Why I Am Quitting Bright Shadow.

ε-( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ ダミダコリャ…
ε-( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ ダミダコリャ…

I know I’m a really terrible game hopper but there’s always something in a game that becomes a potential annoyance and the longer I play said game, the more obvious the annoyance becomes. Bright Shadow was fun for the first 25 levels, and after that things sorta went downhill and I know this will continue to be this way if I keep grinding on.

One of the biggest problems with Bright Shadow is that since it’s a free to play game, it has a cash shop system, and in this game the cash shop system is out of wack. Currently BS is having a “login get free gash” event and last night I got 50 so I logged in to see what I can buy. My options were all “7 day outfits” or “7 day mounts” or anything else that is only temporary. What the hell is the point?? I mean I don’t like cash shops in general and I realize that the game needs to make money somehow but temporary items, let alone 7 day ones? Gimme a fucking break. If the Gash that I got wasn’t for free, I would NEVER EVER even consider buying any of that shit.

Secondly they nickel & dime you for basic items. For example there are no buyable resurrection items or even the basic “teleport to home point” items. So this forces you to save in oddball places (wherever there’s a nyatan) where there may not be an npc to sell or restock on your items. In addition if you die, your buddy cant resurrect you and therefore he gets mobbed/pummeled to death as well.

This brings me to the death penalty. Most games if you die you lose 1% done deal. Here however you will lose the amount of exp you gain. Seems like it’s ok right but the problem is you gain shit exp to begin with. We’re level 34, killing level 35 guys, which still takes effort but it gives us .4% exp per guy at DOUBLE EXPERIENCE. This means if you don’t have double exp on, you’re getting .2% and if you are penalized you may get .1% or less! In addition it’s not like a “for a certain period of time” its for a “certain section of your exp bar.” The only way to get this exp back is to do a quest – which brings me to another point!

Holy shit the quests. The quests were great up until level 26. Once we got to that hellish bird quest that’s when the nightmares began. Why is it that I gotta kill 10 guys just to get 1 quest item? And the worst part is, these 10 guys are so spread out that you waste time just trying to get to one while trying to fend off other shit off you simultaneously. In addition some guys are so hard for their level that by the time you can actually do decent damage, they give you no exp anyway therefore making the quest completely pointless to begin with.

Finally the camera/movement in the game needs serious reworking. The camera seems to think everytime you enter a room that there is a ceiling. There should NOT be any ceilings in a game like this. Often times in castles I find myself cornered or in an odd camera angle because of the stupid ceiling. On top of that the collision is pretty horrible so often times when I hit “auto-follow” to my partner and he goes around the corner, I stop following it because I’m stuck on the stupid corner. In addition, the monsters are often running away into walls and then I can’t hit them which allows them to regen nearly full HP and having me start all over again. There’s no WASD either so when you are stuck in a corner, you can’t get out because the camera is awkward and you’re like stuck against a wall.

And while we’re on that topic, why the FUCK do monsters run away in this game? This always seems to happen with quest monsters too. You get them down to 10% hp and they instantly run the other direction, and unless you’re a mage there is no way you can actually catch up to them because everyone runs at the same speed. They only run a few inches away but it adds on to the time wasted that it takes to kill an already scarce quest monster. This doesn’t happen with all monsters, but the ones that run away run into walls or they run into a mob of other monsters who then go aggro on you and you end up mobbed to death.

So like all of this shit combined all at once really begins to get irritating. After dying twice last night because of either camera movements or whatever else and having my experience go from 200% to 180% I said “I just can’t play anymore I’m too annoyed with this shit.” Again, Bright Shadow – a game with great potential that wanted to go too far too quickly and skipped over the basic necessities involved to play this kind of game. Maybe someday in the future this game will have improved these things, but for now I must take a leave because there’s only so much of this crap that I (and JP) can take.

As a side note, I WAS going to try out Ether Saga Online but after skimming through the forums the impression is the same: F2P game with ripoff cash items and cash items for stupid basics like stat resets, birthday resets and increasing your inventory which is purposely too small so that you are forced to buy this type of item. I’m so sick of this kind of shit, these F2P games purposely hook you in with the whole “free to play” gimmick but once you begin playing you realize that to get anything decent you have to fork over the cash. Even Pay to Play games give you more shit so in reality you’re getting a better deal out of that.

