The 2015 Otome Game Release Digest

A shoe-in for best title of the year.

Because I decided to make this a yearly thing for the hell of it. This is a random preview of stuff coming out, stuff I plan to get and just my random blabbering and opinion on upcoming releases. Please take it all with a grain of salt 😉

As usual I’m using Cool B’s release list here. Stuff I plan to order/have ordered has a shopping cart icon and is in redShopping_Cart-20 Oh I’ve also removed BL games from the list since I don’t play those anyway.



1/15 DIABOLIK LOVERS MORE,BLOOD LIMITED V EDITION – Already played the terrible PSP version no thx.
1/22 カレイドイヴ Had originally pre-ordered this but then changed my mind last minute due to FF14 patch release day being close. Looking at the site now, the system page is still listed as “coming soon”. Wow you’d think 2 weeks before release date they’d have something. Whew dodged a landmine there.
1/22 里見八犬伝 村雨丸之記 – Some quin rose game I don’t care about.
1/22 ROOT∞REXX – Had originally interest in this until they showed the nauseating music game. There can only be ONE and that ONE will always be Project Diva.
1/29 黒蝶のサイケデリカ – Stinks of Shiratsuyu no Kai except instead of ghosts it has guns and the heroine has a voice. Will wait for reviews before considering to pick up.
1/30 オルフレール – You ain’t foolin’ anybody Tiaramode 😆
1/30 Re:BIRTHDAY SONG〜恋を唄う死神〜Shopping_Cart-20 – Preordered the Stellaworth set. This shit better be the most amazing game ever or I’m done with you forever moneybee.



2/12 百華夜光 – No more old timey prostitution games please.
2/19 男遊郭 – – No more old timey prostitution games please.
2/19 薄桜鬼 随想録 面影げ花 – Port #32535325
2/20 大正×対称アリス – It does look nice but I’m very distrustful of segmented games now.
2/26 うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪All Star After Secret – I’ll just wait for the Vita port when Broccoli gets it together someday.
2/26 OZMAFIA!! -vivace- – Waiting for reviews to see if they removed THAT JINGLE (;ಠ益ಠ;)
2/26 金色のコルダ3 フルボイス Special - I don’t think I will ever play a KOEI game.
2/27 Photograph Journey 〜恋する旅行・新潟編&北海道編〜 – Eww more segmented releases.



3/6 神足町人妖譚 〜迷イ子ノ章〜 澪(MIO)– Nice try Mio but no.
3/12 遙かなる時空の中で6 – More KOEI games I don’t play.
3/13 ヴァルプルガの詩 – Mixed feelings about this, feels like it has too many landmines that ruin a game for me. Will wait for reviews.
3/19 ノルン+ノネット ラスト イーラShopping_Cart-20 – Ordering at the speed of light.
3/26 剣が君 for V – Thanks to Hanasaku Manimani, I am staying the hell away from this.
3/26 宵夜森ノ姫 – It seemed ok until all the delays and the quality of the CGs made me lose faith in this.
3/27 Un:BIRTHDAY SONG〜愛を唄う死神〜 – Heavily depends if Re Birthday Song ends up good.
3/27 DYNAMIC CHORD feat.Liar-S
I read some reviews about the first DC game and turns out all the guys are manwhores?? And the heroine has to put up with their shit and basically be their personal relationship psychologist or something. NTR and cheating is a huge no-no for me so definitely not my cup of tea. Not sure if that’s how it will be for this game but this one does have the cast I am interested in so I’ll once again wait to see reviews before buying.

April – July:


4/9 華ヤカ哉、我ガ一族 モダンノスタルジィ – I never did take interest in the HanaIchi series and probably never will.
4/23 新装版 クリムゾン・エンパイア – I HAD SERIOUSLY thought about preordering this..until I saw the terrible reviews for Clover Alice remake. Wow really, sound buzzing problems? Do you even have Quality Control anymore? Also they changed artists mid production which has me a bit worried. Will wait for reviews on this but I am interested in the story & characters for sure.
4/23 明治東亰恋伽 トワヰライト・キス – I want to get this…but meh PSP…I haven’t touched my PSP in half a year. Kinda demotivated to buy games for it.
4/24 クローバー図書館の住人たち II – LOL. NOPE.
4/24 Photograph Journey 〜恋する旅行・静岡編&長崎編〜 – Eww more segmented releases.
6/26 DYNAMIC CHORD feat.KYOHSO – Not particularly interested in the cast.
6/26 Photograph Journey 〜恋する旅行・香川編&宮崎編〜 – Eww more segmented releases.

