Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince Sama♪ MUSIC

Op movie removed cause Broccoli is xenophobic.

So since I was playing love drops on the PS2, I decided to occupy my commute to work by playing another rhythm game. I figured since I just played Project Diva, I’d be pro at UtaPri music right? WRONG.

Having never played a single UtaPri game in my life this was certainly a new experience for me. First of all unlike Diva, most of the buttons in UtaPri are all on the right side (so kinda like Diva 1 but I only played Diva 2 & Extend.) Sometimes it requires you to press the left arrow key but for that it doesn’t matter which key you press. Basically your left hand does nothing while your right hand gets carpal tunnel 😡

In order to clear a “rank” for each song you have to get A or S rank. However if you REALLY suck (me), for Hard songs, you can play each song on C or D rank 30 times, or B rank 10 times. On Pro, if you don’t get A or S rank, you have to play it 30 times regardless. With the help of my husband manning the left part of my PSP and me manning the right, we managed to clear every song EXCEPT ORION DE SHOUT IT OUT (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ THAT SONG god damnit man. We tried so many times, that we ended up clearing the reward requirement just because the stupid count ended up being 30 lol.

The text is actually in Japanese but I translated a bunch of these on my tumblr.

The gohoubis were pretty nice (well except Masato and Cecil because really the 2 of you just need to say wtf you’re saying in 1 sentence not 10.) Also depending on what level and what rank you get, the characters will say different phrases. For example using Satsuki and getting C rank he will threaten to make you cry and if you get D rank he threatens to beat you down until you can’t walk プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Getting S rank on Pro always gets the characters becoming extra dere for you (*ゝ∀・*). With my husband’s help we managed to get S rank on Maji Love 1000%. Ren was so happy he started talking Engrish to me 😆

Aside from the mini scenarios, some short stories also open up for you to read. Most of them are pretty lame but I have to admit the 3 of my favorites were from Natsuki, Tokiya & Ren. I’ve translated parts of them so feel free to read (ノ´∀`*)ノ. Actually those 3 are now my favorites which is so funny because I LIKED THEM THE LEAST IN THE ANIME. In the anime I liked Sho & Otoya but after playing music those two are just….lol. Sho’s songs were aggravating as hell because he’s trying WAY TOO HARD to be manly.

Just like with Project Diva, you get points which you can use to buy outfits for all the guys but since you only see half of them during the songs, it’s really not a huge appeal like how project diva was. Maybe Broccoli can join forces with Sega and make Project UtaPri and have 3D bishies dancing in all their sexy outfits instead ;D. Well anyway aside from the painful songs (and Orion that I will never forget because I played it 62 times) I think overall it was a good “starter” for the UtaPri franchise. Now I’m pretty experienced with all the songs and I heard they’re a lot easier in the original game so I expect to S rank everything or something now 😆

Once I finish up with Love Drops I’ll finally start on all the UtaPri games. UtaPri debut is coming out in March so I’m excited (*´∀`)むふ♪


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  1. omg >.< i even have fucked up at hard and i have even bite in my psp because it was stupid XD, but how do i get the duo songs and maji love 1000%

  2. you need to play like every mode of every song I think for example easy 1 2 3 hard 1 2 3 and pro 1.
    score doesn’t matter but you have to play it at least once

  3. Un, I have the game but I don’t have the song Maji Live 1000% or Mirai Chizu (if it’s in the game).

    Do you know how to get them?

  4. honestly I only found the memories for Tokiya & Natsuki to be worth it..everyone else’s were kinda boring in my opinion so if you just unlock all of their songs you can read them

  5. Thank you for this review!
    My reaction while playing Sho’s songs ┌(;`~,)┐ so difficult!
    This is my first Utapri game too and so far, I’m enjoying it. I get to hear and dress up Tokiya <333, spending all my points on him. lolol

    How did you unlock the memories? I haven't gotten that far in the game (only finished all the easy level & some hard level) so my memories' still empty. ^^;;

  6. Yes the omake is part of the game. It was in the extras (?) section or something. The Uta Pri game btw is much better than the anime so I hope you get a chance to play it!