For now I’m going to get back to playing Ragnarok Online and do some private server hopping. I don’t know when Pangya is coming back but as I said in my return post, I sort of lost all hope. When I see the mass of events the Japanese server is getting it just gets me more and more disheartenening. At least I still got my wii one when I need a Pangya fix but maybe coming back to RO will give me a refresher of sorts since it’s been like a year since I played anyway.

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  1. I kinda stopped playing Bright Shadow cause school, other gaming, and graphic work got in the way. And once I take a week or so break from a game when I’ve hit a sort-of dry spot, the game’s dead for me (Speaking of which, I need to uninstall Mabinogi again xD).

    Oh~ Let me know about private servers for RO. :3 I had wanted to play it once, but I hadn’t known about private servers and wasn’t going to pay for an MMO I wasn’t sure I was going to like (Not to mention I was going to have to pay for it, and that wasn’t gonna work).

  2. i guess the main problem for me was the weird glitch over the loot @_@

    oh and yeah, the amazing lag that sometimes made me look like a crazy kamikaze @_@

  3. I didn’t get far in this game because of the annoying monster drop quests. Knowing that it was eventually gonna get much worse, it makes me sort of glad I stopped playing a while ago.

    And right now I can’t play Super Swing Golf, so I’m still in need of my Pangya fix. =/

  4. LOL Hinano going back to RO? That is something unexpected :D. I tried it once about 2-3 months ago. Found some HR server (yeah I know I’m lazy XD) and tried to remake my old CrossSin from another HR server. Damn he was a real monster, at level 130 he was able to kill almost every MVP boss, but on the new server… not really. They pumped MVP bosses really good cause stupid fat tiger kicked my ass so hard like I was a lv 10 novice. I got pissed off and uninstalled RO next day orz…

  5. haha yea the first night the RO server went down and some of my friends couldn’t even make characters =_=; I’m just temporarily playing it between downtime. it probably won’t last too long

  6. Wow, you really think its that bad huh?

    First off I never really use the GASH store unless I am using the GASH I got for free (over 1000). Why don’t I use it? Because I can go into private shops and buy them with gold. Everything that you can get with GASH people sell in their shops. Also I never buy 7 day or even 30 day stuff unless I am just going to resell it later when the items are more rare. all the outfits I know of have permanent versions available.

    Also they do sell Phoenix feathers (revive item) They also sell a penalty release item that gets rid of the red in your exp bar. They also have items that teleport you to certain towns. Currently my inventory has about 20 of them I got free over the course of playing the game. I used maybe 20 more I got free already.

    Not everyone can revive is right, but any Magic user can revive. A level 36 can revive a level 82.

    Sounds like you built a horrible character. I just started building a new character, and I was fighting level 30 monsters at level 17 easily. Each monster was bringing my HP down about 1/4 of the way. Nothing a potion wont handle (potions are really cheap). Usually when I reach level 36 I am fighting level 45 monsters.

    I have to agree that the quests aren’t really that good. I usually do the ones that give you something special, like a title, equips, etc. Its way faster to level up without quests, or go to a Sealed Hall quest to mob lots of lower level monsters.

    I agree with the no ceiling, but I didn’t find it hard to get used to the camera. I can go through Skull Church without my character ever stopping with all my speed buffs on.

    I agree auto follow is not as good as it should be. If the person you are following knows how the follow feature works he can usually help you not get caught on corners etc. Monsters running into walls is annoying.

    I actually think its a good thing to have some of the monsters run away. It makes sense for a monster to run away to call for help when it is hurt. Monsters that are normally passive run to attack you when the monster running away gets close to them.

    You can use ranged attacks as a mage or shooter. fighters also get a few ranged skills at about level 47. The nice thing about one of the fighter’s ranged skills is that you can freeze the monster from running to catch up. Also you should join my Guild. You will get a guild skill that makes you run much faster.

    If you ever decide to come back consider joining my Guild. I also have some items that could help that I dont think I will ever use. My guild name is “Blazing”.And my IGNames are Shanaシャナ, Trigger, and Hirai. Shanaシャナ is a level 82 fighter,Trigger is a level 56 shooter, and Hirai os a level 48 Mage.

    When I am online I like to look for people to help. Dispite the games short comings I still haven’t found a better one.

  7. Thanks but I am pretty much done with BS and I don’t think I’ll be coming back. Now focusing my energy on Pangya anyway.

  8. It’s true about pay to play games probably being cheaper and more beneficial to someone who wants to pay for their games. Your post was informative enough to seriously remind me why I never want to play a free to play MMORPG ever again :].

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