Otome Game Review: Norn 9 -Last Era-

This is the fandisk for Norn9 that I’ve been dragging on for a month due to getting new apartments, new furniture and new computers. Fortunately it’s also because oddly enough it had a lot of content for a fandisk. (The value of the content may vary by person but I personally enjoyed it.) There’s 4 sections, Prelude – the intro of how everyone came on the ship, Fuga – the original game digest from the guy’s POV, Concerto – the continuing after story and Fantasia – a bonus omake with everyone turning into chibi characters. Spoilers ahead so skip to my final thoughts to avoid them as  usual!

kak01Yuiga Kakeru – I heard about a bug in this route from a friend requiring you to delete your entire game/save data or something…so I did Kakeru first. Fortunately because I dragged my ass on this game, I had already patched it and I had no bugs ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ. Fuga: Doing this really made me sympathize with Kakeru since we could finally see what he’s thinking. Made me hate fucking Shirou GGE even more. Probably helped that they cut out a lot of Kakeru bullies person X scenes lol. It also made me realize Kakeru really does care but unfortunately he doesn’t relay his “affection” the correct way – the sad side effect of being naturally do-S hehe. Concerto: Kakeru is working as a florist now living in his love shack with Koharun. The thick of the plot is that Kakeru wants to bang really badly but this message doesn’t get through to Koharu and she thinks he’s sick or something lmfao. Koharu goes to Akito, Senri and Heishi for advice and Akito gives her some sleeping herbs for Kakeru to use. They end up helping an orphanage from shutting down and all the kids being sold to slavery by paying off the orphanage debt.  They find a cave with  rare jewels inside and trade it for a lot of money.  The reason kakeru helped is because the shotas there called him their hero when he beat up the yakuzas demanding the money.  After this some kind of war breaks out against the town Mikoto is protecting with a barrier. Kakeru and Koharu go over there to try to talk to her. After her family tells them to GTFO they run into her when she comes out to shield the town from attacks.

kak02Kakeru tells her that by constantly shielding them she’s pretty much letting everyone rely on her and not protect themselves or learn warfare. It also takes a toll on her health but Mikoto says she will not give her powers back to Aion. Also she pretty much makes Kakeru STFU when telling him that because in the near future Sakuya will get shot and killed via bullet, she cannot stop protecting him ever. Kakeru feels stupid for saying things how people need to “experience death” to realize that war is bad. He also feels terrible since it’s his shitty father who spread weapons of war everywhere which is what started wars post reset to begin with. After this Kakeru reflects on his past with Koharu and finally accepts himself and his past actions. The next day Kakeru finds out that they found Shiro’s dead body but after hearing a bad future prediction from Sakuya they go to the old lab where Shiro used to work…and well he’s alive and kicking! Damn son of a bitch just refuses to die like a roach! He says the dead body they found is a “spare” and that he’s basically functioning in the same fashion Aion is. He says he doesn’t give a fuck about how many lives he’s destroyed and Kakeru almost knocks his lights out until Koharu stops him. She says he’ll just hurt his hand punching the sack of shit in front of him. Kakeru asks him why he did what he did and he basically goes on to describe about his dead lover and how once she died he stopped giving a fuck about everything..and kept jumping bodies in the hopes to someday reunite with the soul of his lover.

kak03He had given up until he saw Sorata’s rebirth and was like welp if he can do it, so can I! He then proceeds to brainwash Kakeru with signals while trying to get Koharu on his side. Koharu doesn’t agree with Shiro and says that even if she were to die she wouldn’t want Kakeru to never love again. She says that she wants Kakeru to continue living as a human and not Shiro’s tool. Shiro admits he got close to Koharu because he wanted her pewpew fire powers for his conquest…and because she seemed like his dead lover. Kakeru overcomes the mind control and Shiro gives up saying that the lab is gonna self destruct momentarily along with all his weapons. They escape the lab but for some reason Koharu starts crying that they couldn’t save the asshole. Kakeru starts crying too and I’m just like okay…I’m sorry I can’t feel pity for that asshole so I don’t know why you guys are crying. (・_・;) Just cause you realized Shiro had SOME sense of humanity inside of him?? In the epilogue, Sorata reassures that he’s gonna be taken care of by Nagisa and Masamune so she doesn’t need to worry about him. They stop by Aion’s place and return their powers to her. Afterwards Kakeru gives Koharu a necklace with a stone that means “destined love” as a temporary placeholder until he gets her an expensive engagement ring. His proposal phrase to her is “Will you take my last name?” which is good cause she still didn’t have one :lol:.

sen01Ichinose Senri – In prelude it was revealed that Akito knew Senri was his brother the moment he came on the ship but Senri had no idea who Akito was. Fuga: One thing I caught in Fuga was when Senri realized that he’s in love with Koharu after seeing her get head patted by Masamune. He asked if she liked anyone and when she answered she likes EVERYONE, he went back into his room to cry. My baeeeee ( ;∀;) Concerto: They decide they want some alone time so Senri suggests that when the ship lands next time, they rent a hotel for 3 days to have some time to themselves. ☆(ゝω・) But as it turns out he takes her to the village where he was raised as a child cause that’s where the ship lands. He’s uncomfortable but wants to return to his village to test to see if he can face his past. Before he can go, Akito shows up and stops him saying he cannot return there. (In Senri’s route he doesn’t know that Akito is his brother.) They end up returning to the ship but Senri says he’ll try again because Akito can’t tell him what to do (without a reasonable explanation.) While on their way the next day Senri tells Koharu that his eye tattoo was forced upon him by the villagers to identify him in case he ever escaped.

sen02Once his powers weakened though, everyone was disappointed in him but he decided to take advantage of it and become a HIKKIKOMORI! He then trained his hikki ways so that he’d leave his room as little as possible so that eventually the villagers would find him completely useless and leave him alone! It was super effective! So they return to the village, the villagers are a bunch of bitter fucks who want Senri to come back and be their personal water tank. Senri just wants to get his mother’s ring and leave but the village leader fills him with bullshit about how Akito stole his powers for his own monetary gain. He then reveals to Senri that Akito is his brother, and when Senri confronts Akito about it Akito refuses to tell him the truth FURTHER DEEPENING THE MISUNDERSTANDING….MOTHER OF GOD AKITO PLS Y U DO DIS. щ(゚д゚щ) Nanami finally admits that she’s the one who erased Senri’s memories and blames herself for not refusing to do so back in the day. Senri is so shocked he runs back to his room on the ship and cries in Koharu’s arms. So then they try to think of ways to get Senri to see “the past” without just…having Akito tell him directly /facepalmsintothedistance. Seriously all of this would be resolved if Akito just stopped making himself a scapegoat for Senri’s suffering. Koharu tells him that the cookie recipe she originally got from Akito and that this is his back asswards way of being nice to his otouto-kun lol.

sen03Eventually Akito decides to tell Senri everything after Senri spends days taking care of him after getting shot by Masamune’s uncle. (The reason is they wanted to capture Koharu and figured it was ok to shoot  Akito cause he had returned all of his power to Senri,) After hearing everything, Senri calls him nii-san and Akito bawws so much Nanami has to comfort him  xDDDD.Akito also tells him that he has their mother’s ring cause he took it before he had originally left the village. In the second half, Senri wants to be taller and manlier for Koharu so he starts drinking tons of milk and doing alot of training until he passes out from exhaustion. When he tells Koharu why she nearly explodes from moe and tries to tell him that she likes him the way he is. Some days later they decide to take a job to help with a festival in a small village. Senri is chosen to be the “main event” to show off stuff with his water powers. Koharu is hesitant because she’s afraid her powers will go out of control but Senri trains together with her to help her in their performance. During the performance her fire does go out of control but Senri uses his water dragon to “eat” it and the performance is a success. In the epilogue, due to them being so popular they are asked by many villages and towns to perform so they basically float around Norn and stop in towns to continue performing. Senri also gives Koharu a promise ring and says when he grows up to be all big & tall, he’ll ask her to marry him. (*´ω`*) Kind of a copout though since some of the guys got wedding & baby ends in this game ._.

