Otome Game Review: Moujyuutachi to Ohimesama -Beast & Princess-

Otomate figured since Beastmaster & Prince was popular they’d do a spinoff game to rake in those yens. Unfortunately, tacked on with a poor new mofumofu system and a very poor excuse for content, the game ended up being an exquisite waste of time. Review shouldn’t be too long since well not much happened at all! Our heroine Julia is a princess who lives in a castle by herself her whole life with her 4 animal pets a dog Ludwik, canary Mias, horse Ryszard,  and bear Jozef. She’s been locked in there by her parents but somehow managed to stash in 4 decently sized animals.  😂 One day her cousin Henryk comes to her telling her that his dad, aka her uncle, has killed both of her parents so now she’s free to leave the tower. Julia realizes she can’t keep her animals anymore so she says goodbye – until her uncle bursts in threatening to kill her too. Suddenly Ryszard flips Julia on his back and horseback rides her and the other animals into the woods away from the castle. When they get to the woods she pulls out a pouch her father left her in case of “emergency”. When she opens it, she finds some rainbow colored fairy dust and when it accidentally falls on all of her animal friends, they turn into 4 ikemans! Julia and her band of hot dudes make their escape to the town of Piskis where they take upon various jobs to support their new life.

mias01Mias – Mias used to be a caged bird until one day he escaped  cause he wanted freedom. Then some animal attacked him and that’s when he thought he was gonna die until Julia found and saved him. He left his 2 twin brothers behind (they were triplets) and now his twin bro is after him for revenge. Mias tells Julia one day that he used to be a canary used in telling if a Tormuguwa gas in a coal mine was dangerous and often his brethren would die doing this. He was tired of this life so he ran away. They then meet some dude whose son died at this Tormuguwa while he was doing research on it. So then Mias and Julia read a bunch of books and find a way to detect the gas without killing innocent birds. It’s detected by a Benito stone that lights up when it comes in contact with the gas. The two of them then go into the woods and find these stones. They take them to the cave to show the workers there trying to convince them that they no longer need to use canaries. Mias and Julia then free all the captured canaries. Some time later some guy asks Mias to be a substitute in a stage play cause the play director heard him sing in town before. So because of his acting he becomes popular with the ladies and Julia gets all jelly. He also enters an acting competition that awards them lots of money so they can continue living at Piskis for a while. Out of nowhere the evil witch Adele, forces Mias into obeying her and he tricks Julia into getting kidnapped and brought to her. She is then locked in a fancy room and told she can’t leave. She also finds out the witch plans to kill the residents of Piskis by digging up holes and letting all the poison gas spread through the city.

mias02The guy there, Murock then reveals that he is one of the canaries who lost his ability to sing from the poison gas and is also Mias’ brother. So now he wants revenge from all the humans who did this to him. After Murock & Adele leave to run their death plan,  Mias admits to Julia he did this to protect her. He knew he couldn’t stand up to the witch on his own so he agreed to do as she says as long as Julia was given a safe place to be. He says he plans to die after this but Julia refuses to let him do this and confesses her love for him. She tells him to help her put a stop to the poison gas plan, and they use a 1 time teleport stone to return to Piskis. They reunite with everyone and tell Murock to pull the rage stick out of his butt. This involves a sword fight between him and Mias.Good end: Murock ends up dying and as his final wish he asks Mias to sing for him. He turns back into a canary and after he dies they make a small grave for him. Mias then confesses his love to Julia and kisses her saying he no longer wants to die – but to live with her. In the epilogue,  Barthold tells Mias and Julia to stay and watch over Piskis while he and the other animal people follow the whereabouts of Adele. Some time later a message comes that Barthold & co defeated the witch and are on their way back so everyone begins to celebrate. Meanwhile Mias didn’t do shit but gets the chick 😂😂😂. Bad end: Julia tries to run away from Mias during the kidnapping and gets thrown into the uguu dungeon of love. 😂😅 Mias in the meantime ends up dying and Julia hears the news later from Murock. Uh probably the most pointless route seeing how he wasn’t even involved in defeating Adele lol and the plot was just centered around him and his bro.

