Back from vacation.

I’m back from Disneyworld and I was able to check the Pangya site from my phone while there. Disappointed that it’s still not up and at this point I can safely say I really don’t care anymore. I’ve got Wii Pangya and the spring anime season to keep me busy. If Pangya comes back in April great, if not whatever. If they are taking this long to release the god damn thing, they better release it bug free and with season 4. Waiting 3 months just to release it in Season 3 is complete crap to me and I’m losing interest in this game. All the outfits I ever wanted I got in my wii version and more on top of that. I hear that our guilds will be wiped and that GOA now has hackers doing -52s on West Wiz. Great, so when US server opens they will come back and fuck things up again.

I’m getting really tired of this shit.

I hope they eventually release Super Swing Golf 3 for the Wii, which includes all the season 4 stuff on it (and perhaps season 5 if that ever comes out.)

5 thoughts on “Back from vacation.

  1. Apparently, ntreev didn’t say anything about region block hence therefore I’d assume that hackers would come flooding back when the server re-opens.

    God how I missed Japan.

  2. “I’m getting really tired of this shit.”

    And who wouldn’t Hinano, who wouldn’t… :/

  3. I’m also agree with you.

    At this time I am engaged in other intereses, and already get out of the habit of this game. And now it seems to me that I was not able to play anymore.

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