Ai Space Updates

great TV I got there.
great TV I got there.

I’m probably really behind on this but I decided to check out Aisp@ce after really long hiatus lol. A few new things: They actually sell a reasonably priced TV set in Akihabara Dengi, it was 8000Dere. When you put it into your room, it can play random NicoNico videos. I watched one of a bunny and one of a cat, I guess they play umm animal videos? 😆 In addition if you talk to the MajiSuki girl in Akiba by Gamer’s,  she’ll give you 2 crappy drawings you can hang on your wall like in my screenshot above. That’s about it, I’m sure there’s been updates for Nico Point crap, but I just mentally ignore those now as I have no intentions to spend money on this game.


8 thoughts on “Ai Space Updates

  1. A TV? AND IT DOESN’T COST NICO NICO POINTS?!?! Did the GM lose his mind? lol xD

    Banning english speakers? Really? Why would they do that? 😦

  2. if there banning english players… then i won’t speak… english… when i get it to work…

  3. i can’t get the game to work dang it. i set it up and stuff but it won’t update and let me play!!!

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