Otome Game Review: First Complex

Kousaka Miyuki has transferred back to her old hometown from Tokyo  for her 2nd year of high school. She hasn’t been there since kindergarten so she doesn’t remember much.  She has long messy hair that she uses to cover up her face as a “barrier” because she has a serious case of social anxiety.  When anyone gets near her, even just saying yes and ok is a near disaster for her, so she spends most of her time away from others. A few days after transferring she makes friends with her classmates, Kotaro, Minami and Jun (who are twins) and starts a better outlook on life. Little does she know that the past trauma is about to catch up to her. And here I’m back with another raving review about Tetrascaope’s games which is gonna be all tl;dr because I absolutely loved the story!


Shimizu Kotaro – Kotaro is the class moodmaker and is on the basketball team. In my head the perfect seiyuu for him was Sakaguchi Daisuke cause he looked like/acted a lot like Sunohara from Clannad XD. Shit gets awkward when Minami tells Miyuki that she has a crush on Kotaro though! During school festival play Miyuki starts to realize her feelings for Kotaro…but then the guild kicks in because she knows Minami likes him as well. After the school play she gets really jealous and starts babbling how Kotaro and Minami looked good together like a real couple..and he gets upset and says he doesn’t want to hear the girl he likes say stuff like that. He runs off to cool his head after punching a wall, but just then Minami shows up and she’s heard everything. Miyuki almost shits bricks until Minami hugs her and says she needs to calm down and that it’s ok. She then cries and admits she knew Kotaro liked Miyuki and purposely told her that she liked him as well so that Miyuki wouldn’t steal him away. Minami admits that she knows Kotaro doesn’t like her back and so Miyuki ends up talking to Kotaro on her own and apologizing for misunderstanding.  Kotaro ends up confessing to Miyuki that he likes her instead.  He then asks her to go out with him to which she agrees. Things don’t go well in their relationship though and he gets really jealous of her always talking to Jun though and complains she never says I love you to him. To prove that she loves him he comes to her house and asks her to kiss him.  She slaps him away and he feels so hurt he ends up avoiding her in school for a week. Normal Twin End: Jun confesses to Miyuki that he likes her after Kotaro’s basketball game. He says she doesn’t deserve to be sad with Kotaro if he can make her happier. Kotaro overhears all of this and fumbles inside which is where Miyuki realizes she loves Kotaro after all. He then says he doesn’t care that her face is all jumbled in tears and asks to kiss her once more. Miyuki allows him and afterwards he apologizes from forcing himself on her before, because he felt like she didn’t see him as a man.  The twins then come back and tease Kotaro for being a heartbreaker for 2 people. True End : Kotaro runs into the nurse’s office after Jun’s confession and seeing Miyuki cry gets into a fight with Jun. They end up basically becoming a love love couple and he ends up spending the night at her house.  In the epilogue he comes over her place and they end up tripping over each other and ichaichaing on the floor. Kotaro wants sexy time but she tells him to wait till they’re in college! Jun End: Miyuki asks Jun to be her friend forever & ever cause he’s always so nice to her. He agrees but man poor guy, friendzoned 4ever. (´・ω・`)


Haibara Itsuki – I was trying to think of a good voice actor for Itsuki in my head but ultimately settled on Yonaga Tsubasa. Itsuki’s route was painful….painful because of BULLYING which is one of my otome game landmines (aka things that really break a route/game for me.) Fortunately this was handled really well but ultimately I feel terrible for Itsuki and he didn’t deserve any of the horrible treatment he got in his life. (´;ω;`) After trying to get close to him by giving him cakes and eating lunch with him, she eventually catches the bullies beating up on him in real time.  Later she admits she saw the whole thing but felt helpless and did nothing about it. He’s like whatever stop trying to be a justice hero and leave me alone but Miyuki says she can’t leave him alone cause she considers him her friend. Jun tells Miyuki that because Itsuki doesn’t tell anyone he’s being bullied no one does anything about it. It’s possible to get  the students bullying him expelled but only if someone says something. When she inquires about it to him he says that there’s no point because nobody will do anything about it anyway. Minami suggests that Miyuki make Itsuki a cake to try to strengthen their friendship. Unfortunately she can’t give it to him because she ends up finding him getting beat up once again after school. This time instead of standing and watching she runs in yelling for them to stop.  They refuse and tell her to GTFO but Miyuki keeps trying to stop them and yelling for them to leave Itsuki alone. Fortunately because she had run into the student council pres earlier, he was still around and probably followed her. Due to this, he sees the entire scene himself and stops them.  After he takes them away Miyuki tells Itsuki to go to the nurse’s office to get treated. He refuses, and also refuses to return to his house as well. Miyuki then takes him to her house instead. She finds out from Minami and Jun that Itsuki’s parents deny that he’s being bullied and the entire thing was dropped – despite the fact that both Miyuki and the student council pres saw him getting beat up in front of them.

