Android Otome Game Review: Kaseifu-san! ~Tokimeku★Ikemen Danshi Ryo~


Shinohara Ayame’s apartment building burns down and she and her brother are left homeless. Her brother goes to share a room with his childhood friend Hideya (who is also Ayame’s first love) but Ayame gets a chance to live in a dormitory thanks to her uncle. The catch is, it’s an all male dorm and she has to basically be their housekeeper in return for room & board.  She transfers to Fujisaki Gakuen and now has to take care of 5 beasts! All the guys are stereotyped based on animals so we’ve got a lion, a bunny, a monkey, a dog and a bear.

I want to date you all!! (even though the middle one is oniichan www)
I want to date you all!! (even though the middle one is oniichan www)

Ayame isn’t your average heroine and she’s done a lot of hard livin’. When she was little, on the day of her elementary school graduation, she called her dad asking him to hurry and come see it before it’s over. Due to this he rushed through traffic, hit a guard rail and died in a car accident. Ever since that day she’s blamed herself for it, and her mother blamed her for it. The mom basically acted like Ayame was no longer her child, treated her like shit and said she wished Ayame was never born because she took her husband away. The only person who was kind enough to defend Ayame was her brother Tsukasa.  When he moved away to college she was left alone with the psychopathic bitch and one day the bitch tried to stab her with a piece of broken glass. Fortunately Tsukasa had returned that day and he protected Ayame and got stabbed instead. After this Ayame and Tsukasa moved out to an apartment together and have pretty much  moved from place to place to get away from all the news coverage of her family. In addition to this, the mom was admitted to a mental hospital and Ayame and Tsukasa haven’t seen her ever since. So yea due to all of this, Ayame still gets PTSD once in a while and it doesn’t help that the guys at the dorm are popular student council members. Needless to say, she gets bullied by jealous bitches and it causes her PTSD to re-surface.(´・ω・`;)

chiha01Igarashi Chiharu – Chiharu is the bunny type and he’s the bratty shota student council VP.  He’s also a tsundere though and while he treats Ayame coldly at first, he warms up to her because of her sincerity towards him. One night she finds him without his contacts  on and he has one brown eye and one blue one. He rages at her and tells her to keep it a secret because normally he wears red contacts.  They end up going to the beach trip but Chiharu and Ayame are still not speaking with each other. She tries to take the step to talk to him but he just pushes her away and gets pissed. At night a massive typhoon hits the beach and Chiharu is MIA. Ayame figures out he must still be at the beach house and runs over there through the rain to find him. Turns out he’s sitting all alone there huddling in a blanket. She hugs him and at first he resists and tells her to GTFO but she’s like stfu and be hugged. After he calms down, he tells her the reason his eyes are a different color is cause he’s half Japanese and half something else. No idea who his dad is cause welp his mom was a prostitute. And since he’s the product of her “work” , his mom pretty much hated him and called him disgusting. So because of this he wanted to try hard and be a good child cause everyone was like “lol prostitute’s baby”. When he reached middle school his mom had an actual lover and they had a real baby together…so being the bastard child he couldn’t live with her anymore. That’s why from middle school he moved away into the dormitory, though he didn’t want to part with his mom. Poor kid just wanted to be loved (´;ω;`)ブワッ. When he met with her a few years later, she said she doesn’t want him (`;ω;´). After hearing his story Ayame tels him it’s ok baby I’m here for ya, no one hates you. He then apologizes for ignoring her and pushing her on the beach. They try to return back to the hotel but Chiharu’s injured his leg so he asks her to just stay with him. Just then Jin and co. burst in and help get them out.  After they return from the beach trip, everyone throws Chiharu a surprise bday party. Ayame starts calling him Chii-kun after this and then realizes she’s fallen in love with him (๑→ܫ←๑)

