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Thoughts on Endwalker

Well it’s been nearly 2 months since Endwalker hit and I had some stuff on my mind I wanted to write somewhere that wasn’t going to spoil it for my entire Twitter timeline. (;^ω^) Then I remembered I have a blog! Anyway as usual, spoiler warning if you’ve not yet finished or plan to play it yourself.

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RPG Review: Tales of Vesperia -Definitive Edition-

So after playing Tales of Arise I got sucked into the Tales universe after another crazy Steam sale where these games, normally $50, were like $8 lol. I first began with Tales of Symphonia, but I basically ended up ragequitting after 1 night of archaic JRPG bullshittery and moved on to Vesperia. Fortunately Vesperia came with 2 free DLCs that boosted my stats and gave me crafting items to make weapons that I don’t get until end game if I were to do it the legit way. 😈 As usual my husband’s comments are in blue.

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FFXIV Cosplay Glamour: Part 4

Apparently it’s been like 2 years since I made a post with all my recent glam cosplays so I decided it’s time for an update! Warning this post is image heavy!

Just Be Friends

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