Bright Shadow Spring Level Up Campaign

bsuniformsOk so recently I’m playing BS again because Pangya tour mode on Wii is getting really hard (although a good learning experience cause I had no idea you could make those shots on Sylvia! 😯 ) They’re having a level up campaign where if you hit a certain level you get a prize. Sadly you have to be level 30 or under to be eligible for anything and I’m 33 :S Good news is that for those above 31 if you login for 10 days you will get a 30 day “Bright Shadow Gakuen” school uniform. Yea 30 day limited items are lame but hey you’re not doing much to get it either so be sure you get your logins in. I’ll probably actually play though, I do like the game but Pangya had taken over for a few weeks. 😛