aki01Shukuri Akito – Fuga: It’s revealed that Senri’s power was too much for Akito to handle so he would get tired out easily. He would go to sleep at 9PM at night because he’d be so exhausted from just having it in his system. In fact he was supposed to die 6 years ago from having it but somehow he survived. He hates the ship chicks because when he was little some peacock thought he was a sexy peahen and tried to mate with him XDDDD He had managed to get all of Senri’s powers because of a clone of Aion that was floating around allowed him to take them. This part is so weird to me because I’m wondering why this clone only really ever visited Akito and presumably Itsuki (who got the powers from his sister.) Concerto: So after Nanami and Akito return their powers to Aine, they move into a house away from the research island along with Senri, Koharu and 5th-Wheel-Kakeru. He’s there because he’s recovering from the brainwashing and Akito and Nanami decided to take care of him. Nanami is also attending a karate dojo and training for a black belt so she can protect everyone XD.  Akito one day asks Senri to carve him a small wooden box. It comes out so well that Akito is proud to tears of his little otouto-kun. So proud that he brings it to a jewelry store to display to see how valuable the box is because he wants Senri to consider a career in wood carving. Senri agrees to try this out and begins carving stuff in his room. Kakeru eventually decides to leave probably tired of the NTR and wanting to do work as a florist. In the meantime Nanami’s been hiding the fact that her father wants her to come home to the village. She keeps throwing them out and ignoring them cause she wants to stay with Akito. Eventually Akito has her spill the beans and realizes what’s been making her gloomy lately. In order to cheer her up, he decides to take a trip  to the beach with her.

aki02Unfortunately their nice trip is interrupted by Nanami’s angry cockblocking father. He tells Nanami to return to the village or he’ll kill Akito.  The dad gives her until morning to make up her mind but one of the family advisor assholes refuses to believe she’s lost her  powers so he decides to burn her alive in her hotel room that she’s locked in. In the meantime Akito manages to find an underground passage and they escape the burning hotel room. They run into the associate who tells them to go see Nanami daddy to prove that she lost her powers. Dad’s like yea I knew you lost your powers I just didn’t feel Akito was an appropriate man for you. Akito and Nanami tell dad they’ll be fine and he’s like sigh go off you crazy kids. After this Akito asks Nanami to marry him and of course she says yes. In the 2nd part, Nanami wants to do some future waifu training so she asks Akito to teach her how to cook. After a while he tells her she doesn’t need to bother and she feels like he’s hiding something from her. She then finds out from Koharu  that Akito is having trouble with a customer at his restaurant. Nanami then goes into ninja mode and follows him only to find some homo in a bird suit demands that Akito be his live in chef. Akito is horrified because lol bird, so Nanami takes out her kunai and chops the bird suit into pieces until the guy runs away crying. Akito then admits the reason he didn’t want Nanami cooking all the time is he didn’t want to get “used” to her cooking. They both agree not to hide stuff from each other anymore. In the epilogue Senri decides to go to school to train to be a wood craftsman and since it’s far away he and Koharu move out leaving Akito and Nanami together. Nanami plans to find a job to grow herbs for medicine. Kakeru also wrote Nanami a letter telling her good luck with the herbalist thing and to take care of Akito. And so the 2 of them decide to live together happily ever after. Again, another copout ending here because wtf where my wedding end at come on! (´・ω:;.:…

hei00Otomaru Heishi – Fuga: Fuga made me realize Heishi and Itsuki are bros and half the route Heishi’s trying to ship Itsuki with Mikoto XD. It also kinda made me realize that Heishi’s head is usually pretty empty and thoughtless cause the moment he starts to think about anything all his feelings/thoughts come flowing out to other people. In a way it made him a bit annoying (and also the reason why his parents abandoned him..) but after a while I just couldn’t hate the guy. Admittedly though I felt like I wasn’t really sure what it is about him that made Nanami fall for him though. It felt a lot more natural with the other guys but Nanami was wary of him in the beginning and their personalities really didn’t seem to fit too well. I did start to feel sorry for him as he began to realize he can’t just “ignore people’s feelings” and try to be happy all the time. I vaguely recall feeling like he was this cute dog type guy but seeing his POV I didn’t feel that way at all – in fact it made him that much more depressing and oddly I can see why they chose the bad ending they did back in the first game. You know shit’s bad when Senri seems like the more mature one giving Heishi advice and I’m also disappointed that the “new” Fuga CG was a pic of Senri and Heishi’s backs ._. Concerto: Once again Heishi and Nanami are “on the run” from ZA WARUDO since they technically just ran away from everyone refusing to do the reset (which they still don’t understand cause Heishi ain’t got no time for explanations.) They are constantly running from city to city doing performances or being photographers but Heishi keeps trying to “help” people giving them his stuff.

hei01For example he gives a sick guy some stomach medicine, and the guy gives him 120lbs of rice. He then gives the rice to a lady at the orphanage to feed the kids so she gives them a bike. He then gives the bike to some guy who as a thanks gives them some train tickets. It’s this weird give & take and Nanami’s getting stressed out by it though she claims it’s “fun and makes her all dokidoki”. It makes me stressed just seeing him constantly drag her around on his wild adventures and I kept comparing to how she could have had this stable raburabu husbando who cooks for her by going with Akito! ಠ_ಠ So anyway they eventually run into Heishi’s old performance troupe along with the leader gramps who took Heishi in and raised him. One guy in the group who Heishi considered a brother figure Seiji is no longer there. The group is stuck in the woods because the bridge to the next town is broken so no trains are running. There’s not enough money to fix the bridge but at the same time the town happens to be holding an art contest. Gramps takes a sneak photo of Nanami and Heishi and apparently he’s pro photographer because his photo wins the first prize! He uses the money to donate to the construction company to fix the bridge so that the troupe + Heishi & Nanami can be on their way. Once the bridge is fixed Heishi says goodbye to everyone and once again he and Nanami are travelling on their own.

hei02In the 2nd half, they end up at a village whose plants all died. As usual Heishi the savior wants to HELP but the villagers are like GTFO with your stupid flute nobody cares. At the same time, Seiji shows up (because he saw Heishi’s winning photo in the contest) and is like “stop trying to force your unsolicited help to everyone.” He also tells Nanami that she and Heishi’s powers together are dangerous and their relationship is bullshit because they’re on the run from ZA WARUDO. Nanami has to try to make Heishi feel better because he’s all sad panda that nobody appreciates his UNSOLICITED KINDNESS! On top of this Seiji admits to Nanami that he knows all about the other people with powers and tells Nanami to keep this a secret from Heishi – or he will be further crushed because he has this image of Seiji as his BRO! Seiji also says that he hates Nanami and thinks their idea of trying to fix up the village church is stupid. Eventually they convince one of the villagers to help them fix up the church but then they run into another dilemma….OH NOES WE HAVE NOT YET HAD SEXY TIME! 😆 Apparently Nanami and Heishi have been travelling a while, sleeping in the same bed but the entire time Heishi had to suppress all his urges to ravage her! \( ^o^)/  It’s because of Seiji calling her a child and Nanami denying it, suddenly Heshi’s switch went off and he’s like “waitaminute I AINT GETTIN’ LAID WITH MY GURL!” Sadly ain’t nobody got time for that cause Seiji shows up saying that his real name is Saisho Yashiro and he works for ZA WARUDO. He says that they’re not allowed to restore a church ( I guess no religion allowed or some shit) and by doing what Heishi & co. are doing is against the law.