bearJozef – Jozef is kind of the dumb bear cub type and honestly he’s probably the most ‘animal’ like in the group. I find it odd how everyone of them (except for Ryszard for reasons noted later) basically have no issues adjusting to being humans. Jozef feels like the only one who was truly an “animal” who was turned into a person. He was raised from a bear cub by Julia so she’s like a mom to him lol. Jozef is also really bad with alcohol and when he gets drunk he starts jumping all over Julia. The 2 of them take up a job to help some farmer with his honey clover field. Apparently he originally destroyed it and his wife was like y u do dis, so now he wants to make up for it and try to grow it back. One day however, he gets attacked by the witch so they bring him to his daughter and her family.  They clear up the misunderstanding that he abandoned her family. Meanwhile Adele tricks Jozef and drains his life energy.  Ultimately they fight against the shota puppeteer Marek and destroy his puppet that was controlling him. After rescuing Jozef,  they set off to find and stop the witch.  Good end: They rescue Marek, kill the witch and then return to Piskis to celebrate. Horse man leaves somewhere and leaves a goodbye letter. Meanwhile Julie and Jozef attempt to bang but get cockblocked by the other animals so Jozef suggests they eventually get their own house to live in. Bad end: Marek turns Julia into his puppet. Jozef then asks to swap places to save her and becomes the puppet in her place. I feel like barely anything happened in Jozef’s route. It was a bunch of small events like helping random NPCs with stuff in town and having Jozef realize his feelings for Julia…but it’s amazing how he managed to mature from herp derp bear to ~sexy mature adult man!~ in such a short period of time….well the plot in this game is pretty laughable so not surprising I guess.

ludwikLudwik – Ludwik is the fluffy doge who was abused by some knight at the castle and was nearly killed until Julia heard his cries for help and adopted him. Now he’s her loyal wanchan who enjoys a game of fetch in the park. They do some animal show with him as a dog. He also then gets involved in some swordfight competition to win lots of money. After he wins he gets popular with the ladies and it makes Julia upset because as usual, she has fallen in love with him while I wasn’t looking. He then rescues a lady who tries to suicide via drowning cause she couldn’t bear to live without her husband. It was the same lady who he finds her husband’s ring for. So they all decided to take down Julia’s uncle and while Julia is deciding if she’s on board, Ludwik confesses his love to her. He figures she’d never love her PET DOG but well Julia loves everyone so of course she accepts his feelings and confesses her own. After they kiss, the following day they find out Julia’s uncle has been the lackey for Adele – the witch. They change their plans to now instead destroy the witch instead of the uncle with the help of Barthold. They fight and grab her magic wand away without which apparently she can’t do anything. Good End: They defeat and capture the witch throwing her into a dungeon. After this Julia’s hometown asks her to become the new queen. Julia agrees to take the challenge and Henryk and her animal friends congratulate her. Ludwik takes up guard training as well and when he has free time he ichaicha’s with his queen. Bad End: Marek tricks Ludwik and stabs him. Julia and the others find him covered in blood and he dies in her arms apologizing. After he dies Julia falls into a coma having dreams of Ludwik and then the other 3 take Julia back into the tower to hide her body until she wakes up. Kinda sad that after not hearing Hino Satoshi in otome games for a while, he comes back in this waste of space. (´・ω・`)

