5 Years of FFXIV


With the lack of otome games I’m spending more time on here lately lol. Just some rambles and thoughts about the past year of the game.

The only real noticeable thing that happened in the past year is advancement of video technology and reshade. Due to this my screenshots this year look a lot better than last year so it’s really nice to compare to see how far I’ve gotten.


While my main character remained mostly the same, it’s my alt that really had the huge change. My former alt fc leader quit the game due to real life circumstances and she was the biggest reason I was in that FC. I decided the server was too dead so I transferred to a more active server and data center. Thanks to that I was able to find people to clear content  with in PF and get some mounts on both characters I didn’t get during their relevancy. (But let’s be real why bother doing it the real when when undersize cheeses are so much faster!?)


With the recent Mogstation sale and Jump potions I managed to rope my husband in to making an alt with my alt too. I was getting bored of playing alone for over a year due to timezone issues and this way he can catch up to my character quickly. That said I wouldn’t recommend these things to new players because you just miss so much especially when it comes to the story.


One other thing I really got into are online crane machines. In order to get any of the rare FFXIV prizes (without paying hundreds of bucks on ebay) I tried an online crane game. Either I’m lucky or good but I managed to win at least 2 prizes so far and waiting to try on a 3rd one near the end of this month. (*’▽’)

In February I had gone to Japan because they were having an FFXIV mapping feature at Hokkaido’s snow festival. Since it had been 5 years since I’ve gone to Hokkaido we made a last minute trip (and I ended up in a hotel with pancake pillows that hurt my neck lmao). Spent tons of money on Snow Miku and FFXIV goodies so ultimately I think the trip was worth it (even if I nearly fell on my face because of all the black ice on the ground.)


In the friend department it’s been a mixed bag. A few friends now barely login due to demotivation and more of the same ‘ol SE keeps releasing. Some friends have had a lot of real life issues that took them away from the game. So I had spent a lot of time playing alone or with my husband and when I finished it all on my main at least I still got stuff to do on my alt. It’s nice that some of us can still get together for our annual summer event though.


I’ve been mostly screenshotting lately, and my attempt to raid last tier ended in about a week so I decided it really isn’t for me at all. Eventually everything gets easy and the “challenge of banging my head against a wall with strangers” is not something that appeals to me anymore lol (not like it ever did but maybe I was more motivated back then.) There’s another fan festival this year but I’m not going as I had a bad time at the last one combined with my phone being called an explosive and the grief of returning it.


Overall a fairly quiet year post expansion and I guess all I can do is look forward to the upcoming expansion in 2019. I feel like they’re really half assing things lately, we get less content, or we get content that isn’t thought all the way through (Eureka). It doesn’t appear like SE is willing to change things up, especially in interviews where the producer stated he doesn’t feel that the game needs a graphical update…so these days it’s up to modders to create HD textures and graphics 😂. Overall a kind of underwhelming 5th anniversary but I’ll stick with this game for the long haul, after all what’s another 5 years?