More stuff on Gamepot’s new policy

So I’m reading the BBS and looking at blogs still trying to figure out what’s going on with this whole new money system and I was able to conclude the following:

  • If you don’t login to your pangya Japan account in 6 months, it will be deleted.
  • If you buy cookies and don’t use them within 6 months (although I think they changed it to a year now?) they will be deleted as well. So that means, if you buy CP you must use it right away or they will expire.

The possible reason they are doing this is so that when they shut down Pangya, and users go “well give me my CP refund then!” They can easily say “well to fucking bad because your CP expired and you didn’t use it LOL!” This way they don’t have to give anyone a refund. I only have 7 cookies left in my inventory so if I lose them I couldn’t care less but wow yea that sucks doesn’t it o_o; Who wants to spend money only to lose it now? :s

All I know is when Pangya Japan has 2 weeks of double pang & exp, we know what that means! My guess though is they are in the red because they spent like 7 billion yen to license the stupid horse game from Ntreev. Does anyone even play that anymore? I remember all my Pangya friends were all into the beta but I haven’t heard anything since then. Well not like it matters since my mind’s on Tartaros these days anyway. It’s a shame watching a sinking ship for the 2nd time though.

9 thoughts on “More stuff on Gamepot’s new policy

  1. It may not be the case. Since that affect all gamepot games as well.

    They probably think some old people would pay again when their old account got deleted. Nice customer services, isn’t it?

  2. That’s pretty crazy. I don’t know of any F2P publishers that delete inactive accounts or unused cash points. It’s definitely a radical bit of business but it also hearkens back to ye olde days of MMOs where your characters got deleted after 60-90 days of inactivity.

  3. Ham> of course, Gamepot does their “welcome newbies” events every 6 months or so where they give a ton of new shit to people who sign up an account. This way if your account got deleted, they’re happy to welcome you (and your money) back!

    Rekrab> Me and the Japanese players can only see this as a sign of the game sinking like the titanic. I do believe Gamepot has Pangya until 11/11/2012 but usually game closures are announced 4-5 months in advance (as seen with prior games that I played who closed.) Other games who started around the same time as Pangya (yogurting, micmac online) have all shut down so my guess is Pangya’s life span is at its end.

  4. In the worst case, it may transfer to other company and get updates similar to kr/us.

  5. Hinano>

    Yeah, but you always say that:P Pangya US still isn’t dead. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a terrible idea. But I don’t think it’s a sign of end-times either. Most likely they’re trying something new, if it works they’ll run with it. If it doesn’t, and they’re smart, they’ll change policy.

  6. This post has nothing to do with Pangya US. Pangya US has a longer life span because they are so behind they can probably milk users for another 2-3 years lol

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