ai sp@ce New Years event

aispnewyearsWell as expected Ai Sp@ce has their new years item for sale. This ranges from shrine maiden outfits to beautiful kimonos. Bad news as always? Be prepeared to chalk over the Nico Points orz They do have a few added things to the shops which include some sweaters and skirts (like the one i’m wearing). They also have goth loli coats, shoes & gloves but as always nico points…you know Nico Points are quite expensive. It’s basically 1 yen is ABOUT 1 nico point and you can only buy in packs of 10, 20, 30 and 50 i believe. In addition thanks to a crappy exchange rate that would cost you a lot of money so it’s not really worth it. Oh well it’s nice to look at other people’s though ^_^;

On the other side of Akiba you can visit a shrine & get a fortune.

I got a good luck fortune for 100 dere. I hope that means I can throw in 2000 dere into the dere aipon and somehow a kimono will pop out lol. There will be a new years count down event but as usual I’ll be at work meh.

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  1. your avi looks cute^^
    The Loli Coats cost nico points, I might just buy nico points if half of the items cost nico points! ^o^

  2. umm sorry I missed you we had a club photoshoot before that. Also ch. 2 is unclear you have to tell me what island and what area ^^;.

  3. look if you need help just look at this page:

    I can’t really sit and refresh my blog every second of the day hoping I’ll run into you ^^; That’s the beginners guide it should be fairly easy to follow. I’m pretty sure there are a few other english beginners guides on google that I’ve seen that you can use as well.

    If you have specific questions about something I can try to help but I can’t seem to catch up with you otherwise.

  4. sorry!!!! it’s not working, it’s updating, so i guess that’s why it’s not letting me press the go! button

  5. Lmao, my bad! I guess i can download a Nvidia driver, would that work? (Nvidia makes games work better) or i could download a Video Card Tool System. do you think any of those would work?

  6. umm what? If you dont have an Nvidia video card in your computer downloading an nvidia driver isn’t going to do anything.

    you need to find out what video card you have and then try updating the drivers for it

  7. GOD, why does -everything- have to be Nico Nico points?! I wish they would do it like Poupee Girl where the points you buy and the points you earn are the same. Or AT LEAST give us an option of using Dere or Nico Nico points (even if the Dere is WAY more expensive -_-lll) I just can’t afford it otherwise…

  8. yea it’s annoying that like there are SOME items which are more expensive in dere points but at least you can buy them, but I mean this stuff is like ONLY nico points. it’s quite annoying =/

  9. yea i wish at least ONE colored kimono was a dere one or hell at least one of the miko outfits. meh all I bought was a bowl of clementines for my room lol

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