Just then she goes to check on Itsuki resting and finds him having an asthma attack. While she tries to call an ambulance he begs her to give him air. Before she knows what happens he grabs her moving his mouth on to hers desperately trying to get air into his lungs. This calms down the flare up and he ends up falling asleep. Miyuki not sure wtf just happened ends up wobbling over to the living room couch and falling asleep there. The next day she finally gives him the cake she made for him, and after eating it, he leaves..but not before giving her a goodbye kiss. Several days later the bullies corner Miyuki and tell her to stop defending Itsuki. They explain that he’s destroyed their  school festival prep and because of his drug addict mom, one of the dudes’ moms committed suicide. They throw her into a garbage bin and threaten her to never associate with Itsuki because he doesn’t deserve to be happy. Fortunately Itsuki comes and gets her out figuring the bullies got to her.  He eventually fights back stabs 2 of the bullies with a box cutter getting them hospitalized. Miyuki has no idea about any of this until bully #3 corners her and is surprised she has no idea about what happened. On top of this Miyuki finds out that Itsuki’s mother died from a drug overdose. The next time she runs into him he tells her to leave him alone. She tries to be friendlier with him and invite him to hang out with her and Minami & co. after school. Itsuki of course doesn’t wanna hang out with anyone and when she grabs his hand he pushes her away. Kotaro sees all this and gets pissed so Itsuki whips out a screw driver out of his pocket to stab him….but Miyuki gets in the way and takes the hit instead. Her arm’s bleeding and Kotaro tells her to go the nurse’s office but she says she’s gonna chase down Itsuki instead! ヽ(。_゜)ノ


Unfortunately she passes out probably due to blood loss and Itsuki takes her to his house babbling that she should just leave him alone SIGH. When she wakes up he rages that she’s just being a “volunteer” acting nice to him because she feels sorry for him. Miyuki’s like wut and he then says possibly the dumbest line I’ve ever heard in an otome game: “You’re a narcissist and what you’re doing is just like fapping to make yourself feel better”.  But then he starts crying that even if it was all fake and pretend, it made him happy siiigh lol. He has nothing left now that his mom’s dead, and he has no father, that he wanted Miyuki all to himself. This made him jealous knowing the fact that she may be “taken away from him by someone” even if it’s her friends. To him basically he don’t give a fuck if everyone in the world dies as long as he has her. She tells him that she enjoyed being with him, not on a volunteer basis but because she loves him. He says he doesn’t believe her, so to prove that her feelings are true, she cuts the hair that’s been hiding her face for years. He’s like lol woman pls I’ve seen your face the multiple times I’ve kissed you xD.  In the epilogue, since he and Miyuki are dating he forces himself to get along with her friends. However he’s still got a nasty mouth and constantly makes fun of Kotaro and says how Jun and Minami’s cakes taste like crap (even though he really likes them.) So I guess he just turns into a tsundere with inner yandere when he gets jelly of Kotaro hitting on Miyuki lol. This route was pretty painful to sit through one because too many unpleasant relatable things, and two because I just hate any kind of stories where bullying goes on. The fact that nothing was done about it, and that his mom was some crazy drug addict and nobody reported this….just all around confusing and horrible.


