What I Learned After 4 Months of Nier:Reincarnation

Since the English version of Nier Reincarnation is coming at the end of this month I figured I’d make sort of a tips post after playing for 4 months. I’ve pretty much grasped everything there is to know about the game so hopefully new players will find this somewhat useful for their upcoming Nier adventures!

A2 is the best gacha character you can get

The downside is you’ll have to stare at her naked butt forever

I’m gonna be real here, GET A2 soon as the Nier Automata event drops. Not 2B, not 9S, A2. Get her many times and limit break her I am so serious. She is insanely OP and will help you clear a lot of quests and events when you upgrade her. Basically you keep her in your party until you get Ex weapon characters because that’s how good she is. None of the other gacha characters can compare she’s just that good.

9S is bad and Square Enix should feel bad.

9S literally got the short end of the stick.

Unfortunately 9S sucks. He sucks even more when combined with 2B because they share the same type of weapon (short sword) that they both use. So unfortunately you have to pick one or the other in your team without splitting up your weapon damage (unless you have a shit ton of upgraded short swords lying around which when starting the game – you do not.) Naturally you would pick 2B because she has character speed boost which makes her very good to use in PVP so due to this you would naturally put 2B over 9S in your party. 9S’s lines are cute though if you just want to throw him into your parties during events just to use him – but for any real difficult quests or PVP 9S sucks and it’s honestly astounding how bad he is compared to so many characters I’ve upgraded. The only reason you’d use 9S is if you somehow got him 4 times, upgraded him fully and he’s the best 4 star you have in your party and can’t do any better.

Ex-Charas are the best chars you can get in the game

No money for gacha? No problem, just let RNGesus take the wheel. Once you can do the daily Ex-chara quests (avg requirement 60000~80000 battle points in your group) make sure you do them all every single day daily. What you want are the items below:

Yes you want to get this item. You need either 1, 2 or 3 (final step) to upgrade the weapon to level 10 which will eventually unlock a quest to get you one of the OP charas in the screenshot prior to this one. If you look in my chara screenshot above that, you can see that my one and only ex-chara Lars is the best one and he’s not even fully upgraded he’s only at 70. A2 is at 85 and Nier and Akeha are at 90! So yes these are the most powerful characters so save up, do your daily quests and pray you get those purple cube items to finally unlock the ex-charas. The good news is you can also roll in a monthly gacha that you’re very likely to get the purple cube in as well as use Arena (PVP) points to exchange for one of those so pretty much every month you’re guaranteed at LEAST 2 and the rest is daily quest RNG. The RNG isn’t great but I’ve gotten those cubes at least 3 times from the daily quests so they do drop and aren’t an illusion lol.

Make sure you level at least 1 healer

Up until the most recent event I just assumed if I can’t brute force DPS my way through quests I probably just don’t have enough level etc. But no, you just NEED those heals. Baldy-chan is the best healer because her main LB skill is “big heal for the whole party”. In most quests you will not need this, but in some quests it’s an absolute necessity. I got my 4 star healer accidentally during my attempt to get some ikeman 4 star but now I’m glad I got her because I was able to clear a lot of the most recent event quests solely thanks to her healing. But for dailies, story events? Nah you don’t need her, just bring out your big guns and melt everything. 😂

Always do event quests

A lot of the event quest rewards beyond just “crappy 3 star weapon/character” are usually the side rewards such as rare weapon upgrades, character upgrades and gems that you need to limit break your 4 star weapons. So yes, always do them, in fact if you’re saving your stamina drinks these events are where you basically burn through them.

Friends who don’t login daily are enemies

Yo did you know that when you login and send a “cheer” to your friends they receive a stamina? You can have 100 friends, that’s 100 daily stamina you can send and receive! Oh but wait, your friend list is full of people who login once a week or less. AWAY WITH YOU ALL. Only keep people on your friend list who login frequently and send you stamina, if they don’t fuck em, delete and find new ones. 😂😂😂😂

Do your gorilla quests

Ok so they’re actually called Guerilla quests but whatever, they give you a ton of weapon upgrades but the catch is they’re only 4 times a day for 30 minutes, 2 of those times are usually while you’re probably sleeping (at least for me because of timezones lol.) So yea, if you remember, do those quests, especially when you’re first starting out. They can really upgrade your weapons which will help raise your battle score and let you clear stuff faster.


Upgrade your favorite chars’ weapon type. Upgrade the minions that go with each status type (fire, wind etc). Upgrade your characters’ skills. Upgrade your weapon skills. Limit break your characters and weapons. The higher your stuff, the more quests are you able to do which means the more items you can get. Ultimately I feel like the end goal is “do events to upgrade your chars to do more events to get free gacha currency to get your fav chars gacha cards even if you will never use them”. But hey the stories are nice too but ultimately most of the game you spend just “doing stuff to upgrade things to do harder things you couldn’t do before.”


Anyway hopefully this post was useful to anyone starting Nier Reincarnation this month. I’m gonna probably stick to the Japanese version since I just have so much stuff here now and because I prefer Japanese voices over English ones. They’re adding a new main story arc at the end of the week for Fio so I’m looking forward to seeing what the deal is with that. (*’ω’*)

I frequently stream Nier Reincarnation gameplay from the Japanese servers on my Twitch channel so feel free to drop by!


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  1. I never got her so I can’t comment unfortunately!
    I did get the 2P outfit Fio though, and she comes with a healing skill that also does damage which is pretty OP for some of the challenging events they tend to have that give ex-chara rewards so I would definitely recommend getting her if you don’t already have a baldy with a heal in your deck!

  2. Thanks. This was a fun and informative read. Thanks to this that i found out that i was doing most of the things correctly 😂😤

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