლ). On the weekend Nozomi goes out to get a face mask and she rushes quickly because she goes out without putting any makeup on. Unfortunately she bumps into a group of disgusting rapists who drag her into a back alley. Before they can drag her to a rape hotel, Ayumu shows up telling them to let her go. Of course they don’t, and they beat him up and realizing how weak & pathetic he is they leave. (Also they ror at his light novels because he’s a “kimoi otaku”). Nozomi decides to take him home to clean up and treat his wounds so his mom doesn’t shit bricks first. While she’s treating his wounds, they both realize that they’re still into the same hobbies and inside they’ve not changed since they were friends back in middle school. She then brings out a huge box out of her closet filled with all her otaku goods and tells him that she lied and she hasn’t changed at all. She tells him she’s happy to have met him again and they have a long catch up on all their otaku interests. He then tells her that he’s trying to enter the light novel writing competition for newbies so he can become a writer in the future.Before he leaves, she asks him to come back to school again but he says that he doesn’t want to be a burden to her and even though she’s the same inside, outside she’s a lot prettier than she was back in middle school. He adds that if he was a bit better looking, then he could talk to her on the same “level” without others looking at her weird or bullying either of them. Nozomi tells Shun it’s time to step up to the plate and so they decide to give Ayumu a hair cut.

That night Nozomi discovers she has volume 1 of Ayumu’s favorite light novel series that he’s been looking for probably because he lended it to her years ago. On Monday at school Ayumu shows up with his wounds healed and he’s a SUPER IKEMAN! She then realizes that she’s landed on his route in 3D man capture land! XD She starts to voluntarily pair up with him for various class activities ignoring whatever dumb shit others say. All the classmates think that she’s only being nice to him because she’s the vp and because the teacher told her to…but inside she rages that they don’t know shit about him or her. So then when she returns his book to him, he confesses that he loves her. Unfortunately the other guys in the class get jealous of him constantly getting her attention so they swipe the bag that has his light novel and his original story in it. However after they realize what it is, Ayumu just says that he forgot it in school and Nozomi was just delivering it to him. The guys are like oh yea of course I mean Nozomi would never read this! Nozomi thinks about it and realizes that fuck it this is what I used to be treated like and this shit ain’t right. She then speaks up and says the book and notes are both hers and then says that those “otaku books” are no problem to read cause she’s an otaku! She yells out that she loves animay and mango! She then leaves the classroom and realizes the next day everyone will probably hate her. A few moments after she gets home, Ayumu comes over and finds her crying in her room. He tells her that even if everyone else hates her, he’ll always be with her. That’s when Nozomi realizes that ever since the beginning, the only friend she ever had was Ayumu. (´;ω;`) She tells him she doesn’t regret it that much because she loves his writing and wants him to continue. He hugs her and tells her that he will go to school tomorrow and wants her to come to school as well. (And I’d be lying if I wasn’t getting all teary eyed in this scene :sob:).


Good End: Nozomi comes to class the next day extremely nervous but when she comes into the classroom, she has Ayumu who says good morning to her. To her surprise, other people in the class say good morning like everything’s normal. Nozomi’s friend tells her that when she walked out of the classroom the day before, Ayumu told everyone that what because she’s an otaku now suddenly everyone’s gonna hate her? He then says that no matter what she is otaku or not, he loves her. (*´∀`*)ノ。+゜*。 Hearing this makes Nozomi (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ and she says she loves him too. Normal End: Nozomi acts like she doesn’t know who Ayumu is when he asks her that one time in the library. After a while she stops being cold to him and even acts friendly and says good morning. Eventually she starts to act like she’s interested in his light novels and secretly asks him to borrow them when they’re alone together. When Nozomi asks him what his friend Nozomi-chan in the past was like and he talks about how much they had in common and how she was his only friend. Nozomi feels like her heart is being stabbed because she is afraid to admit that she is that Nozomi and ruin her image. After a while she starts to secretly go see Ayumu in the library after school where they have their little otaku chat sessions. He asks her why she’s always being so nice to him, asking him to go home with her and all and he ends up saying that the Nozomi-chan of the past was “special” to him while this Nozomi is just “being nice.” This of course makes Nozomi further jealous of her old self. Just then, she runs into some classmates and soon as she realizes she’s with Ayumu she moves away from him. Realizing what she just did she feels horrible but Ayumu gets the picture and leaves by himself. Nozomi decides to do what’s right, tells her classmates she can’t go to Mos Burger with them and runs out. Soon as she runs out from the school she chases Ayumu down but he tells her, she doesn’t need to be nice to him since it will make her look bad. She tells him she wasn’t hanging out with him to be nice, she was doing it because she enjoyed her time with him.

