Otome Game Review: Hitofuta Kitan

While I was waiting for my Vita games to arrive I decided to pick up this game from the bargain bin. It came out in 2012 but it did poorly so that’s why it’s like 70% off on Amazon and why the company hasn’t had any releases since. (´・ω・`) After playing it through myself I now realize why that is – but more on that in my final thoughts. Our story is about Hinokami Chie who ends up going to boarding school when her parents go overseas. One day she runs into a 2 tailed cat ayakashi who tells her that she has some Onmyouji powers and asks her to seal the 12 Chinese Zodiac beasts in the zodiac book.

The plotline is pretty linear and you pretty much skip like 80% of the entire game once you do 1 route. Basically Chie ends up catching & sealing all the beasts into her book and at the end she has to fight against Kazuki’s possessed grandpa. On top of this, one of the guys in the game gets possessed as well and she gets to exorcise it based on whose path you’re on. Otherwise it’s all pretty much the same so I guess I’ll do a brief dude breakdown.

senseiKairi Nanao – I did the sensei first because well he’s voiced by Hosoyan can’t be too bad right? Well just like most old games he suffers from the “oh noes we’re student and teacher so even though I have a route absolutely nothing will happen in it!” (Though honestly this can be said for like every guy in this game lol.) Nanao takes care of being the dorm head for the girls dorm cause the previous teacher got married and quit. He’s been a pro ghost ayakashi buster since he was a kid because his family forced him to train from a young age. When he met Masaomi sensei though he realized that’s who he’s working for and that he’s a nice dude. Unfortunately when he uses his power he takes injury to his arm so his right arm is full of cuts. He basically uses his own blood to create a “sword”.  So the one night they all put on their ghost bustin kimonos and go looking for Kazuki in the woods. Chie gets attacked by a bunch of wild spirits but Nanao comes to save her just in time…and that’s when she realizes she’s in love with him! Okay then lol.  And so instead of finding Kazuki they run into Kazuki’s grandpa  who is possessed by a demon and so they have to fight him instead. Nanao fights back but gets hurt so before he passes out he kisses Chie and passes his powers on to her. And so evil gramps is defeated and then Kazuki shows up and is like gramps whatcha doin!?  Chie and Nanao both pass out and wake up 3-5 days later. Nanao tells her how he owes everything to Masaomi for telling him that his power isn’t “disgusting” or “evil” since the Kairi family powers were originally meant to curse people. Masaomi then reveals that the summon book Chie’s been working on belongs to his family line and he’ll be taking it back Σ(゚д゚lll). In the epilogue, Chie asks if Nanao likes her more than a student and he’s like “I can’t answer that unless you want me to get fired from my job :lol:”. He tells her that he’ll give her an answer after she graduates.  In the omake Chie says she doesn’t like girls jumping over sensei and he says he doesn’t like when guys jump all over her…and they both realize they got half a year to go before they can go humping like rabbits.

sensei2Tatsumi Masaomi – Uhh yea why does the not attractive sensei get the kiss on the cheek CG. I mean it was made worse by the fact that some students referred to him as “dad” because he’d always make oyaji jokes and be like “ahh youth~!” (ಠ_ಠ)During battle with gramps sensei gives her some of his powers but as usual Kazuki comes to save the day before anything bad happens. Though because he’s really the token GGE he just does it by holding her hand lol.  After she wakes up Masaomi tells her that thanks to her having some beasts sealed in that book it helped this time from having the others overuse their powers.  In the epilogue Chie catches him sleeping at his desk one day and quietly whispers that she loves him. He mumbles back that he loves her too but she figures he’s just mumbling in his sleep.  As revenge for nearly giving her a heart attack she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Man like what a fucking ripoff the other sensei didn’t get jack shit . Also lol because of system bugs I didn’t get to save the kiss on the cheek CG in my gallery but well…no LOSS THERE LOL.