  7. Ahh, I love your blog 😀 !
    I watched the anime from UtaPri and I really enjoyed it :3 Maybe I’ll start the game soon..
    By the way, excuse-me because you posted it a while ago, but about Zettai Meikyuu Grimm Director’s cut, you spoke about an omake ? Uhh, is it part of the game or.. ?

  8. Horrible Horrible HORRRRIBBBLLLEEEE game!!
    Oh god, I puked at every word that they said, all the songs were just disgusting and unpleasant and the guys aren’t even all that interesting.
    I was kind of expecting it to be a little like Idolmaster, but aimasu is just so much better, there’s no competition. Characters more likeable, songs a lot better and I don’t cringe at every dialog thrown at me.

    Bottom line, I want a girl’s side game for Idolmaster starring the boys from Jupiter.

  9. x3 Utapri is awesome—the game I mean. I just can’t be bothered picking up the anime again though =”=

    I… should challenge orion again…but I’m really not promising myself victory on the near future Dx

  10. Well it took me 32 times but finally me and my husband managed to get A rank on Orion e___e;

    I got so frustrated once I unlocked everything that I actually started playing UtaPri repeat this morning x3 Everyone is so adorable, I’m enjoying it a lot even though I’ve only played through the prologue lol

  11. ^ lol, i just finished this game too(difficult pro levels are difficult Dx) There’s something on this music game that is addicting.

    I gotta agree on otoya and sho… i love takuma(i really fell in love with his voice) and shimono(cuz of maisen in Quinrose gamessss) but their songs were D:? Especially shimono…i am still traumatized by that…jetcoaster something song he duets with Kishio(<–i love all his songs) i was like "Is this even a song? I really don't care bout you shorty, but don't destroy natsu's image on my mind!!!" XD

    and lol cause the orion song almost made me want to bash my psp on the window and claim I never tried challenging pro-level xD

  12. jean> you can click on the taniyama kishou tag at the bottom of the post to see what other otome games he was in. he does quite a lot of R-18 stuff 😉

    I usually don’t like the manwhores either but RENNNN I dunno there’s something about Ren. XD I like Otoya’s and Sho’s VAs in other games but in UtaPri….I don’t think they can sing and their songs are mostly annoying :/

  13. @Hinano: Haha I’m trying to ask my sister to help me cleared all the routes on hard and pro now. I’ve tried and FAILED yet again to beat it by myself xD Omg Suwabe Junichi is the bomb when voicing hot sexy bishies! He’s so good at Oresama roles. I admit I only started to take notice of him as Atobe Keigo back before I was hooked on Otome games. I only realised he had a lot of voice roles later on even before the whole tenipuri craze. Honestly though his Atobe Keigo songs do his voice more justice than Ren’s.

    @Nataly: I really really love Miyano Mamoru’s voice! I seriously had no idea he had a good voice (or knew of him) till I heard “Prisoner” from Skip Beat. Btw I totally agree with you, Natsuki’s seiyuu has a beautiful voice too. Oh and yes I just realised Taniyama-san is in Granrodeo lol (I looked him up after watching the anime lols).Honestly I think Tokiya, Natsuki, Masato and to some extent my dear Ren’s seiyuus can actually sing. I’m so not a fan of Syo and Otoya’s voice. Cecil Ajima needs more love he’s always so forgotten lol.

    Hinano you have to give Miyano-san a second chance though I do know how you feel cos Syo just killed me the minute I heard his songs *sigh*

    Nataly I used to associate the sax with KENNY G lolol. He’s an awesome sax player but now cos of Ren, everytime I hear a sax I think of him. LOL he’s such a mr sax man. I’m probably making you sick, sorry dear lol. But yea I’m not usually a fan of man-whore-ish characters but ahh…I seem to get attracted to them at times.

