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Tartaros October Macros

I’m like half a month late here but here you go.

The new scenario is pretty sweet, I really need to update my screenshot album which I plan to do sometime this weekend.


Also speaking of Halloween, apparently this is my 666th post 😆


Tartaros September Macros

Looks like this is becoming a monthly thing. I’m okay with this.jpg ;D

Tartaros August Macros

Well July’s almost over so it’s time for new macros! I think it’s really great that they give us a new one every month….I wonder if this will be a new trend.

As usual, Cromodo is the best (´^ω^`)

In other news the new boss HP bar is really annoying and awkward to understand. I hope enough people complain that it’s returned to normal. Also the fading in & out music hurts my ears so I have to turn it off now. What the hell was the point of this update is beyond me….

Tartaros Tanabata Voice Macros

Since these are limited time macros for July only I figured I’d record them for memorabilia sake…Cromodo I ♡ U (*´д`*)ハァハァ