sakon01Sakon Yoshihisa – Sakon was probably the first route I really enjoyed a lot. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tachibana Shinnosuke sounding like he’s on helium half the time, but Sakon was actually really cute. ( ≖‿≖) He’s a half British exorcist dude who’s here  in Japan on a mission to well, exorcise those beasts away.  Rather than working on that though, he’s pretty much busy hitting on Chie the entire game….which sadly falls on deaf ears cause she thinks he’s just being a hahaha joking gaijin! Chie and her friends see him sneaking out into the woods one day so they decide to follow him. They see him with a girl giving him a love letter and figure it must be a confession. They ask him some hours later what he said and he said he rejected the girl because he has Chie XD. (Turns out it was actually a love letter to pass on to his fellow exorcist, Toa.) One day one of the zodiac beasts attacks them in the forest and stabs Chie through the chest. Not knowing what to do Sakon shits bricks but then Kazuki as usual comes in time to capture the rabid rooster. After this Sakon uses his spirits to help heal Chie’s wounds. Afterwards the 2 of them go rest in the nurse’s office and the nurse tries to hook them up but Kazuki…cockblocks part 3! She rages and drags him out of the office leaving Chie & Sakon alone. Chie then finds out that Kazuki has to actually kill all the zodiac beasts because otherwise they will cause a disaster. Chie cannot believe that her bff nuko and all her friendly sealed beasts would ever pose a threat. If she seals all of them she figures she can avoid the problem so she goes to Kazuki asking him to take the rooster he captured so she can seal it.  Chie realizes she’s starting to care more about Sakon than before and when one night they go to try to capture another beast, she asks him about why he became involved in all of this. He says his family is part of this Alvin organization of exorcists so that’s why he kinda became one because of that. His parents would be away on missions a lot but he stayed with others there and enjoyed it…but would often never see people come back cause they’d die on missions. That’s why he wants to protect everyone, including Chie to make sure no more people die from that.

sakon02They run into Toa who says he’s going to destroy both the book and the demon dog thing they ran into. So then Kazuki’s grandpa shows up saying that the demon they’re fighting is actually his possessed grandson. Chie asks Sakon to exorcise the demon to save him but Sakon’s like noo I’m weak and I can’t do it etc. Chie cheers him on and says he has to try so he agrees but then Toa punches the grandpa saying that the one possessed is not his grandson but in fact gramps himself.   And so with their powers combined, Sakon & Chie defeat and unpossess gramps and seal the spirit in her book. Masaomi and Nanao show up and help with the sealing of the final spirit and rescuing Toa. Toa also says that most likely the demon they sealed/exorcised was the one that he was to “stop from causing a disaster” and says his mission is now over.  Sakon ends up giving Chie a piggy back ride back to the dorms and thanks her for giving him the confidence in his powers. He then gives her a kiss on the cheek before bidding her goodnight.  A few days later they find out Kazuki’s transferring and Sakon’s trying to comfort Chie thinking she likes him. Chie tries to tell him that Kazuki isn’t the guy she likes but Sakon refuses to listen…so she grabs and kisses him to be like YOU’RE THE GUY I LIKE. (And this is where I wish we had a CG ) He says he likes her too and he’s been trying to tell her all this time but she didn’t take him seriously thinking he was joking around lol. In the epilogue, he’s in super ichaicha mode with Chie but she tells him not to do things in public or she’ll sic sensei on him xD. In the omake the nurse lady tells Chie the reason Sakon’s still hanging around Japan is because he wants to be with Chie and not take missions in other countries.

akiraGondou Akira – Akira has some serious powers and demons inside of him but he’s just a poor shota who’s been abused and berated his entire life so the poor child is quiet with extremely low self esteem. He’s often found in the library and all he has is the grandpa who adopted him – who just so happens to be Kazuki’s grandpa. His parents were killed by an Ayakashi inside of him and ever since then he’s been blamed as the child who brings misfortune. Also due to having demons inside of him most animals are scared of him – except obviously the zodiac animals who are ayakashi themselves. He has a chain talisman that he wears which holds the demon inside of him back and was given to him by gramps. Chie spends a night with him but the next night he disappears again and tells her goodbye while she’s sleeping next to him. They go looking for him and run into his grandpa who demands that they hand over the zodiac book. There seems to be confusion now because gramps appears to be the grampa of both Kazuki AND Akira. Akira seems to be brainwashed to do as granpa says but Kazuki’s like yo dude your gramps is possessed and he’s just fooling you. Gramps then forces Akira to release the demon within him which is the zodiac horse. He then gets possessed and the demon attempts to eat gramps. Chie passes out and sees a flashback of Akira’s past about his parents and the demon who possessed him. Her zodiac spirits tell her to get a hold of herself and to seal the horse demon. She seals it along with the other 3 demons (including gramps’) and then the senseis show up to finish the job.  While Akira is resting, Chie sits by his side and one of the sheep demons has her see a dream where she is separate from him. She wakes up crying and sees him crying as well  because well turns out they’re both in love with each other. Chie tells him that she loves him and he wakes up to tell her he’s sorry for getting her involved before passing out into slumber again. In the epilogue, with all the beasts captured, Akira is allowed to live in the dorms of the school. Chie instead begins her studies as a ghost buster under Masaomi sensei. Chie has to then explain to him that she loves him in a romantic way and not in a way that he loves his….grandpa. (ಠ_ಠ) After he somehow suddenly realizes what love is, he kisses her (and no CG as usual sigh.) In the omake everyone goes on a picnic and eats Chie’s bento. Akira also explains about his power which lets him eat Ayakashi for their powers and spit out the rest >_> lol.