Shitomi Hayate – For Hayate I imagined him being voiced by Sugita Tomokazu for some reason. Well if you’re reading this far you probably don’t care about spoilers but Hayate is childhood friend #1 of Miyuki’s with Yoshitsugu being #2 but Miyuki apparently has forgotten all of this. Well I don’t blame her if you were to put me in front of my childhood friends from when I was like 4 I wouldn’t know for the life of me that it’s them! Hayate is actually a popular idol singer and a singer whose songs Miyuki absolutely loves. Whenever she’d be in a sad mood, she’d listen to them to make herself feel better and she also named her pet cat Hayate as well. In school, he often disguises himself but still has fangirls chasing him. Due to this he often ends up hiding from them and somehow pulling Miyuki in with him. One day she finds him in the library sleeping without his glasses and panics on why her favorite singer Hayate is here. He wakes up and is like oh yea my name is Shitomi Hayate did I not tell you that? Miyuki finds out that he really is her favorite singer and she shits bricks and runs out of the library. Miyuki ends up in a love triangle with Hayate & Yoshitsugu (once more) after she begins to study with the 2 of them. Both of them are top grades in the school though Hayate often falls asleep during his tests so he gets pushed down to #13. Hayate then begins asking if he can come over Miyuki’s place to play the piano that she has there and she allows him so he’s over her house more and more. While at her house one day, he then admits he’s upset that he can’t compose his own songs. His managers tell him he has no talent and just get someone else to compose the songs for him to just sing. The song Miyuki likes was the last song that he composed and she says that she likes his songs no matter what anyone says.  She even says that while he looks really bored in all of his magazine interview photos, he has a much nicer smile in real life. All her compliments make Hayate all (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ  as he finds himself falling for her….again. Yoshitsugu calls her to see how she’s doing and hears her yelling Hayate Hayate because her cat Hayate just knocked a vase off the piano.

Worried that it might be his FRIEND Hayate, Yoshitsugu rushes to her house…only to be intercepted by the mischievous nuke.  While Miyuki desperately tries to catch her cat and hide it away, Yoshitsugu has a massive allergy flare up. After his head starts bleeding Miyuki freaks out and calls an ambulance to get him out.  (Though it’s not an actual allergy but more on this in Yoshitsugu’s route.) After this Hayate suggests that they study at his place so after school he takes her to his house on his bike.  Shortly after they get there it starts raining and thundering which knocks the power out. Miyuki is afraid of thunder so she freaks out and being in the darkness makes it worse. While Hayate tries to turn on the emergency power switch, she panics and runs after him – tripping and landing on top of him just as the lights come back on. (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) While she sits there staring at him, Hayate pulls her face to his and kisses her ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ After this Yoshitsugu calls and cockblocks the mood so shortly after Miyuki ends up going home. Unfortunately on her way home she runs into Yoshitsugu, and accidentally babbles out that she and Hayate kissed. He gets jealous hearing this and then grabs Miyuki and kisses her too. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイGood End: Hayate sees this and he’s pretty pissed. The two of them start arguing and Miyuki has no idea that it’s about her. When she asks why they both kissed her they’re like figure it out yourself woman! XD At the school Mister Beauty contest or whatever, she votes for Hayate and Yoshitsugu is shocked after he finds this out and confesses right beforehand lol. After dumping Yoshitsugu, she goes to see Hayate who saw the whole thing and is really hurt. Miyuki be like listen bae, I dumped him so I can get with YOU! He hugs her in the library then goes off to perform his school festival concert. In the epilogue, they’re dating and Miyuki is still too shy so the best she can do is give him a kiss on the cheek.  True End: Miyuki finds out that her father & mother run a famous celebrity company called Loriel which apparently they never told her until now?? Lol. Now that her mom finds out Miyuki is friends with Hayate, she figures she can get her daughter into showbiz. So then some dude named Morita who’s in the same agency as Hayate starts lurking around the school grounds. Hayate doesn’t wanna deal with him cause the guy’s like hur dur if you were gone I’d have more work for myself etc. When he comes over her place that day to play piano to distress he ends up confessing his feelings to her.