Games Without Release Dates Slated for 2015:


アブナイ恋の捜査室〜Eternal Happiness〜 – Reviews for the original PSP ports weren’t so great so not sure if there’s a point to bother with the Vita one.
 絶対階級学園 〜Eden with roses and phantasm〜 – Lack of any updates for this and slow development has kinda made me lose interest.
プリンス・オブ・ストライド I had interest in this..for the last 3 years that it’s been announced but it keeps getting pushed back. At this point I have the fear it’ll be like Brothers Conflict and released with plaguing development issues hanging off its side.
I DOLL UShopping_Cart-20 – I hope this is like Ninkoi but with idols instead of Ninjas.
アンジェリーク ルトゥール – KOEI game thing I ignore.
SA7  – Seeing how Buccaneers was kind of a flop I’m hesitant to preorder anything before seeing reviews from this company.
KLAP!! 〜Kind Love And Punish〜Shopping_Cart-20 – Come to meee GGE shota  ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
CLOCK ZERO 〜終焉の一秒〜 ExTime Shopping_Cart-20 I generally don’t like to replay VNs since I know what happens and the novelty isn’t there but whatever it’s been like 5 years since I played CZ and I recall liking it a lot so why not?
源氏恋絵巻 – Another Quin Rose game I’m going to ignore.
忍び、恋うつつ Vita PortShopping_Cart-20 Limited edition where?
12時の鐘とシンデレラ シンデレラシリーズトリプル全巻パックJust a Vita port of the Cinderella games meh.
新装版 お菓子な島のピーターパン I thought the original Peter Pan was fine as it is so no interest in the remake or port or whatever this is.
SWEET CLOWN 〜午前三時のオカシな道化師〜Very much interested in this game but need more info. Don’t want anymore abusive villager games or dull stat raising nun games.
スクール・ウォーズ 〜全巻パック 本編&卒業戦線〜 – The original game was decent but the FD sucked so not really worth it for me.
華アワセ 唐紅/うつつ編 – Just more Hana Awase segments but I never took interest in that series anyway.
POSSESSION MAGENTA  Shopping_Cart-20 – Extremely interested in this!! Sarachi Yomi’s art and a colorful cast seem like something right up my alley!
吉原彼岸花 I swear this game was on my 2014 post and still no updates on it. Well doesn’t matter since it’s another old timey prostitution game I’m avoiding like the plague.
レンドフルール – Well Kagero’s art is the main selling point here so I hope we see some updates for this soon. It’s been kinda quiet after its delay.
Vamwolf Cross† – Kinda interested in this but I need to see more information before deciding.

Games With No Release Dates period:

薄桜鬼 真改 – Someone tell Otomate to stop beating the dead horse already.
絶対迷宮 秘密のおやゆび姫 – Kinda interested since I liked Zettai Meikyuu Grimm but updates have been kinda scarce/slow.
Goes! – If you like female seiyuu voicing dudes I guess this is for you but I’m not particularly a fan of any of them.
Double Score〜Baby’s breath×Lily of the Valley〜 – Lol this whole franchise is dead after they fired almost the whole staff.
Double Score〜Lily×Gentian〜 – Lol this whole franchise is dead after they fired almost the whole staff.
Double Score〜Rose×Lotus〜 – Lol this whole franchise is dead after they fired almost the whole staff.
神々の悪戯 InFinite – ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐? Not sure if I wanna bother honestly lol. Not even for Loki!
神足町人妖譚 〜時廻リノ章〜 – Mio trying to make profit via segmented games with the same poor quality as their non segmented ones.
神足町人妖譚 〜鳥啼歌ノ章〜 – Mio trying to make profit via segmented games with the same poor quality as their non segmented ones.


So pretty much 7 games I’m interested in order period for 2015 with a few “wait for review/updates” here and there. Obviously I imagine they may announce a few things early in the year to release at the end of the year but this is it for now. 2015 will bring in the FFXIV expansion pack which will keep me busy for a while so I’m a bit glad my otome gaming list this year is small. What are you looking forward to in 2015?


70 thoughts on “The 2015 Otome Game Release Digest”

  1. The CDs are no big deal to me because I’m not really a drama CD buff…and the booklets can vary. Some have a lot of nice sketches/character profiles while others are just short stories and really pointless in my opinion. I think it’s honestly a matter of “do you think this game will be worth it? if so get limited”. I’ve also gotten limited editions of really awful games I wish I didn’t waste money on so it’s just a gamble you have to take.