kazuInui Kazuki – Poster boy for the game and probably the main guy? Acts like his sawayaka ikemen in front of the other girls but then yells at Chie for being a crappy Onmyoji :P. One day Kazuki tells Chie he has to return to his family home to visit them for summer break but Chie feels like there’s more to his story so she kinda stalks him on the bus there lol. When she gets there she realizes that he really did go to his house so she stands there sighing in front of it while 2tail nuko tells her she’s blindly in love with him. She manages to sneak into his house only to find him locked up with all sorts of talismans covering his body. She takes them off and tries to help him get out but Kazuki’s older brother finds them and he’s not pleased. He tries to use the same thing on her but she uses her zodiac book against him. For using her powers to help them escape she passes out so Kazuki takes her back to the dorms and ends up sleeping in her room with her xD. The next day senseis come in and tell Kazuki to spill the beans and after he tells her about his brother, he asks her not to get involved anymore. The brother intends to kill the remaining roaming youkai beasts before Chie can seal them in the book. Chie is stubborn and says she can seal them and there’s no reason to kill them but Kazuki says that it’s too dangerous for her. The senseis also tell Chie that Kazuki’s father was killed by an Ayakashi. And so to try and beat the brother to the punch they go to seal the beasts but oniichan and gramps intercept them. Chie manages to seal all the beasts and almost gets consumed by them but Kazuki helps get her out. Gramps is still possessed though so the senseis fight him with Chie helping out with her zodiac beasts. After everything’s over she’s knocked out for 5 days in her dorm room while Kazuki watches over her. After she wakes up she eats the conbini bento he bought for himself and he figures it’s ok since she’s been out cold for almost a week. They have a celebratory BBQ a few days later and Kazuki reveals that his job was to obtain the zodiac book with the sealed beasts and now that this is over, he’s returning back to his family house. The following day, Chie sees Kazuki off and gives him the zodiac book as well as says goodbye to Futatsuo. She then kisses both the nuko and Kazuki on the cheek as a charm to “see them again”. In the epilogue, Kazuki returns to the school to start Chie’s training as an up & coming onmyouji. He confesses that he loves her and before they kiss, Futatsuo complains about them being too lewd. 😆  In the omake, Chie comments how Kazuki and his brother are very similar. Well at least he got a kiss on cheek CG…??

Kanguu Toa – I was pleasantly surprised to find out the “hidden” character was Ono Yuuki’s voice. He rarely shows up in the game cause apparently he’s like a hikki and spends most of his time hidden in his room. Honestly I don’t blame him because he’s a gaijin ikemen and he gets sick of the fangirl mob squealing over him every day. He also likes to speak random Engrish which was probably the most entertaining part of his route:

He’s 1/8th Japanese because of his grandpa but everyone else in his family is British. The way he learned Japanese is by associating with the Japanese speaking exorcists, particularly Sakon. His route pretty much flows identically to Sakon & Kazuki’s so uh not much to write home about.  Before they seal the final beasts, Toa grabs Chie and gives her a kiss making Sakon & Kazuki rage :lol:.

