Otome Android App Review: Himitsu no Ai-land Alarm Clock

I actually do intend to do a real review of this game once I buy all the dudes but for now here’s a review of the alarm clock app.

The game has 3 seiyuus, Terashima Takuma, Sugiyama Noriaki & Hino Satoshi voicing the main protagonists so the alarm clocks of course come with their voices! Since there’s not too many decent alarm apps for Android (unlike the mass of soine stuff for iphone) I guess if you like the seiyuus above you might like this alarm? For me? No thanks. The alarm voices are like a random line from the original game so basically it’s like someone saying “I like bacon & eggs!” as a wakeup call ಠ_ಠ The Hijikata app I paid money for is a million times better but this is free so I guess you get what you pay for lol. You can get Raika’s here (Terashima Takuma) and Sugiyama’s and Hino’s respectively (I forgot their character names.) I’m assuming the other 2 will probably say random lines as well but if you can’t spend money on the hakuoki apps and you don’t really care as long as it’s X seiyuu then go for it!

11 thoughts on “Otome Android App Review: Himitsu no Ai-land Alarm Clock

  1. m-me wants!!! XD I love all the voice actors there… the alarm clock by GREE’s VC was someone I *think I don’t know and I stopped using it *went back to traditional cell alarm clock with the tone, eien no tri-star–that song never fails to surprise me every morning. lol

    Btw, um, I know this is quite stupid to ask but there was “finally” a voiced smartphone otome game? O_o? –Anyways, me wants this too :L

    1. fucking gree and their racist registration process ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) lol after utapri repeat i never wanna hear eien no tristar again -_-; I have hijikata wake me up with his oi’s every morning now 😆 I’m thinking of buying the routes for the app sometime when I’m playing a PC or PS2 game that I can’t bring with me on the train XD

      1. come on, *that’s why it was my alarm tone ( ̄ー ̄)”b” チッチッチ
        –the gree’s alarm is surprising…in the creepy way. ahem, somewhere in 2ch mentioned she was able to use gree in america in a certain message board… but she never told how :’D

        1. yea ive been googling for a method in japanese as well but i just keep seeing “you need a jp cell phone email address” ill keep looking though ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

  2. i notice you do reviews on apps as well. well, i don’t know if you have an ipod or iphone, but in the market i downloaded this app call Sleepy-time Boyfriend ~Every Weekday CD ver.~ For a free app i think it’s pretty good. before it was all in Japanese but they recently changed it in to English. the voices are still in Japanese though. you should check it out. there are some paid ones which have the Starry Sky guys.


    1. unfortunately I don’t have an iphone or ipad xD My ipod is like 5G old piece of crap that I haven’t used in ages. Not an apple fan here lol
      the starry sky apps are also available for android but since they’re unvoiced I didn’t wanna bother buying them since in starry sky the main selling point are the voice actors to me.

      1. yeah i’m not that big of an apple fan too but i’m not totally against it. i don’t know about the starry sky alarm apps but the Sleepy-time Boyfriend are all voiced. in fact they provide a list of all the voice actors and some of their works in the Description of the link i provided in my previous comment. it seems you can have something like a library of what each guy have said but i didn’t get them all yet. also there’s only 11 guys out right now. it says Satoru (Hikaru Midorikawa) is coming out next though. it would be nice if it was more interactive though…

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