Organized Vending: Thank you all!

So much neater!
So much neater!

To everyone who came by and put up a shop, thank you so much! Unfortunately I was at work all day and I didn’t see what was happening. However when I got home it seems like my computer had frozen and I had disconnected (due to that stupid PangFBI error.)  Fortunately it had frozen on what look like a really nice and organized Vending Sidewalk!! 😀 To me that means that this was a success. Sure there were idiots who refused to follow or would follow then break the rule and vend in the middle, but I think overall for a first try it’s not bad at all! I would really like to try doing this again in the future – however I want Ntreev to  listen to my suggestion on the forum and make a separate server for vending. It’s very annoying to go on Tiki 1 and have to try to get in it just to look at shops.

When I got home it fell apart OTL
When I got home it fell apart OTL

Thanks again everyone! ^_^


11 thoughts on “Organized Vending: Thank you all!

  1. I think your post is…cute o_O
    I mean you seems so happy with your “Organized Vending” that I feel myself so happy for you XD!

    Then next time I will support you too I think~
    Even if I don’t have anything to sell ah ah.

    (And I’m sorry for calling you racist the other day, the fact that you’re russian simply killed what I say. I guess I misunderstood you :3)

  2. Except for about 4-5 people out of place, mostly everyone lined up on the border for the few hours in the afternoon I popped in for a visit. 😛 After a couple of hours, I left to go check out other shops on Free1 and Free2, then came back and there were even *more* people lining up properly (so I lost my spot, nihaha, since the line was all filled up without kinda sitting on top of another person).

    I wanted to pick that little Kooh up that was sitting in front of me so bad and set him (this Kooh was a dude, that DARK AM person) next to me. ~_~ Like he can’t read.

  3. Orihime> Thanks for the screenshot! I think that’s what I saw before my client crashed.

    Some people were obnoxious for real though. I totally saw someone who was sitting in the middle, then someone told him to sit on the side – he did then went back to the middle 2 min later – but then he logged off.

    It can’t be helped but I’m really glad a lot of people supported it! xD This really encourages me to do more of these ^___^

  4. Too bad that I couldn’t put up a shop this time, but I dropped for a second to see how you all were doing. Next time I’ll stay for a bit longer, I promise ^^.

  5. thanks for the youtube link! I cant view it at work sadly (without using some bootleg proxy lol) but I’ll check it out at home 😀

  6. Somehow I thought PM instead of AM, but was lucky enough to find the room in the Lounge area when I logged in 8D Hung around for a few hours at least, even got one of my guildmates to join in for a bit lol. A couple people who dropped by said it was a cool idea and that we were doing a good job (something around those lines anyways lol!) Its definitely a challenge to keep this going when there aren’t enough people there to set up an example, but hopefully it’ll catch on in the community ^^

  7. yea thats why I thought of maybe doing this once a week and if we get more people to possibly open up 2 rooms at a time instead of 1.

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