Ai Sp@ce “Dress to Impress” Event


Been a while since ai sp@ce actually had an event worth participating in. From now until the 16th, there will be a “dress up” event where the shops will be selling some limited time winter items. These include hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, coats & boots. They’re all so cute but sooo expensive if you don’t have nico points. Alas there is hope! For  ai sp@ce is having a “find an npc and get 3000 dere points” event! Basically it’s like how you get the 1000D per day from the dude in the black building, one of his “team members” hides somewhere in ai sp@ce  and if you find him or her you get 3000D once a day! That’s a potential 4000D a day which if you do this daily, you can get up to 48k! And believe me with the prices on those coats & boots you’re gonna need all the money you can get!! I already got myself a pair of gloves. I’m eyeing the white coat and the green scarf to match the gloves as well as a pair of some black or brown knee boots.


In other news, the popular thing to do on ai sp@ce these days is wear nekomimi and wave your glow stick around. Of course you’d have to have bought some Nico points (which are very expensive if I may add) and probably spammed the gachapon to get any of these items. With the JPY currency being 92Y to a dollar, I wouldn’t recommend it. ヾ( ´ε`)

For those new to ai sp@ce (since my blog died) don’t forget you just need a Niconico account to play and registration is free. In order to add me to your buddy list we need to be next to each other. If you see me in game (I’m typically on channel 1 in Akiba waiting to get my daily Deres) my IGN is 猫カフェー

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