Unboxing: Wand of Fortune R Animate Set

The box was so gigantic I probably could have saved money if I took advantage of BF’s “weight down” campaign… 😂😂😂

Soo the stuff that comes here is the hooded towel, 3 buttons, decorative tape, tapestry, cloth poster, 3 drama CDs, and small Est postcard. Since I’ve played this game at the end of 2012, hopefully 4 years later the updated version feels ~newer~ to me like clock zero did. On that note though, because I am still crawling through Crimson Empire (though I plan to make some serious progress this week – which is what I say every week 😂) I’m going to prioritize games I haven’t played first before I get to this. Additionally my review of this won’t really be in depth other than commentary on the system/graphics since I’ve already reviewed the game and the FD previously. Once I crawl out of the final black hole of Quin Rose hopefully the rest of my games will return to a bi weekly completion status (;´・ω・).


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  1. That’s why I couldn’t find it ><. I intended to try some of the games you listed now that I have some time after the exams and a better Japanese level…
    It's a pity you deleted it… 😦 But I can understand your choice ^^
    Do you intend to make another post like it ?

  2. Haha, I see sorry for the weird question 😉
    I look forward to your review of this game !
    BTW, today I tried to search your post about your recomandation of otome game (strong heroine, sensei …) but I can’t find it. 😦
    Can you help me ?

  3. Wow its a big package 😛 Haha this game I still haven’t finished it cose the system makes me rage quit, now I wonder if they have the same system 😉

  4. Wow the box is so huge !!! 😮
    At first, I thought the towel was Toma’s jacket ~ …. ( I hate so much this chara that I see him everywhere ! xD) And sorry for the weird question, but will you use this towel in your daily life ? xD
    Anyway, I hope someday I will be able to save enough to buy an Animate set. It’s so cool ~

  5. Thanks for the info! Didn’t think that the tapestry would take so much space but now it won’t be a surprise for me when I get my game ( ̄ω ̄;)

  6. uh from the email:

    ・ 最終確定重量 1.7 kg (実重量)

     ・ 海外送料        3,600円
     ・ 海外発送代行手数料   1,000円
     ・ 小計          4,600円
     ・ ご利用ポイント-確定-  30 pt
     ・ 決済手数料        229円

    so 1.7 kg shipping was 3600 yen, 1000 yen fee and 229 handling fee they magically tacked on.

  7. The set or the shipping? The shipping/fees was around $40 and the set itself was like $120 or something. You can pay an extra fee to have the fwding service repack the stuff to take up less space but I didn’t think it was gonna come in such a huge box haha.

  8. B-but why would they send o package of air?? Haha xD
    Aww zannen //
    But I do like arabiasn lost too ❤ mainly because of ishida san haha ww
    I still haven't played wizard master tho.. They all related somehow rite..
    Makes me wanna go back to that universe //

  9. That box is insanely huge!! Do you know how much it weights and how much the shipping was? I’m worried that I’ll have to pay a lot for the shipping of the Nil Admirari animate set since it’s my first time pre-ordering an otome game Σ(゜ロ゜;)

  10. Damn those goodies look great. I never pre-order, and I usually just get the regular versions of the game. But maybe I should start getting sets like these. Do you remember how much this was? And ahhh shipping costs are another worry of mine and if they ship things in huge boxes like that.. my poor wallet ∑(゚ロ゚〃)

  11. no just mostly air 😛
    unfortunately Crimson Empire is just..not really my thing. I liked Wizard & Master and Arabians Lost a lot more :/

  12. yea the huge box was overkill tbh lol mostly air 😛 I don’t even know when I’ll get to this game since I tend to prioritize games I haven’t played before!

  13. Well I’m not sure if Animate has them in stock anymore? Typically if you don’t preorder they go out of stock but good luck!

  14. holy moly
    that’s so freakin gigantic 😮
    I’m still confused, does another thing other that the WoF animate edition is in there???

    btw finally you fall into quinrose black hole ehehehehe ww
    i really love crimson empire /// cannot resist kingdom style story line
    and those characters ////
    and ofc badass heroine <3<3

  15. jfc, the box is huge but it doesn’t look like there’s anything that big in there LOL. Anyway, it all looks neat. I’d totally invest in a animate set for a game I really want but I was unsure whether I was even gonna buy Wand of Fortune R (tho i did end up buying it lol).

  16. What an amazing set! I’m glad to have waiting for your unboxing! (I don’t really realize how it could be with just the samples…). Now that I’m familiar with the size of the package, I can mentally prepare myself for the customs if I decide to order it 💀👍 ! In fact, I just want dat beautiful tapestry, but like I’m not sure to find this item later on Madarake…

    Good luck with Crimson Empire, there’s alway a light at the end of the path! Even for Quin Rose’s games (I guess 😂 ?)

  17. The set looks amazing! So much stuff! I really need to invest into an Animate set one day.

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