hei03Yashiro then drops the bomb that he lied to gramps to get him to adopt Heishi into the troupe so that he could use Heishi as a lure to catch Natsuhiko (which didn’t work.) He basically lied to him for 5 years and was worried Heishi would realize it with his powers but since Heishi never thinks that people will betray him…yea this is what happens sigh. ~_~  He also reveals that Nanami’s power doesn’t work on those who work for the “world” so when Nanami & Heishi escaped and tried to wipe Masamune’s memory it didn’t do anything except make him pass out for a bit. Heishi gets really pissed and nearly knocks Yashiro’s lights out but Nanami stops him and tells him not to get consumed by his emotions. Heishi stops and tells Yashiro he isn’t going to kill him because even if it was fake, his friendship with “Seiji” and gramps is what made him into the person he is today. So then Yashiro is like uh okay I guess I give in just don’t call it a “church” and we’ll call it even. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Turns out it was all an act so he could see how they’re doing, protect them from being taken back to the World and to let them know that everyone else has lost their powers and is living normal lives. That night Heishi admits that he always acted genki and shit but he could feel people’s emotions including everyone on the ship. He also apologizes to Nanami for getting all fired up in his pants the other night but she’s like look dude, we can’t avoid this subject forever. She tells him that it’s awwwright with her and I guess they have some sexy time that night finally? XD

hei04In the epilogue, 6 months after the church is fixed up, Heishi and Nanami get married. They take 1 last photo and decide to return the camera to the dude who originally gave it to them because they’re gonna finally settle down and live a steady life without being on the run. Hmm yea I’m not really sure what to think honestly. The route made me depressed because of how irresponsible Heishi was, how Nanami had to constantly put up with his shit and how everyone around him was pretty much telling him to grow the fuck up. But well he DID and it only took him like 1 game and 1 fandisk but at least he’s finally realized to stop denying the sad reality and actually DEAL with it. So I guess in a way I’m glad he changed for the best, but it was a depressing journey and I’m honestly surprised because I don’t feel like I had that impression from the first game. Although going back to my previous review I said “his bad end made me feel weird because I started to think “is this really his true personality that we never got to see in his original route? Or is this O/C for the sake of having a yandere.” Well I guess that was indeed his true personality that was pretty much revealed in this fandisk and basically ruined him as a character for me :/.  It’s a pity because in other routes, especially Natsuhiko’s, he was really a bro. Also I’m a bit glad I played Heishi early on because Seiji/Yahiro is Dickface McDouchebag in Masamune and Natsuhiko’s routes who I ended up saving for last. Also ironically enough I have so much complaints and disappointment about Heishi his writeup ended up being the longest lol.

saku01Nijou Sakuya – Fuga: Yea I wasn’t looking forward to Sakuya’s self cockblock fest but turns out his route clearly explained the entire plot of norn9 better than the entirety of the last game! The entire time he wants Mikoto to get with someone so he can “give up and return to just being childhood friends” but the moment Itsuki starts hitting on her Sakuya becomes Captain Cockblock. ಠ_ಠ Though since a lot of the angst was cut out and they got to the point in Fuga it wasn’t as bad to sit through.  They explained that basically the reset only reset the fact that people were having wars and guns and shit…but somehow kept everyone’s memories of love and peace. So yea now that there’s no guns, Sakuya can’t die. Though admittedly “Mikoto how much he loves her and tells her he wants sexy time in her room that night.” That definitely didn’t happen in Fuga. Why cut out such a thing!? Instead they added a CG of the 2 of them smooching in the sunset 😆 Concerto: So after the reset apparently the entire world – except the sekai/norn9ers –  is asleep. Due to this the awake people have to stay on the island so Sakuya & Mikoto have been living there together, with Sakuya basically acting like her butler :lol:. Mikoto is upset that their relationship hasn’t progressed and they even sleep in separate beds. When Itsuki hears about this he’s like guurll pls.

saku02Their last mission by the world is to go into the magical reset tower and press a button to wake up humanity lol. Apparently only those who had super powers are allowed to go inside there. While waiting for the time to press, Mikoto tells Sakuya she wants him to have more “desires” and he doesn’t need to just settle for what he has now just because it’s “better than what he had before.”  After doing the button thing they talk and realize the entire point of them being on the ship and the journey was basically to “mature” and grow closer to the other ability users. In the end it’s up to them to make the decision on whether or not to do the reset so they need to be matured & prepared for it lol. (Aka another one of those “the fate of the world rests in the hands of a bunch of teenagers :lol:”). Somehow Natsuhiko wasn’t put into an eternal dream and so they go to talk to him and ask him why he was against the World Organization. He says that as a scientist he hates their ways of “being scientists” because they basically use their research data to hole the entire world “hostage”. If anyone dares to defy them they could use all the secrets throughout all the resets as blackmail. Too bad for them this was the last possible reset since Aion kicked the bucket so they’re shaking in their boots now. He can’t return to the island either because they’re planning to resurrect Aion and they’d need his scientific knowledge but he doesn’t want anything to do with that shit anymore.

Natsuhiko ends up hitting on Mikoto but she just shrugs it off – though Masamune and Itsuki are shocked at this as well as the fact that Mikoto and Sakuya are still sleeping separately. That’s all pushed aside because of arguments between the World committee and the opinions of Mikoto & co. At one of the meetings, Sakuya suggests that instead of constantly wiping people’s memories of what they did wrong, it’s best to reveal the past history and have them LEARN from their mistakes! Everyone at the meeting agrees that this is a good idea and poor Masamune is left with the burden of creating the history book \( ^o^)/. Makoto says they’ll help him out and in the end none of them know what Masamune’s uncle’s true goals were other than being a sneaky asshole. In the end Mikoto realizes that Sakuya is a sexy beast for some reason lol. In the 2nd half, Mikoto’s pride gets in the way of the fact that she feels like her lust for Sakuya exceeds the feelings he has for her xD. So basically the whole time she’s trying to stay cool in front of him and not constantly be like ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) lol. Itsuki ends up being sent home for distracting Masamune with alcohol and Akito gets sent home for going along and giving him stuff to eat with the alcohol xDDD. In the meantime Mikoto is still battling with the fact that she wants to get laid, and Sakuya being like oh noess I must hold myself back for my ojousama~~ sigh. As I said in my original review:

justfuckMikoto and Sakuya are taken to some deserted island to take a break from all the research/helping Masamune and while there, Sakuya admits that he checked the data that Masamune’s uncle gave him. In there he realized that Aion didn’t choose him as the ability user, he was instead chosen by the World. They just wanted him to go see the future to confirm that it was safe to do the reset or not. They had given him those powers specifically because he wsaku03as close to Mikoto and he basically became her ball & chain to keep her sense of “duty” to protect everyone and train her barrier skills. After admitting this to Mikoto he says that he feels like an asshole who was a burden to everyone while everyone else suffered from their powers/lost family/were used etc. Mikoto tells him it ain’t no thang and that she loves him anyway. That night they finally sleep in the same bed but Mikoto falls asleep fast enough before Sakuya can ravage her \( ^o^)/. But well I guess eventually they DID have sexy time cause well 4 years later they got married, banged and had a babby. Unfortunately the writers didn’t think this was important enough because the poor child didn’t even get a name and her name was written as “Their Child” (二人の子)Σ(゚д゚lll)I threw the first kanji of their names into the dictionary and maybe they can call her SAKUMI( 朔深) xDD. They continue to live on the island helping with the creation of all the world history books while Mikoto’s parents grumble that they should visit more often. I’m glad there was less wangst in the after story and I loved chibi Sakuya in the flashbacks but a lot of his route was a text dump of stuff about the world. Guess they had to shove it somewhere though.

