April Fool’s 2017 Roundup

I’m like a week late but I’ve been in Japan and the wordpress app thinks it’s fun to make you upload 1 image at at time to their media section. I have a lot of catching up to do so here’s a gallery of what I managed to save off my phone. Majority of stuff was “X becomes an idol series/game” which honestly got kinda stale and was a grim reminder how huge the idol trend is. (I’m kinda honestly bored of it….I was  bored of it after I left my UtaPri interests behind to be honest.)

Lots of images after the jump!


I got more unboxings and a cafe post coming hopefully in the next week. Sorry about the lack of game reviews, I still got 3 routes to finish in Oretsuba before I play otome games again (but at least I’ll finally have otome games to actually play lol.)


3 thoughts on “April Fool’s 2017 Roundup”

  1. oh I’m back already that’s how I was able to make this post lol.
    just go to whatever stores you find lol but all the otomate sections are small, most stores are filled with idol crap these days

  2. Yeah, you’d THINK that somehow WordPress would’ve decided to make the “upload image” a little more convenient -_-
    How long were you in Japan for? I’ll be leaving in about a month so I’m prepping for the humidity. RIP life. Cannot stand the heat but it’ll be worth it.
    I want to go to Otome Road or somewhere where you went since all the otome merch rofl. Any recs?
    And I hope I can snag some Sainty G and Rem because #trashmine xD

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