chiharu02For Christmas Ayame’s traumatized cause her stupid mother called her worthless trash who should never have been born. So for the last 3 years she’s spent Xmas with oniitan so he could watch over her cause she’d like get short breathed and get a fever from the PTSD. This year tho she tells oniitan she wants to try to get through it on her own caues she can’t rely on him forever. Fortunately all the boys at the dorm bring cake and drinks to celebrate Xmas with her. She’s so happy she starts crying taking Chiharu into bawwland with her xD. After everyone finishes eating, that night Chiharu comes into her room and gives her a scarf as a present. He then tells her she should wear cute stuff to go on dates with him before kissing her on the cheek and leaving. After he leaves, he sends her a phone text telling her he loves her. (*´▽`*) After this he also stops pretending to be a cute koakuma and when bitches say shit about Ayame he tells them to stfu.  A few weeks later, Ayame’s uncle tells Ayame and her brother that their mom who’s been in a mental hospital for 3 years has “stabilized” and wants to see them. Tsukasa refuses and says that they no longer consider her their “mother”.  To make matters worse, the dumb bitches spread rumors that Ayame’s slept with all the student council members which is why she’s the only girl allowed near them. Also the rumor spreads and everyone finds out that she lives in the same dorm as them. Someone took photos of her going in & out of their dorm and plastered them all over the school. The student council guys hear about this and to make sure she’s safe they escort her back home. She says she doesn’t want to leave this place and Chiharu cries saying he’s so happy thinking she was gonna leave them. Turns out the person who spread all this bullshit is Kanako, Jin’s fiance. (And this is kind of annoying cause this is a common event between Jin’s Chiharu’s and Taichi’s route.)  And so Ayame has to spend her school days running away from bitches and having the seitokai pretty much escort her everywhere at all times for her safety.

chiha03After having water splashed on her in the bathroom she goes up to the rooftop to be alone and ignores everyone’s phone calls & messages searching for her. They get pissed and figure she doesn’t wanna be their housekeeper anymore so they leave her with her uncle. Ayame’s like nooooo and starts crying saying she doesn’t wanna go back to square one or her crazy mother. Her uncle’s like yo why don’t you tell them that, not to me lol.He also informs her that all the guys came to him separately and bowed their heads begging him to allow Ayame to stay at their dorm. In the meantime the 5 guys all go stop the crazy bitch fiance Kanako from revealing Ayame’s past to the entire student body.  After this Ayame decides to tell everyone about her past and after they all hear her story and hug her and say that she’s awwright. Before graduation everyone goes on a trip to the hot springs but they’re 1 room short. Ayame picks to stay with Chiharu and she’s all like wai wai hot springs but he’s so nervous he barely makes a peep. While everyone plays cards, Chiharu goes outside with Ayame and tells her that he went to see his mother. He told her that he can now support himself and doesn’t need her to pay for his tuition anymore. Apparently she started crying when she saw him and apologized for being a shitty mom. He also got to meet his new half brothers who are twin shotas. They even asked if Chiharu wanted to come back and live with them as a family again. He refused but said that he’ll come visit them once in a while. Chiharu thanks Ayame for giving him the courage to face his mom once more. He then asks Ayame’s answer to his confession and when she says yes, he asks her to live with him when they graduate. In the best end, after graduation, Ayame and Chiharu go on their first date to the amusement park. He gets pissed though because he feels like Ayame doesn’t see him as a man! After getting separated at the park, Ayame gets hit on by 2 losers, but Chiharu comes to her rescue. They go on the ferris wheel together and he gives her a kiss to show her that he’s not just a little shota (๑→ܫ←๑). In the good end, Ayame and Chiharu go grocery shopping so she can make him one last meal at the dorms before they graduate and leave the dorms.  Please note a lot of common scenario is in this paragraph so I probably won’t be repeating it for the other guys!

jin01Watanabe Jin – Jin is the student council pres and the lion. He’s also from a rich family and as typical of these things he has to be the next heir to the company and has a fiance to marry for political reasons. Sooo then Ayame discovers that Jin has a fiance and she comes to the dorms saying she’s gonna work and live there from now on.  She acts like she’s all nice but in reality Kanako is a conniving jealous bitch! On top of this she moves right into Jin’s room. He begs all the guys to just deal with it until she’s satisfied cause his dad is threatening him otherwise. When Kanako tries to basically take Ayame’s place away by saying she’ll cook dinner Ayame almost bursts into tears but Taichi comes to her rescue. He covers up her eyes and tells Kanako that her food is shit and she should just GTFO xD.  Well she finally leaves but then instead Jin’s older brother Takumi, and Ayame’s oniitan all find out that she’s living in a man only dorm. Turns out Takumi, Hideya and Tsukasa were all friends since high school and in college. Takumi  tells everyone that Jin will be transferring out of this school and not coming back to the dorms anymore.  It’s all cause his dad threatened to shut down the school since they’re one of the richest companies in the world but Jin wanted to save it. He then made an agreement to go to whatever school the dad wanted to in return to keep Fujisaki Gakuen from closing down. Jin’s the next inheritor cause Takumi was like f this shit I’m gonna be an idol lol. They run to Jin’s house to convince his dad to let him at least graduate from Fujisaki and the dad gives in. After the dad gives up, Kanako rages that Jin’s returning to Fujisaki and says she’ll ask her daddy to destroy it instead. Jin’s like try it if u can bitch. At the Xmas party in the dorm Jin tells Ayame if Kanako does anything to her to let him know right away.   And like in Chiharu’s route, she spreads the rumors that Ayame’s a big whore who sleeps with everyone.  After this Ayame gets chased by the bitches but she runs into her kouhai, Ryu, who is the next in line to be student council president. She runs into him in the mens bathroom lol and they hide in a stall but the bitches chase them down and splash a bucket of water on both of them.