When he realizes Nozomi is his old Nozomi-chan, he asks if she can come to the library and she’s like EVERY DAY BABY. So even though they will continue this “hidden” relationship, Nozomi still feels empty inside that she can’t be her natural self anymore. Omake 1: Shun keeps hogging Ayumu to play games with him instead of ichaicha with Nozomi xD.She rages and goes to her room to play with her 2D mens instead. When he comes into her room she’s like you gotta be more like my otome game mans and shit bro! He gets mad and is like fine if I kiss you like your bishie will that make you happy? She’s like yea sure but when he tries he gets so embarrassed he quits halfway 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 . He then asks if he can borrow her otome games to learn from them xDDD. Suddenly he kisses her on the cheek and asks her to deal with that for now. Nozomi forgets her rage completely and forgives him (who wouldn’t (*´ェ`*)キュン♡) Omake 2: Nozomi’s friend Miho hears them talking about otome games but feels left out. Turns out Ayumu likes the tsundere side character female in Nozomi’s otome game that he borrowed…cause she reminds him of Nozomi xD. The two of them also made new friends who borrow Ayumu’s games and manga so they’re not bullied anymore. Nozomi however is jelly that Ayumu seems like he has a lot of fun with his male friends but doesn’t seem that way around her since she’s more into otome games now. He then takes her to AniMART where she starts drooling at all the Watashi no Princess-sama merchandise :lol:. They run into Miho who was a closet WataPri fan and Nozomi’s like hey welcome to the club and promises to keep it a secret for her. Not only is she a WataPri fan, she’s a FUJOSHI who loves dat ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ. Nozomi sees her BL doujin and is absolutely shocked since she’s strictly an otome game fan and only ships the guys with the heroine xDDD She says she doesn’t care about other people being into BL but she can’t deal with her Walt-sama being homo! Nozomi’s afraid this will ruin her long time friendship with Miho but they talk things out and realize it’s ok to have different “shippings” in the same fandom. I know technically Ayumu isn’t the true OTP of the game but I feel like he’s the best match for Nozomi. He was the first guy and friend that opened up to her without her having to “change” herself and therefore I feel is the perfect guy for her.


Anesaki Shun – So Shun is Nozomi’s step brother as I mentioned in the other routes (who in my head was voiced by Shimono Hiro ^q^). However as every step-bro template ever he’s obviously in love with her but our 2D-man loving heroine doesn’t realize it. Shun is popular with girls because he’s an ikemen but he rejects their confessions cause he loves Nozomi. Shun’s friend Yu, who Nozomi spends a lot of time with lately, keeps hinting that Shun may like Nozomi and wonders if she likes her bro more than a bro but Nozomi claims that it’s not true. When shopping at the mall one day Shun and Nozomi run into Yu and Yu and Shun start arguing on which clothes are better for Nozomi. Unfortunately they run into some old middle school friends of Shun’s who start going “this is your sister? I thought she looked more like a hobo!” Eventually they leave and Nozomi snaps both Shun and Yu out of their gloomy trance telling them its time to go home. On the way home Nozomi tells Shun that she bought lots of makeup to make herself prettier and she will make sure he doesn’t end up in an uncomfortable situation like that again. Meanwhile Shun is just jelly that his oneechan is always hanging out with Yu. He tells Nozomi that Yu likes her and when she’s in the library one day with him, she can tell in his eyes that he’s like ♡_♡ when he looks at her. Yu then gets mad saying he’s jealous of Shun because he’s good at sports, is popular and has everything going for him. Yu then tells Nozomi how back in middle school, he knew Shun as just a classmate but then one day his mother was like YOU MUST BE BETTER THAN SHUN. So then during a class relay race in middle school, Shun won one of the events but because Yu lost, their entire class lost. The whole class blamed Yu for it and even though he injured his leg they all ignored him and raged at him. Just then, Nozomi found him and took care of him and his leg wound. He hadn’t seen her or talked to her since then and never would have imagined that she would be Shun’s sister. Since Shun and Nozomi were polar opposites, even though they became siblings they basically avoided each other.

