Otome Game Review: Piofiore no Banshou

Did you ever want to feel like an oppressed woman in the year 1925 in the country of Italy? Do you enjoy being a damsel in distress surrounded by EDGY AND DANGEROUS mafia men? Does the idea of being kidnapped by the Chinese mafia and potentially sold as a sex slave EXCITE you!? Then you probably shouldn’t read the rest of this review cause these are all landmines that literally ruin a game for me. Needless to say this ain’t gonna be pretty, and it’s just a rage diarrhea that took me 1 month and 2 weeks of dragging on to complete. (╬╬^益^) The title which apparently means a “A Saintly Flower’s Curfew” aka blaming the heroine for literally existing – THE GAME.

Our heroine, Liliana Adornato, was born and raised as an orphan in the local church in the town of Burlone. Burlone is a town that’s run by 3 mafia families who naturally are at war with each other. The 3 families are Falzone, Visconti and LaoXu (a Chinese mafia). While the church is in a neutral area, the LaoXu, notorious for kidnapping women and selling them as slaves, attack it. They specifically aim for Lily but before they can get to her, she’s saved by the boss of Falzone, Dante. Dante takes her to his place and gives her plenty of gifts, as well as a baby nuko who she named Carlo. Lily has no idea what’s going on in the mafia feud but soon she begins to realize she may be the center of it.

Dante Falzone – Dante seemed like he had potential to be that kuudere dude who’s like all cool and badass mafia boss but has a soft spot on the inside. But alas, he acts like a complete asshole in the other routes so any joy I got from his route was subsequently ruined in the rest of the game…as it is for basically every character. So she hangs out with Falzone house for a while until one day someone from LaoXu attacks and says they’re after the Key Maiden – which is apparently Lily. The birthmark she’s had on her chest is the indication of it and now she realizes everyone is after her. Dante takes her to his secret hideout, but his cousin, and 2nd in command, Nicola turns out to be a traitor and reveals their location to Visconti. Visconti then kidnaps Lily but Dante rescues her and gets her back. After this rumors spread about Falzone and the townsfolk hate them. Lily sticks with Dante the whole time, sneaking through town even helping him out because she loves him for himself, not for being the mafia boss.

They go back to the church together where they meet some dude named Emilio who tells them that when the seal on her boob turns red, to come see him. Dante also has to stop the Chinese mafia girl from wreaking havoc in the Falzone section. By then the two of them become lovers and bang that night, and the next day the key maiden seal turns red. Apparently her banging a Falzone is the key cause he’s the lock! 😂 So then they end up fighting both Orlock and Yang, and Yang dies lol. Also turns out Nicola didn’t really betray anyone and was just pretending to in order to spy on the other mafias. After this Dante asks if Lily wants to return to the church and she says she’d rather stay with Dante. In the sub story Dante attempted to get Lily drunk and failed and got himself drunk instead 😂. In the bad end Nicola reveals that he betrayed Falzone to free Dante from his forced role as boss so he could be “freed”. In most bad ends though Nicola either ends up attempting to kill Lily or killing her so that left a crappy image of him for me…right before I started his route.

Nicola Francesca – So thanks to Nicola being painted as a huge asshole in Dante’s route, I really just had no desire to go through it other than to force myself for the sake of completion and route unlocks =_=. And well honestly not any different as he betrays Falzone, kidnaps Lily and takes her to Visconte. The whole time he’s like yeah I pretended to be nice to you but in her head surely there’s a nice guy™ deep inside just waiting to come love her!! 🙄 So she basically goes off the deep end with her Stockholm towards Nicola and I was just wishing for the route to be over as fast as possible. 😩 On top of this one of the cops Robby ends up having a crush on Lily and tries to get involved only to get shot during one of the mafia leader brawls. Roberto then gets really buttmad that Lily won’t notice his “nice guy attempt” to save her and stupidly ends up joining forces with Yang to save her again! 😂 He then goes on full blown yandere and kills his boss Marco like wtf??😂