Some time passes and she doesn’t see him, but when she returns to school she finds out that he’s been fired from his job as an idol. He said he tried to convince his agency to let him write his own music, but they refused saying it doesn’t fit his image and he got pissed and told them to fuck off ragequitting in the process. (Lol it’s like Hayate/Tokiya from Utapri!!) Miyuki says that she loves his songs and can’t believe they would do that…but it just makes him more upset and he pushes her against the piano telling her to stop saying those things. Just then Yoshitsugu walks in during his patrolling and sees Miyuki being pushed against the piano and is like Wtf!? After this Miyuki ends up crying and Hayate just returns home depressed. On top of this the concert he was supposed to perform for the school festival gets cancelled. The idol Morita then starts bugging Miyuki just to piss off Hayate who’s already feeling six feet under – and then announces he’s doing the school festival concert instead. Some time later Miyuki bumps into Morita more often and he starts to fall for her as well.  The next day in school Hayate change his hair color and afterwards comes over to Miyuki’s place. He apologizes for going off on her before and when in her room, he pushes her on the bed and kisses her. He then says that he’s finally quit his agency for good and he feels so much better now because being an idol he had to suppress a lot of desires – like having a girlfriend. He then proceeds to try to have sex with her because he says he loves her and knows she feels the same way…which ok she DOES but come on you’re like her first boyfriend she’s not remotely ready for this pls dude. Just then, Morita calls Miyuki’s phone and the ringtone is one of his songs which pushes Hayate’s rage button. Miyuki tells herself that while she does love Hayate, she definitely does not love rape-mode Hayate! \( ^o^)/  Hayate gets upset and says that the Hayate she loves is just a made up “idol image” and that this is his real self. He says he’s quitting singing for good and well fuck music in general. She tells him that even if he hates his songs, she will always love them.  After this he hugs her and thanks her for her support. Before leaving her house he says he’ll try to love his music and songs once more. In the end they end up smooching in the library after confessing their feelings to each other. Hayate also then performs his original song at the school festival. In the epilogue Miyuki freaks out that Hayate might have seen her face beneath all the hair.  She gets over it though because she’s ok with him seeing it as he takes care of her while she’s sick. Bad End: This one has a CG so I had to do it but basically Miyuki allows Hayate to drown his musical sorrows by having sex with her.


Isuki Yoshitsugu – Since I imagined Sugita for Hayate, I decided to go with Nakamura in my head for Yoshitsugu xD. Well Yoshitsugu is the main guy of the game, the guy behind Miyuki’s trauma and the guy who created 10 years worth of misunderstanding and trauma….all because he couldn’t be honest with his feelings. (But what else is new with childhood friends? XD) His route pretty much follows the same path as Hayate’s but when you get into his “ending” that’s where it really splits. Good End: Miyuki votes for  Yoshitsugu in the school festival contest. Hayate finds out that her feelings are not for him and confesses to her before running off.  She goes to the student council and then ends up getting confessed to by Yoshitsugu as he gives her a light kiss. In the epilogue, Yoshitsugu and Miyuki run into Hayate at the mall while they’re on their date. After Hayate leaves, Yoshitsugu babbles acting all jelly of Miyuki talking to him so he gives her a kiss saying he’s gotta get used to things now. ( ≖‿≖) True End 1: Prepare for the tl;dr wall of spoilers now!  Miyuki finds out he’s in the same parental situation as her as in his parents are overseas and he basically lives by himself. Due to the fact that he’s student council pres though, he has no time to cook so he often eats instant noodles. There’s also the dilemma of Miyuki thinking Yoshitsugu is going out with this girl named Yasunishi but Hayate says that the 2 of them are not dating. Miyuki makes him a thank you bento for various things he’s helped her with but hesitates to give it to him. She finally gets the courage to give it to him but he refuses saying “wasn’t this for Hayate?” 😆 Miyuki doesn’t want him to misunderstand so she’s like no man it’s for you as a thanks for getting me the stuffed cat from the crane machine!  And yea cue more awkwardness as she tries to avoid him in school after this.  She ends up running away from him on her way home but he chases her down until she bumps into Hayate.  Yoshitsugu then ends up taking her lunch and eating it saying how delicious it is.  One day on her way home from school some pedo tries to kidnap her but Yoshitsugu saves her.  He yells at her for trusting strangers and somehow in the midst of her freaking out she babbles out that she’s in love with him xD. And after he walks her home he ends up babbling out that he likes her too. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