  14. It’s like up to 65 now hahaha 😆
    I actually really like that song so it wasn’t so bad in that sense. If I had to play Otokogi Zenkai that many times I’d flip 10 desks

  15. Oh snap, 62 times lolol. I wouldn’t even have patience for 10. Off to read your translations now!

  16. How old is this game? lol cause he’s quite young=) and GTFO is sooo harsh! i would like him even if he couldn’t sing at all!
    well, I didn’t see Ren blushing, maybe that’s a reason? xDD

    I’m 20 and I’m still playing it..I’m so proud of myself, fuck yeah=))

  17. Lol well Hakarena heart is pretty old so maybe after that atrocious singing they told him to learn to sing better or to GTFO 😆 And so he did.

    I don’t usually like manwhore characters but in MUSIC Ren was just so adorable lmfao and that blush is irresistible lol. I dunno I hated him in the anime but I just loved him in Music.

    When did I say I wouldn’t play UtaPri ?_? It was always in my “to play backlog” so I am not sure when/why I’d say this lol. I used to play Piano when I was little, I think all russian little girls play piano right? 😆

  18. Its funny you guys both like Miyano – until UtaPri the only thing I associated his singing with was Hakarena Heart OP which was HORRIBLE (you can see it in my review post for the game.. lol)

    I’ve never heard this song. But I heard many others, and I liked most of them! Maybe it was just bad luck for you…=) the first song I heard was Guilty Beauty Love as Suoh Tamaki from OHSHC=)

  19. Hinano> Once you said you were not going to play UtaPri, as I remember it well=) why did you change your mind?
    I’ve never played a rhythm game…it was always strange for me…maybe cause I prefer to play the piano, a real instrument=)
    That’s it! I love Suwabe Junichi’s sexy voice! But only as Grimmjow in Bleach..=)) Ren was getting on my nerves during the anime, and he’s such a sweet ladykiller and a kind of hypocrite…just not my type.and I hate sax BTW xD

  20. Jean, he’s one of the best seiyuu I think=)) I also like sooo much the voice of Taniyama Kishyo, seiyuu of Natsuki, he’s singing in Granrodeo, and they sing in OP of Togainu no Chi, anime (just as you might not know=)
    And I didn’t like voices of Otoya and Syo in songs, cause I think they are not, mmm, good singers…

  21. Nataly> Well I’ll be playing the actual utapri games once I finish with love drops so look fwd to that XD Although not sure how much I can broadcast since remotejoy tends to be a bitch. I like Orion de Shout Out a lot too as a song but as a song to play a rhythm game on ….e_e;;;;

    Too bad you don’t like Ren. I guess I am biased to Suwabe Junichi’s sexy voice characters 😆

    Jean> Thank you for reading and commenting (๑´ლ`๑)
    I sucked badly too but with my husbands help we managed to clear everything OTL. I don’t like Sho’s songs either he’s trying too hard to be manly lmfao. Poor Shimono Hiro forced to yell out like an idiot for most of the songs xDD;;

    Its funny you guys both like Miyano – until UtaPri the only thing I associated his singing with was Hakarena Heart OP which was HORRIBLE (you can see it in my review post for the game.. lol)

  22. OMG Finally a review on this! I was desperately trying to find out an alternative method on how to get all the episodes for each bishie since I ultimately sucked so bad in hard and pro mode. *cries*

    I’ve always been a sucker for Ren, Tokiya and Natsuki but Masato just got to me in this game. Syo’s just irritated me to no end cos maybe his songs were too damn hard to do xD But seriously Miyano Mamoru is a dream to listen to. I agree with Nataly, his voice is simply amazing!

    Thank you for the review! And I’ve been a trolling your blog till now cos I felt rather shy on commenting =X (silly and dumb i know) Its been such a joy to read your reviews =)

  23. Oh. finally you played UtaPri! xD Congs!
    Honestly, I didn’t, I’m still waiting for my Japanese being good enough to understand most of the game xD I don’t mean this one, but all previous.
    Ahhh, Orion de shout it out is one of my favourite ones!! wtf? lol
    Are boys are singing or just talking sometimes?

    btw, I’m in love with Tokiya and his amazing voice, also I adore Natsuki (especially if he’s in Satsuki mode) and Syo, but Ren…nah, can’t stand ‘im, don’t know why…:sick:

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