itsu01Kagami Itsuki – Fuga: I thought Itsuki liked Mikoto from the start cause he had a thing for tsunderes but it seemed at the beginning he really hated her. In fact to him Mikoto was a challenge – a wall that he wanted to break down. When he finally broke down this wall though, he realized he had broken down his own wall and was completely in love with her. (*´ω`*) The route here also explained what exactly happened before Mikoto got sent to that dream land. I was always confused on wtf went on but finally it got cleared up! Turns out Sakuya saw the future change from basically him dying to Itsuki dying instead. He said that anyone Mikoto falls in love with is destined to die protecting her, poor girl. Itsuki tries to change this by going directly to Ron (he figures out Ron’s the culprit after seeing a dream of Ron killing him.) He makes a deal with Ron at first to not kill him by giving him alcohol. He then makes a second deal asking Ron not to kill Mikoto in exchange for giving Ron Mikoto’s  barrier powers. The night Mikoto and Itsuki have sexy time, she’s so “open” that Itsuki manages to suck her power out of her and before having 2 powers kills him he dumps it on Ron. Ron’s man of steel so even though Itsuki hoped giving Ron the barrier power would kill him, instead he accepts it easily and even learns how to use it very quickly. So then Itsuki gets shot but somehow lives (I’m guessing maybe thanks to Koharu burning his gun or something??? I don’t remember but that’s how it went in Sakuya’s route.)

itsu02Ron then comes to Itsuki and Mikoto and says that in 3 days  Natsuhiko will attack the ship, kidnap Nanami and kill everyone else. Itsuki and Mikoto decide to run for it because Mikoto is powerless anyway and Itsuki is injured. They tell Kakeru and he’s like ok peace out dudes but after they run away they try to go back to see what happened to the ship but can’t find a trace of it. (Well Sakuya says bye too and threatens to kill Itsuki if he makes Mikoto cry but lol whatever Sakuya.) They lose contact with everyone else on that ship and go off to live on their own. I guess I never really caught on to this in the original game (or it wasn’t explicitly stated) but it makes me kinda sad. It’s almost like how Nanami and Heishi just basically “ran away” from everything which I didn’t like. At the same time though, I honestly have no idea what they could have done cause Natsuhiko and Ron were made into huge villains in these routes. Concerto: Mikoto and Itsuki are living their lives together and Itsuki takes a job as a teacher. Mikoto isn’t sure what to do with her life since her entire life up to now revolved around protecting everyone with her powers. They eventually see Kakeru appear in the papers so they figure by getting in touch with him they can find out what happened to everyone else. During this period, Mikoto starts getting haunted in her dreams by Itsuki’s dead sister Kazuha who is stuck at 14 eternally since that’s how old she was when she died. One night Kazuha tells Mikoto in her dream that if Mikoto tells any of this to Itsuki, she will take over her body. Σ(゚д゚lll)

itsu03Kazuha shows up in a dream the next night telling Mikoto she wants some girl talk love advice to a dude she fell in love with a while back before her death. Her job used to be showing people’s desired dreams every night, but this guy would just show up to chat it up with her saying he only wants her. Kazuha figured he was a lying scumbag but for some reason fell in love with this GGE anyway! 😆  Kakeru stops by their place telling them that Koharu & Senri kicked ass to save everyone and since Itsuki & Mikoto had left, they couldn’t do the reset. With this, everyone returned their powers to Aion and were disbanded. A few nights later Kazuha reveals in Mikoto’s dreams that the dude she was in love with is -dun dun dun- Masamune’s uncle! She knew he just visited her cause  he wanted her powers and that he was full of shit but the poor loli fell in love with him anyway. (´ε`;)  Mikoto wakes up crying and Itsuki hugs her saying he wants to meet her parents to convince them that he’s the right man for her. Mikoto thanks him for caring this much and then asks him to let her visit Kazuha’s grave. On the way there she finds out that Kazuha’s body was cremated because they wanted to make sure the disease that took her body didn’t spread, and the gravestone is just a placeholder with nothing buried inside. He says that they got into a fight after Kazuha asked him to read her the fairy tail books Masamune’s uncle left for her. Itsuki was against her being in love with dat GGE but she got angry and then stopped asking him to read those books. (This is why Itsuki knew about the story of Rapunzel in Sakuya’s route since fairy tail books were banned due to them revealing history that was erased during resets.)

itsu04When they get to her grave, Masamune’s uncle is there putting flowers on it. Mikoto hears Kazuha’s voice telling her to reveal that they met in her dreams and so she does telling the dude that Kazuha was in love with him. He’s shocked to hear that saying that she was so emotionless that he had no idea she harbored any feelings towards him. He also reveals that her dream power was so strong she could make people see illusions without even going to sleep. The half assed power that Itsuki got isn’t even worth it for the World which is why they didn’t care to go after him and Mikoto. Additionally by leaving Itsuki alone, he says that this was his way of satisfying his guilty conscience. He leaves and after Mikoto and Itsuki leave flowers they tell Kauha that they will visit again. Kazuha can finally rest in peace and will no longer visit Mikoto in her dreams. After this Mikoto and Itsuki pack their things to go visit her parents to ask for her hand in marriage (✧≖‿ゝ≖). In the 2nd half, Mikoto and Itsuki return to her hometown to see her parents. They run into Kakeru and Heishi who are there to help make the whole thing as smooth as possible by dragging Sakuya in to help be a mediator XD. He goes to the Kuga household and when they hear Mikoto has a boyfriend the dad’s like I DO NOT APPROVE! With this Sakuya tries to give all sorts of test and challenges to Itsuki so that he can prove himself to be a good husband for Mikoto. When they go to visit the parents, Mikoto’s dad is a raging bull and says he will not approve slapping Itsuki who stood in the way so Mikoto wouldn’t get it.  After yelling, suddenly gramps intercepts, tells dad to get out and after having a long discussion with Itsuki, approves of their marriage. On the way back to their hotel, it starts raining and while they’re hiding from the rain, Itsuki gives Mikoto an engagement ring. She bawws even harder but he kisses all her tears away~ (ノ´∀`*)ノ. In the epilogue, they get married and wear both traditional & western outfits. After the wedding, Sakuya mails them a painting he did of them in the western wedding outfits.

ron01Muroboshi Ron – Fuga: I was hoping to finally see into Ron’s mind and know what he’s thinking but he’s really not thinking anything. He’s almost like a robot in a sense where he’s like “Why remember names if they’re all gonna die anyway?” He then takes a twisted interest in Nanami and decides that if he can’t find out what her power is the easy way, he will do it the hard way – and specifically requests Setsu to prepare him a date rape drug -_-. That’s basically how Nanami ended up in that shack. It wasn’t a hotel but a shack whose owner Ron killed in order to use it to rape her. Fortunately Nanami’s a pro ninja and she beat him up when he tried, but overall his thoughts of “she’s so stupid, she only follows order, I can use her easily” constantly pissed me off (;ಠ益ಠ;). But then he starts feeling sorry for her cause she was used as a tool just like he was in the past. He tells her that he doesn’t group her with her powers but he’s a dumbass so he’s like “hur dur lets become lovers so I can use your powers” and Nanami’s like NOPE. Sadly I kept holding out hoping to see the explanation of why she fell in love with him but I just….couldn’t see it. And the only clue of him falling for her was that she actually remembered what he said and then the climax scene where she erased Mikoto’s memories in order to “protect him.” I still don’t get the “I don’t want your gentle hands to get soiled any further” Umm I think it’s too late for that? The guy spent his entire life being a killer for hire just to survive.