One day Nozomi decided to try to improve things so she made him a bento for that sports festival but when people saw her approaching Shun they were like dafuq? When Shun told them she’s his sister, the look on his face was like “oh god why this” and Nozomi ran away from him. And of course, Yu saw the whole thing and he was pissed off that Shun could hurt her this way. He then says from that moment he fell in love with her and admits that he still loves her to this day. Nozomi apologizes saying she doesn’t see him that way and he’s like yea I know I’ve already realized you’ll never love me back. However he says, he refuses to let her be taken by Shun. Nozomi says that Shun’s nothing more than a brother to her and this sets off Yu’s yandere switch and he grabs her kissing her neck. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ After she yells out his name he stops….AND FUCKING REVEALS THAT IN FACT NOZOMI IS ACTUALLY HIS REAL SISTER WTF (  Д ) ゚ ゚!!! And so this is why Yu doesn’t want Nozomi to refer to Shun as her “brother” when in fact her real brother is Yu. Apparently after Nozomi’s dad divorced her mom, it turned out that she was already preggo with Yu. And so she changed her last name and moved to this town raising Yu on her own. Nozomi thinks about this and realizes by the time she was old enough to understand anything, she was just living with her dad & grandma. And so without telling her anything time passed and by the time she was in middle school he said I’m remarrying and that’s when he married Shun’s mom and changed his last name to Anesaki instead of Kimura. To add on to the drama, Shun’s mom and Nozomi/Yu’s mom were friends and on the PTA together…but soon as Shun’s mom married Nozomi/Yu’s dad, she started being jealous and raging hence why GRR YOU MUST BE BETTER THAN SHUN AT EVERYTHING MY SON. He concludes that once he found out she was his sister he was shocked but…couldn’t get over his feelings for her. When Nozomi gets home Shun accidentally walks in on her changing and sees the hickey that Yu gave her. Shun asks if it’s Yu and if she’s dating him, but of course Nozomi’s like lol never.


She refuses to tell him anything and he gets frustrated that her “otome gamer dar” isn’t detecting his love for her xD….so he’s like I guess I’ll have to do the same thing as Yu to get you to understand…so he grabs her and gives her a hickey too /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Nozomi then realizes that not only does Shun love her, but that she’s in love with him too but her body is definitely not ready and she pushes him away before he kisses her. Recalling what happened with Yu in the library she realizes that unlike with him, when Shun did it SHE LIKED THAT SHIAT OOHHH YEEAAAAA ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)! Tired from all the shit Nozomi takes a nap but when she wakes up Shun’s MIA. Nozomi runs out in the rain looking for him but gives up and returns home alone. While returning she remembers how back in middle school it was raining and her mom asked to pick up Shun at the station with an umbrella. By the time she got there he was gone because he had gone to a friend’s house to borrow one instead and return home by himself. Nozomi figured it’s because he didn’t want to be seen with her but all he says is “I don’t think of her as my sister.” Nozomi got pissed and then knocked him down on the ground in front of their mom saying she hates him. She then recalls this and realizes that this time she wants to return home with Shun so she returns to looking for him. She finds him sitting alone depressed in the rain on a park bench near the neighborhood playground. Not only is he depressed but he’s got a massive fever and she immediately starts lugging him home. Just then they run into Yu and he helps carry Shun to a nearby taxi stop. Before he leaves it looks as if he’s crying because of all the rain but Nozomi touches his cheek and tells him to not catch a cold. (´;ω;`) When they get home, Nozomi helps Shun to his room but he ends up falling into bed with her and pulls her in like a body pillow (♡´౪`♡). He eventually lets her go but because she’s tired as well she falls asleep on his bed and has a dream of the past. A dream where Nozomi’s stepmom asked her to take care of sick Shun and he ended up barfing all over her :lol:. After they both wake up he says that he didn’t really wanna see Nozomi’s face after their fight so he went out to kill time but forgot both his wallet & umbrella.