Unfortunately despite them both being in love with each other, it doesn’t go far because Yoshitsugu puts his work before his romantic life.  On top of this it involves spending time with Yasunashi which makes Miyuki jealous. It’s worse by  the fact that nobody thinks that she is his girlfriend and think Yasunashi is the true one. This makes Miyuki feel like she’s not worthy of being his girlfriend.  Due to this they end up getting into a fight and unintentionally avoiding each other mostly because Miyuki gets too scared to approach him to talk things out.  Several days later, she gets some notes to prepare for a test that he made for her and they’re really helpful.  Thanks to this she ends up getting really good marks on her test.  She goes to thank him and they make up with him telling her to trust his feelings more. And so finally one weekend she comes over his place for a movie at home date. They watch the movie and on her way leaving, Yoshitsugu’s mom comes home and says hello. During summer break Miyuki doesn’t see much of Yoshitsugu until she runs into his mom at the cake store who invites her to come over.  When she comes over he wakes up & shits bricks. While he goes to wash his face, Miyuki cleans up a box of items he spilled and finds a pink ribbon hairpin.  She then finds a graduation album with the same kindergarten name as the one she went to.  Before she can look inside, he returns to the room so she puts it back away. His mom teases him and Miyuki and a few days later he comes to Miyuki’s place to help her with summer homework. On their way to her house he asks if she remembers the past and they both realize they went to the same kindergarten.  Before he can make a big confession he gets cockblocked and they make a promise to talk another day.  Instead though, his mom calls Miyuki asking to meet with her instead and tells her to change her plans with Yoshitsugu. The following day, mom asks Miyuki to break up with her son because their parents both work at rival production agencies…so basically like Romeo x Juliet! Miyuki refuses so Isuki-mom is like “Well I figured you’d say no, so instead I’ve prepared Yoshitsugu an arranged marriage!” Σ(゚д゚lll) Miyuki is pretty shocked, and on the way home they pass by the old kindergarten and the mom tells Miyuki that she and Yoshitsugu were in the same class.


When Miyuki gets home, she remembers how in kindergarten a boy in her class called her ugly which is what gave her trauma to cover up her face with her hair.  She also recalls that his name was Yoshitsugu and starts freaking out saying that there’s no way it’s the same person. Yoshitsugu calls her up to come over to his place the following day to study – since his mom has returned to Tokyo.  Unfortunately she can’t focus because of all the events and they take a break after she makes mistakes over & over. While Yoshitsugu goes to get some tea, Miyuki decides to check once & for all if the kindergarten bully was him or not by raiding his album.  She finds out the truth and is so sickened she ends up running out of his house and returning home. The truth is he was her first love back in kindergarten and being a dumb shota he obviously rejected her….and now she thinks that history will repeat itself. She then ends up avoiding him for a bit until he comes into her classroom and drags her out saying they need to talk.  He brings her to the student council office demanding an explanation. Miyuki finally gets the courage and asks to break up with him.  He refuses until she gives him a reason so she lies and says she hates him now.  She’d rather it end that way than have him find out that she knows he called her UGLY in kindergarten! 😆  After this they return to being senpai & kouhai while Yoshitsugu ends up accepting his arranged marriage.  Miyuki also discovers that Yasunishi auditioned to be a model at her parents’ agency but failed the final round.  Because she’s so depressed lately, Jun offers to listen to Miyuki and she ends up spilling everything out to him. He tells her she isn’t ugly and she ends up being convinced to go to the school festival ball thing.  She hears other girls bitching that she’s dancing with Hayate and she gets an anxiety attack. As she nearly passes out Yoshitsugu catches her.  When she wakes up she realizes he’s seen her real face and she freaks out and runs away. He chases her down begging her to stop but with her running barefoot he eventually catches up to her and hugs her from behind. He then apologizes for what he said to her back then because he’s felt horrible about it ever since.