ron02I do admit probably the best thing he did in his whole route is rip out his eyeball and return it to Natsuhiko to be like look I’m cutting our deal I’m not killing any of the ability users. But then since he was going blind in his left eye I’m really amazed how he was able to see and learn how to make nikujaga after the memory wipe. He has no eye on the right and nearly blind on the left….??? Well overall disappointed that my opinion didn’t really change much after seeing his point of view and the fact that we were going into “blank slate Ron” in Concerto made it feel like everything he did was excused because “teehee I forgot cause Nanami wiped my memories (๑´ڡ`๑)”. Concerto: Ron becomes a moeblob since his memories have been wiped. The other kids want Nanami back on the ship with them but she refuses saying she wants to stay with Ron. A lot of the island guards keep trying to get her and Ron back to the research lab but she fends them off threatening to wipe their memories. In the meantime she’s on the search for Natsuhiko so he can make Ron a new eyeball because his left eye is on the verge of going completely blind. Ron on the other hand is a lonely moeblob who just wants to sleep and cuddle with Nanami all day so he gets upset when she rejects his advances (even though she’s doing it for his own good.) One day he finds an injured pregnant cat and brings it back home. They bring the injured cat to a nearby village hoping for a doctor but there’s no human or animal doctor in sight. Fortunately a woman there is a cat lady who says the cat’s gonna give birth anytime and said she can assist. Unfortunately she said she can’t keep the babies because there’s cat killers here who skin the cats for their fur to sell it. Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン

ron03None of the police will do anything about it because they say “it’s just cats” and the lady’s sad cause one of her cats was abducted and skinned too. She tells Ron and Nanami to get out of there Asap and says cats can just bear their own babies without any assistance anyway. Ron’s like yea well at least they get killed with poison so they won’t be beaten or stabbed. Nanami’s like wtf don’t you feel bad for saying that and he’s like “why would I? Cats kill birds, not like they’re innocent.” (;ಠ益ಠ;) CAT HATER.  Ron wants to make Nanami happy so he suggests they go and capture the cat killers and says that it’s possible the cat they found escaped from one of the traps. They try to lure the hunters by having Nanami go meow (which makes Ron want her to make those noises in bed xDD) and it’s super effective! The hunters come and shit bricks cause it turns out Ron beat up a bunch of them a week before. Ron threatens to skin one of them and treats them the same way they treat the cats. Nanami stops him and says to just bring the guy over to the police. After that Ron’s like “If I was a bloody killer who killed a lot would you hate me?” and upon hearing this Nanami is horrified because she erased his memories but here he is talking about it as if he regained them. She tells him that even if that was the case, she’d accept him for who he is. The cat has babies the following day and then they leave it at their house (I have no idea how it’s gonna eat) and go off to the mountains to reach the town where Natsuhiko is.

ron04Unfortunately they’re followed by someone that Ron used to work for who ordered him various killing missions. Nanami refuses to let him see Ron but the dude has his goonies stalk her cause he claims that his contract with Ron isn’t over. His goonies attack them in the hotel room but despite being half blind and them having guns, Ron beats the living fuck out of them getting pissed that their bullets could have hit Nanami. He nearly kills them until Nanami grabs his leg to stop him. When she gets home that night he’s pissed off and the only way to quell his anger is to have icha time with Nanami so he asks her to give him water mouth to mouth XD. (All Ronny wants to do is ichaicha with Nanami all day long lolol.) Unfortunately the police then come in lying to them and hand them over to Mr. F (Ron’s ex-handler) who says that his organization got a ton of weapons thanks to – you guessed it – Kakeru’s daddy-o Shirou! He orders the cop to kill Nanami and tells Ron if he doesn’t kill the cop Nanami will die. He even gives Ron a gun and tells Nanami that even with his memories wiped, Ron is still a violent killer. Ron decides to chuck the gun, tells the cop guy to run back to his ill sister, and instead burns F and his goonies with his fire powers m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー also ムカ着火ファイア. Nanami says that she won’t order him around so it’s ultimately Ron’s own decision and he says that this will be the last time he will use his fire powers.

ron05After they burn the place down and kill F they realize they’re inside a weapon shed and are locked from the outside. Fortunately just in time comes Natsuhiko and Setsu to save them from dying in Ron’s BBQ. He takes them to his ship and says he’ll make the eye but it will be quite pricey so they better get working! He also makes Ron promise to never use his fire powers again. In the epilogue, I guess Nanami worked her ass off because 2 months later, Ron comes out of his prosthetic eyeball surgery on BOTH eyes. He’s so happy he can see that the first thing he does after taking off his bandages is grab Nanami and kiss her ( ≖‿≖). Well overall I guess I’m pretty satisfied with how Ron’s after story came out. I felt really sorry for him because he felt like this helpless blob that only relied on what Nanami told him..but despite this he still managed to figure out what’s right and wrong, probably more so than his former self. Glad they had this kind of character development for him since the first game felt so unresolved and awkward. My 2 gripes are 1. what the fuck happened to the cat. I mean did they leave it looked in that wooden shack forever with her babies? How is she supposed to feed them ??? And 2. Nanami’s voice sounded really weird in this route. It’s as if the voice actress was sleepy the whole time. Nanami didn’t sound like this at all in Akito or Heishi’s routes so I have no idea what happened here.

natsu01Azuma Natsuhiko – My husbando scored #1 in the popularity poll and I had no doubt about it ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ. Fuga: There’s a flashback to Shotahiko and Shotamune on the island where Aion is. Natsuhiko was basically imprisoned for constantly trying to destroy Aion and the moment he was released he tried to do it again. Fortunately Masamune stopped him but that didn’t stop Natsuhiko from doing more bomb research to create one that would finally destroy it! \( ^o^)/ It’s also quite adorable seeing him talk to Mikoto through the chick robot |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  After all the wars/memory loss and meeting Aion she pretty much tells Natsuhiko “You want to stop war but you aren’t willing to put down your own weapon.” Also Ron was a huge asshole in this route – more so than in like any other route.  Concerto: Natsuhiko decided to stay on the researcher island and use the Norn ship as his personal laboratory. The scientists there want to try to resurrect Aion and Sorata wants to help them. Natsuhiko knows that they just wanna resurrect to try to do more resets in the future so he’s against it and refuses to help Sorata with anything. His sister is on the side of “the world” so he hates her as well, and Mikoto’s surprised when she finds out. One night he tells her that he plans to jump back on his ship and get away from the island taking Sorata with him. Unfortunately Nagisa figures out their plans and tells the island people who send Yahiro to stop them.

