Otome Game Review: Scared Rider Xechs Rev.

Our superwoman genius Akira graduated from college at a young age and at the age of 17 becomes a teacher/commander for the 6th Evangelion LAG unit of Substance x Human robo fighters. But also everything is like a giant musical pun because all the robos aka substances, are named after guitar brands (Gibson, Les Paul, Epiphone etc) and all the guys in this unit are part of a rock band called Odd I’s (a pun on the fact that they have odd colored eyes when they gattai with their robots). 😂 They fight against the evil “red” planet but things start to get difficult when it’s revealed that the substances are all originally from that red planet and have been experimented on/controlled by humans. Aka it’s basically the plot of Evangelion 😂😂.

Ok but did you REALLY have to have her head turned exactly so you can’t see her face??

Yuuji – Yuuji’s one of the few normal guys who’s nice to Akira from the start. He’s also a pansy and combined with Akira being dense as a brick, anytime he tries to hit on her seriously, she’s like “you’re just kidding right” he chickens out with “oh yea uh just kidding lol!” But then when they finally start to grow a little closer around Christmas, Akira is moved to another branch of LAG in Tokyo. After Tokyo’s attacked and Takuto sacrifices himself to save everyone, Akira is returned back to everyone. Yuuji is completely distressed after his death and his mental state becomes unstable which is dangerous when you constantly gattai with the robots. And then the evil dudes are like yea we just want Akira and LAG is more than willing to just hand her over to “save everyone”. Only the guys, including Yuuji are against this but Akira is uwu I must sacrifice myself. She then has a chit chat with Takuto, who apparently didn’t die and joined the bad guys, who says that she’s been brainwashed by LAG this entire time. Apparently she actually has the power whether she wants to save the Red world (the “bad guys”) or the Blue world (earth). She says she wants to save earth and while he yandere rambles about his obsession with Akira, Yuuji cockblocks him to come to save Akira cause well it’s his route lol.

He says that the only way to “free” Akira from the grasp of the blue world is to destroy it but Yuuji just ignores that fact and says he will save her lol. Also one of the main commanders of LAG then admits that actually he was just playing a catchball game with the leader of the red world to see who can have Akira to themselves. ಠ_ಠ It’s also revealed all her memories and family is fake and so after that Yuuji offers to become her family instead by basically indirectly proposing to her lol. Oh and then he saves the world by kissing Akira and making her release magical powers that kills all the red world guys and saves earth. 😂😂 Miracle of love saves the day!! In the epilogue she moves in with Yuuji’s family in Hakodate. In the bad end (aka the red end) Yuuji pretty much merges with his robot, and becomes cray and Akira is like lol ok I’ll still be your waifu in our ~new world~. And so earth dies and the evil red world takes over while Yuuji becomes king. Does this count as a 3P end cause he’s technically merged with his robo – he’s even the robo’s voice in Yuuji’s body! 😂

Back of heads got boring so here’s a leg

Kazuki – Kazuki is a complete clown because everything he says is along the lines of “Nice to Yoroshikumeetyou”. I don’t know maybe Japan thinks it’s hilarious to throw in Engrish words into random sentences but it just irritated me to no end. It also didn’t help that because he had the same voice as Emet Selch from FFXIV I could only hear “Idiot Emet Selch” the entire game. 😂😂 Even more annoying is his robot Richenbacher who is voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko but sounds like he’s some kind of dying squirrel every time he opens his mouth. Kazuki also writes the lyrics for the band’s songs and constantly rambles about this latest song and inspiratation. Unfortunately because this game is terribly written, the entire route is basically copypasta from the last route save for the few different scenes with Kazuki and his terrible Engrish and his rambling about MUSIC SAVES THE WORLD! After they defeat the bad guys, he becomes a piano teacher. In the bad end, literally the exact same thing as Yuuji where you end up with the weird robo in Kazuki’s body 3P end. Except well Richenbacher creeps the living hell out of me so this ending is creepy af lol.

You’re gonna eat this and you’re gonna like it woman!!