She recalls how back in middle school his friends would be like “poor Shun having THAT for a sister.” She would cry alone in her room wishing to never return to school until the day Shun stayed home sick. He came into her room that day apologized for ditching her in the rainy day and thanked her for taking care of him. After this he starts being nicer to her in school like when she has to do class duties and the other assholes dump all their stuff on her, Shun helps her out. However Nozomi doesn’t want him to be seen with her and refuses his help until eventually she disappears from his sight. He realizes that he was too embarrassed to be seen with her too and hates himself for it.After this Nozomi continued skipping school a lot until she was in 9th grade. She decided to study hard so she could get into a school where nobody knew her from middle school. Shun asked her one day why she keeps skipping school and tired of hiding shit she’s like “cause I have no friends, people make fun of me and I feel awful!?” When Shun suggests that Nozomi go to the hair salon to improve her image, she refuses…so Shun goes to his friend’s hair salon and asks him to teach him how to cut hair. Turns out he has a talent for styling and cutting hair that his friend’s mom even says he should work here in the future xD. It was around this time that Nozomi got into otome gaming, and one night Shun came into her room saying he wants to cut her hair. She finally agrees and after he cuts her hair she looks much better. He also then asks her to go out with him on the weekend to get her hikkikomori ass out of the house. He ends up picking out some clothes for her and starts to realize his step sister is hot when actually changing her image. (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。). After this Nozomi asks Shun to accompany her shopping until she gets used to going out alone. One of the times they go they run into Shun’s barber friend who looks at Nozomi and gets what happened and says she looks really good now. As they are going home that day Shun says he’s happy for her and that’s when Nozomi realizes she fell in love with him around then. Back in the present, Shun apologizes to Nozomi saying he felt like she always forced herself to keep up her image because of him.


He then says that he never had intentions of being a hair stylist like he said before. In fact he just wanted to cut her hair so she’d look prettier and people would stop saying shit about her. The following day Nozomi meets with Yu after school and they both comment how Nozomi is a lot like their mom but Yu is a lot like their dad. Nozomi tells him that she doesn’t wanna ruin her family so she will keep the fact that he’s her real brother a secret. However she says she wants to tell Shun since Shun basically thinks that Nozomi and Yu are like in love with each other lmao. Yu then asks her to call him by his first name, and then calls her neesan. When Nozomi gets home that day Shun’s condition is much better and then he ends up rage admitting that he’s really jealous of Nozomi and Yu xD. And while raging he confesses that he’s been in love with Nozomi for a long time. Nozomi decides to break the misunderstanding with Yu by…grabbing Shun and kissing him xDDD. In the epilogue, Shun and Nozomi are no longer “siblings” in their relationship and Yu is internally giggling that he gets to be the real otouto kun. Yu and Shun then end up fighting each other over who is better “connected” with Nozomi while Shun calls Yu a siscon ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Omake 1: Since Yu spends a lot of time home alone due to his mom working late, Nozomi invites him to spend the night at her and Shun’s house. When Yu sees her walking around in like hot pants and a camisole he shits bricks but Shun’s like “oh yea she always walks around like this in the summer” xDD. After playing video games together, Yu realizes that Shun’s not a bad guy and he just hated him for no reason all these years. After Yu leaves the next day Shun complains that Nozomi and him ichaicha but Shun hasn’t gotten any action since she’s kissed him. Nozomi then tells him he can hit dat sheit..eventually \( ^o^)/. Omake 2: Shun is having trouble keeping up with his studies and turns out he started going to Nozomi’s high school just because he wanted to be with her.