natsu02He ends up shooting & injuring a defenseless Natsuhiko and taking him back. Nagisa feels bad for Mikoto though, so she takes her on the ship off the island and lets her escape. Mikoto wanders around some town and then runs into Ron – who had left Natsuhiko in the last game because their contract ended when Natsuhiko found out Shiro was dead. Ron tells Mikoto that she’s holding Natsuhiko back and that she should just break ties with him if she wants to really save him. By returning to the island the world peeps would just capture her and hold her hostage to force Natsuhiko to work for them. She manages to convince Ron to save Natsuhiko for “their friendship” or some bullshit and Ron falls for it lmao. With Heishi’s help and Ron’s GUNZZ they invade the island and laboratory. Setsu hacks into their computers and finds out that they’ve basically immobilized Natsuhiko and are using computers to suck the “knowledge out of his brain” in order to do their bidding. Mikoto hears a voice from Natsuhiko via the computers system telling her where to go but she gets intercepted by Yahiro. Yahiro the Douchebag reveals that Natsuhiko is an experimental test tube baby that the scientists on this island created so they’d get a strong offspring to work for them. When the scientists on the island just randomly married & had kids they got derps like Masamune :lol:.

natsu03Once Natsuhiko found out he’s some test tube baby created for the purpose of being a slave of ZA WARUDO, he was pretty much hell bent on revenge on them and wanted nothing to do with them so he ran away. He then basically reveals that he’s just butthurt that Natsuhiko has brains & a hot babe while he has nothing cause he’s one of the failed experiment test tube babies. Just then Natsuhiko shows up cause he managed to escape due to the fact that they wired their entire computer to his brain so he used his own will to get himself out (also thanks to Mikoto inputting the code he told her lolol m9(^Д^)プギャー). Seiji rages and tries to shoot him but he’s out of bullets so Natsuhiko’s like “this is what you get for punching mah woman” ○(#゚Д゚)=(  #)≡○)Д`)・∴’. They get into a fist fight until Heishi randomly shows up calling Yahiro by his old fake name “Seiji” and giving him ye olde GUILT ATTACK. IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE! He lets them go out of guilt and along with Masaume, escape on the ship. They also reveal that it’s thanks to Masamune that Natsuhiko wasn’t completely brainwashed and also Natsuhiko says that he’s basically formatted all the world’s database computers. Mikoto rages that Natsuhiko did all this on purpose just to wipe their computers and he’s like no baby pls I’m sorry. He then also thanks all his team mates for helping him out and everyone’s shocked that he’s thanking people and apologizing (to the point that Setsu even records it xDDD). In the second half, Natsuhiko’s all deredere for Mikoto and rages at anyone who cockblocks their basically married life www.

natsu04One day when he’s dragged to go out drinking with the boys, Nagisa stops by. She says that the place that they’re hiding in was the one thing that wasn’t erased from Aion’s computers but she went ahead and erased it. She intentionally hurt Natsuhiko in the past because she couldn’t go against the organization, so she knows it’s not her place to suddenly act like his sister. Mikoto however wants the two of them to get along as the only family they have. Nagisa says that it’s best for them not to meet, and not too much later Natsuhiko comes back all drunk. He later comments that thanks to Masamune, he didn’t become a robot working for the world organization and was his only true friend on that island. Mikoto also comments that while she wanted Natsuhiko and Nagisa to be family, at this point their relationship is no longer that and no point dwelling on it. In the epilogue, it’s Mikoto and Natsuhiko’s 7 year wedding anniversary and of course they got a kid! XD Natsuhiko also opened up his observatory to the public and the 3 of them all go look at the stars that night. Sadly, like with Sakuya the kid is “Their child” with no name who I will just call BOKUHIKO. ’`,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、 My favorite part of Natsuhiko’s route had to be the fact that Mikoto was so asskicking. Even when cornered into a wall she’d fight back to get herself out. It was great XD

masa01Tooya Masamune – Masamune scored dead last behind the main cast (including the girls) in the character poll which makes me SO SAD. I absoltely loved him in both the first game and this game. He was one of the few routes that made me ドキドキ(*´∀`*) with his interactions with Koharu. Fuga: I feel bad for Masamune always having to break up fights, stop explosive cooking and control drunk friends. Despite all this he was the least liked character in the character poll which makes me really sad! His interactions with Koharu were so freaking adorable I was just (´∀`*)ポッ the whole time. The confusion at the end of his route was resolved finally though as it was revealed that he had asked Nanami to erase Koharu’s memory and Itsuki to knock her out. The reason was because he had to get her to let go of her guilt for “not protecting Mikoto” by fighting in her place and had she done so in the first place Sakuya wouldn’t have died. Masamune knows it’s not her fault or responsibility but she’s pretty stubborn in that sense so this was the only way he could get her to run away with him. (´・ω・`) Concerto: In the after story Koharu is filling out an entry to win a pair of tickets to a hot spring where she has to answer some questions about her lover. One of the questions is kiss your love and write down their reaction….so she tries this on Masamune and it sets off his perv switch so they make out on the bed…until Natsuhiko cockblocks xD.

masa02Masamune’s been learning stuff from Natsuhiko (like how to wield a gun) while they stay at his hideout, so he’s typically busy with that most of the day while Koharu does stuff like cooking/cleaning with Setsu. Once she finishes the survey it gets blown out of her hands and into Masamune’s face. He reads it but is really happy about Koharu’s feelings even though she’s beyond embarrassed XD. Once Masamune learns how to work Natsuhiko’s ship they borrow it for a time to look for a place where they can settle down and live. At one point they have to come down to a village to fix the ship fuel tank and it just so happens to be the village that abused Koharu! He brings her away immediately and feels bad about it so he decides it’s time to bring her memories back using his powers. He also asks Nanami and Mikoto to show up for moral support but seeing Koharu’s happy face Mikoto is against it. When she sees Koharu she starts crying and Koharu feels like she knows them even though she can’t even recall their names. Later that night Koharu has the unfortunate encounter with Masamune’s asshole uncle who’s like hur dur Masamune wiped your memories don’t you wanna know? Come with me! Koharu is tempted but she successfully resists the temptation and runs the fuck away.

masa03Unfortunately she gets captured by Masamune’s uncle and taken back to the island where Yahiro the Douchebag™ abuses her like the shitface that he is. In the meantime, Masamune, Ron and Natsuhiko head out to save her. (Also for some reason Ron still has poor eyesight and memories despite being with Nanami soo yea consistencies etc lol.)Meanwhile back at the ranch, poor Koharu is locked up in a dark room and she starts to slowly recall memories of her time on Norn with Masamune, as well as others like Sorata. Sorata finds her and is angry they’re doing  this to her so he brings her some riceballs he made. He tells Koharu he’s her ally and Nagisa is in cahoots with this but she says to only visit Koharu when Yahiro’s not around. Yahiro starts getting all buttmad that Koharu’s not falling for his dumb commentary or the brainwashing signals. Just then, Masamune & co. hack their way and invade the island. Koharu’s like “Being locked in a room by a douchebag while my bae’s trying to save me!? Ain’t nobody go time for dat!” and she melts the door lock open and escapes! She also begins having flashbacks all of the war and the memories that were wiped causing her fire power to go out of control. Nagisa finds her unconscious on the floor and her entire body burning up so she takes her to another room to hide and calm down. After this Nagisa finds Masamune and brings him to Koharu who is being instigated by Asshole Uncle to burn down the island and destroy “the world”. He almost brainwashes her into doing it until Masamune shoots & destroys the brainwashing signal machine.

