3 Years of Bun Expert Lee.

Pardon the corny title, but I still remember when wordpress suggested I get bunexpertlee.com as a domain name for this blog 😆

So anyway hooray it’s been 3 years. I can’t believe time flies by this fast!! I can’t believe how many otome games I’ve played (or maybe I can since I was unemployed most of 2011…) Let’s take a look at the year in review:

December 2010:  Nell arrived on Pangya Global, when I still was playing Pangya. Sadly he wasn’t as exciting as I thought and now everyone who said he’s a dude deeply regrets it and they’re slowly trying to push him into being a big breasted ho in 10 years. So yea sticking with Lucia forever XD. She was a big breasted ho to begin with.  Brazillians got blocked on their own server in Pangya Global, the masses rejoiced. Starry Sky after spring brought another massive wave of hits to my blog for reasons I don’t think I’ll ever know. My broadcasting is still going on and I’ve been making my way through my PS2 otome game backlog.

January 2011: I’m officially unemployed! Time to tackle my 80 game otome backlog! / But first I must tackle replaying Kanon for PS2 although now I deeply regret not playing it for the PSP so I could hear Sugita Tomokazu voice Yuuichi. Pangya World Championship became the highest blog hit day for me and it remains on top to this day. I don’t think I’ll be watching the 2012 cup because it takes place exactly during my sleeping hours.

February: I’ve returned to Tartaros since I got too much time on my hands. Made some new friends to level with from Japan and lots of new stuff has happened since I was gone. Thanks to me coming back to Tartaros my desire to play Pangya pretty much died somewhere around here. Poupee Girl 4th Anniversary event was cool and we’ll never forget Suwabe’s porn flowers. (Or my adventures with all 3 Last Escorts for that matter. *plays Benny Hill Theme*).

March:  Broadcast frustration. JustinTV keeps d/cing, Ngame doesn’t record videos properly and Own3D doesn’t record videos and got rid of their chat. Fortunately Justin’s switch to Twitch has made things a lot smoother. Too bad broadcasting from the PSP sucks balls right now. Tartaros released their phase system and made sucky characters (Cromodo) really awesome.  I ragequit my 2nd otome game ever. Seriously that shit is just…no. I won Lucia’s ho towel set with 1 gacha coin. / Japan earthquake happened. That was definitely a huge event all over real life as well as gaming.

April: My first dip into Rejet’s Vitamin series. It was certainly a time to remember. Especially Hajime and his lonely wife. The first discovery of android otome games, too bad they are mostly restricted to Japanese phones b/s. April Fool’s was fun, especially in the otome game world…although I think Hatoful Kareshi is going a bit far ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ.

May: Ai Sp@ce announced its demise. Oh well too bad nobody cares. Tsubasa no Oka no Hime introduced the oldest otome game guy I have ever had the displeasure of capturing. Tartaros did some phase nerfs but mostly they didn’t affect the characters I use.

June:  Bright Shadow Japan announced its demise (lol nobody cares) but Beanfun decided it will bring it back from the dead. No idea how good or bad it’s doing now. Tartaros began their monthly refreshing of new macros which is pretty nice since one of the pleasures of the game is hearing character voices. Pangya Global Cup begins, and fails with flying colors. Hiyo poops out  Akazukin and sends the masses into rage and shock (or maybe only I was sent into rage & shock.)

July: Ken is back lol. I cried a river playing Air for the first time. Started up my otome game tumblr which to this day has over 300 followers. Thanks everyone for following my babbles & screencap spam 8D. Major otome game licensing from Aksys for Hakuoki – too bad the ultimate product appears to be some kind of a joke. Starry Sky was announced too but as far as I know they had no luck with that so it’s pretty much a lost hope as far as I’m concerned.

August: I finally deleted my TinierMe account cause I was tired of dealing with the Vocaloid Group I started years ago. Seriously that site uses HTML/PHP from like 8 years ago and its utter crap. They basically made the free aspect minimal and screwed over all the Chibicoin users that have been with the since beta times. Needless to say it was time for me to go.  Power Rangers otome game was the best game of the summer.

September: I began my Hiiro no Kakera marathon..and fell in love with Mahiron. Revived my Otome Game project but it hasn’t had much progress because whatdya know soon as I revived it, I found a job! My free time is gone! Planets is the most popular free fan made game of the year, seriously. I don’t know why but it is and I get massive hits for it daily. Maybe cause it has similarities to starry sky? Well I still enjoyed it so whatever! Otome BL games do exist and I had the misfortune of playing one.

October: I managed to get into the Japanese mobage portal and started playing every single otome game available. Sadly most of them are crap and the voice features only work on Japanese phones, not android smart phones. Bleh. Wrapped up my Hiiro marathon with HNK2.  Realized that the future of otome gaming is heading to PSP so I bought myself a PSP 3000. All the progress I was making with my PS2 backlog just flew out the window since I will be playing PSP ports instead as they come with additional contents.

