Just can’t get back into RO. :(

In Mother Russia
In Soviet Russia...

No matter how much I try I just can’t get back into Ragnarok Online. I think the problem is I’ve played this game for so many years I know it inside and out. The only “new” things are whatever customs a private server has, but most of the time those customs are annoying overpowered donation items. It didn’t help last night that the server crashed and some of my friends couldn’t even create characters. In addition there’s constant buying/selling global spam in the chat. I haven’t encountered it myself but there’s a ton of ks’er reports, a lot of complaints that the GM is never on (I’ve never seen the GM on yet). It reminds me of when I went RO server hopping and I’m just so tired of it. Most private servers are poorly run, or they start out ok, but then get shitty as the community grows and the GMs stop giving a rat’s ass.

My goal was mainly to check out Moscovia but it’s no different than any other “new map” that Korea has added. Sure we got some Matreoshka’s everywhere, but the rest looks like any other RO island and the field looks like any other RO field with some different monsters in it. I guess because RO has had the same “system” for years and years I know it so well that  my interest just dies. I’m probably going to uninstall this game today, but for those of you who downloaded it and never played RO (or haven’t played in a few years) I do recommend you at least check it out for a couple of days.  The prime of my RO years was like 2004-2005 but now I just can’t get back into it.

I have plans to play & review some eroge on this site so I’ll probably just focus on that instead, in addition to Wii Pangya. Speaking of Pangya it looks like they are holding a poll to name the servers until the 15th. That means that until the 15th the server is still going to be down. I’m guessing release is scheduled for end of April? (April 30th? lol)


7 thoughts on “Just can’t get back into RO. :(

  1. I dunno 😆 Maybe they just found a random Russian name and stuck it on an NPC, since they are Korean people who don’t know anything about Russia anyway

  2. yea I realized that this is it. no matter how good/bad the server is, until they do that RO system rehaul I can’t play. I just know what to do and I instantly get bored.

  3. Hahaha I don’t know his name either I just made it up, my thought what is TSAR doing in a SOVIET Russia, didn’t they like hand all royal family members after the revolution? 😉 And yeah, I don’t think that Koreans know the Russian history well too.

  4. Hahaha, I know how you feel, RO gets repetitive after a while, I’ve been playing since 04…
    Oh and Gravity is planning to do a system revamping with the 3-1 classes. It’s kind of weird though, like AGI is supposed to decrease cast-time instead of DEX and you get less EXP if you kill a monster with a low level.

  5. Reina> I’d actually be interested to try out the new system revamp. Cause then at least I wouldn’t be like “ok let’s go kill geographers for 40 levels” everytime I make a mage 😆

    I’ve been playing since 2003 so yea as you can tell it does get quite repetitive…

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