horseRyszard – Ryszard is a fabulous white horse man because in fact he’s actually the prince of Arles, a country that’s been taken over by the witch Adele. Adele also killed his father and he only finds out when he runs into his old royal servant Ignacy. Ryszard is a kuudere man and he tries to do everything on his own and since he’s a human originally he has a different mindset than the other fluffy animal friends. He has no idea how/why he turned into a horse because he forgot the memory of what happened right before the incident. They decide they’re gonna try to stop the witch and try to get info on her from Arles refugees who came to Piskis. They also take up on a job where they have to boot out rowdy guards from Julia’s hometown who decided to betray her uncle cause they were sick of his shit. Ryszard decides to then take matters in his own hands and goes back to Arles to take his kingdom back saying he’ll return to help Julia defeat her uncle. Meanwhile Barthold gives Julia a letter that Ryszard’s dad left behind and asks her to deliver it to him. Julia and her animal friends set off to catch up to Ryszard on his way to Arles. Unfortunately as expected, Julia is captured but conveniently, Ryszard reunites with the other animals and along with Igancy they figure out a way to seal the witch. They immediately head towards where Julia is to rescue her. Good End: Ryszard inherited his dad’s powers to seal the witch so he breaks her magic stick and she’s captured. He and Julia become King & Queen of their respective countries and he asks her to continue to send him the rainbow stardust cause stopping the witch didn’t stop the curse. When they have their kingdoms under control again, they meet every once in a while for some ichaicha time. Bad End: Ryszard becomes Adele’s puppet who comforts a captured Julia.

henryHenryk – Incest route! But I guess it’s okay because this is like the 1600s and everyone bangs their relatives anyway right? Henryk is Julia’s first cousin,  the son of the guy who killed Julia’s parents.  He doesn’t agree with his dad following the witch so he runs away.  He runs into Julia & co and accidentally gets rainbow stardust dumped on him – turning him into a swan. Since they don’t know what to do with him they let him stay at their house in Piskis. After being mofu’d enough, Henryk gets all deredere for Julia cause he’s been in love with her ever since gazing his eyes upon his kawaii uguu cousin sitting up in her tower. Julia on the other hand I guess is a slow cooker and it took her until now to realize she has feelings for him. He was always there for her, helping her sell the dresses she makes and bringing her animal friends. Anyway they chase down the uncle and he’s like come join me and dump Julia but Henryk is like no uncle you’re wrong for following the witch! And so Henryk faces off against the witch but then the uncle stabs the witch for deceiving him lol.  Good End: Adele dies, but the dad is too injured so he dies too. Henryk becomes the new king and Riszard says goodbye to everyone cause he’s off to reclaim his kingdom. All the animal dudes realize that Henryk is getting the girl this round and give up. Henryk then confesses his love to Julia and she’s all ok with this and they smooch & live happily ever after. Unfortunately Henryk’s animal curse is still not lifted and he has to be careful around when the timer runs out. Bad End: Adele curses Henryk and he can’t stand not being able to see Julia so he kills himself.

wiz01Wizard/Rimer – I don’t know if that’s how you spell his real name but I’ll just write it off as Rimer. Rimer is a Do-M hentai wizard who was cursed and turned into a ferret – and I honestly would have preferred the whole of his route to be like this…but lol trying to have any hopes for anything in this game. When he’s resting in bed one day she watches over him and as he wakes up magically their lips touch and they have their first kiss! 😂 Immediately this is when he falls in love with her. In this route, Bartholt reveals his real name is Balthasar, and he’s former the King of Fazaan – and father of the princess in Beastmaster & prince lol. He got involved in the ship accident that we saw at the beginning of the game and vanished from the country (which is why BM&P had that whole battle for the throne plot.) They ask why he’s alive if the story book says it was from 100 years ago – but apparently his country and their country count years different and in fact everything happened in the same timeline lol. He also reveals that Julia harbors a big magic power inside of her and gives them a digest of beastmaster & prince and how Tiana sealed the dragon. He tells Julia that she has the same magic powers to unleash the dragon which is why she as locked up in a tower her whole life.