Yosuke – Yosuke loves to cook and everything with him somehow ends up being described as food. The joke at the start is Akira thinks they will get along well because she loves to eat! 😂 Yosuke’s route appears to try to attempt to do some otome scenes between him and Akira but half the time he’s just “che che che” and I couldn’t take him seriously. I mean I couldn’t even understand a lot of the time why he was blushing and the worst part is most of the time Akira had like no reaction to it…it was pretty sad lol. It got kinda serious when Yosuke’s robo dude was like “why should I care about robos I never met dying anyway?” and Yosuke got all mad because “you’re supposed to care about your nakamaaa”. Anyways the rest is all the same template with more pics of the back of Akira’s head. The red end was kinda creepy cause the Yosuke/Subtance 3P end he was like “I wanna fill our new planet with lots of babies!!!” Yikes.

Kyakya ufufu~ ❤

Hiro – Despite being a literal copy paste of the last 3 routes, I somehow liked Hiro’s route. He was kind of annoying in all the other routes but he was really cute in his own, the way he really tried to become better and stronger for Akira. That said, because this game focuses almost nothing on any otome game development, it barely gave him a chance to become stronger or change for the better. He got slightly less chicken and whined less about going out to battle (I honestly don’t even understand/remember why he chose the robo pilot life or if he kinda ended up there Ikari Shinji style)….but in his bad end it almost showed the true colors of him basically not caring about anything or anyone except being coddled by Akira the entire time. In fact the red end was actually the worst one in a sense where not only does he take Akira away and abandon the other pilots to die, he then continues being chased by LAG with her and then uses her power of love bs to basically instantly turn the world red lol. Doesn’t help either that Akira is basically a blow up doll who just goes along with pretty much everything in this game except when she robotically barks out commands (if you even call some of the choices in the battles commands rather than cheerleading calls.)

Finally the otome game-esque scene I needed in my life

Takuto – Takuto’s route was actually interesting in a sense where he actually had a personality that stuck out – aka the BUMBLING TSUNDERE. I never heard Miyano Mamoru voicing a tsundere in all the decade of otome games I’ve played but here we are 😂. So in that sense, the scenes of him and Akira were interesting, and her reactions to his tsundereness were funny, in fact I had wished I could pick some of the other choices (but sadly his reaction to them wasn’t that interesting.) Also because he becomes the red bad guy, that made the end “slightly” different from all the previous copy pastas. But yea in the end miracle of love, red world is destroyed cause of Takuto, but his life is spared because of Akira’s love for him yay! Red end is same as usual but I’ma be honest, evil Namikawa voice taking over Miyano was good (́◉◞౪◟◉)👍 Takuto is like a big reason I’m gonna shove myself into playing the FD for this game \(^o^)/. Don’t have much to say about him since well…copy pasta….( ´_ゝ`).

Most of his good scenes weren’t the ones with the CGs in them

Hijiri –  So the only thing I knew about Hijiri before coming into this game is that he’s voiced by Kenn so I was like oh sweet some nice Kenn voice actin—-except it’s the kind of Kenn who voices loud obnoxious idiots and not the smooth jazz Kenn I like in my otome games. 😂😢 The first thing he does when he shows up is hit on Akira non stop because apparently he knows her and her knowledge of him has been plucked out of her brain. Due to this he manages to pretty much make enemies with all the other guys and get them to hate him until the very end when they need a vocalist after Takuto becomes evil. So the truth is revealed in this route that Hijiri was a former pilot of the “5th unit” of LAG (which stands for Life After God). Apparently on their first mission the entire unit got wiped with Hijiri being the only survivor because his substance robot Gibson betrayed him. In addition, the unit was led by Akira who was OLDER than Hijiri at the time, but she did not age while Hijiri did which is why when he returns to be in the 6th unit, he’s the same age as her at 17. So the reason Gibson betrayed him is because he was buttmad that his lil bro Epiphone wanted to stay on earth cause they got hot rock music there while red planet has well..nothing.