  2. Question!! (About limited edition items)

    Dear Hinano,

    I’m thinking about ordering a limited edition of (Vita) Koi Utsusu and Klap!! (because yolo swag I hope this is cero D) and I’m kinda wondering if ordering the special limited edition of games are worth it? Seeing as you ordered the limited edition psp version of Koi Utsutsu, was the extra stuff worth an added 20 bucks?


    > Like whats so special about booklets? Do they have like concept art or special stuff in it?
    > (Semi Nullified for Cd’s because hell ye) But also were the CD’s worth it?
    >Or does all the happiness of ordering something limited edition come from the euphoric feeling of having a tiny box inside a bigger box? wwwww
    >I’m thinking about ordering from CDJapan

    To add to that, I’m also buying Code; Realize but just to make sure, the kanji in both this and Koi Utsusu weren’t too old timey or difficult right? or will I suffer wwwww

    Thank you so much again!! ( >vO)/ ❤

  3. They’re adding a route for Nakaba! That’ why I’m getting it. Prince of Stride…Idk honestly with all the delays I have very bad feeling for it

  4. I’m honestly disappointed that instead of making Clock Zero FD, Otomate decided to just port the original game Vita. They’ll probably add some extra contents into the Vita version (Rain’s route hopefully!!), but c’mon.

    Also Prince of Stride LOL. I feel like they announced the game forever ago. I’m glad it’s finally coming out.

  5. from the spoilers I read Dark Fate continues the MB fanfiction of adam & eve nonsense so I’m definitely off that bandwagon.
    Satoi keeps getting involved with games I Don’t actually like so I probably shouldn’t preorder games she does art for before reading reviews anymore ._.

    yea most otome games are on Vita now so definitely time to upgrade 😛

  6. 😀 I look forward to seeing your 2015 reviews, especially Norn9! Hopefully the storytelling will improve, but yes, the characters = <3. It's too bad DiaLovers is the way it is because I looove Satoi's artwork/character designs, but I'm not a fan how everyone treats the heroine, and More Blood's plot was just WTF to me.

    Eh, I'm thinking about buying a Vita if I can get through my pile of unfinished 3DS games. ;-; The only otome game I know of for the 3DS is Hakuouki: Memories of the Shinsengumi, and a bunch of games that have minor otome-esque elements.

  7. I don’t know honestly….I don’t really see “realistic vampires” being defined by the whole “Adam & Eve” garbage that they spewed in More Blood ^^;
    I suppose it’s more realistic than Twilight if we were to compare though but they keep changing and warping the characters in each game that it’s hard to pin point what’s canon anymore.

    And honestly if you like Kaji Yuki you should definitely play Code Realize 😛

  8. I’m looking forward to Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate. I know that it’s creepy but…I love realistic vampire stories. Plus it’s a good study on character types taken to extremes and how to write psycho yanderes.

    Plus I love Yuki Kaji’s voice and waiting for AOT season 2 is gonna take too long. XD

  9. Yeah and it really hurts because my favorites are Natsuki and Loki, and they just happen to be the most ホモォ ones in the anime series… especially Loki. Now I am praying that the 3rd season of UtaPri won’t turn as bad as KamiAso..

    Oh, that’s a shame. But I would feel the same if I were you. I love BroCon and all, but that system is plain horrible xD (although I heard that in BB its not so bad compared to PP).
    I’ve only been using my Vita to play dowloaded UtaPri games lol. Are Vita otome games that different from the PSP ones?

  10. Yea Broccoli knows their fanbase is mostly fujoshi so that’s what they market all their stuff on. Oh well 😛

    regarding brocon….well at one point it WAS on my list to play but I kinda lost interest once I heard its literally copy pasta of the main route and only the “individual” routes are different. that’s really a bummer for me and the motivation to raise stats for a few new scenes just wasn’t there lol. Seeing how I’m spoiled by the Vita screen it’s really hard for me to return to playing PSP games anymore 😐

  11. Hello! I’ve been lurking your blog for almost half a year now lol. Your reviews are so great!! My favorites are the Utapri and KamiAso series reviews. Shame that there are not so much people who like those without the ホモォ parts.

    I have a question. Sorry if I missed something here, but are you gonna review Brothers Conflict BB? I loved your PP review and I was kinda looking forward for BB too, and since you said that you enjoyed PP I thought it was strange that you didn’t review it yet.