And well as expected Nicola’s ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ… love for Dante shines through once again as the plot of this route that Nicola wants to DESTROY the family so Dante can be ~free of responsibility of leading it~. At least Lily thinks this whole idea is really stupid and Nicola just says “You won’t understand~(my bromance for Dante)”. But yea somehow all of this is trivialized because Roberto the creepy yandere stalker continues his quest to kidnap Lily and so now HE becomes the bad guy and makes Nicola seem less terrible (but you ain’t fooling me!) And so after Roberto is killed by Nicola for kidnapping Lily suddenly they live happily and bang ever after. Also Nicola resolves his bromance with Dante who tells him that he’s an adult and now the image of a small child Nicola had imprinted in his head. In the other ends Nicola further realizes that he was wrong the whole time about what is “best of Dante” along with the bad endings of Lily kidnapped by yandere stalker 😂. Honestly I disliked Nicola from the start but the creepy Roberto crap was so random and bizarre that’s honestly all that sticks out of his route for me lol. Bonus: In one of the bad ends Nicola ALSO turns into a yandere and keeps her in her uwuu room of love locked all day. DOUBLE THE FUN.

Orlok – Orlok works for the crazy church people even going as far as to kill in order to accomplish his mission. His mission now is to take Lily and bring her to the pope dude, and he basically abducts her in front of Sophia knocking the poor old nun to the ground. But despite being a church person he takes Lily to the Chinese mafia led by Yang instead cause the pope dude’s been secretly working with them (which isn’t revealed until you do Yang’s route). 😕 He then brings her back to the church during the day for a bit so everyone sees that she’s safe. Also it’s revealed in a flashback that Orlok was the one who killed Dante’s father. Orlok later explains he needed to sneak into one of the 3 mafias and Lao Xu is the easiest one to do so from outside of Burlone. So then out of nowhere Orlok tells Lily he loves her but she thinks it’s like one of those kiddy crushes since he’s like 4 years younger than her (even though he’s 18 and should by now know what this is?!).

Since Yang threatens to hurt Lily Orlok takes her to his hideout shack  where they stay for a few days…. until Gilbert finds out of their location. Just then Orlok gets a message that the pope Josef von Roseberg is coming to Burlone and now is her chance to finally leave this town. When Josef comes to the church he finds out LaoXu has been using Lily to act like they’re close to him, and Lily doesn’t consider herself any kind of “holy maiden” at all. Elena asks for his help to try and save Lily from the hands of the mafia. Orlok brings Lily to the hotel where Josef is staying at but after speaking with him she doesn’t trust him because of the things he has assigned Orlok to do. And of course she’s right cause it turns out Orlok’s been told to kill Lily because she’s the reason the mafia is fighting over her so clearly if she’s dead Burlone will be at peace! Surely there is NO OTHER reason the mafia had ever fought against each other until now!! Obviously you get a mass of choices here and picking the incorrect one will get Lily killed in 7 glorious bad endings necessary for your trophy completion. 🙄 And so Orlok realizes pope GGE has been using him all this time, and had made a deal with the chinese mafia using Lily to try to get power and money from the citizens. Orlok decides to try to run away with Lily but instead it turns into a chain of mass murders of all of LaoXu as well as murdering Dante and near murdering Gilbert (who’s buttmad about his name being tarnished or some bs.) So much bloody fighting which ultimately Lily is like “lol yea I don’t care who you kill Orlok-kyun as long as we can be together 💕💕💕”.