jin02They go to the nurse’s office to change clothes and start fooling around just as Kanako walks in. She’s like “oh now you’re hitting on Ryu? and yea it was me who put up all those flyers.”  Kanako slaps Ryu who’s sick with a fever and tells him to get his ass back to the student council office but Ayame says that she’ll just leave the nurse’s office so he can rest there instead. Seriously, hateful bitches everywhere. ( ´_ゝ`)  Ayame goes up on the roof freezing her ass off cause it’s cold and she’s wet until Jin finds her and hugs her telling her to return home to dry off.  After this all the guys really walk by her to make sure she isn’t attacked again but they run into Ryu. He asks to talk to her privately and he gives her a new uniform because her other one got ruined.  He then tries to warn her not to come to the student council assembly but Ayame says she has to attend. He then tells Ayame that Kanako plans to tell everyone about her past to the whole student body.  Even though Ayame moved far away from her original home, Kanako went and dug up all the info from newspapers etc.  Jin and co. make sure none of the slides on the projector are shown and Jin tells Kanako that their engagement is cancelled. The dumb bitch then finds Ayame and starts strangling her raging that she’s taken “everything away from her.” Fortunately Ryu bursts in and gets the ho off  Ayame and gives her a paper bag to breathe in because she’s nearly choked to death.  Ayama tells the ho to stop hurting everyone and the bitch runs off crying. Just then all the guys come in and find Ayame resting on the student council couch and that’s when she tells them the truth about her past. Afterwards everyone goes back to the dorm and has a takoyaki party. Ryu comes along and tries to NTR Ayame and everyone shits bricks 😆 After grabbing a kiss on the cheek he strolls off www (I am so sad he has no route!)

jin03A few days later, Ayame finds Jin on the roof playing with some baby nukes and snaps some photos lol.  He then confesses to her that after he graduates he intends to go study in a university in England. Ayame gets upset saying she’ll be lonely without him and before they know it they start kissing. Unfortunately the baby nuko gets jealous and scratches Ayame interrupting them xDD.  Soon as Jin finds out that he stole her first kiss he starts getting embarrassed and babbling like a dork making Ayame go |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . At the hot springs trip, they run into Ryu and he finds Ayame’s bra (and her bra size www) Taichi shows up and is pissed and he takes her to the room he’s sharing with Jin. He pins her against the wall and tells her not to let guys easily touch her so she wonders if Taichi saw her and Jin kissing. At night after they take a bath, Jin and Ayame take a walk outside where he hugs her and confesses that he loves her.  He also asks if she will go to England together with him.  Ayame is undecided but 2 hours before the plane leaves Satomi helps her make the decision to go. Taichi gets on his bike and zooms Ayame to the airport to catch up to Jin. Unfortunately when she gets to the airport she realizes she…has no passport so she can’t go overseas! ┗(^o^ )┓三 Jin sighs and tells her he’ll be back before the graduation ceremony and they’ll go get her a passport then. In the best ending, they ichaicha on their first date together and afterwards he grabs her and says they’re going to England! 😆  In the good end,  Ayame gets to the airport, finds Jin, yells out that she loves him and jumps into his arms. Afterwards he tells her to move to England with him but Ayame says she just got a new job and she wants to live life on her own a bit first. Jin then tries to kiss her on the dorm couch but everyone comes in & cockblocks. I realize Jin is the main guy but most of the game is pretty much in his route so after doing his route, some of the other routes felt pretty empty and pointless. (´・ω・`) Also I don’t like Kishio’s forced deep voice acting. I prefer when he does his naturally cute voice (like for Naoshi in Starry Sky.)

tai01Niiyama Taichi – Taichi sadly got the short end of the stick because his route is pretty much a mirror of Jin’s except that it’s obvious he’s fallen for Ayame along the way. So pretty much he gets friendzoned in Jin’s route but in his route you’re able to sort of leave the friendzone and go for him instead. In a way it almost feels like some side character route and seeing how he’s supposed to be a “main route” this is kinda sad.  Taichi is like an angry mountain ape and he needs everything to be traditionally Japanese. He wants washoku style breakfast in the morning and demands only white rice. He’s the only one who gets pissed when Ayame refers to him by his first name instead of last name. In fact tho, he’s actually just an angry tsundere bancho and always calling Ayame “busu” (aka ugly face.) One day Ayame catches him fighting some dudes on the school rooftop but he tells her to forget about it. When she sees him all injured she tries asking more and he just rages saying it’s none of her business. One of his rage fits actually brings flashbacks of her crazy mom and he starts to think that she’s scared of him rather than because she’s got PTSD. The next day at school she finds the guys who want to attack Taichi with a bat so she tries to stop them but they attack her instead!

