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RPG Review: Tales of Arise

Since I had just finished a Bamco game and this one had raving reviews I decided to play my first Tales game. Glad to say I was not disappointed! Warning for slight spoilers as usual!

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RPG Review: Scarlet Nexus

After watching the first episode of the extremely cringy anime series, I decided to get the game ironically cause there was a Steam sale. Fortunately, I unironically enjoyed it so here’s a positive review of Scarlet Nexus! 😀 Some spoilers ahead so be warned. Also my husband’s comments will be in blue.

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8 Years on FFXIV

And so Final Fantasy 14 has just hit it’s 8 year anniversary which also means it’s 8 years since I began playing this game and honestly, that’s almost as old as this blog is. When I first played FFXIV, this blog was only 4 years old so even though I don’t write much about the game here, this game is a huge part of my life. As usual time to go through memory lane of the past year!

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