So after killing Dante (cause Dante just had to take revenge) they frolick off to where Emilio is and try to live a new life dedicated to helping the clergy rather than being a murder machine. Oh also at some point Emilio came in explaining that Falzone family is supposed to be the gatekeepers of the ~holy being~ (whatever it is) and that Orlok was supposed to guard her and protect her to make sure she gets to Falzone family safely but yea evil pope man and Orlock apparently being some abandoned child who was supposed to be on death row or something. But yea none of this matters because Orlok and Lily live happily ever after to ~atone their sins~ or something. Also during the fight Orlok lost his right hand and now has some prosthetic one. I had to do all the stupid bad ends for the trophy and in at least 3 of them Yang just kills Lily right off the bat because you pick 1 wrong choice. What a great way for me to segue into his route! 🙄 Also the NTR/rape end with Dante left him in a bad light for me even though he was alright in his own route…there’s just no hope for anyone in this game =_=;. Also it’s rather sad that this shitty end was the ONE end where Orlok got a kiss CG. Poor guy.

Yang Mao – One of the guides recommend Yang as the more romantic route so I came in with slightly higher hopes. Unfortunately they were crushed the moment he abducted her and told her to either be his concubine or get gang raped by his men. So romantic!?! (ㆆ_ㆆ) I would rather scrub the grease off my stove (which is what I did instead of playing this game.😂) Well I guess I should be happy he doesn’t actually rape her but instead he treats her like his pet. He tells his 2 murder kids (who threaten to kill her if she tries to run away)to be her escorts so she’s always stuck 24/7 next to someone terrible… but then again that’s like 95% of this game. Lily also discovers the massive drug abuse going on in this side of town where those who get so high lose all sense of themselves and turn into the equivalent of a rabid animal. The best part is the ones distributing the opium is none other than LaoXu!  Fei and Lan tell her how one day they nearly got beat up to death in the streets of Hong Kong. But because Yang was walking by and the ppl beating them up were in his way he beat them up therefore “saving” the twins. Figuring this was their only chance to escape slum hell they ran after him and joined his mafia cause he was their hero. 😑 So they were raised to be his murder machines and they are super loyal to him because of him their lives were spared (even if unintentionally…) Just when Lily thinks that things are getting bad, she finds out her friend Elena has been captured too and turned into a sex slave opium drug addict by Lee, one of Yang’s (fake)allies who has recently been doing suspicious stuff. Lily is shocked to see Elena be so out of it that she’s even willing to lick Lee’s shoes in front of her….😑. But anyway surely the game thinks by making Yang seem like a nice guy clearly it will make the player like him like some Stockholm romance. By having him not kill Lily, give her a new dress and a stuffed panda this clearly makes him so sweet!🙄 Lily also finds out all her church friends got abducted to be sold as slaves and realizes why Yang won’t help her save Elena.

Surely it’s better for her to be drugged and abused by 1 rich mafia guy than randos overseas! 🙄 So on the topic of seas, Dante and Gilbert join forces to attack and blow up his ship, however he manages to escape with Lily cause he knew he’d be attacked and the twins come on a different boat to pick them up. They end up hiking through the forest back to Burlone only to find out Lee is trying to become LaoXu’s leader.  For reasons unknown to me, Yang doesn’t immediately kill him and acts like nothing is wrong even though I’m 99% sure he knows that Lee was definitely involved in his murder plot. But yea all of this doesn’t matter because Yang gives Lily a sexy lingere and they bang all night even though she knows he’s ~such a bad guy~ but, and I quote, “I think I….like you”. ಠ_ಠ If my brain hadn’t already shut down this route, I think it boarded a rocket ship and flew away from this planet after that. So then turns out Lee the drugist rapist was the one spreading opium all over the town to the citizens and Yang knew about all of it but didn’t give a shit…until Lee decided to try and take over LaoXu and abduct & rape Lily. Whoa there whole new ballgame, so Yang comes right in the nick of time and brutally murders Lee ~saving our princess~. (Also nothing is explained on what even happened to Elena cause she’s not even there.) Just then they are attacked by Dante and Falzone and Dante’s like “I’ve come to save you Lily to care for you.” and she’s like “No I refuse to go with someone who kills people for their goal.” Dante points out that she’s with a guy who kills people with no goal and to that Lily responds “well at least he’s upfront about it!” 😂😂😂😂🤦‍ So then Yang kills Dante and the rest of Falzone leaving only really just LaoXu and Visconte. After this they finally rescue poor Elena who is so mentally and physically abused that Lily ends up spending every night with her trying to soothe and calm her down. Eventually Elena returns to her senses (aside from of course the PTSD induced nightmares) and asks to return to the church. Yang also tells Lily that since Falzone is dead she has no more “value” she can return to the church as well…but oh noes she’s fallen in wuv with her abductor and is a sad panda that he is ~letting her go~ lmao.