tai02Fortunately Taichi shows up in time to protect her from getting a concussion. After the guys leave she asks Taichi to forgive her for freaking out on him and that she’s not scared of him. He gives her a hug and embarrassingly babbles that she’s good at being their housekeeper which is good enough for him. He also finally calls her Ayame instead of “ugly” but won’t admit it after she calls him out on it and babbles more tsundere nonsense.  In the best ending, they go to the airport but instead of going with Jin, she comes back to Taichi saying she loves him instead. Uh okay. They go on their first date to see a movie and have a bento at the park. As usual, he babbles like an embarrassed tsundere ww. At the end he says he doesn’t like her being a housekeeper especially in an all male dorm cause she don’t realize the duds are hitting on her. He tells her he loves her and she glomps him saying she loves him back as they smooch on the grass. Good end: They continue arguing and fighting like always but after Taichi calls her his girlfriend Ayame kyuns~ and gets all deredere with him making him further embarrassed. Disappointing honestly as I spent most of this route just skipping through scenes I’ve seen. The hot springs scene would also have been nicer to see only on THIS route because seeing in Jin’s route was just wtf? Like hey since when did you like me bro?

atsushi01Genda Atsushi – While Atsushi’s route is slightly different than the top 3, it shares a LOT of common scenes with Arashi because the two are childhood friends. Unfortunately, this is Arashi’s time to shine so Atsushi sadly gets the short end of the stick in this one. Atsushi is like the quiet bear and he often keeps to himself.  He’s in the kendo club and asks Ayame to watch his match which moves her and Chiharu to tears. He loves animals because his parents used to take him to the zoo a lot when he was younger so his dream is to be a veterinarian. His bratty middle school sister Yurika comes to visit and she’s raging so hard cause another woman is in the house with him! She says she’s gonna live in the dorm from now on on top of it and then demands that Ayame be her slave and give her sweets and massages. You see, in her mind a housekeeper = slave. ( ‘д‘⊂彡☆))Д´) パーン NO. They all go to the fireworks festival and while Arashi doesn’t wanna come figuring Yurika hates him, Ayame convinces him to go.  You see Yurika thinks that Arashi too her oniichan away from her! He was supposed to go to a rich school (cause he’s a rich obocchan) but he chose Fujisaki because that’s where Arashi planned to go. As expected Yurika yells at him saying she hates him but Atsushi slaps her and tells her to stop being a brat. She runs off crying so Ayame comes after her to try and calm the little turd down. Atsushi gets there too and explains to her the reason he transferred to this school is because it had a strong kendo program not because of Arashi. Yurika feels like an ass and apologizes to Arashi for all these years.

atsushi02A few weeks later, after the whole incident of the mom wanting to see Ayame, Arashi confesses that he loves her and wants to go out with her. Ayame thinks he’s joking but he’s serious and on top of this, it’s obvious Atsushi likes her. Atsushi tells Ayame to stop flirting with him if she likes Arashi and she’s like omg nooo ;A;. Before Atsushi’s big kendo match, she tells Arashi that she can’t accept his confession cause she loves Atsushi.  After the Kendo match, Ayame tells Atsushi about her past and tells him that she loves him. He babbles how he isn’t good at telling her his feelings but instead he says he’ll protect her, hugs her and then they kiss.At the graduation hot springs trip Ayame is disappointed that Atsushi won’t hit dat and doesn’t feel like their relationship has progressed.  In the best ending, Atsushi comes into her room and cuddles with her in bed saying they can uh take their relationship one step at a time. After this the 2 of them go and visit her mom in the hospital. In the good end,  he hugs her from behind saying he gets jelly when she talks to other guys. He then tells her that he loves her. Honestly this felt better than the good ending but still I felt like Atsushi’s route was kinda disappointing overall. The fact that half of the route pretty much revolved around Arashi was extra disappointing because well it made me like Arashi more than Atsushi lol. Also holllyyy sheeet is Atsushi’s sister annoying. She’s a middle schooler but she acted like some 3rd grader! I did laugh when Ayame said that the loli’s got a bigger rack than her though \( ^o^)/.

