2 Year Anniversary! (✪ω✪)

Another year has flown by us so let’s take a look back!

  • So in December I was playing Pangya Japan while the US server was swimming in hackers. Maybe they like to hack during the holidays? I don’t know.
  • Party castle was pretty active back then but now the service has closed.
  • I started playing Tartaros but because of the horrible grind and the fact that it blew up my old computer, I quit after 8 months of gameplay.
  • I quit Pangya Japan around March because I didn’t win the Lyrical voice clubs but after Tartaros died and most friends went back to the US server I have restarted on my account and now things are better than ever!
  • While my otome gaming was pretty slow early in the year because of Tartaros, once I quit that game, things picked up fairly quickly.  I also began broadcasting my otome games for others to see.
  • A bunch of stuff closed this year like Pangya Europe and Bright Shadow US.

So for 2011 I expect to just casually continue Pangya and to plow through my massive otome game backlog.  Now for some stats!

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  • breadmasterlee
  • prius online english (lol)
  • starry sky game
  • otome games
  • tinierme japanese (lol part 2)

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Umm yea I can see why people visit my blog now… 😆 I wonder what will happen when I review the fandisks. Will they surpass the original games? Only time will tell I guess. XD

So anyway thanks for a fun year. Thanks everyone who’s been chatting it up with me on twitter and stopping by the blog to say a few words. Thanks to those who read my novel long otome game reviews and let me know how much it made you laugh 😆  Thanks to those who stop by to chat at my broadcasts and make my otome gaming a lot less painful. Here’s to another year at かわいいじゃなきゃダメなの!


15 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary! (✪ω✪)”

  1. No, I just think about Tartaros.

    US server should be safe at least for a year. The EU restart and S5 content may keep the server alive at least to nov 2012. So the same to Japan server.

    I don’t know about the other servers. I hope there is no more brutal region merging.

  2. Congratulastion. Thank you for the posts that you put up They are quite good to read. Please carry on in what you are doing for 2011 as well. I enjoy it and so do other people to.

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