Suddenly everything is peaceful and good and Yang is really bored for fortunately Nicola the shitter comes back to provide Yang some ~entertainment~ by becoming the new leader of Falzone and attacking the church. Nicola then sends Elena to tell Lily & Yang hoping Yang will try to bring his men and save them….but Yang’s like “lol whatever can’t be assed to care.” Lan and Fei offer to come help instead since they got to know some of the kids there and want to save everyone. Yang gets all buttmad that he’s left behind  even though he’s the one who said he doesn’t care and everyone else can do whatever they want….but then shows up anyway!! 😂 So then Yang obviously kills Nicola, followed by killing Visconte not to short time later… and so basically Burlone now belongs to LaoXu. Lily decides that instead of going back to the church she wants to stay and bang Yang for the rest of her life yolo. Yang also tells her that China told him it’s time to go do their bullshit in London next. He then reveals her his real name – Mao and she asks if she can call him that in private. The “good end” reveals a horrible flashback where Elena is captured and raped by random guys from LaoXu who wanted to sell her to slavery until Lee “saved” her and made her his slave instead. The worst part is she thinks he’s her savior and is actually upset that Yang killed him. Ugh. 🙄 She then tries to shoot Yang with a gun that she’s never used but Yang kills her in 1 hit and gets back to fighting against Gilbert and Visconte, and dies. In the bad ends Yang basically throws Lily out to get raped by his men instead which is basically accurate to what I thought of his character the entire time tbh. Good riddance to this entire filthy route. Oh yeah also this route further ruined Dante and Gilbert who knew both Lily and Elena were captured and sexually abused but did absolutely nothing. So much for that whole key maiden consistency bullshit too 😶.

Gilbert Redford – Other than random stupid times where Gilbert just wanted to get mad about his name getting tarnished, he was actually okay in most of the other routes. Gilbert is from America but was mostly raised in Burlone. Still he had the misfortune of being the 5th route at which point I was already sickened and disgusted at this game. At least the route has Gilbert saving Lily from being abducted by Yang and brings her to Visconte and unlike Dante, actually explains to her what’s going on… rather than silently throwing and locking her in some room. For the most part everything is peaceful, and the 3 mafias actually join forces instead of murdering each other. Dante even sends Leo to live with Visconte to be Lily’s guardian. Sofia reveals that Falzone has actually owns the church and that’s why they’re supposed to be the ones to protect the “key maiden” (let’s forget about the fact that in where route but Dante and Gilbert, this fact stopped mattering).😑 Anyway the rest of the route is actually pretty standard, and there’s no weird abuse or anything gruesome and there’s scenario where Gilbert and Lily get closer until eventually they confess their feeling to each other.

Unfortunately, after Yang, the game was so ruined for me that I could barely focus and feel the romance at all (because in my head oh look Lily fell in love with a random dude for no reason again.) There’s a background plot about the casino owner spreading fake money around Burlone and it kinda overshadows the whole key maiden thing that barely matters in most of the game anyway. There’s a trial and Gilbert is put on trial accused of printing the fake money while Yang & his gang destroy the printing machines. Dante in the meantime corners the casino owner who is suspected of being the one distributing the fake dollar bills. Thanks to Oliver being a good lawyer, after Gilbert is proven innocent, they go after the real criminal – the casino owner. He gets arrested/jailed despite his attempts to blow the casino and all the evidence up. After this Lily is able to return to the church until Gilbert formally proposes to her…but in the meantime he takes her on a date to bang at a hotel because they made a promise to do it when ~everything was over~ lol. (Lily’s reaction as usual was that of a 13 year old girl for no apparent reason.) I actually enjoyed the good ending where Gilbert thinks about going to America someday, to where he was born, and Lily asks him to take her with him.