arashi01Kato Arashi – Arashi pretty much won me over with his prologue line of 俺エッチな女の子が好きだけど! 😆 He pretty much became my favorite the moment he was the first guy to realize that Ayame is being bullied. The other guys called her incompetent for dropping papers in the pool or stupid for coming home wet. Arashi however noticed that it’s all because of the bullying bitches and noticed all the injuries on and scars on her body. (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ He always tries to jump into bed or hug & grope Ayame but she always punches him away. He works as a host (even though lol it’s totally illegal cause he’s underage) in order to support his ill mother who’s in a coma at the hospital. When he starts to look kinda sick Ayame gets worried about him. She tries to see what’s wrong or how she can help but no one tells her anything and tells her to stay out of it.  Atsushi takes Ayame to the hospital to visit Arashi’s ill mom. He tells her that in the past, Arashi’s dad took all of his company’s money and went MIA leaving Arashi & his mom with a huge debt.  Due to this both the mom and Arashi worked their asses off to support themselves and pay off the debt. Unfortunately the mom overworked herself and ended up collapsing and getting hospitalized. Once she collapsed, he took on the host job and always acted like he was all genki and stuff but it was just a coverup ;_; She’s been pretty much in a coma ever since. The next day in class, Arashi passes out due to overwork so he’s taken to the nurse’s office. Ayame asks him to not go to his host job and he gets pissed and strips her shirt off getting on top of her in the nurse office bed. She’s like pft whatever, I know you’re just trying to threaten me but don’t do it bro. Just then Atsushi and Chiharu come in and Arashi gets off Ayame and says he’s going to work. Atsushi is angry but Ayame says that Arashi didn’t do anything and when she tries to run after him, Atsushi tells her to let him go.   Ayame’s like no I handle this and runs to Arashi who is crying alone in the classroom. щ(ಥДಥщ)

arashi02She gives him a big ol’ hug and tells him he doesn’t need to force himself to smile all the time anymore. After he hugs her and cries he passes out again. He’s hospitalized for 3 days and after he returns he promises to only work his host job 3 times a week and then kisses Ayame on the cheek in front of everyone. Arashi wants to help Ayame with her problems too but she’s afraid that if she reveals her past to him, he’ll hate her and it’ll ruin their relationship. Arashi gets upset thinking that Ayame can’t trust him and the two of them begin avoiding each other. Atsushi tells her that it won’t ruin anything and she decides to open up to Arashi after all. She tells him the truth about her past and he thanks her for opening up to him. He says he’ll accept all of her and support her, and so they smooch in the classroom after she tells him she loves him. And so before graduation, unlike the other routes she actually picks to be in Arashi’s room for the hot springs trip (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン He’s so nervous that his usual flirty persona runs away and he barely lays a finger on her. Ayame’s like nooo wtf we kissed and I told him I love him but I ain’t gettin’ no action! Best End: At night she accidentally walks into the men’s bath but she doesn’t notice cause there was no one else in it…that is until Arashi comes in and find her there lmao.  XD Ayame sure has a knack for running into men only places(men’s toilets, men’s baths, men’s dorms….:lol:) The next day she feels bad cause they couldn’t talk things out that night. Arashi then hugs her and tells her he loves her asking her to “officially” be his girlfriend, and apologizes for beating around the bush. Good End: After the hot springs trip, Arashi takes Ayame out to the park at like 1AM and asks her to go out with him like a gentleman. He bends on one knee and kisses her hand (*´ω`*). Gah Arashi was so cute but his ending felt so…anti-climatic?? Also there were a lot of overlapping events from Jin’s route here but not as terrible as routes for Taichi and Atsushi at least. P.S. Fuck yea Kakki’s sexy as hell voice (◉◞౪◟◉ )!!

I made a walkthrough so feel free to use!

Igarashi Chiharu
気になる千春くんの事 卒業の後の事
千春 そもそもの部屋
Best End Good End
Genda Atsushi
敦と う~ん
Best End Good End
Watanabe Jin
渡辺 仁くん
….. 忘れるわけないじゃん
Best End Good End
Niiyama Taichi
気になる太一くんの事 卒業の後の事
太一 千春
伝えなきゃいけない そっか。
忘れるわけないじゃん …..
Best End Good End
Kato Arashi
嵐士と みんなと
Best End Good End


This is probably the best android otome game I’ve ever played. Let’s start with the fact that you’re getting a full voiced otome game with 5 routes for only $23. On top of this, all the voice actors are pretty prominent so it’s not like random guy A-E here. If you leave Ayame’s name default, all the guys will call it out loud. The heroine is absolutely wonderful. She has so much shit flying into her face but she still does her best to get through it all. Yes you could say she’s a bit of a crybaby in certain routes/scenes but man she’s had to take so much shit, cry all you want girl. The scenario dialogue is also pretty freaking hilarious:

Oh man where's my Ryu route
Oh man where’s my Ryu route

So even if the game wasn’t voiced, the writing is hilarious enough to stand on its own. The CGs are hit or miss. There’s only a few kiss CGs and a lot of CGs are just some kind of bust/half body shot of the guy. The art style feels more like a shoujo manga so if you aren’t into that super shoujo manga style you may not enjoy the CGs that much either. I didn’t mind though so I was totally ok with it. I think my only complaint is the overlapping of routes. Now normally if this was a PC game, you could easily just skip through the scenes you’ve seen. Unfortunately being a mobile game, they split the routes into 5 “separate” ones in case people only want to buy 1 route at a time (rather than how I bought all the routes in bulk.) So yea due to this, there’s a LOT of overlapping scenario but you are basically forced to remember what the repeat scenario is so you can then force skip through it. Now in some routes it wasn’t too bad but in Atsushi’s and Taichi’s it was terrible. It’s like aside from maybe 3-4 scenes, the rest of the routes were pretty much overlaps from other characters. At one point in Atsushi’s route I was like “umm whose route am I doing again? Did I click the wrong guy??” If you buy all the routes in bulk, I recommend playing in the following order: Chiharu, Jin, Arashi and then just skip most of the Atsushi and Taichi’s routes because they’re like 80% overlap. Also due to the overlapping, in some routes they’d be like “oh oniichan found out that I live in an all boys dorm” and I’d be like “wait when did this happen”. Turns out it happened in Jin’s route but at the time I didn’t play it so I didn’t know.  I would have preferred more “individualized” routes than taking a full one and slicing it into different pieces. So rather than someone giving me a Snickers bar sliced into 5 pieces, I would have just preferred 5 individual mini bars instead! Still though for a $23 phone game, this was a hell lot more enjoyable than certain Otomate crap that I played recently *cough. (Though Otomate is now laughing at me with this unfunny joke.) Anyway you can get the game from Google Play and for you iphone users, have no fear, they’re working on an iOS version to be released at a later date.

P.S. For those of you who give this game a 1 star because it’s not in English please stop. This discourages companies from releasing more games and it motivates them to put region block on their apps. Otome games are made in Japan for a Japanese audience. If you don’t know Japanese, deal with it, or please start learning. Trust me, it’s a lot faster if you learn it on your own, I learned this lesson over 10 years ago (●ゝω・●).


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  1. yea definitely try it out it’s one of the best android games I’ve played and I’ve played a lot.
    (Also I avoid Voltage anything cause they’re buggy and they just pump out template games like a factory)

    and I dunno if you guessed it but the next Amnesia game is a brand new Vita only game. The only games I would forsee myself playing on vita would be that, that Aeromarie Taisho game Vita port and Project DIva f. Seeing how I don’t really care to spend money on either of those I’m gonna pass. I think otomate is just testing waters and they figure using Amnesia or Barkuoki is the safest thing to do. I just got a new PSP so I don’t intend to make the jump for a while!

  2. I haven’t gone into the Android Market for games yet, but this one sounds pretty promising if I ever decide to. Especially since you provided that handy walkthrough for us.That’s a shame about people giving the game a low rating on the account of it being in Japanese…*sigh*

    I agree that the Hakuouki and Amnesia games for the Vita does seem pretty overkill, but I laughed at the way you presented it as an “unfunny joke.” My friend recommended to me that she doesn’t think I should buy the Vita unless I have a minimum of 5 games I want to play on it. I don’t think either of those would qualify, haha.

    I wonder if Japan (or just Otomate?) is planning on moving otome games over to the Vita. The majority of them are on the PSP now, but I’m wondering if I’ll end up having to invest in a Vita anyway if they’re going in that direction…

  3. I don’t think I’ll be buying a vita just for that game. it looks like some detective mini-game anyway and otomate’s mini games are really shitty lately so no thanks!

    and yea it’s annoying when people rate a game low…that doesn’t motivate the makers it probably just pisses them off!

  4. as far as I know any mobage/smakare stuff is like read once -> that’s it. if you wanna read again you have to use tickets so yea it’s not for the OCD inclined. As far as walkthroughs, most games don’t have one. I’ve been lucky that I’ve been picking choices that get me the best end however in smakare it looks like normal ends give CGs too so you’d have to play over again. For me I just satisfy with what I get and move on xD sadly I know nothing about YOshiwara so I’m currently playing the one with the randy as fuck teachers. I mean holy shit some of the routs are practically child rape its awful but the sensei I’m on now is at least sweet lol. Stalking love was a fun game too XD

    And yea I”m not sure if mobage takes foreign cards. I only ever play for apps that are like download the whole thing in which case I recommend Kaseifusan caues this way you can complete everything and there’s no ticket system!