November: Gekka is the craziest game I’ve played all year. I don’t mean crazy like Vitamin X or Z, I mean everyone in that game needs to be put into a straight jacket, especially oniitan 😆 Also it’s the first game with explicitly sexual yuri route that I’ve come across and hope to never come across again. Bleh. Arin’s birthday event may have been the best Pangya event all year. I can’t believe I bought Poupee jewels. I haven’t bought jewels since the March disaster for donation purposes. Amedeo’s DareUra fandisk was a homo disaster and I am worried for their company’s future if this is the quality they’ve been reduced to. Project Diva kept me busy most of the month which was a great segue into Uta no Prince Sama. Otomate’s KamiKimi was a huge hit and I cried a river.


So overall I did make a lot of progress with my otome gaming, reorganized my mmo priorities but thanks to getting a PSP and mobage I feel like my progress has been reset 😆 Now for some stats:

Top 5 Posts the past year:

Not surprised about Starry Sky 🙄 but Brothers? Really? Wth lol.Also why is In Spring so popular. It’s the worst one of the whole series.

Top 5 Referrers:

  • My anime blog (lol who reads that anymore.)
  • Rin’s blog
  • Twitter
  • Keo’s Blog
  • My tumblr

Didn’t include wordpress or google search since meh whatever.

Top 5 Blog Hits:

  • breadmasterlee
  • otome game review
  • starry sky after spring
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  • armen noir

Lol wth Armen Noir 😯 I guess that explains why it’s getting a PSP port… Also to the 36 of you who came here via “vampire sweetie otome” I hate to say it but I don’t think that game’s ever getting released.

So overall not too much of a change from last year (lol when is the Starry Sky fad going to die? Maybe after Hakuoki’s released in February?) Let’s see how next year pans out!


14 thoughts on “3 Years of Bun Expert Lee.”

  1. Aw thanks 😀 No problem I know end of the year gets hectic for everyone. And project diva I still stink too there are songs I can’t even clear on Pro mode xD;;; Haven’t played it in a while but once in a while I come back into it ^^

  2. Happy 3 years anniversary! Sorry, I’m a bit late ‘coz at the time you posted it, it’s my crazy time all over December. Had a lot of fun with you, from bringing HnK alive ’til raging about KamiKimi’s characters’ poll result! Thanks for a lot of your review. It helps me a lot to choose games. I even play Project Diva too, though can’t do much on it.

  3. Haha I’m in a guild on Pangya now but I hardly ever log on or talk to anyone in it anymore. Pangya’s just not as interesting as it used to be and there are other games occupying my interests right now.

  4. wow, 3 years already? @_@
    i remember joining the pangya guild, but i never thought it was ages ago lol

  5. bambi> Thanks! For Love Drops, well you had Cifar and Tomoya. Yes UTM was way worse but Love Drops still had its irritating moments that I am experiencing all over again 😆

    Usagi> Yea but look at the Vitamin Z & X series. 6 guys per game, 2 games, that makes 12 + you have 8 teachers…so that makes 20 ^^; I am not sure what the appeal is but I found the Vitamin series a lot more entertaining than SS (especially after that emofag fest that is After Autumn 🙄 ) Thanks ;D

  6. I think Starry Sky is popular because of the art and the amount of bishies. I mean, if you compare Starry Sky series to other otome games, they’re like one of the otome games with a lot of guys to capture – 19 guys if you count the capturable side characters in the fandiscs. To be honest, I don’t get the thrill going on with Spring guys either…

    Congratulations on your three years by the way. 🙂

  7. YAY congrats! hope that this blog will continue growing strong and have more entertaining game reviews xD

    btw u felt like love drops was full of yandere??? it was??? i thought it was one of the nicest 18+ i’ve ever played… under the moon completely blows love drops out of the water in terms of yanderes.

  8. Thanks! 😀 Lol yea I don’t know what wordpress is thinking. I think they also suggested “Roll Senior Lee” 😆

    If everyone loves yanderes so much they should just go play gekka or love drops >_>_>_> lol. The Summer Cast (and sub chars) are so much better lmfao what shame.

    Hopefully aside from BTF they won’t require me to upgrade my firmware I don’t wanna have to deal with that crap again lol.

  9. ブログ3周年記念日(ノ´∀`)ノぉめでとぉ☆
    Congrats on your huge otome progress too!

    ..bunexpertlee? xD;;

    Seems like Suzuya is (almost) everyone’s favorite in Starry Sky, so that’s probably why so many people are searching for Spring. I was a fan of his too before dropping out of the fandom and joining the “Starry Sky ( ´_ゝ`)” group ..the after series lol.

    Let’s hope the otome boom on PSP last for a long time, so we can get flooded with more otome games in the upcoming year(s). ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

  10. I’m not forgetting it but I avoided it like the plague so it doesn’t count in my book 😆 I did play Grimm though which had yuri routes but they were fluff/friendship rather than “lets dyke it up after we kill some jealous bitches”.

    I have the code but I’m trying to get through it on my own as I’m playing through love drops. I have a feeling Sho’s “Otokogi zenkai” I’ll have to cheat on just cause I hate that song lol

  11. “it’s the first game with explicitly sexual yuri route that I’ve come across”

    You’re forgetting that Mirai game you’ve been avoiding forever. Believe me , that one was more explicit.

    Congrats on all your progress, I hope you and your husband will be done with Uta no Prince soon, unless you just said “screw it” and used the code?

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