Otome Game Review: Signed X


I had a little bit of free time today so I decided to play a free visual novel called Signed X. You can download it for free and it’s all in English (and also apparently German)! The story is about our heroine Marty, who is a manga fanatic and wants to fall in love like they do in them shoujo mangos. One morning she finds a guy named Matt leaving a bouquet of flowers on her desk with a love confession. Attempting to get his attention and have a shoujo manga encounter, Marty drags her friend Warren into doing all sorts of crazy setup scenarios. Little does Marty realize that her friend just may have a crush on her as well. This  review is spoiler free so no worries 😀

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Norn9 Limited Edition Unboxing


On this wet & soggy day, the postal service gods surprised me with a package.

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Otome Game Review: Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope-

Because apparently 96 of you voted for this, I decided to finally play Black Wolves Saga. There’s a country of Weblin where humans and furries once lived in peace. The humans let the  cats and wolves take lead, and there are other races like rabbits, dogs, mice etc. One day someone from the wolf race went and stabbed someone from the cat race and that’s when shit hit the fan. A war broke out between cats and wolves and just around that time rabies some black plague disease called Zodiva spread and started mass killing everyone. Someone then started a rumor that the plague came from the wolves and then the wolves started getting attacked by humans to “wipe away the disease.” In self defense, the wolves started fighting back (though most of the time beyond their control due to the mad cow disease). Needless to say with plagues and rumors going around, the wolves pretty much got wiped off the face of Weblin – except they didn’t. In fact the remaining wolves have all been secretly living in the woods while Weblin was taken over by the cats. Meanwhile back at the ranch, there’s a rich ojousama named Fiona Galland who is our heroine. She’s just reached her 16th birthday and she spent her entire life living in a tower like Rapunzel, never being allowed to see the outside world. The reason being is because Fiona was born with SPECIAL genes Key Aids and her body called Robeira, so she  is incredibly weak that even catching a cold can be deadly. On her 16th birthday they figure that it’s safe for her to leave the nest and see the outside world. Unfortunately by doing so, she gets caught in between the battle of the furries. In other words, welcome to Rejet’s rendition of Animal Farm!

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