This is like the only Toa CG in the whole game wtf lmao
This is like the only Toa CG in the whole game wtf lmao

He claims he was just giving her some of his powers and she goes to seal it with senseis help. She ends up walking back to the dorms with her hands being held by Toa and Sakon :lol:. When she goes back to her room he kisses her on the cheeks again and makes her all (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ that night. At the end Kazuki says he no longer needs her zodiac book but tells her to return it to Masaomi sensei.   Before the credits roll Chie runs into Toa and he asks for permission to get all ichaicha with her. Chie says only if he loves her and he’s like YOU KNOW, I SUDDENLY REALIZED I THINK I DO! And they make out with no CG as usual ヽ(。_゜)ノ  In the epilogue, Sakon bawws that Toa NTRed him and in the meantime Chie is training exorcism with Toa.  In the omake Toa seems to be ignoring Chie’s attempts to get his attention. After she starts crying he admits that he did it to get back at her for constantly ignoring him lol. He then says he likes her because of how dumb she is…(  ゚,_ゝ゚)?? Okay then.





Chie obviously pondering where all the romance in this otome game went.
Chie obviously pondering where all the romance in this otome game went.

I thought I’d finish this game faster than I did but still finished it faster than a GOOD game should have finished. I mean I came in with low expectations so I’m not really surprised but there were parts of this game I liked so I kind of find it a shame really? I liked the characters, particularly Sakon and Toa and I think they really could have expanded on the whole Chinese Zodiac beast thing. It just kinda felt like “oooops budget ran out, okay let’s just have her seal like 4 beasts in this last battle, the end.” Okay let’s say they suck at writing these kinds of things and don’t know how to do good battle scenes….CAN I GET SOME OTOME GAME IN HERE? Multiple kiss scenes without CGs, barely any romantic development (except like Sakon, Kazuki’s routes) and then endings that just…END abruptly. There’s no satisfaction in reaching the end and when you get excited hoping for some cute scenes – COCKBLOCK. On top of this, all the spirits Chie captured made really weird animal noises. For example the mouse made the sound you hear when you’re washing a window with windex to make it SQUEEKY CLEAN. The twin snakes sounded well…like a rubber duckie :lol:. I don’t know how expensive sound effects are, but surely you could have found some cheap royalty free mouse squeek sound or a hissing sound for a snake?? Snakes don’t make duck noises dafuq (ಠ_ಠ).

I ended up completing the game and missing a CG – only to find out it’s missing because of bugs that were addressed in several patches.  There’s even instances of Cgs missing that I remember seeing while playing lol. I almost downloaded the patch until I saw it was 400 mbs. Wtf? 400 mb patch?? Is that like..downloading the whole game? LOL. Needless to say seeing how there was a lack of romantic development of any kind anyway, I didn’t bother. Also one other thing that bugged me was – what is up with their school uniforms. The girls all had a set uniform but the guys all had completely random outfits. What is this 1 sided uniform sexism??? Anyway I pretty much got what I expected and unless you find the game for like $1 in some bargain bin, I wouldn’t recommend bothering with it. At least uh…the ending song was kinda nice?

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  1. Really disappointing; this game started off good. I wonder ‘what happened’. The songs and music? are nice at least. lol

  2. Hello Hinaho. First of all, thanks for this awesome blog. It’s rare to see people talk about Otome game. Usually, they talk about VN for men.

    There’s a question I want to ask about Sangoku Rensenki but I think the comment section is close.

    Is it ok if I ask the question here or you prefer somewhere else? Don’t worry,it’s not about downloading or anything like that. Just want to clarify something about the plot.

    1. @Hinano
      Anyway, my for Sangoku Rensenki question are:

      1) Which is the canon route/couple for this game? Yes, I know this kind of have game has multiple route and it’s up to you to choose who you ended up with but is there a canon couple/route? If yes who is it the canon couple? Does the game give any hint?

      2) Does the main heroin from Sangoku Rensenki, Yamada Hada travel back time to the real historical ancient China through the book or did she went into the world inside the book? In Fushigi Yuugi, the main character travel into the world of the book with similar setting to ancient/historical China but not really the real China. In Sangoku Rensenki, did she travel back to the real historical ancient China or a totally different world?

      1. I’d say Koumei is canon simply because he’s the one who brings her into that book in the first place and you have to do his route twice to get his “true” ending.

        Since it’s just a fantasy game it’s probably fantasy China like in Fushigi Yuugi. Rarely do these kind of games try to be historically correct lol

        1. Haven’t play the game yet but our reasoning make sense.

          VNDB claim Yamada wrap back in time to Three Kingdoms Era of China.
          Or they can just rewrite Chinese history to their liking. Not necessary have to be 100 percent the same. Like in the anime Oda Nobunaga no Yabou, Nobunaga and other warriors turn out to be a women. Or in FSN, King Arthur is actually a women. LOL!

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