Otome Game Review: Kenka Bancho Otome ~Kanzen Muketsu no My Honey~


This is the fandisk to a great game that came out last year featuring our strongest waifu on earth, Nakayama Hinako. The FD is just after stories with the 5 guys and a bonus training story that takes place in the time frame of the last game.

Minowa Totomaru – Hinako is now going to her all girls school but has trouble keeping up because she’s not into girly things that Hikaru was into and her grades are awful. Apparently Hikaru is super smart so he barely studied and just got A’s all the time. Now that Hinako is in his place, despite studying a lot, she’s unable to keep up the same grades and her “friends” think she’s changed a lot. She’s also stopped wearing the wig that Hikaru wore and claimed she “got a haircut”. Meanwhile Totomaru and co defend her “spot” at Shishiku and don’t allow anyone to become the head bancho claiming it as the “imaginary bancho throne”. Totomaru says he also wants to do more “bf & gf” stuff with Hinako like going on a date and kissing so they go on a date together and hold hands. Hinako gives him a pencil case for his birthday so they can study together.

Totomaru also becomes overprotective and won’t even let her spar with Konparu because “zomg u’re a girl now!!” 💦 Meanwhile a bunch of angry first years want to become the top at Shishiku and do dumb shit to Totomaru & Konparu like throwing sand into their shoe lockers and slime on their desks. Totomaru and co. of course beat them all up and Totomaru demands repayment for his broken cell phone. It’s kinda sad though that even when Hinako runs into Totomaru in town she has to act like she doesn’t know him because her 2 female friends only have negative thoughts about Shishiku. Totomaru gets the picture and steers clear of her but she feels guilty after. One day at the convenience store, Hinako and her 2 female friends run into the first year assholes from Shishiku who harass them. They try to ignore them but the creepers follow them and chase them down to the river bank. They know that Hinako is Totomaru’s gf so their plan is to disrupt his exam so he fails and gets sent overseas.

Of course it works, and despite Hinako beginning to defend herself Totomaru comes running anyway. Hinako then realizes that it’s time to stop hiding her true self and really she just wants to beat up assholes. She gets the other Shishiku dudes to take Momo and Anzu away to safety while she beats the living crap out of the first year dudes. After they find out Hinako is Shishiku’s top they bow down to her and call her nee-san 😂. Fortunately Totomaru is given a ride back to the exam hall and successfully makes it to the 100th place in the exam ranking. Hinako also then admits to Momo & Anzu that she actually likes to fight as a hobby and that not all Shishiku guys are bad, like her boyfriend Totomaru. After this, Hikaru then introduces (or rather REintroduces) himself as Hinako’s twin bro and since he and Anzu/Momo have basically the same hobbies they all fangirl/boy over Mirako and going to his live concert xD. After Totomaru’s exam celebration, as promised, Hinako gives Totomaru a kiss.

Konparu Takayuki – Konparu and Hinako are secretly dating and nobody, not even his siblings, know that she’s a girl. (;・∀・) This kinda gets to bother Hinako cause she doesn’t feel like her and Konparu are actually “Dating”. While Hinako decides to just go with it, Konparu eventually realizes he has trouble holding himself back 😂. After he has some lewd dream about Hinako, his fear of women comes back and he gets irritated just to shake hands with her. Their friends try to help but it’s no use and they just end up moping around for a while. In order to fight Konparu, Hinako gets Hikaru to fatten up and pass the qualifying test for her so she can get into the boxing match. She owns his ass and it finally gets him to talk things out with her. They decide to go far away from town on a date so Hinako can dress as a girl for once. He gives her a lip gloss since she lost hers and they kiss. 😘 I dunno Konparu’s route just felt kinda…short? It felt like it was more focused on him trying to avoid fighting Hinako because he knows she’s a girl now.

Kira Rintaro – Rintaro just wants to ichaicha raburabu with his girlfriend but like with Konparu, nobody him knows that she’s a girl. He’s also extremely irritated by having other guys constantly around her and well as the fact that she has to keep her spot as the bancho meaning she’s gotta fight the incoming group of freshmen. On top of his stress he has his little bro Nozomi now also fighting for the top spot in the freshman ranks. Just when things seem to settle down, Rintaro asks Hinako to marry him because he wants to basically possess and control her but she can’t just abandon her friends.Hinako says she cannot answer him right now and a few days later she finds out Rintaro’s mom has fallen ill and asked him to come see her. While he’s away, Nozomi is getting hounded by a bunch of freshman yankees who are jealous that he gets to hang out with Hinako & co.