wiz02He warns them that wizard-kun plans to revive the dragon on this continent as well and Bartholt came here to stop him. This is also why Julia was locked up in her tower most of her life. It’s revealed that indeed the wizard is working with Adele and his real name is Rimer. Barthold and co. go to face off against them and Barthold reveals the witch is a plain woman with no magic powers and everything is just within her magic wand. Rimer then reveals that his last name is Fazaan, and he’s actually Barthold’s nephew as his father was Barthold’s brother. They called his mother a witch and she was executed and his father was arrested and executed – and Rimer was banished from the kingdom. While he was gone Rimer spent a lot of time in the basement where he was born, reading about the magic powers he and his mother had. He then found out about Julia and wanted to get his hands on her so he could revive the dragon once more. He then turned Ryszard into a horse because he had the powers to seal the dragon. Once Rimer met Julia though, and accidentally kissed her, he fell in love with her when he met her – forgetting his original goal about her powers. He then admits defeat and Julia’s name is cleared – in fact now they want her to come be the queen of her kingdom.

wiz03Good End: Adele and Rimer are sentenced to death and Rimer is also blamed for turning Ryszard into a horse for 2 years so that he was unable to return to his kingdom. Adele claims that everything is her own doing and that Rimer is not responsible for destruction of the various towns. She says that Rimer only turned Ryszard into a horse, but she was the one who controlled the soldiers to attack people and to kill Julia’s parents. Julia comes to the execution and then threatens to kill herself which would set off her powers and kill everyone there. The execution is stopped, and Adele mentions that it was always her dream to see either Rimer’s dad or Rimer himself become king but since it won’t happen she goes off to repent for her sins on her own. Rimer and Julia then end up running away together while all her animal friends cry.  They run away to his house hidden in the woods by a magical barrier so no one will ever bother them and live happily ever after. In the epilogue, Julia’s animal friends look around for her in the woods and she feels sorry for them so she reveals her location to them. Rimer also creates a medicine that apparently cures all illnesses. Bad End: Julia kills herself and her powers go wild destroying everything.

haremIf Story – Basically everything happens without Adele, and Rimer shows up at Julia’s tower saying he’s there to rescue her. Julia’s dad also reveals the truth about her dragon powers. Adele and Malik come in later as Rimer’s assistant and they are all civil and stuff lol. After Ignacy shows up it just turns into some giant harem route. Everyone gets along well, nobody dies and they all live happily ever after – hence why it’s a “what if there was no battle/death etc” route. Overall just kind of pointless and meh, they should have at least turned Julia into an animal like they did in BM&P with Tiana.



This game took me way too long because I kept playing it and throwing it to the side because it was just so dull. It wasn’t even a long game. Each route maybe took 4 hours at the MOST. I first threw this game aside because the new mofumofu system was absolutely god awful? I tried to use the touch screen and just failed every time. The only way I was able to succeed was to press the O button and use the left joystick to SLOWLY move in the spot that they recommended. The first mofu is strangely really hard to do while it seems as you go through the route they get easier over time. If you see clovers, move to another spot and only keep rubbing slowly if you see hearts coming out. Don’t keep rubbing the same spot if you see clovers, you will just waste time and not get any affection. Needless to say, it became more of a disappointment and stress than what was supposed to be the prime enjoyment of the game.

Mofu system aside, the plot was like some watered down kool aid glass. The art was gorgeous and it seems like they had a setting but they just didn’t know what to do with it. They made everyone involve themselves in meaningless activities with the townspeople and then at the very end the witch would showup and bam let’s defeat the witch. This was the same in basically every route except maybe Mias. The only true plot driven route was the Wizard but even his route felt disappointing to me. The bulk of what I enjoyed about BM&P, the character interactions – all of this just felt so lacking in this game. The short span of time and the fact that the guys basically were in love with Julia from the start! Seriously everyone was just madly in love with her for absolutely no reason other than she was stuck in that tower with them for several years and maybe they just naturally gravitated to her. 😂

At least the chibi CGs were cute

Honestly this whole game was just such a disappointment compared to Beastmaster & Prince that I just can’t recommend for anyone to play it. Additionally it has heavy references to the first game so if you never played BM&P a lot of the plot details will probably fly over your head and make you feel even more disconnected from everything. If you do play this I suggest my play order of Mias → Jozef → Ludwik → Ryszard → Henryk → Wizard → If….but quite honestly there’s probably a lot better games for you to use your time and money on.