Direttore/Henry/Riton/Finale – This route basically reveals that Sebastian, the casino owner is basically Henry, the younger brother and massive siscon of the previous key maiden Chloe. Chloe was also living with the Falzones who adopted her and Henry after their parents were killed by the mafia. After she died and Henry has been trying to take revenge on all of Burlone by trying to manipulate the mafias into fighting senselessly. After Dante’s dad Silvio married his mom and had Dante, Chloe went yandere on him determined that the wedding was a mistake and he was really in love with her instead. Additionally once Dante was born, Chloe was no longer the key maiden since if she doesn’t end up with a Falzone, she loses the qualification or something. After this she was was always monitored by the maids cause she attempted to kill Silvio’s fiance Beatrice by pushing her off the balcony. One day Chloe ran out of the house,  jumped off a cliff and died. Apparently after this her younger brother Riton was adopted by a different family and changed his name to Henry… or rather apparently that’s a French nickname for Riton. So yea he’s angry that his yandere oneesan killed herself and has convinced himself that the mafia killed her to the point he refuses to believe it’s suicide even after everyone tells him the detective had evidence there was no gunshot or stab wound as Henry claimed.

Once all of this is revealed and they corner him at the casino, he sets off the bombs to blow up himself with the evidence and everyone runs out….except of course Lily. She decides uwu I love the yandere key maiden’s otoutokun~~ and runs into the fire after him. Suddenly the fire unmelts his brain I guess and power of wuv wakes him up and makes him realize his sister was cuckoo for cocoa puffs. They run into some underground passage that’s apparently safe and then they have uwu cuddle time where he tells Lily how he was cray for revenge but now he realizes he’s wrong. LMAO AT HOW THIS IS THE GREAT PLOT THAT GOT THIS GAME 5 STAR REVIEWS ON AMAZON. OK THEN.This makes the entire key maiden thing completely stupid and pointless too because in the end if Lily doesn’t end up with Dante, and bangs some other guy, she loses all qualifications of BEING one so all she has to do is lose her virginity and BAM problem solved. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️  In the epilogue, everyone just gives up trying to find Henry again and Yang is like “wow wtf really you’re just gonna let him go??” 😂 He even said how “Lol your sister was crazy for Falzone and killed herself lol”. For once he was the only one with any common sense in this route lol.

Meanwhile Lily and Henry just run away to France together to live happily ever after oh and somehow Emilio, the exposition-kun magically finds them but doesn’t do anything to stop them or reveal their hideout. Even Henry is like “you know I committed a sin and stuff” and Emilio’s like “Well maybe eventually you’ll get your punishment but Lily’s clean so she won’t be affected” Right-o. 😂 In the end Emilio remained this mystery character with no revelations, oh well why even hope for anything in this game anymore. The best part is the final cg Henry kisses Lily on the cheek and she’s shocked and thinks to herself “I’m not sure what this feeling I have towards him is…” Okay so you aren’t in love with him 100% but you still just RAN AWAY to another country with him. O K A Y. Oh there’s some dumb Grand finale end where Henry buggers off (aka dies in a fire) and Lily celebrates new year at the church with her mafia harem.(°_°) Ironically they were all civil and supportive of Lily but this won’t make me suddenly forget how horrible all of them were in other routes (except Gilbert the only decent man in this game.) 😐 I did laugh at one of the bad ends where basically if Lily actually says that being a key maiden is shit and she never wanted any of this, suddenly Henry is like CHLOEEE and he goes full siscon and abducts her to re-enact his siscon fantasies. After this I could tell exactly what audience Otomate was aiming for. ಠ_ಠ