Hinako takes it upon herself to watch after Nozomi because she just can’t leave him alone especially since Rintaro isn’t around. Nozomi is unhappy about this but also points out that Rintaro is stuck in the past regarding Hinako and thinks that she’s as “weak” as she used to be back when they were little kids. So obviously the only way to solve this problem is to PUNCH SOME SENSE into him. Hinako then challenges Rintaro to a duel viewed by the entire Shishiku student body and of course she wins this time (if you won in the original game you got friend end so you had to actually force lose lol.) And so Rintaro gets over his emo, celebrates Nozomi’s bday and actually pays more attention to things other than Hinako. He also tells Hinako that she can marry him whenever she’s ready in the future and they live happily ever after. I am honestly disappointed that Rintaro spends most of the route being emo, half the route focused on Nozomi and Nozomi doesn’t even find out Hinako is a girl. I mean how fun would it have been if Nozomi knew that Hinako is Rintaro’s gf?! The possibilities they missed out on are making me shake my head. Rintaro also got shafted in Hoou’s route as the “bad guy” in a way…honestly I kinda feel sorry for those who like him the most.

Mirako Yuta – Yuta’s being a model as usual but now he goes to school more often so he can spend time ichaichaing with Hinako in the nurse’s office. However his idol group has gotten so popular that all eyes are on them which means that a sneaky camera man catches Yuta and Hinako on a date during Golden Week when she dresses like a girl. Yuta wants to be her knight in shining armor but Hinako protests that she can handle her on – particularly when the sports festival in June comes along with the Death Parade. A lot of freshman begin going after Hinako and she starts to get a lot of cuts/bruises all over. When she volunteers to help Yuta with his idol practice (well more like she just watches and gives him drinks lol) he gets upset constantly seeing her with injuries. He tries to focus on his idol activities but can’t stop thinking about Hinako so one day mid practice he ditches and goes to see the school festival.

He arrives just in time to see Hinako “win” by dressing up in a maid uniform and flooring everyone again. He gets mad at her because he only wants her to look like a girl for him and nobody else but then he realizes she just did it to win the festival…and gets angry at himself for not being able to juggle his work and personal life. So then an independent paparazzi sends a pic of Yuta and Hinako on their date, the manager is shocked at how he could let this have slipped by. Yuta meets with the photographer and tells him that no matter what even if he is ruined, the group itself will be fine. Hinako is out of ideas so she admits to Hikaru that 1) not only is she dating Yuta but 2) they got caught on a date.

Hikaru rages but since he cares about both of them he decides to help out. So the night of the concert, the photographer posts the photo online and all the fans start raging in the concert hall. Just then the producer announces a genderless twin idol unit featuring Hinako and Hikaru. The two then say that they went on “dates” with Mirako senpai to be taught how to “act like a girl”. All the fangirls for some reason think Hikaru and Hinako are cute af and start squeeling and forget about the scandal lol. While this is a one time deal, the manager constantly bugs Hinako at Shishiku asking her to come do more idol work with her twin. And so when Mirako’s birthday rolls around in July, he comes over Hinako’s place while Hikaru and Sakaguchi are out. They eat cake together and smooch. Yuta also admits that while he wanted to “protect” Hinako, he doesn’t mind having his ass saved by the strongest waifu on earth 😂.

Onigashima Hoou – Hoou and Hinako are married in case you forgot but since Hinako is still in school dad is very strict about them spending time alone together. Hikaru rages every day about having to go to Shishiku and all the guards are constantly jealous of Hinako and Hoou creating a lovelove atmosphere. They try to go on a honeymoon together but dad will have none of this so he turns it into a family trip to their private beach house. While there, dad shows them an album with photos of their deceased mother and after this Hikaru becomes really depressed. To try to cheer him up, Hinako offers for Hikaru to “meet” their friends Anzu & Momo as her “twin brother” rather than revealing to them about the swapping. After this Hikaru feels better but Hinako is shocked seeing some older woman flirting with Hoou and Hoou denying a rumor that he’s “married”. She starts to get depressed and when she wants Hoou to show affection he tells her to leave him alone. This sends Hinako running back to Suzukaze for a few days.

Hinako is depressed, Hikaru is raging but eventually one day Hoou finally does two things. First, he takes her back to Shishiku with Hikaru and reveals to everyone that she’s the one who beat them all up and is the real “Onigashima Hikaru” they knew. They come to terms with the way she acts and realize the Hikaru they have now is totally different. Secondly, he announces to everyone that Hinako is his waifu and if you touch you will get your ass handed to you 😂. Rintaro is double screwed in this route because he’s sad that his “imouto” is an ass kicker and someone’s wife lol. After they leave the school, Hoou reveals the reason he kept their wedding secret and has been out of the house for a while….is because he was spending time destroying the remains of the rival gang because their leaders were imprisoned. He wanted to make sure that once the gang leaders are released (because lol Japan), they wouldn’t have their “group” to come back to and start terrorizing the Onigashimas again. (I mean realistically speaking they could just start from scratch and build a new yakuza gang but I guess maybe it will be harder when they’re old and wrinkled and can’t show power?? xD idk.)