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  1. I was disappointed the moment the mofu system kept giving me grief….I had to actually rage quit, play another game, before attempting again lol. The game gave false hopes over all but it wasn’t even close to the level of how good the original beastmaster & prince was :/

  2. I’m really disappointed with this game. I readed reviews of some of the japanese users of amazon.jp and I already knew this game was gonna be an agressive waste of my time but I buyed it anyway . Because, you know, the protagonist has the same name as me and how many chances I’m gonna have to listen Suwabe-san pronouncing “Julia” in a natural way? (because TMGS3 doen’t count) xD Y_Y So sad the protagonists has such a boring and cliché-otomegameprotagonist personality. The argument was boring and the love scenes predictable. About the art, it’s okay but I think they put much more effort in the promotional image, which was a lot better than the rest of CG’s, and it gave me false hopes xD. https://fadelessliberty.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/2016-10-14-202910.jpg?w=500&h=283

  3. Yeah the artist is certainly different. Yet that’s still okay for me because the style isn’t super different from Miko’s art! Imagine that, the art being different is the least bothersome haha. I agree. I know many fans did enjoy the premise (cute animals + ikemen) but you can’t expect that combination alone to make an enjoyable game.

  4. yea I didn’t really check the staff but I imagine it can’t be the same one…at least the artist is different. It really is a shame but also kinda insulting they thought they could give us a watered down MtO and still hope to rake in the cash.

  5. Too bad about this. I wonder if the staff (writers) behind this was the same as the first MtO game. ^^; I’ve not been buying any new titles for the past few months (because my backlog is too long) but at least I can strike out titles like these from my to-buy list. :’D Thanks for the review!

  6. Too bad this one turned out to be a disappointment, I was planning on getting it but I’ll probably get Yunohana instead! do you plan on playing BaraKaku? :3 I’m playing it right now and I’m quite enjoying it but again it’s my very first otome so maybe it’ s not really good to someone used to these games :p anyways I really would like to know your opinion on this one ^^

  7. It’s such a shame that this game occurred to be a failure. I really love Beastmaster & Prince and since I’m from Poland, the polish accents also was very tempting. Luckily I didn’t buy it. Thanks for your effort.

  8. From what I played of the routes, the game was literally “I don’t know why Julia fell in love with her ikeman, but she did when I wasn’t looking -_-” and then it derailed. I quit the game after trying a 3rd route…

  9. woah, I’m actually planning to bought this sometime this year.. but after reading this.. I think I should buy the gundam otomate instead haha XD are you playing it / plan to?

  10. I think you’re confused? Rimer was the wizard – the guy who wanted to summon the dragon and use Julia’s powers to do it. The entire plot basically revolves around him and why he wanted to get her out of that tower. The manwhore dad is Barthold, the dude with the orange-ish hair lol

  11. yea they didn’t try at all just wanted to ride off the success of the original game. fortunately I didn’t have too high hopes for it XD

  12. Hmm after I read this, I feel that Rimer route was unnecessary? It’s like he’s put in the game but his route was quite blank?

    I really meh when I know he is the princes father and he’s still kinda manwhore lol

  13. ah this game…. i finished like in 2 days? the shortest game ever…. :/
    on top of that i feel like the story wasn’t really interesting (feels like they didn’t try very hard to come up with a story)
    i don’t know what i like about the game… maybe the CG and system? ;w;
    i had high hopes coz of the previous game and this game disappointed me so much….

  14. honestly the wizard route wasn’t even worth it. all the stuff that I found charming about him basically flew out the window the moment ~plot~ showed up. it was actually the most disappointing since I had the highest hopes for it lol.

  15. Such a shame, I haven’t seen much positivity regarding this one, it failed to live up to BM&P and from what I gather only Wizard route seems to be worth it and I guess Henryk seemed cute.

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