So Gibson is like okay well the only way to get otouto-kun back to my planet is to destroy earth, what a brilliant idea! He’s extra buttmad that Epihone, who had a lot of experiments done on him by LAG, partners up with Hijiri and goes against him. Gibson’s defeated but Epiphone’s power destroys Hijiri’s body but ayy no problem, Akira’s magikaru power of love saves him and everyone else. Because the red world is destroyed, all the substances, who are originally from it, disappear as well. Epiphone says goodbye to Hijiri and as a last request asks him to sing him a song. In the epilogue, Akira visits the grave of the 5th unit with Hijiri and starts unconsciously crying even though she had her memories of them wiped. In the red end Epiphone did try to warn Akira about taking over Hijiri’s mind if he kept transforming but they continued to do so anyway like in all the other guys’ routes. The red world ending actually ends up different in this one because the red world ends up becoming “blue” instead and she lives on earth with Hijiri – but he’s been mindbroken and his mind is taken over by “Epiphone” even though Epiphone, along with the other substances, is gone from this world now. Akira quits working at LAG and moves into some inaka house along with Hijiri to live there the rest of his life. There’s one final bad end where basically Akira’s entire unit is wiped like unit 5, and she’s once again “reset” like before. In the grand ending  Akira’s magical powers pick “both worlds” and the entire world is “reborn” where both humans and substances peacefully coexist. I guess this is some kind of half assed harem ending or something lol. I was missing a CG at the end and a bunch of bonus stories but at this point I honestly couldn’t care less…

Imagine having this kind of scene for the heroine and literally revealing practically nothing about her.

They never explained wtf Akira is, is she a substance? She never ages, she’s obviously like a genius robot creation thing…so many unanswered questions which apparently the FD doesn’t answer either. Why does she have the power to decide which world is saved because of power of wuv? Why does she even have romantic feelings towards any of the guys if she was just created? Or maybe it was all one sided honestly cause it felt like the guys had fallen for her but she never reciprocated until the literal last minute lol. Oh well just like with Evangelion Death & Rebirth, nothing got resolved and they needed 4 more movies to try to explain everything, and then at the end everyone just sits there clapping their hands telling Shinji おめでとう! Unfortunately this decade old game has served its purpose so there probably won’t be any further explanations – though I’m curious to check out the anime to see if they added any additional “stuff” to it. I know there’s drama CDs and stories on the official site regarding the 5th unit Hijiri was in that maybe explain all this stuff but I can’t be assed to read through it because I couldn’t really get into the swiss cheese plot lol.

Edit: So I sat down and spent the day watching the SRX anime where they explained how Grand Bach and Ishidera were resonance partners and how Akira is constantly killed and reborn cause the 2 of them couldn’t decide whether to save the blue or red world. The anime also threw in this original character, Hako, who was a clone of Akira with fake memories which kinda goes against the whole thing of Akira being the one with the fake memories since she’s just reborn and “edited” each time by LAG in order to fight against red world. That still doesn’t explain why she’s the “golden goddess” or why she keeps dying with each LAG unit – especially since episode 1 of the anime had her tell Yosuke she wishes she was just dead already (;^ω^)…well still a better explanation than the game gave but still doesn’t quite resolve a lot of stuff oh well lol.

Lol heroine is in this scene but nowhere to be seen because why bother?

Woowee this game had so many bad things going for it I’m just gonna make a bullet list why it was insanely bad:

  • No PS TV support – this is a personal issue, I like to play games on my TV cause in auto mode on my hand held the screen dims every 3 minutes or so. Annoying.
  • The Vita port had no FD included so I had to go digging for the PS2 edition of it. Makes absolutely no sense because the PSP port included the FD so ??? What gives?
  • No calling out heroine’s name, just calling her “teacher” or leaving a blank silent space. I know most older games didn’t have the call-name feature, I’m just spoiled because it really adds a sense of acknowledgement that she’s more than a blowup storyteller doll.
  • The transformation animations were cool – but they were weirdly loud and actually kinda creepy. I know everything is musical based, but seeing someone literally shoving a headphone jack into their hand seemed strangely painful and awkward to me. After a while I got sick of the same animation scenes and just ended up skipping them.
  • Sometimes I’d forget Akira was in the scene because most of the scenes were just the guys talking to each other and having fun with each other and once in a while she’d pipe up with a choice you have to pick. It felt so disconnected, like I couldn’t really get into any of these scenes. This is a common thing in “josei muke” mobile games, and some people may not mind it, but I like my heroine to be “part” of a scene not just be a “camera” into it.
  • Even though she was their teacher, half the guys were older than her anyway, and in the end nobody gave a foot about studen/teacher relationships – but if you picked some funny choice as if you’re “okay” with the guy hitting on you, you’d get such a nasty reaction it was honestly a mood killer. (Example Hijiri hits on you and asks you to go on a date – and if you jokingly agree he’s like ew you’re my teacher that’s gross. UMm?? don’t hit on me then what?)
  • The bonus omakes the vita added were just more guys having fun with each other or fantasizing taking Akira on a date – but I would have preferred them actually TAKING HER ON A DATE and having that kind of scenario instead. I didn’t even unlock most of them, probably followed a bad guide, but I couldn’t be assed to sit through yet another 13 chapters of this game to figure out where I missed stuff bleh.
  • COPY PASTA – the entire game was just copy pasta common route. There was maybe a handful of scenes that were “unique” to each guy, but the entire game basically followed the exact same branch that I was skipping scenario well into the final chapter!! There was absolutely nothing unique or interesting and due to that I had a lot of trouble getting “into the game” and into the guys up until I got to Hiro, Takuto and Hijiri so I spent like half the game just deadpan skipping and not caring about anyone or anything.
  • Zipang News – wtf was the point of this. The guy had literally no relation to anyone or anything and just commented on every chapter for no reason. I’ve seen this kind of thing in Bustafellows/Sidekicks but at least that guy somewhat had some relevancy and involvement in the story – meanwhile this blonde dude? Yea who even cares about you EBURIWAN.