Ah yes I sure love being compared to the dude’s dead yandere sister

No worries, Robby here knows EXACTLY how you feel for all the yandere bois (including himself)

I don’t understand why this game got all these raving reviews on Amazon. I mean, I guess if you’re into yanderes and shit this is like the best game ever!!!!! But for me it contained multiple things that basically make or break a game for me. Starting with Lily, the sponge heroine who just sucks the circumstances and any abuse thrown at her and nobody ever squeezes it out of her. She just continues absorbing until she explodes with wuv for her yandere mafia boi  and remains a sponge from beginning to end. She has literally no growth or development, she is constantly a damsel in distress and sometimes she makes decisions that just boggle my mind. Ah yes, running into a burning building to ~save~ someone when you literally cannot do jack shit and also you still don’t even know if you have romantic feelings for him!!? ヽ(。_゜)ノ Also using the whole “ya well she was an innocent girl raised in a church” , yea well Cardia sat in her dark creepy cave room for years and look how good she ended up!

Me the whole game

Heroine bullshit aside, I didn’t find a SINGLE GUY IN THIS GAME ATTRACTIVE. I don’t even mean artistically I mean they were all so repulsive in their ways that in the end I had 0 reason to continue and I just dragged it on for the sake of a platinum trophy (boy is this gonna be bad when games go to the Switch where there’s no trophies to motivate me 😂). Everyone of the guys seemed like they were sweet in their own route, but go into someone else’s and they turn into cold blooded assholes! Stuff would contradict things (guy A protects Lily in routes 1 and 2 but ignores her and lets her get abused in routes 3 and 4.) There was also senseless violence and you know yea I know it’s 1925, I know women were treated like shit back then but you know you don’t have to focus on that aspect. If you’re gonna bring the whole fantasy aspect into the game with that whole key maiden/holy being garbage plotline, then add more fantasy elements GIVE LILY SOME MAGICAL POWER TO BEAT DOWN ALL THE SEXUAL ASSAULTING STEAMING PILES OF SHIT. But no, let’s be realistic about literally the worst aspect of ~the times~. The game also clearly wanted you to see all of this garbage with these weirdly DEEPLY INVOLVED bad ends (along with the slew of 10+ plain ol dead ends where you just die after a few min of picking the wrong choice.)

I think they were trying to go for that whole cold/hard feel of a 1925 mafia movie but the problem is this is an otome game. There needs to be romance. You can’t really fit that uwu romance part while trying to pull off that whole COLD HARD mafia feel without ruining one or the other. In this case, both were ruined for me. The “romance” was forcing all the stupid implied sex scenes with characters she wasn’t even sure if she was in love with, or was just basically coerced into banging. I actually had come in hoping it would be more like Arcana Familia where the heroine actually had POWERS and USED them and actually you know TRAINED to kick ass (and well the game was just more light hearted and funny.) This was just a drag to sit through, everything was miserable, and even Lily’s friend couldn’t get a break. The opium and drugs and sex slavery involved in the Chinese mafia route were just so disgusting to me and they focused on gruesome details of these poor abducted women screaming for help, but the result was “yea that’s just what happens. You can’t do shit Lily know your place.” ( ´_ゝ`) Sorry but “that’s just the times” isn’t going to convince me how gross and sickening this is and if you’re making a fantasy game, then add fantasy elements to change these things.

I don’t know maybe I’ve gotten more sensitive to heroine abuse with all the bullshit in the news lately, but yea this really ruined the game for me. I actually am really bummed cause I bought it mainly hoping it would be like Arcana Familia but with Riri’s artwork (she did the cutesey art in Yunohana Spring so this was EXTRA disappointing.) I didn’t care for the music or all the pretentious Italian slang, but I liked the artwork and out of context a lot of the CGs are really cute. Unfortunately once I remember who the assfuck in the CG is, the CG atmosphere is ruined. But hey if this kind of thing doesn’t really bother you, or you don’t care for the heroine or what happens to her, then I dunno maybe you would enjoy it – like the rest of those 5 star Amazon Japan reviewers. ┐(´д`)┌


17 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Piofiore no Banshou”

  1. Wow.
    I feel like I really want to play this game just to experience the horror. And by far, Yang was definitely the most abusive & terrible. He didn’t even get “nicer” throughout the route.
    Great review! It’s my first time reading one of yours, and I loved the experience!
    I don’t even know this game, but I’ll be back!

