Poupee Girl Grab Bags

poupebagsI’m really glad I bought the Poupee Girl bags this year. This was my first New Years on Poupee so first time buying the bags as well. I only bought 3 but I opened them all last night and this is probably my favorite one. It wasn’t even that expensive but it’s so cute! Bunny ears! 😀 The other ones I got were like a set of top/bottom and bag. A lot cheaper than buying Katherine’s shop items “normally” one by one. (normally a bag alone can be 100 ribbons!!) Anyway well worth the value, even if you didn’t buy every bag. Looking forward to the Valentine’s Day event (o・ω・o)


10 thoughts on “Poupee Girl Grab Bags

  1. awww, my bag won’t ‘open’…oh well, if i wait i’m sure it will (and FINALLY something really cute worth getting!)

  2. Cute bunny ears!!! I forgot all about the grab bags. I’ve been signing in, dressing my doll and rushing off to work. 😦

  3. my Friend made me one and I said “this for girls!” and she said “who cares!”
    So I tried it and… It’s addicting! >w<

  4. er I just meant like, do you upload your guy clothes? or do you buy ribbons? or do you just get ribbons based on commenting/taking pics? thats what I meant ^^;

  5. Oh, I uploaded some, but they almost look unisex! ^o^ (i uploaded a obama tee, jeans, and vans shoes)
    My name on there is Sakura<3

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