A Week in FFXIV: [4/23 – 4/29/2019]

The face of a woman whose husband shirks her – a healer – in a 24 man raid and kills her instantly

Pardon the lack of otome game posts lately, but it’s likely to continue while I crawl my way through KBO2 lol. I’ve decided to do a weekly game diary of stuff that happened in FFXIV that week since I did enjoy doing game diary style posts back in the day. This would also kinda help keep things organized instead of doing individual posts at random times. These posts will be every Monday – the day before FFXIV weekly reset. And so to kick things off, this week we focus on the big patch update – World Teleport.

With the world teleport service in full swing the first thing me and everyone else did: check prices and market boards of other servers. The “cheap populated servers” have now become the expensive servers and the server I am on appears to now be the cheapest…so I don’t have to travel much at all lol. I picked up a few minions as well as the pricey samurai barding for my chocobo above. I was able to meet a few friends as well and we visited each other’s houses as well so that was fun!

FFXIV is also running a “invite a friend back” Campaign so you can invite your friends to come back to get some rewards.

I’ve been working on leveling all my jobs to 70 (on a 2nd character 😂😂) and currently on ninja. Playing ninja with 170-190 ping is…rough but it’s not impossible and for the sake of leveling/doing the quest story it’s totally acceptable.

My husband and I tried to 2-man a hard 4man dungeon called Heaven on High. We went as a Paladin/Warrior pair but got wiped to a chimera thanks to lol-japan-lag.

But then we found 2 more friends to go with us and knocked it out on Sunday morning for my first clear on this character. This is now my overall 2nd clear of HOH. I was gonna call it a night then and there but the friends we went with want to go 4 more times to get all the items & mount so I guess I’ll be going back for more pain. A bit proud that I tanked the whole thing, my last clear was as a DPS. Here’s our little clear gallery below!

Once we got out we opened up our platinum sacks and ….

I won the super rare dodo mount!!!!!!!! Most people would sell it cause its worth over 10 million gil but I’m a collector… 😎

Another event that happened over the weekend was the Midgardsormr Housing Tour! It was organized by Japanese players in the housing linkshell I’m in but they’re trying to spread the joy of housing to other servers. Any NA players who wanted their house visited could sign up – which is a great way for exposure as most people on NA never care about going to anyone’s houses anyway.

For the first time in about a year of entering, I won a place in the recent FF15 screenshot contest! My request was the Gaelipcap so now I got a cute wiggly butt cat hat while I level ninja 😘

And finally, after 2 years of ignoring it, I have recommenced big fishing on my NA character. Caught about 9 fish yesterday but I still have tons to go and most of them as usual have crazy requirements with abysmal catching ratios.😂But ayy no worries, during all the waiting, is when I’m finally playing my otome games. Multitasking FTW.