Yoshitsugu then goes into detail about the past she’s forgotten. Back in kindergarten, he was told he wasn’t allowed to talk to Miyuki by his mom because rival companies etc.  However at the time she had a crush on him and he thought she was pretty cute as well. And so they started playing and hanging out together while secretly feeding and taking care of a stray cat named Momo at the back of the kindergarten. Despite his mom’s warnings, Yoshitsugu ignored them and continued to be friends with Miyuki. One day, Hayate transferred in and Yoshitsugu & Miyuki became friends with him cause they were impressed by his piano skills.  One rainy day after school, since Hayate is sick, Miyuki and Yoshitsugu look for Momo who’s missing. They find it and when Miyuki runs to it, she almost gets hit by a car but Yoshitsugu saves her. Unfortunately the cat is hit but Yoshitsugu covers Miyuki’s face so she doesn’t see the horrible scene. He tells Miyuki to close her eyes as he takes her away from the scene, nearly vomiting from the horror he witnessed. Ever since then when he sees cats he gets PTSD and his body just breaks down….but the doctors just attributed it as “cat allergy”. Because of this, he could no longer spend time with Hayate, Miyuki and Momo’s kittens so he ended up being alone a lot. Eventually Hayate asks why Yoshitsugu’s avoiding Miyuki and making her upset. Hayate asks them to make up because he’s in love with her and doesn’t want to see her upset. Yoshitsugu also finds out that Miyuki is going to be moving away so Hayate warns him to make up with her before she does. He gets further jealous when he finds out that Hayate pushed her to come to tell Yoshitsugu that she’s moving. It reaches the peak when he planned to give her a hair pin as a goodbye gift and found that she was wearing one that was given to her by Hayate.  When she asked Yoshitsugu if it looked good on her, out of jealousy he said no and called her ugly. \( ^o^)/ If that wasn’t bad enough, just then one of the kittens showed up and upon seeing it Yoshitsugu was like UGH I FEEL SICK and Miyuki thought he meant that about her….. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ!


He ended up passing out and taken to the hospital and by the time he was out, Miyuki had already left the town. Hayate called him a fucking idiot and feeling like an asshole Yoshitsugu just ended up crying and hating himself for everything that happened. (´;ω;`) Back in the present he finishes his story to Miyuki and apologizes over   & over saying he never thought of her as ugly or hideous but in fact was in love with her all this time.  He says he doesn’t care if she hates him despite this but he wants her to stop living a life of covering up her face. He gives her a pin and pins her hair out of her face before walking away…but Miyuki refuses to let it end so she runs after him telling him she loves him.  Unfortunately just as he tells her that he’s in love with her too, his mom and fiance appear being like “lol what a wonderful cheater you are!” She then says that the reason Yoshitsugu was engaged to Yasunishi is to save Miyuki’s parents’ company. Yasunishi’s an awesome guurl though, and she takes Miyuki’s hand, uses it to slap Yoshitsugu and tells him that he better make Miyuki happy for all the bullshit she went through the last 10 years ;D. Since Yasunishi takes Miyuki’s side, there’s nothing the mom can do so she gives in and lets Yoshitsugu and Miyuki be together.  Yasunishi then does her hair and makeup and she goes to dance with Yoshitsugu who is amazed at how pretty she is. ( ≖‿≖) While they dance he’s too embarrassed to look her in the face so when she teases him to look at her he bends down and kisses her ;D. In the epilogue, Yoshitsugu is upset that Miyuki cut her hair out of her face and now all these guys are sending her love letters XD. Miyuki tells him not to worry cause she won’t love anyone but him. True End 2:  Pretty much same as end 1 except they watch some porno action movie and awkwardness ensues xD. In the epilogue, Yoshitsugu takes Miyuki to Momo’s grave and as they walk through where they used to play as kids, Miyuki asks him to call her by her first name.  He says he’ll do that when their last names are the same….(๑・ω-)~♥” Senpai Harem End: Miyuki can’t decide on who to vote for in the Mr. Beauty Contest, and her lack vote makes them both tie for first place. And so they end up sticking to her all the time trying to fight for her affection while her friends stare in shock www.