  2. Yeah something about the PVs really reminded me of Ozmafia so I was like I’mma wait for your review on this one.

    Maybe the same tropes being used is finally wearing you out? I feel like a lot of Western otoge players tend to have a different preference for some tropes but that could just be me trying to sound smart and not knowing what I’m doing lol.

    Oh awesome! My friend actually still has her PSP so if I can find a copy I’ll give it a go. Here’s to hoping good otoge come out soon. Code Realize seemed to come outta nowhere if I recall correctly.

  3. Dante was only 2 years older than what I assume was Lily’s age (she said she was raised together with her friend who’s 22ish so I assumed she was about the same age)

    I mean I thought Arcana Familia was alright when it comes to Italian mafia games. Only Jolly was the big asshole in that one but all the other guys were alright and I loved Ash….which is a lot more than I can say for anybody in this game lol.
    I’m honestly disappointed the last 2 games I played I utterly hated and they got raving reviews like….did we play the same game. Are we on the same planet, is it time for me to exit the otome game world cause my tastes are on the polar opposite end of this earth 😂

    Oh also I enjoyed Death Connection if you ever get a chance to play that (sadly PS2/PSP only)…it was another Italian mafia game dealing with “death and rebirth” and honestly had a lot more cute/moe guys than this one x.x

  4. PFFT like I freaking knew the potential for it to go into “blame heroine for everything but the readers all secretly love abuse – it’ll sell” shelf was higher than the “quality” shelf….

    “Apparently her banging a Falzone is the key cause he’s the lock!” *cue Shugo Chara ptsd* I still can’t get over the age gap after I realized how young Amu was lol.

    And nah you’re not oversensitive or anything regarding the abuse. It’s crazy how people are acting like this is normal and that if you’re offended than there’s something wrong with you…like wut.

    It’s baffling how the internet tries so hard to be feminist and all these things but when it comes to otoge if there’s abuse it’s usually shrugged off or even romanticized…Obviously not everyone is like this, but it happens enough and oh boi those 5 stars on amazon for this game like hmmmm okay.

    Do you got any recs for the boss trope where he’s not a complete douchebag? I loved Yuzuki from 7’Scarlet (tho that’s mostly because (∿°○°)∿ ︵ ǝʌol Shinichiro )

  5. ironically since you know all the stupid italian terms they throw in, it might actually be fun for you?
    for me it was like “oh boy they’re eating another food I don’t know what the hell it is and I can’t be assed to stop auto mode to check the dictionary explanation” 😂

    also lmao at the meaning. it’s actually true. everyone’s a god damn liar and trick Lily and not tell her literally anything except for Gilbert – the only man of honor that lost the poll to all the shitters lol.
    I honestly didn’t look too deeply into it cause there was barely any releases this year so I just kinda bought it based on the artist ….big mistake lol

  6. I don’t usually comment on games although I’ve been following this blog for YEARS but I just had to.
    As an Italian I really can’t understand the fascination with mafia at all but I guess good for the Japanese lol
    What really had me was the name choices. Like, I ain’t gonna play a game set in a city called BURLONE (I mean it literally translate to Joker/Prankster and it sounds a lot like the Italian for ravine and knowing Japanese pronunciation I expect them to pronunce it EXACTLY like the Italian ravine lol). Although by reading your nightmarish review it probably was just that, a giant prank on the people who bought the game hahah
    Like, I admire you so much for sitting through it. I would have skipped as soon as I read “1925 mafia in a city called Burlone” hahah
    P.S. Another fun fact: Falzone reminds me so much like Calzone and also it sounds a lot like Falsone which doesn’t exist in Italian but it would translate like Big False (or Liar) and it makes me lose it.