masa04Turns out Asshole Uncle wanted to take revenge on the world and destroy it from within but realized he’s an impatient prick and got no time for dat so he was hoping to just use Koharu to do his bidding. Anyway Uncle Ass realizes he’s lost so he goes off to stop being a cockblock so Masamune and Koharu can power-icha before escaping from the island. In the second half, being bookworms that they are, Koharu & Masamune stop by a village to see if they can buy some new books to read on their journey. What they get instead is a grandpa who hands over his tree library to them (the library is like inside a tree) cause he’s on his way out of the village. They end up cleaning up the library and setting it up for people to come visit but since everyone but kids always avoided it, they don’t get too many guests. On top of this, the money Masamune was saving towards the wedding ended up being used up for library repairs ( ´_ゝ`)…Fortunately gramps decides to throw them a surprise wedding thanks to Heishi’s gramps troupe coming (cause that’s who gramps planned on leaving with.) They get married in a field of flowers with all the villagers blessing them on. In the epilogue, Koharu tells Masamune she’s ready to get her memories back so he uses his powers to show her the past. She begins to cry because it’s too much but then thanks Masamune for protecting her all this time. He tells her that her happiness is his happiness and well they live happily ever after! (^ω^)


Fantasia – This is just a bonus omake thing where everyone eats some weird candies and starts randomly turning into chibi characters. They then have to go on “missions” to complete in order to turn back to normal and the missions usually involve overcoming their weakness. (For example Senri had to sell dangos so he could overcome shyness and Masamune had to eat cookies while being punched to his sense to overcome his urge to ravage Koharu xDDD).  Kinda sad that there was no CGs for this part!

What I learned from this game:

  • Everyone rides Norn ship in order to test how well they can handle various situations and if they can mature throughout the journey well enough to make the decision to do a reset.
  • Not every group of the ship riders decided to do the reset, sometimes they didn’t do it (like how in some routes in this game, they ultimately ran away and didn’t do it.) They do need everyone to be alive to return the powers back to Aion or the reset cannot be done.
  • Natsuhiko doesn’t want to do anymore resets but feels that they shouldn’t erase history that’s why he wants to destroy both Shirou and Aion so that the world puts the wars behind them but doesn’t forget them. Yahiro claimed that Natsuhiko just wanted revenge on the world for creating him to be used like a tool (and maybe part of that is true.)
  • The World is the true evil of the game. Yea Shirou’s a big douchemuffin for creating wars but he’s probably just trolling the world cause he knows they’d just do a reset again anyway.
  • The reset with this group of super power kiddies is the final reset until Aion breaks down and goes out of service. The island researchers want to resurrect her (along with Sorata) but Natsuhiko is cockblocking them and making sure this doesn’t happen again.
  • Ron is fucking insane. Aside from his own route, he’s like some kind of weird gun robot that gets distracted easily.

What I still don’t understand:

  • The ending of the first game with Sorata and Aine. Did he finally resurrect her? Is this his mental delusion? “The World” will never know.


Well overall I think it was an enjoyable thing to play but I’d say that it feels more like a sequel than a fandisk. When I think of fandisk I think of everyone going to the beach, riding banana boats then having some awkward embarrassing moments at night in their hotels 😆 While we did have SOME of that in this game, it was mostly a focus on all the characters growing up as adults and settling down in life. Some routes were peaceful and others were wild and exciting. With this in mind I recommend playing Masamune and Natsuhiko as the 2 last routes. Additionally I highly recommend playing Fuga then Concerto. Fuga reveals a lot of things that were confusing in the first game and well for someone like me who didn’t play the original game in a long time…it was a great refresher! The few bugs in the game were obviously the bug I mentioned with Kakeru which got patched. There were also some sound issues – Nanami sounding weird in Ron’s route, Sakuya having completely different voice volumes/quality in Masamune’s. The mini game was kind of annoying but you can definitely earn a lot of points by going as Nanami and when you see an exclamation mark over Akito’s or Ron’s heads you have a good chance of getting 50 points. Also I think if you catch a hiyoko with one of those you get either 100 or 200 points. Basically whatever girl you go as only go to the ❢ markers if they’re the guy the girl is paired up with. (So if you’re on Nanami, and Kakeru has the ! don’t go to him. Only do it if you’re on Koharu etc.) Also I kinda wish in some Cgs they drew the mouths touching during the kisses…the faces being “kinda close” felt a bit awkward in some of them. On the topic of CGs, since my original playthrough of Norn 9 was on the PSP, seeing the same CGs on the Vita made me realize how much small detail was lost in the PSP version!


I’m also really happy that a lot of stuff that confused me was explained in this game. It was so clear now that I was sitting there like “I wonder why I was so confused in the first game?” So yea they definitely added more “explanations” in Fuga and Concerto regarding the purpose of the ship, the mission of the island researchers and what Natsuhiko’s role is in the story. Route wise, I absolutely loved Natsuhiko, Masamune and Itsuki. I felt like Senri’s and Akito’s was a bit of a cop-out because other people got baby & wedding ends and those two just got proposals (´・ω・`).  While I didn’t really like Ron much, I felt like his route had the best character development but at the same time it feels like they “wiped” what his original personality was just to make him less hateable :lol:. (Which is all for naught because you can be reminded of what his real self is like in Natsuhiko’s route.)  Overall though I think if you’re a fan of Norn9, this is definitely a must play because it definitely adds on to the characters & the story overall. Aaaand while I’m writing this post, Aksys just announced a licensing of the original game for the Vita so English otome game fans rejoice! ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

P.S.: My only disappointment:






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  1. Natsuhiko xD I need to play this game asap haha it’s been sitting on my shelf for weeks lmao, I’m such a lazy bum uvu wow so Nor9 got licensed too? Fall will be a busy day for English fans lol Norn9 and Code Realize lol

    1. Haha yea at least they licensed good games so kudos to them. Hopefully the editing team doesn’t get “too creative” since all the girls are “strong heroines” so they don’t need to change their lines lol

  2. firstly, great review as always thanks for that!

    Also, wow they sure are releasing a good amount of English translations of otome games! That’s fantastic and they’ve been choosing some nice ones too! Although I do wish they did Clock Zero but I guess Norn9 is just more “new”? Either way, it’s pretty cool.

    Lastly, awesome new site design!

    1. Yea I was quite surprised they picked up 2 projects but perhaps they got enough of a holler from the otome game fans on their forums? Clock Zero vita has quite a lot of new features so maybe they will consider it in the future who knows?

  3. this really wanna makes me want to play last era more! but I can see Ron is just insane in his own way. nonetheless Natsuhiko is so adorable!

    Aksys did a damn good job to localize these stuffs. I’m waiting patiently for Code Realize coz I’m too lazy to import. I hope they localize Last Era as well!

    1. lol honestly I think it was worth the playthrough so if you get a chance definitely get on it! and yea Natsuhiko’s such sexy beast (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・゚

      I think Code Realize in English will be great since a lot of complicated terms might be too hard for some people still learning Japanese.

  4. Currently on Itsuki’s route and missing Natsuhiko before i can complete the game. I find both Heishi and Sakuya’s routes to be disappointing, perhaps due to the order i played them in. I played according to the heroine grouping, starting with Koharu, Nanami then Mikoto. Did Masamune’s route prior to Heishi’s and the asshole!Yahiro scene and subsequent adrenaline-filled event before Koharu was rescued probably elevated the quality of Masamune’s route. Going into Heishi’s tame adventures after all that feels mono-tarinai… =/

    I really like Ron though. Am i the only one..? LOL. His dangerous vibes is pretty intense, especially when it triggers when someone’s threatening Nanami. He seems pretty much like a tiger on a leash. Maybe that’s why the other Norn-ers are worried for her when she insists on staying with him all secluded away. XD

    Congrats on completing Norn9 Last Era! What’s next on your playing list, Hinano? I have MeiKoi’s sequel/fandisk(?) queued up. =D

    1. Lol I agree with you on Heishi & Sakuya. I never really liked Sakuya though so I didn’t care much but Heishi was almost like a shock lol. Yea I guess because of your play order you played the more exciting routes in the middle. I had a feeling Masamune was gonna be important since he was the first guy unlocked in the prelude so I guess I’m glad I followed my intuition.