In the end Hoou just didn’t wanna tell Hinako anything to not make her worry or have her be killed like her mother in gang wars, but obviously it had the opposite effect. Suddenly a bunch of the Urashima gang members show up and they’re pissed that Hoou messed up shit for them. Hoou tries to protect her but Hinako is like step aside darling, I can fight for myself 👏. And so needless to say Hinanko kicks one dude’s ass and tells Hoou to stop trying to “protect” her.  Turns out the duds are just mad that now they have no jobs and honestly they had no loyalty to Urashima anyway lol. Hoou feels bad and brings them to Onigashima to see if they can get jobs there now because no other yakuza will take them in due to the bad rep 😂. The dad approves of it and they visit Suzukaze where Hinako finds out that Hoou visited her every day to check upon her when she ran away from home. A few nights later Hinako and Hoou spend the night together in his room, without daddy knowing, but Hoou holds himself back from going all the way saying he’ll wait till Hinako graduates highschool lol.

Ultimate Fighting – This was basically some random event that takes place in the time setting of the last game where the leader of the Sepatakuro club (which is like some weird volleyball kickball hybrid sport) begs in tears for people to join his club. Hinako and co. join temporarily just to go on a training trip where they basically randomly fight and play and have a BBQ. During this trip Hikaru and Sakaguchi come along and Hikaru & Hinako constantly swap places cause Hikaru wants to flirt with Mirako. (^_^;) It was a bit disappointing because Hikaru acts so immature and bratty which is a huge difference from his character development in Hoou’s route that I had done previously. The other thing is Hinako and Hoou have not yet met so Hoou is not allowed to see Hikaru and Hinako in the same place at once…which I guess leads to a lot of “swapping” and running away/hiding during this thing. There was also a weird section where everyone yelled out stuff like in a bad Kung Foo movie. Honestly it wasn’t anything special and since again it took place in the last game, it almost felt like a step backwards as far as relationship and friendship progression. I think it might have been better to play this section first rather than last since it takes place during the span of the last game.


Poor Nozomi 😂

Overall I think the after stories were enjoyable but I guess I wanted a bit more fanservicy content? Instead of having the Ultimate Fighting Battle thing, I would have preferred routes for Sakaguchi and Nozomi to be quite honest. Also I wish some of the stories involved Hinako being allowed to “be a girl”. It’s like once the guys find out she’s a girl, suddenly the fact that she literally kicked the entire school’s ass is thrown into the wind and oh noez I cannot fight my waifu!! (`;ω;´) I have a few gripes for the system because once again no PS TV support, skip function is deathly slow (thank god for jump to next choice at least), and the fact the game closes anytime you open another app on your vita (like trophies or gallery.) The other big thing is the game uses Unity engine so load times between scenes were unacceptable! The amount of time I spent staring at black screens is worse than PSP level what the hell? I don’t remember this issue in the first game so I’m not really sure what happened here. Otherwise I guess at least I did enjoy Totomaru and my husbando Mirako so I can’t complain too much I suppose. I do wish it was a little better and that I could get with Sakaguchi, but I did enjoy his and Hikaru’s humor in the game a lot. I also wish some of the “yankee 1” guys actually had names…I felt kinda sorry that they had a decent amount of appearance in game but never got any real names. You can check our my twitter moment of some of the highlights.


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  1. Thank you very much for the summary. I’m quite sad that neither this game nor the first one is getting localized. Based on your review I love every characters after story, but my most favourite has got to be Hoou ❤ 😛

  2. Seriously… >_>; I used to just buy games based on first impressions during the PSP days but now… after realizing that all the pretty art’s hiding horrid writing (plus Otomate’s increasing tendency to find a duplicate for the original artists), i don’t want to risk throwing my money blindly at them anymore. Then, there’s also the QuinRose scandal… =/

  3. nah it was totally consistent with the last game and everyone’s artwork and CGS were totally fine! (Otomate has really ruined things for us hasn’t it? Lol)

  4. It… doesn’t sound so bad, i guess? I was dreading a total disaster like different artists or switched personalities. Thanks to your review, i can rest easy and buy it next time i fly to Japan. XD

  5. yeah it is lol it’s a southeast asian sport, pretty unknown outside of asia tho. manga like to use it as a gag, like in fujoshi kanojo, the girl is crazy over sepak takraw sports manga which always strike me as super random out of left field scenario lol

  6. yeah there’s plenty of psvita games for you to play so I would say it’s worth it if you plan to play a bunch of them 😀

  7. Hello, Hinano! I just found your blog and read most of the otomege review! I’m a girl who never plays otomege, and I just tried my first otomege Re:Birthday Song and Un:Birthday Song and I wanted to explore more of otomege world. Since I knew that most otomege is released for PSVita, do you think it’s not too late to buy PSV? Thanks!

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