An Attempt at Vendor Organization.

Let's keep the middle clear!
Let's keep the middle clear!

Hi guys, so since I pissed off/upset some people in my last post and Jorik had given me some support I guess I’ll attempt to start an organization via this post. I’m not gonna post it on the Pangya forums because it seems most sensible posts there either get ignored or trolled. 🙄 Anyway I’d like to plan a day for some organized vending. Maybe if we get a group of like 5-6 of us (and more if possible) just vending anything & everything, it will set an example and maybe more people will follow.

I don’t have a good screenshot besides the one here but as you can see, vendors sit on the side border of the map. Therefore, when people come into the Lounge (it’s called Lounge now), they can sort of “go down the congo line” of shops rather than try to sift through like 10 people’s worth and try to recall whose shop they have visited. I think it makes things easier for both shoppers and sellers, who now become equally visible rather than trying to compete in a mob fashion.

So I thought of maybe us having once or twice a week an “Organized Vendors” room where we’ll all sell something random but the point will just be to show the Pangya community that a neat shop is a happy shop! 😆 So here’s the deal:

Let’s kick things off on Wednesday, April 22nd.
Server: Tiki Free 2
Time: Begins at 7:45AM EST
Room Name: Organized Vending
Course: Probably White Wiz

Please note to check this post Wednesday morning in case server/room name has to change for whatever reason.

I’m sure we’ll get people who will just walk in and set up shop in the middle, it may take a few of these organized vending setups to get the point through but hopefully we can start a trend…and if not then I’ll give up ^^;. Depending on how well this goes I’ll organize more but let’s try this for now. If you can’t be there in the morning immediately that’s fine, just come in whenever you can. I’m basically setting it up before I leave for work so I can idle there all day. Thanks in advance to all who participate!

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  1. I always liked that on Japangya, and (with Starcreator and other enthusiasts of the moment), we tried it. But apart from us, it’s already been tried several times in the past.
    All attempts failed, for the simple reasons that:

    1. Most players roaming PSQs are foreigners (not to say Brazilians) and/or don’t understand English, so any instructions (as little space as shop titles allow it) = useless.

    2. Most people, at least in A18, didn’t even bother with something like that: they prefer to be right in the middle, where everyone spawns, so they can (try to) sell their overpriced, shitty stuff and ITENS faster.

    3. And even if it picks up for your friends list, it most likely will not with the rest of the community, which is filled with utter, clueless pillocks.

    It’s terribly optimistic and I’m sure it would make sense to try and set some kind of order right from the beginning with Pangya, but I tried so often, so that I don’t even care about it anymore. And I don’t visit PSQs enough anymore either to even give a damn anyway.

    But still, good luck!

  2. 😦 yea you basically listed the reasons why I didn’t want to bother in the first place…but I thought maybe with a new community (well somewhat new community) we can attempt to try and start this again. Like I said, if it fails like you mentioned (and I predicted) then I will just give up permanently.

  3. PSquare is not for everyone I suppose. But come on, if you ignore it now, you are going to miss my own PSQ room that I’m selling random items for 1 pang each. I did that this morning. (excluding rares of course)

  4. Well, I won’t be able to do it in the morning (Since I’m out and on the bus by 6:30AM), but when I come home around 3PM I can easily go in and set myself to sell something and idle if the room’s still there. :3

  5. yea it’ll still be there i don’t get home until like 5:30PM EST so jp and i will be idling in there all day long so just come in anytime and vend. Even if you vend stupid nerve stabilizers we just need bodies to make up a human wall around the border.

  6. natsuneko. people make shops for more than 2000 years, country and language doesnt rly count when it comes to children making shops.

    the game management is just wrong. just give some “only english allowed or get banned” policy and at least stupid ppl wouldnt join.

    i`m using english ingame, and thats just because i know that even if i`m surrounded by brazilians and one native english speaker, this person will get bothered.
    too bad foreigners are so stupid that they think portuguese is the problem. you are all good if you are from EU.(tried that ‘please english’ to a french guy. he just replied ‘stupid american learn my language stfu’)

    oh well, thats how the world goes. to make the server a good place, rule out all the other languages. at least then, they will think everyone is somehow ‘equal’

    oh bleh forget it, my comment is going to the wrong direction.
    lets just say that certain things work for some nations. but for pangya usa that doesnt rly work without real rules.
    well, if i find something to sell, i`ll open one shop too =p

    ign berz
    btw, are you re-starting the guild with what? ” breadmasterlee” ? give a thought about the name this time haha =p

  7. no, my computer is shared, plus my brother is going to be doing school work so ^^; (he’s home schooled)

  8. Sounds pretty cool…I’ll try and drop by! Maybe to deal with the foreign language issue, the vendors who have second languages should post the “line up please” or “straight line please” shop name in that second language. Then again it might not be a good idea to encourage non-english….<___<

    W/e! I’ll do my best to be an extra body there!

  9. Gooeh> Aw okay.

    Nitehare> awesome thanks! sadly the only other language i can post in is japanese but I can’t type in JP on that client 😦 (not that the Japanese would need this information)…maybe if berz set up a sign in portugese 😆

  10. thanks for the status update. I’m still at work so I have no idea what’s happening. I’m glad that some people chose to follow the trend though. Maybe I’ll take the screenshots from this morning and post it on the ntreev forum in hopes to get people to follow suit.

    the biggest problem right now though is, we need a separate server or channel for vending, right now the shops are scattered all over the place.

  11. the biggest problem right now though is, we need a separate server or channel for vending, right now the shops are scattered all over the place.
    I agree.

    Already did lot of sreens and even small video.

  12. …Status Update…
    Now I’m mad! 😡

    At this moment everything sad. Room have is 50% of sellers who placed in the middle. All my instructions or just ignored or simply did not understanding English.

    I would have a somekind of “disconnector”! 👿

  13. 😦 sad to hear that. i wish you could like kick people out of the room for not following instructions =_= once a few idiots start in the middle, the rest follow like a bunch of sheep

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