While he studies she plays her otome game but then ends up falling asleep on his bed. When he’s done he realizes she’s snoozin so he walks over and gives her a kiss. Meanwhile Nozomi’s having dreams of her Walt-sama but instead wakes up to Shun kissing her instead xD. She shits bricks and freaks out but he’s like what you don’t like me kissing you? 😦 She’s like no and so he kisses her but when he’s done she’s like “oh what done already?” So Shun’s like ohhoho you want more eh and she’s like HELL YEA and grabs him and kisses him instead ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. He pushes her back after a while before he jizzes his pants and she’s like “we can continue tomorrow” and he’s like (;゚д゚)ェ… but she’s like lol continue studying I mean HAHA m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ. Yu End: Yu ends up kissing his sister (god damn siscon) and confessing to her again and again that he loves her. And 3 months later they basically end up having an incest relationship but Nozomi has no idea that Yu is her blood related brother. Siscon win end?? Σ(゚д゚lll)Normal End: Shun and Yu basically passively compete for Nozomi’s heart and Shun feels like he’s not good enough to be her brother. Since Nozomi’s got good grades and Shun’s are awful he’s jealous that Yu’s are better. Nozomi tells him ain’t no thang and that she’s proud of him as her lil bro and thanks him for always listening to her kimoi otaku babble. 2D Land Forever End: Nozomi has a dream where Walt-sama tells her she needs to graduate from 2D and move on to 3D while he discusses her possible love interests. She cries for Walt-sama not to leave her but when she wakes up she finds herself hugging Shun instead :lol:. After she freaks out that she’s late for school she hopes that someday she can love a 3D man www. Shun obviously got the most yummy CGs in the game so I know he’s meant to be the canon guy…but it was hard for me to forgive his cruelty in middle school. I realize later on he gets a lot more deredere for Nozomi and all the crap he takes from her I guess he deserves for all those years of being cold to her. Still I think in the end, I pretty much liked all the guys and it was difficult to choose one xD.

An accurate summary of Hozumi's route :mrgreen:
An accurate summary of Hozumi’s route :mrgreen:

Ahh so much wall of text with too little images to break it up! But I want to respect the creators and I saw them mentioning something regarding posting too many of the CGs from the game in other places. Hopefully this much won’t upset them. Anyway I just want to say for a free game THIS SHIT IS BETTER THAN MOST OF THE GAMES I PAID $$$$$$ FOR IN 2013. Wow like if you added voices to this game I’d be like SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY! It’s amazing how every line of dialogue was good and nothing felt like it was a “filler” or a “waste of space”. Every piece of dialogue felt like it mattered and everything wrapped up nicely in the end. Aside from all the guys being adorable tsunderes/sweetshearts/kuuderes the HEROINE IS SO FAWKIN HILARIOUS. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Seriously if you are reading this blog, you are probably likely to be an otome gamer and SHE IS SO RELATEABLE xDD Seriously half the time I’m sitting there going “wow are you me?” 😆 It’s amazing the character growth both she and others go through in this game and well I just can’t stop gushing about how much I enjoyed this FREE DOUJIN GAME. That’s right it’s FREEEE. I paid NOTHING for this and I had more enjoyment than the previous game that cost me $80. Seriously Otomate, Quinrose, whoever should hire these people on their team and fire whoever dafuq wrote More Blood and -8 ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Since the game is free and well the creators aren’t getting crap from me playing this, I’ve decided I’ma go make a DL Site account and buy their other games since apparently you can do so from the English version. I know they have 2 other games which are less than $20 each and I want to support them so they will in fact shut up and take my money :P.

tl;dr: If you want a great otome game with a hilarious heroine you can relate to, definitely give this a shot as it won’t cost you a penny and will be a productive use of your otome gaming time! (๑・ω-)~♥” Thank you Tetrascope!


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  1. Thank you for your reply!
    Yeah, every time he left the classroom and everyone started speaking about him horrible things about him really broke my heart! Ayumu really is too pure for this world…

  2. Haha yea most of Hozomi’s route are a bunch of misunderstandings 😆
    I only hated the heroine in Ayumu’s route cause she was really mean to him ;_;
    I hope you enjoy the rest!

  3. Waa, thank you for recommending this, I finally got around to playing it! It’s sogood.
    I finished Ayumu’s route and it was really cute, but too pure for me!! >__<"" Currently I am in the middle (end?) of Hozomi's route… and god dammit, I love him so much! But there are too many 勘違い, it is really making me go crazy! The main character is great, but sometimes I want to tell her to stop being such a クソ女!
    I am trying not to read about the ending here and get spoiled……….. but it's so difficult! I want them to kiss already, dammit!

