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aispclannadAispace has been pretty boring lately. A lot of newly released items have all been nico points and all the events have been happening while I’m asleep or at work. The latest event that I’m actually able to participate in, I don’t really want to. The event involves dressing up your chara-doll in the image of your “ideal wife” =_=;; Yea it’s obvious who this game is targetted towards. I was bored one day and I decided to try on the Clannad uniform to take some pictures. I’m thinking of adding some more albums into the side bar for all the various games I play.

aispnewfukuIn other news this week’s update finally adds some new clothing for Dere’s. Thankfully I’ve been diligently logging on once a day to get my 1000 so I was able to purchase this dress and boots. 😛 But yea that’s about all I do these days. Once in a while I’ll chat it up with a few Japanese that are up early (and I’m now in 2 circles apparently), but other than that Aispace is one of the last things on my list. Most likely after the A18 double exp thing ends, I’ll focus more on Megaten, particularly since they are having double everything this coming weekend.


4 thoughts on “Ai Sp@ce updates

  1. rush on it and you might level a lot

    further acts give a lot more exp. last one i made gave me 200+500k, so saturday, you`ll get 1.4m exp for one act(plus the fact that you`re doing it with jp, must give even more @_@)

    the double on a18 goes for the whole month?

  2. no that ends today actually so today will be my last day of grind. after that I’ll probably spend more time on Megaten (unless A18 has another good event – which at the rate they’ve been going is highly doubtful anyway)

  3. Yeah, it kinda has been a bit boring. But they’re supposed to open the insides of the schools for player access (and the homes around them) very soon (it said the first semester of 09 so within the upcoming weeks). Hopefully that will be worth it 😀

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