  5. Kyah<3
    Immediately downloaded after reading your review!
    Hmmm sad that ppl are giving 1stars…sigh;;;
    Even the english translated games being released on the korean android market are receiving 1 stars cause they can't read it DOH *facepalm*
    They deserve much I repeat, much more credit releasing them w/out region block

    Ahh…the unfunny joke…
    When I heard about it I couldn't find enough tables to flip
    ugh…how much further do you want us to go crazy otomateeeee
    But guess it was inevitable since the psp console is now a older was just a matter of time *shrugs*

  6. Oh and btw, what about rereading on mobage in general? There are two or three games in there that I’d like to play more than with just a passing read (they’re, ah, not anything you’d be interested in) and I have no idea if mobage takes foreign credit cards. :/

  7. Well that’s a bit sad. :/ I guess that’s how they monetize, though : use the instincts of OCDs like yours truly. I don’t feel truly *at ease* with a book/game or stuff like that if I don’t have a chance to reread it, which is why I prefer the pay-for-app-be-done-with-it model….but that doesn’t earn them as much, I suppose. Would you happen to have a site with walkthroughs for these things? If I can only go through them for free once, I might as well do the best ends. Which are not that obvious, as you probably know.

    I’m playing Gyakuten Yoshiwara, mostly because it was at the top of the list. XD NOW, the writing isn’t THAT funny (though it’s cute and the guys are full of personality, all right) and the premise is absolutely trashy UNLESS you’re familiar with the history of the actual Yoshiwara and the common tropes associated with it (the het tropes, mind you. the yaoi tropes are entirely different). Which, I assume, is the audience considering that if you’re the least bit familiar with period dramas, you’ll know Yoshiwara. XD And if you do and have the ability to not take things seriously, it’s pretty much lol THIS IS SO WEIRD comedy gold. And it’s weird because I usually don’t even like modern-day host club setteis!

  8. I dont think you can. I think you play it once – and if you wanna play it again gotta waste tickets again 😦
    I’m not sure though I pretty much play for free lol xD
    Btw out of curiosity which game are you playing?


    So. I just DLed SmaKare and was laughing my ass off my first game, which I’m enjoying a lot. I’m a bit OCD and like reading things I’ve already read, though, so I have a question……can you replay a route you’ve already finished, without buying tickets? I’m not a cheapskate about these things, but I’m wondering if iTunes would let me (I was using my penniless Japanese account for it). If you can’t, I’ll switch over to the none-penniless account for these stuff. I don’t think the guidelines ever said anything about it, save that you can re-read scenes with a paid ticket.

  10. I think she wanted the guys to room together so she could get her own room but they were like “lol nope, pick a dude any dude.” In most routes she just picks the shota cause “lol shota ain’t got no balls to do anything” 😆

  11. Hahaha, in what world would there be a girl with five guys on a hot springs trip and the guys say, “Just pick which one of us to stay with!” Instead of “I’ll stay with him so you can have your own room.” It’s funny because it seems like it would be a “I’m forced to stay with a guy, better take advantage of that!” but in real life you would not even get the chance.

  12. well that could be right as well. maybe they’re trying a step forward first from other otoge companies for vita. but it’ll definitely annihilate piracy coz so far as what I know, pirating vita is pretty much impossible

  13. Just teasing. 😛

    If I had a 3DS, I still wouldn’t get it. Getting the BDs for the extras is one thing. A game as part of a marketing ploy is another.

    Wait. 変猫 is PSP. Prisma Illya is 3DS.

  14. maybe Otomate wants to move on to the vita? I mean up until 2011 otome games were being pumped out for the PS2 and now it’s like PSP only. though man I’m annoyed I just got a new PSP I’m not ready for everyone to make the move to vita.

    On the other hand, moving to Vita would probably curb piracy since it’s not as easy to pirate Vita games as it is PSP ones.

  15. probably not. I checked out the system and rather than being like a dating sim it seems more mini game inclined and the art wasn’t really that great looking.

  16. Basically most of my Japanese is learned from fansubbing/self translating and a lot of my kanji I learned through playing otome games.
    Needless to say aside from hiragana/katakana my hand writing skills are null

  17. lol omg they did what? I know I’m going to buy vita sooner or later but it’s not even a nice joke otomate. they did it prolly coz “hey we sell a nice vita console along with amnesia + hakuoki dl code. why don’t we make an amnesia game as well to add the crowds since we already provided them the console.” well yeah nice going otomate. remembering your post with hakuoki with that stupid mini game, I’ll prolly pass dat crap as well.

    more like they think “you guys think this is crappy? why should we make it english if it’s crappy” or smth like that

  18. Also, on the side of your adbars is an ad for 変態王子と笑わない猫ゲーム. Would YOU be reviewing that? 😛 Despite a preference for the younger ones, Ms. Vegetable Pottymouth is not my preferred one. 😀

  19. I have a Japanese iTunes account, actually. But it’s a bit of a hassle to use, all in all, because of the way iOS sets things up.