  4. I don’t really understand Japanese yet, self taught here. And I really want to play the games you play except they’re mostly have to be bought or Japanese (no English Patch).

  5. That’s a sad thing, cuz I’m disappointed in humanity even more. Can’t believe that there are actually people who are into do-S stuff and being locked in a cage and molested :/

  6. Finally a perfect game!!! Thanks for the review. The guys all seem nice and (thankfully) not yandere rapists or kichiku meganes or some shit O_o
    But to be honest, if I were Nozomi, i would choose Ayumu, since he really cared about her and openly accepted her as a friend, instead of shutting her out or giving into peer pressure. He’s also super adorable and shares the same interests as she does ❤ Nice guys ftw

  7. Oooo
    This looks nice
    If only i can read kanji i would have play this too since there’s no CV
    This has nice art as well
    If there’s an english translated 1 i would gladly buy this and play

  8. It just made me realize I”m not tired of otome games, I’m tired of crappy writing/scenarios.

    I totally feel you on this! I’m a bit wary of Chronostacia. Oddly enough I’ve found an eroge port more interesting than playing another otomate otome game lol >< Or maybe I'm just spoiled by the Vita graphics and going back to the PSP is painful xD

  9. I enjoyed this so much more than a majority of the commercial otome games I’ve played in the past couple years. Like I was kind of drifting away from them since I’ve been disapointed so many times, but this gave me faith. Sort of. It just made me realize I”m not tired of otome games, I’m tired of crappy writing/scenarios. Hozumi’s my favorite, but Shun was cute too and got the best CGs. Nozomi is such a good protag too like when that sprite where she was wearing a facial mask popped up I was like she is me. No, I pretty much loved everyone in this. There’s a pretty large amount of doujin otome games with a couple decent titles here and there like Narisokonai Snow White and Magical Hearts, though this is probably the best.

  10. This game looks so tempting. I’m really starting to like smaller companies rather than the larger ones, it seems like their releases have more quality. Does anyone have the URL for Tetrascope’s English website?

  11. well surely it can’t be as bad as the crap in sugar beans/mirai games so I’ll take the chances xP just gotta rip myself out of FF14 for a week

  12. Tetrascope doesn’t use DRM.

    Most of the DRM on DLSite products need your dirty Westerner’s antivirus turned off. If you’re lucky, the game you’re using may be one of those that simply decrypts and hides the files when you click on the DRM package. If that’s the case, then just tell your Windows to show all hidden files and copying them to another location when they show up will be enough. Some of the newer games use more complicated DRM, but I’ve ran into remarkably few of them.

    Hilariously enough, there’s almost never any DRM on the physical copies of the same game. Japanese distrust of digital distribution strikes again.

  13. i read the earlier comment about Sakuya, yeah one of the bad ends seems rather rape-y to me… orz (this is the reason why i hesitated in buying the game until now lol)

  14. both free and paid version contains the true end but i felt the free version’s story was like a digest. they were a few story elements I wish that were expanded on? i’m guessing that paid vers would have that. (more scenarios, more CGs and endings… and porn)

    i wish the paid vers added a route for the 2nd guy, tbh

  15. I was gonna buy the R-18 version to support them for their efforts. Gotta figure out the DL site thing.
    I’m sad to hear the only thing I’ll be getting are extra bad ends though lmaoxD

  16. ooh Tetrascope, I tried the freeware/all ages vers of Sakuya and i love it (i’m a sucker for androids in love stories) I rly should buy the full version one day.. even technically it means i’m paying for more bad ends….lol. I greatly recommend it~

  17. hahah oh god I hope they don’t have him doing the animal noises that would be such a waste of money! Hopefully they can get the “translation filter” on ASAP or just completely remove the concept from the show.

    I recall reading people who didn’t play the game be like “why is there a heroine all the guys are already shipping with each other”XDDD

  18. Not with the site itself, but I’ve had problems with DRM on some products, and then proceeded to have no support either from site or the creators. It was a good 2 years ago, but I’m still bitter over it. I guess I should check out if this company even uses DRM, but I always check to see if they are available somewhere else first.