This was Tetrascope’s first game but you can definitely still feel the quality in both art and story in this. I admit I was getting a little bored in some parts because they felt a bit TOO dragged out but Yoshitsugu’s true end really brought things together. It even made me teary eyed in the end and that’s a lot more to say for a $16 game vs some games I spent hundreds of dollars on ( ´_ゝ`).  While I pretty much loved everything, my 1 complaint is Miyuki’s naiivety in regards to her parents’ career. She KNEW that they work at some “popular agency” but she didn’t know what agency. I mean wouldn’t you be curious to know what your parents do or where they work? How could you have NO IDEA where your parents worked for 16 years ?? So yea that was my only beef but otherwise everything was great. As usual I don’t know if they compose all their BGMs or what but they’re really catchy and definitely one of my favorite parts of all their games. My favorite characters from most to least are Hayate > Yoshitsugu > Kotaro > Itsuki. I don’t hate Itsuki honestly but I felt sorry for him more than anything….and I didn’t really appreciate him taking his anger and frustration out on Miyuki (or her friends.) I know it can’t be helped with what went on in his life, but it’s still not excusable.  For play order I recommend going the same way I did with Kotaro -> Itsuki -> Hayate and Yoshitsugu for last. You can do all the normal/bad ends whenever though Hayate’s bad end is the one bad end that comes with a CG. The 2 normal ends have Cgs as well so for completion purposes you may wan to do them. The official site has a link to a walk through which is really helpful to get all the endings. You can buy the game from DL Site here and with the yen being so high it actually costs less now then when I paid for it over a year ago xD. I just highly suggest to download the trial first and make sure it runs on your system because I had trouble running it on a Windows 8 machine but it ran fine in Windows 7. Anyway overall I highly recommend this and all other Tetrascope games if you’re looking for a well written romance story with a sweet ending (*´ω`*). I can’t wait to throw my money at them when they release the current game they’re working on!


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  1. Yea I will definitely get their next game. I mean at this point I don’t care what they release but I will buy it. I’ve never hated any of their games, it’s like they write exactly how I want otome games to be.
    Wataju is an amazing game I highly highly recommend it. It has more volume than all their previous games ironically enough but hey that’s what got me into their games in the first place.

    To be honest, I’ve been able to almost “pin point” of what sorts of games I will hate so I’ve been able to mostly pick out games I will enjoy. It’s just you know once in a while you get games that are deceptive in their storytelling and quality (like Clover LIbrary & PIa Carrot lol)

  2. Thanks for the review, though I only speed-read the final conclusion as I plan on playing this. Sounds like I’ve made a solid investment! 😉

    I bought this after playing Sakuya while I was on one of my DL Site shopping expeditions. The summary didn’t capture my total interest but I figured it at least won’t be a shitty game since TetraScope is involved, even if it’s their first release.

    I’m looking forward to their next project, “Yuukyou no Aster”. Another R18+ title, but I’m certain that TetraScope won’t be following the path many other R18+ otome games have so it at least will be an enjoyable time.

    I still haven’t gotten around to “Watashi no Real” yet, but I will- even if the summary doesn’t interest me whatsoever. The power of company loyalty, ‘ey?

    Anyway, glad to see that you’ve enjoyed this game. While scathing reviews are hilarious, it always leaves a better aftertaste when somebody enjoyed something.

  3. Haha yea I didn’t realize that his trauma is probably a lot worse than hers but well she’s the heroine so the focus has to be on her I guess 😛

    If you wanna see terrible otome, just take your pick from the R-18 section 😆

  4. lol yea she kinda does. if you mean the pic near the end, that’s actually her as a loli from a flashback in kindergarten

  5. Whoa… I was totally not expecting Itsuki’s route to be so… grim… Anyway, thanks for yet another review! I was wondering about the worst otoges you’ve reviewed. I really want to read those reviews X’D

  6. I’m surprised their art still looks so great for a first game. And their writing is so refreshing for otome games 😀

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