    I guess if that doesn’t work out, there’s always that android emulator for windoze. If my computer can emulate a bloody PS2, it might as well emulate a cell phone.

  20. you know what’s even less funny, not just the fact that they’re porting Amnesia & Hakuoki to Vita but the fact that they’re also releasing a brand new AMnesia game for Vita only. Basically if you’re a strict otome-only gamer, you have to now buy a PS Vita. Fortunately it looks like some crappy detective mini game and since otomate’s mini games are shit tier lately I’ll be saving my money.

    the ones who rate 1 star probably think “herp derp if I give them 1 star they’ll get the picture and make it in English” when it’s like lol NOPE.

  21. I really neeeeeeed an otome game for android and for me it seems hard to find one orz
    you encouraged me to try this! I’ll try to look into it later 😀
    also dat unfunny joke yes it’s so stupid that I wanna cry or smack otomate for that
    also I agree when there are people who rate good games with only 1 star just because it’s japanese. nobody forces you guys to play it if you don’t want to jeez

  22. yea I really liked those 2 when I did other people’s routes but when doing their own I was like wow really that’s it? (´・ω・`)
    the first kanji is 俺 which just means I

  23. it’s pretty basic school life vocabulary I think so maybe you won’t have issues? I’m not sure what beginner kanji consists of (since I studied in weird convoluted ways) xD

  24. isn’t it easier to just make a Japanese itunes account though? it seems like jumping through hoops on android is a lot more annoying

  25. yea I was so happy it wasn’t region blocked either…I’ve yet to try out that google chrome extension lol.

    haha I loooove when Kakki does this kind of voice. I’m not really a huge fan of his yelling characters (like Lagi in WOF though I love Lagi to death all dat screaming)

  26. Awww. It’s too bad that Taichi and Atsushi’s routes overlap with Jin and Arashi (;_;)They sound like they would be my Top 2 favourit guys of this game. I will be honest and admit that I was fangirling over Atsushi’s route review. He sounds like he is an adorable moebear!!! (((o(* ♥▽♥*)o))) And a short-fused monkey??? Sounds really fun to tease ψ(`∇´)ψ

    Also, what does that first kanji in Arashi’s line mean? I can understand the “But I like ecchi girls.” part, I just don’t know the kanji (>w<)

  27. Since I am currently learning Japanese, there should be no complaint about the language options from me. But out of curiosity before I buy it, how beginner Japanese friendly is it? My amount of kanji is not very impressive lol.

  28. iOS version later date, yes!

    Now here’s to hoping they won’t region lock the damned thing to the Japanese iTunes store.

  29. I’ve been looking forward to your review on this 😀 Thanks for making it thorough as always (since I’m still struggling to learn Japanese) and on top of that, a walkthrough as well~! It’s certainly disappointing that people have rated it 1 star just because it’s in Japanese…but I’m glad to hear that it’s not region-locked!

    Personally, I can’t wait to get this on iOS since I’ve been waiting for this release the moment I found that Kakki casts in it~♥ Not to mention, I was grinning like mad when I saw you mention his sexy voice 😉 Looking forward to playing Arashi’s as well as Chiharu’s routes, since your review made me feel like giving the two of them a hug ;w;

  30. You are so fast xD I only finished the prologue and totally love it so far still debating which guy should I buy but probably I’ll pick the Golden Lion guy first xD And also thank you so much for the guide, it’s definitely help us a lot ^-^/

  31. yea same here so I was so happy that they released the android version first for once (since usually it’s the other way around.)

    And aw you like Yonaga? In that case if you haven’t played it already, played Kaeru Batake de Tsukamaete. Holy shit he is such a cutie there |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

  32. I’ve been following this game since I first saw it in B’s Log! It looks so cute~ I about died when I learned Chiharu is voiced by Yonaga~ ❤ _( ´ ¬ `」∠)_

    I'm happy its coming to iOS! I'll defiantly get it~ I'm glad you enjoyed it~! Aaah! Thanks for going to all the trouble of sharing a route guide! (๑´ㅂ`๑)♡

  33. well the difference is the animal thing here is just a hypothetical thing rather than like fruits basket where touching = animals xD

  34. Glancing through…. It looks like the game version of furuba. 5 ‘animals’ ravishing a poor (scrambles to find the age but cannot find) really 700 years old loli. >_>

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