    I gave up on Kamigami as soon as the flowers popped up around Hades. I was like, “wtf is the point of that crap?All it does is ruin the mood of the scene”. And then came…everything else. Although I suppose I should have known things would be bad as soon as I saw Apollo’s magical girl transformation sequence. Also, I can’t take any Zeus in otoge seriously after Kannou Mukashibanashi. I’ll keep watching too, but from your review I know I’m not gonna like Apollo, and I think they’re going to follow his route. And all I’ll see of Kaji Yuki is probably him doing animal noises *sigh*.

  19. yea I agree the dramaCD -> game thing isn’t always successful…since essentially they’re riding off the fact that you will buy anything with pretty art +your favorite seiyuu. What’s wrong with DL site btw?

    kamibutts anime is so terrible i burst out laughing with tears. so Im gonna continue watching it because it’s so bad that its good.

  20. I’m thinking I might spend my Easter days off playing a few of the games in my doujin folder, because there’s probably a lot of gems I unfairly looked over just because they were freeware. Especially since nowadays a lot of the commercial games aren’t even good stories because a lot of them are based on drama CDs. Few games can ever turn those CDs into a good plot, but the trend is profitable so I don’t see it ending any time soon.I wish this company’s paid games were somewhere other than the DL site though….

    As for my recommendation, don’t worry, it’ll only come out in December. The demo is only up the OP video, so it’s 20 minutes at most. Better than watching the Kamigami Asobi anime, which I recently did OMG, glad I skipped the game. I can’t believe how much ho yay the first episode alone had. And you know me, I like yaoi, but come on, so much in an otome game and harem anime…

  21. I know right? That’s what I mean doujin games that are free/cost nothing vs commercial games that are like $80 wtf
    I’m kinda busy with FF14 (lol what else is new) so other than the one game a month I buy I think I won’t be playing much else
    I do wanna play this company’s other games and I think they’re pretty short so shouldn’t be an issue.

  22. This is a free game? But the art looks even better than -8, and the plot and characters all sound so cute. I have to check this out right now!

    Then again, I shouldn’t be shocked that doujin games seem to be better than paid tittles nowadays. I recently played “Seduce me”, a demo of a game that was funded by kickstarter and will be released for free, and I liked it very much. While it had a lot of cliches and was short, the brief time I had with the characters was better than entire routes of some other games I’ve played. If you have time, you should check it out. It’s even voice acted, and I’m surprised that they’re not that bad, especially the guy’s voices.

  23. Hahah the completion bonus was so funny…and the thunder sound effect when you look at it in the gallery `;:゙;`;・(゚ε゚ )ブッ!!
    I loved the rude name callings too hahaha . I honestly loved all of them it was really tough picking the favorite one xD

  24. Ah, so you can only buy them from the English version of the website?
    ;-; This seems like a game I really want to play, and I really want to support the developers… I hope they sometime plan to make an English translation available. ^-^

  25. Ahh I really loved this game, all the characters were pretty likeable (well…Yuu’s character got a bit twisted in the completion bonus story LOL). I played in the recommended order too but I think I still ended up liking Hozumi the best even though I didn’t expect much from him. I like their rude name-callings haha.

  26. yea it was a pretty creepy ending but I guess it was just an “alternative”.
    Also I think if you had gotten that ending first you would never have known that he’s her brother since it wouldn’t have been revealed xD

  27. I have faith in Tetrascope for it to not be as bad as some of the shit I saw in Otomate’s/Rejet’s games xD

    And well these are the same people who continuously buy the same hakuoki crap Otomate poops out so I honestly don’t take any Japanese otome fans’ opinions to heart.
    Hell I think even my otome game blogger friend in Japan has a polar 180 degree opposite opinion of me lol.

  28. Most of it is a really cute story, but there’s one route that…er, have somewhat questionable yandere/sort-of-NTR going on. I love the story itself and the good ends are great, but I remember you not liking that sort of thing.

    It’s not *usually* but when it does, it’s a whole another level. Same goes for a company that’s run like an indie, though some Japanese players hate that and doujin games for some reason because they don’t come out of ‘proper’ companies and ‘proper’ professionals and ‘flood the market with low-quality crapware (quality is only judged by production quality)’. Idiots.