  7. if your motivation is low (as was mine) this will probably kill otome games for you – do not recommend lmao.
    and yea the 5 star reviews said it was a good story….well maybe if you like yandere sisters >_>

  8. Damn I was looking forward to this since the setting itself seemed promising. ^^; my motivation is low atm (since cnovels are feeding me much better romance and some even have great plot and characters) so I think playing this will just burn away my remaining motivation lol.

    What did those 5 star reviews say – good story? Interesting characters?? Romantic?? Hmmm :/

  9. It’s too bad Gilbert’s route was so plot focused they barely focused on HIM so in the end he got screwed too lol. If you like do-M stuff though maybe you’d enjoy it? Not sure, the landmines were too bothersome for me.

  10. I thought it would be like arcana familia but with riri’s art and it was exactly the opposite lmao. seems like a lot of people weren’t phased by the abuse or anything going around them at all because ITS SEXY TIMES WITH IKEMENNN or something I guess lol

  11. OMG LOLOLOL WTF IS THIS GAME XD Seriously thanks so much for reviewing it! I was SO excited for it when the trailer came out and so sad that my japanese level wasn’t high enough to play it – I mean the foreign country setting, the mafia genre, the hot dudes, the shy church girl, it ticked all my boxes! This looked like gold in a cartridge! – but now I see I didn’t miss much lol. Glad to hear my man Gilbert was decent but the rest wow, no comments. I do love a good do-M game but clearly this was intended to be romantic so I really wonder what happened there..? Who knows. Anyway, thanks again!

  12. I did a quick skim of your review and wow I can’t believe someone in production or direction in this game didn’t stop and say “WTF” with all the wife-beating going on. Like seriously all the people who like this game get yourself checked in with a psychologist in cause something is wrong with your head :(. For real, I’m disappointed cause historical romances are my favorite genre and the art style was pretty for a lot of the characters. Thank you Hinano for sitting through this crap for us and always writing funny reviews 😉

  13. well you know…..I have this otome game blog….gotta write a review..

    otherwise yea I woulda dropped this game probably somewhere in Nicola’s route and sold it to book off. lol

    problem is I didn’t really like anyone so I would just have ended skipping the whole game! Also somewhere deep inside I kept hoping that there would be SOMETHING to make me like the game, change my mind, make me think “wow those 5 star reviews are right!” lol. guess not.

    As far as Gilbert goes honestly not much happened. Just standard “you can stay with us to be safe” and “gotta catch the bad guy framing the mafia” and that was about it. none of the key maiden crap even mattered cause they were too busy focusing on Direttore and that whole plot. Even Direttore’s plot was basically a branch off Gilbert’s with a lot of skipping of the same scenes.

  14. “Grrr this game sucks, but I’m gonna give it a 5 stars on Amazon to mislead people so that they can suffer like me”, is what those 5 stars reviewer probably think as they rate the game.

    By the way, the plot for Gilbert seems too simple compared to the other characters, is his story really that simple or you just don’t care thanks to the roller coaster from the previous routes? 😛

    If you don’t like a route, shouldn’t you just do the force skip function in the game because that’s what I would usually do to skip a character’s route that I didn’t like to unlock the next characters route.

  15. I guess if you like the art I suggest Yunohana spring which is the opposite polar end of the abuse spectrum 😂
    It seems like a few western players enjoyed this game too….I guess this kind of dark/abuse stuff doesn’t really phase them but it’s like stepping into a pile of poop for me.

  16. What (」゜ロ゜)」a waste щ(゜ロ゜щ) of pretty illustrations !!
    And why abused-damsel-in-distress heroine still a trending factor in otome games these days is beyond me. I wonder if the Japanese consumers do dig this kind of setting. I salute you for finishing this game!

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