Otome Game Review: Kamigami no Asobi

Kusanagi Yui is your average high school girl living with her family who owns a shrine. One day she finds some magical sword at the shrine and before she knows it, she’s teleported into a miniature garden created by a bored Zeus.  The mini garden contains a high school and not only is she to attend it, but her fellow classmates are Greek, Norse, Japanese and Egyptian gods (whose powers have all been restricted by Zeus)! Her job is to now attend school with these other gods and teach them about HUMAN EMOTIONS such as LOVE! Unfortunately, our heroine is completely inexperienced in the love department, but those who disobey Zeus’ orders get a lightning bolt to the butt.

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Otome Game Review: Hakuoki ~Reimeiroku~

Our hero Ibuki Ryunosuke is on the brink of death until he’s found by Serizawa, the current leader of the Shinsengumi (prior to Kondo) who says to come with him. Ryunosuke is so out of it that after eating a riceball from Serizawa he starts hearing his mom’s voices in his head calling him a pathetic loser and that he’s shaming his dead father and ancestors from 1000 years! Ryunosuke decides he values his life so he decides to come along and ends up being Serizawa’s manbitch as he hangs out with some historical bishies.

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Otome Game Review: Little Aid (PS2 Version)

This isn’t a complete review since I only played the routes that weren’t in the PC version. Please read my PC review first before reading this, thanks! So since the original PC version they’ve added blinking eyes on the characters, made Kyoko look less like a man and added extra scenes for Sawato & Chizuru. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Little Aid (PS2 Version)”