    For otoge, the indie companies are kinda like ‘half porn, half interesting things’, but the porn ones do a good job of letting the readers know they’re porn, at least.

  29. The official site has a walkthrough on their special page which is what I used to get all the CG & endings.
    I love Shun too but I’m pretty sure Ayumu’s loved Nozomi longer since he knew her way before she ever met Shun 😛
    And yea I’d totally buy it if it was voiced ;-;

  30. Well I’m interested…during my downtime ..lol
    What aspects does it have that I wouldn’t like? It’s only $8 so I was actually going to buy it.
    And yea I will definitely be getting First Complex.

    And maybe that’s why doujin games are usually a lot better. I guess in an official company gotta do what the boss says even if you know the end result is gonna be shit.

  31. Well, you said that you’re not interested in doujin/indie games……XD;;;;;; 桜哉 has some aspects that I’m not sure you’d like, though I like the story. You should try out firstcomplex, though.

    The nice thing about doujin games is that they don’t have a board to answer to so they can take a lot more narrative risk and do ‘stories we want to write’, without trying to make it accessible for ALL users. A lot of the time, this sucks and you get the ‘doujin’ that means ‘amateur’. But sometimes you get ‘doujin’ meaning ‘a pro-quality person not wanting to work in the creativity-destroying system’ and get a real gem out of it. I tend to get more interested in doujin games or small companies with doujin mindset these days. They’re a LOT more INTERESTING, when they get it right.

    Pity the culture in Japan’s corporate gaming sector is a bit..yeah.

  32. Aiya. So you already finished! I’m still missing Ayumu’s short stories… Hahaha. And I can’t seem to get the YuxNozomi end. Not that I’m interested in that end though. ^^

    You know what I think? The writer’s OTP was HozumixNozomi and the illustrator’s OTP was ShunxNozomi. xD I mean Hozumi’s route was the longest, but Shun had the most illustrations. 8D

    My favorite is Shun, because I just can’t resist dem “I loved you since forever” guys. But Hozumi was cute too. wwww Though at first I just thought: “ARGH. YOU JERK.” but he redeemed himself pretty good. Fufufufu…

    Really this game should be voiced. I’d totally buy it. Even if it’s not voiced…. I’m totally for a hard copy with character goodies. 8D I think we haven’t enjoyed such a wonderful game in ages. xDD

  33. I LOVE THIS. Reading your review makes me want to play it even more. Thanks for the heads up. I can’t believe it’s a free game too. I don’t think I’d do Yu’s alternate ending route cause anything incest creeps me da heck out since I have actual siblings @A@ (although I guess you don’t need siblings to be creeped out). Anytime I see it in a game, I just pretend they aren’t related… and are like.. step-siblings at least >_>

  34. I know right? She’s a better heroine than like 90% of the otome games I Play that I paid money for argh! I feel like doujin game heroines always seem to be so much better than commercial ones. It’s as if they intentionally make them personality-less so people can self insert better :s

  35. I am so mad that you kept this secret from me! One of my friends recommended this game to me while I was raging about FF14 and I’m like damn son why didn’t I know about them sooner!? lol

  36. I know right? It’s like just the right amount of text rather than feeling like there isn’t “enough” or there’s “too much”. Some of these commerical companies should learn tbh

    And I’m busy with FF14 as well so pretty much holding off otome games until Chronostacia I guess

  37. I love Tetrascope’s games! I really enjoyed the protagonist in this one, she was absolutely hilarious and awesome lol. I loved Hozumi’s route so much- he was just so damn adorable!! Nozomi and his bickering was just hilarious to watch.

  38. Tetrascope is a QUALITY otome doujin game maker. I’ve played several of their paid titles and they’re all pretty great.

    Kinda hilarious how this one seems to have more volume than some of the paid ones, though. XD

  39. YESS Someone else who agrees Ayumu should be the canon one! There are a handful of free otome games of this length that are very well-written. Do you plan on holding off otome gaming for now while you’re on Project Diva? :V

  40. I’m playing this right now. Haven’t gotten that far yet but I’m really enjoying it so far. 😀 I agree that this is better than some commercial games.
    That part where she forgot to save before her game console ran out of battery was funny because it happens to me all the time.

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