      Lol Ron seriously scares me. I mean he’s cute when he’s a moeblob but at the same time I almost feel sorry for him. It was a strange feeling but I think his Concerto was one of the good routes of the game. I still have clock zero & crimson empire sitting around but I really want to play posession magenta. until that arrives, I guess I’ll get started on Clock Zero (especially since I played it before less work as far as note taking for a review! :P)

  5. Could you explain me what happened in the CG that Kakeru taking off his cloth or something? It makes me a lot of nosebleed now xD

    1. Honestly – I kinda forgot XD It was from a month ago since I played Kakeru’s route first. I know it was when they were in bed together and he was being a do-S as usual and saying something along the lines of “Maybe I should take my clothes off so you can check if I’m not sick” to Koharu. I currently have Clock Zero in my Vita so I can’t check but it was a funny scene xD (It didn’t really go any further than that though cause she was like no no its ok lol)

  6. Ohhh, I’ve been waiting for someone to do a review of this!! I still haven’t gotten myself a Vita even though I now live in Tokyo but I wanna play this game so much. I also saw the popularity results. Why in your opinion Masamune is so unpopular among Japanese girls? For me personally he was one of top favourites in the game.

    1. Haha you live in Tokyo get on that bandwagon XD
      I’m not sure why Masamune’s unpopular, maybe because he reminds them of ojisans? But I”m an obasan so maybe that’s where my taste is going… 😆

      1. I’m 26, I’m an obasan too T^T Come to think of I was almost the same age as Masamune when I played the first Norn. Time flies T^T Eh? You’re in Tokyo too?
        I’m really tempted to buy Vita also because of the upcoming Fleurs. I also wanna play Psychodelica. But now since you can’t do anything about ps vita, and have to buy games only, it’s kinda troublesome. I’ve bought a lot of games for psp, and I’d often realize it was a super big waste of money if I didn’t like the game. And Ps Vita’s just as expensive.

        1. nah I’m in NY lol
          and yea I’ve bought a lot of games that have sucked too but there were good ones as well. now I just preorder less and wait for reviews

  7. Hello! I’m currently learning Japanese (I’m around N4 now but attempting N3 late this year!) and I need to desperately brush up on my Japanese reading speed/skills. I always enjoyed otome games in their english patches but now, I would like to attempt them in their original languages.

    After reading your post, I’m interested in the Vita port for Norn9 but I’m also very interested in Clock Zero. I would like to ask which one of these two will be easier for me to play through? I can fully understand dialogues if they are voiced but if the heroine speaks a lot and Kanji bombs are everywhere, I think I might run into a bit of a trouble ^^;; I am very excited to purchase my first Vita otome game but I honestly have no idea which one of the two will give me an easier life when I play :((

    Since I want to enjoy the game afterall and not just looking through my Kanji dictionary every 10 minutes, haha! So please advise me on which game will be better suited for me! I know Norn9’s localization is confirmed but still, I need to brush up on Japanese and not English so hahaha! Thank you!!

    (Also, if you have any other vita otome games in mind that might be easy-normal difficulty for Japanese learners, please do share!!)

    1. I’m gonna be honest with you and if you’re learning Japanese I don’t really recommend Norn 9 or Clock Zero. They both contain a lot of complex time travel mumbo jumbo and even I had to end up looking stuff up in dictionaries to figure things out. You’re probably going to struggle with these 2 games. Since Norn’s getting localized though, you could still get the English version because they will still be speaking in Japanese but you can listen to the Japanese text and try not to “read” the screen. Only read it maybe when you don’t actually understand what’s being spoken.

      But yea otherwise I suggest picking something easier probably like Trigger Kiss? The only complex stuff in that game is just all their descriptions of what attacks they’re doing during the sports battles but otherwise it’s simple school life stuff 😀

      1. Thank you so much for the honest reply!! I definitely do not want to struggle through all those mumbo jumbo and get frustrated with the game before being able to enjoy it so I’ll purchase them when I get better in Japanese!! I took a look at Trigger Kiss and it looks really cute!! But are there only 4 guys in there? No mystery 5th guy when you finish the entire game?

        I’ll also purchase the english ver of Norn9 when it comes out then and try that “not looking at the text” thing!! Oh yeah, what about RE:VICE[D], Senjou no Waltz and Diabolik Lovers?? Are they as complex as Norn9/Clock Zero as well?? Sorry for the many questions ^^;;

        1. Senjou wasn’t really good in my opinion and had a lot of war vocab which is annoying.
          Diabolik lovers had a lot of monologue text that you’d need to read but there’s a ton of translations/summaries out for that so you have a lot to refer to in case you are lost.
          Re:ViceD had some demon world vocab but for the most part it was straight forward and it was an enjoyable game so I would recommend it to you as well!

          1. Alright thank you so so much for your help!! I’ll get Trigger Kiss and Re:ViceD then! and the Norn9 english one when it comes out.. RIP my wallet. Thanks so much again!!

  8. Glad to see that you enjoyed Last Era! I think that point you made about what happened to Sorata + Aine, and Ron’s “new” personality would bother me a lot so I didn’t buy the game. And now after hearing about Akito’s route…eh I guess I don’t mind not playing it for myself. XD By the way I (finally) started playing Code:Realize and am enjoying it a lot. Totally get your conclusion about it being like FMA now lol.

    1. I believe there’s 3 long text novels in the omake section which go into detail about Sorata in the past as well as Aine.
      I was just..too lazy to read them |D;; I kinda started to but it was just going on and on and with other games staring at me I gave up lol

      Haha glad you’re liking Code Realize! I miss Lupin-sama already! ♡

  9. Hi! I just finished Norn9 and ordered Last Era and it came in like 3 days! Anyways, very dumb question but since there is no ‘new game’ selection in the title screen and so far the only thing I can choose is Masamune’s Prelude, do I have to play thru all the Preludes prior to playing the Fuga or Concerto? Thank you!! ^^

      1. Thank you for your quick response! I figured as much since I couldn’t select anything else…I just wanted to start with Akito so badly T^T but like u said it gives background info and answer some questions so it’s good so far ^^

  10. Thanks so much for making a review about Norn9 -Last Era-!! I really want to play this game so bad but unfortunately for some reason I still don’t have the chance to do so… ^^;
    When reading this review I see you somehow like Masamune’s character too. ME TOO!!
    I am sooooo shipping he and Koharu together!! Beside Akito and Nanami’s route, Masamune and Koharu’s route are the second most route that I replay again and again.
    Masamune’s route really one that can make reeeaaallly enjoy playing this game soooo much!! XDD *oops… I think I’ve talked too much about him… ehehe… my bad…. 😀 *

    Again, thanks so much for making this review!! This review is really great!!! ^^

    1. I am like one of the few people who loves Masamune and his closert pervertness xD I hope you get to play it yourself some day!

  11. Hello~ I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while but mostly I’ve been a silent one lol! Great review as always~

    This made me want to play Last Era more~ Natsuhiko is definitely the top bae in my list lol looking forward to more of your game reviews~~ ((owo))

    1. Yess Natsuhiko is the best <333 xD
      I hope you get a chance to play it 🙂 And thanks for being a long time reader!

  12. I couldn’t agree more with your reaction at Sakuya’s route :”D
    I’m still playing Ron’s concerto route and it does feels awkward they only have each other and rarely going outside to work etc ;;

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