Uh now let’s talk about things I liked…a stellar seiyuu cast! Even the subtances all had like really famous voice actors! Yea! Hmm yea that’s about it. Most people think “oh but Pako is the artist here at least the art was nice right?”

Did Pako really draw this monstrosity?

Not only were some CGs completely odd but in half of the CGs it was just…BACKS OF HEADS. I kid you not:

I don’t think we’ve seen enough of the back of Akira’s head do you?😱

Most of the CGs weren’t romantic at all, it would just be characters standing there doing nothing but when we finally get a nice CG…..>>BACK OF HEAD<<. _| ̄|○ i|||i Good grief what a waste of art talent. Actually the back of head almost underlines of how pointless she was? Like in the routes I enjoyed it felt like she sort of had some remains of a personality but overall she felt like she was just a human robot told to react and bark out commands. By the way most of her “commands” weren’t even commands?? The (annoyingly timed) choices would be things like “I don’t care about things I don’t understand” or “Just go kick ass!” She literally was nothing more than just a cheerleader which in Hijiri’s route he made a joke of “Are you just gonna cheer me on and tell me to figure it out myself??”😂😂 He knows man. Anyway honestly I’m just hoping the FD will give me some cute scenarios with Hijiri, Hiro and Takuto cause honestly I couldn’t give a crap about anything else anymore lmao. I bought this game for only 88 yen on a SUPER DISCOUNT SALE in April which makes me glad I never paid full price for it, what a joke lmao. I’ve played other games that had a similar setup (girl has some power/cheers on a bunch of guys doing a thing) like in Trigger Kiss or Prince of Stride…but those games actually put some effort into the romantic scenes between the heroine & the guys, so even though the “battle” parts were boring af, at least the romantic scenes made up for it. Sadly the romantic buildup in this game were nowhere to be found save for the routes I liked (lol) and it honestly made the entire past week a drag to sit through. Hopefully the FD will make up for this, or maybe I’ll just have yet another week of regret before I get started on that Dairoku Ayakashimori. 😨



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  1. I’m a bit disappointed to see it’s not as good as I’d hoped, but I bought the game this summer when a random YouTube video showed me an SRX event and I was like, “What’s this? I must have it!” and ended up buying like four CDs because the music is great. I love Blue or Red and the voice cast is top notch, too.

    I have played some of the intro and I have to say, when they gave me the first dialogue choice and I got a rad squealing guitar riff with affection up for everybody following my selection, I belly laughed for several minutes. I think I’m really going to enjoy the over the top cheese, if nothing else. 😂

  2. yea after starting the FD I went to the official site and realized it just takes place in the middle of the last game and has nothing to do with what happens at the end of the first game LOL
    I’m not even remotely surprised they half assed it..so I’m just there for the romance (??? if there is any? Hijiri jealous sounds good though huehuehue) I’ll be sure to save Hijiri for last 😉

  3. Thanks for the review! Akira such a mysterious protag..it seems Hijiri or Takuto are the ”important one” story wise….
    Regarding the FD (i played it before after watching the anime) i dont remember that well but sadly Akira was still mysterious af in there ugh… I only enjoyed Hijiri route tbh bcs at least we got jealous Kenn mehehehe

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