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Otome Game Review: Birushana no Senki ~Ichijuu no Kaze~

So after playing Birushana and feeling like I need to see more nice romance with the characters I decided to get the fandisk. Unfortunately my expectations were crushed hard and left me in a disappointment.

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Otome Game Review: Birushana ~Rising Flower of Genpei~

Shanao is the heir to the Genji clan which was just defeated by the Heike clan. Everyone keeps trying to fight her but she just wants to live in peace in the mountains. Eventually after many years of training, she finally goes through her ceremony at age 16, becomes Minamoto Yoshitsune and joins her half brother in trying to regain control of Kyoto from the Heike. Only one of her man harem members knows she’s a woman and along the way she ends up fraternizing with the enemy. ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) But anyway, let’s be real, you’re here to learn all about the Genpei War.😂 Also because I’m too lazy to type out Yoshitsune, I will be referring to the heroine as Shanao.

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RPG Review: Scarlet Nexus

After watching the first episode of the extremely cringy anime series, I decided to get the game ironically cause there was a Steam sale. Fortunately, I unironically enjoyed it so here’s a positive review of Scarlet Nexus! 😀 Some spoilers ahead so be warned. Also my husband’s comments will be in blue.

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Otome Game Review: Lover Pretend

After being in limbo for several years post announcement, Otomate decided to bring this game back from the dead with a seemingly completely new staff. Unfortunately it did not go as planned and frankly did not go as I had imagined. So keep in mind the fact that I thought this game was terrible and boring which is why it took me a month and a half to slog through it while constantly taking breaks to play other games. Our heroine, Chiyuki wants to be a script writer like her deceased mother but she has no idea who her father ever was. However, her mother left her clues that he was one of the actors in the famous drama script her mother wrote called “Pretend to Love”. Now in her 3rd year in college, Chiyuki has a chance to do some assistant work with a movie and she meets the children of the actors who were in Pretend to Love. In addition she’s now also cast as the love interest of all the guys and like with her mom’s drama is a “pretend lover” with them. With this Chiyuki hopes to find a clue on who her father might actually be.

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