  12. Klap won’t have rated R scenes it’ll probably be cero C at most 😛 I don’t think Otomate’s ever released anything worse rated than that XD

    Wow a Virgin at an Otoko Yuukaku lol….well after seeing that bee game from Hitsujigumo and after playing the terrible Shinobazu 7 series I’m not interested in any of their releases (;・∀・)

    And yea as far as Hakuoki that train left ages ago so only those who are desperate for any kind of new stuff will buy into that. At least Amnesia still has the original artist doing the artwork so it’s not as bad when they milk it xD

  13. “男遊郭” this game is available on android, I just played some 1st chapters (for free and in English), but the fact that the heroine is virgin ruined everything…
    She’s like “yes I want to have sex with a man” and then “what am I doing here? I just remembered that I’m a virigin, oh no, what should I do?”
    At this point, I just have no hope for something interesting to happen -_-‘
    (There was a part where the heroine said she would drink the semen of her man or something like that lmao)

    And one of the guys is REALLY annoying: I played 3 first chapters, and this guy was in everyone of them. He is the popular manwhore: “Girl, you’re sure you don’t want to choose me, I’m the hottest here, blablabla”
    Also this guy likes to put make-up on women, he acts as if women are dolls, and the heroine likes this part of him, she thinks it’s cute, smfh………….

    The new Hakuoki game (a remake with 3 new characters – a shame Shinpachi and Yamazaki never had a “real” route ;_; -) doesn’t look really interesting:
    Chizuru looks more stupid and fearful/useless than in the 1st version (on the cover of Girls Style), and the CGs in the Dekengi Girl magazine look fanmade and bland, for some reason Hijikata and Chizuru look full-cheeked… o_O
    and the characters are all smiling sweetly, which is just completely out of character for some of them (Hijikata, Okita, Kazama) .
    Only Kazuki Yone knew how to give life to the characters.
    Anyway, I still want to know what the ~new story~ is. I remember when they said that the Hakuoki movies will be “new stories”, and it turned out to be a summary of the anime with 2 or 3 new scenes and a different ending lmfao

    That said I really want to buy KLAP!, this game sounds promising, I hope there are some Rated R scenes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. lol yea I honestly just gave up clearing songs in music 2 because it was ridiculous (and painful.)
    I’ll probably pick up the vita port for the original utapri game since it’s pretty much the best game in the series in my opinion

  15. ah thanks for clearing that up 🙂

    and yea i’ve tried project diva f 2nd which was fine because it doesn’t try to make you press more than one button on the same side at one time. the utapri games are mainly made to kill your right hand anyways ¯\_( ᐛ )_/¯

  16. yea I did…
    Vita buttons are a lot smaller than the PSP. I can’t compare to old Vita as I never owned the older one, but the new one is significantly smaller than PSP buttons. And they are probably less soft than the PSP ones but that’s simply I think because of their size that it feels that way.

    in regards to music games though, I have both project diva f games and those buttons never posed a problem to me. Same goes for the music game in Amnesia World. So honestly, I wouldn’t say that the problem is within the hardware but the fact that utapri games are generally poorly programmed (Forcing you to only press buttons on 1 side).

  17. hello! i heard that you imported your vita from japan?

    this’ll probably sound like a really weird question lmao but buttons on the thin vita the same as the old thicker vita or are they more like the buttons on the psp?? by that i mean like … are they hard to push or are they sort of softer sort of like they are on the psp?

    the reason i’m asking is bc i remember reading somewhere that broccoli would start porting utapri for the vita and i imagine the music minigames would be a pain since it’d be more difficult to press with the tiny hard buttons on the thick ass vita esp with double buttons :\

  18. Yeah that’s true ^^ I’m not completely hopeless with kanji but getting through a scene requires me to either have a dictionary on hand or infer because I only know ~200 kanji right now.

    I just recently stumbled upon your blog and it really got me motivated to play some Otome games (and my mouth waters just looking at that Blue/White slim and all the amazing Otoge bishies) but I guess I’ll wait until I have a little bit of a better grip on the kanji? 🙂

    Anyways, thank you for all the reviews you post, they’re really informative and humorous and thank you for taking the time to answer my question ^o^

  19. I can’t really comment on the difficulty because depending on your Japanese level it’s really different in terms of what’s difficult and what’s not ^^;
    Personally I find any Japanese historical games to be difficult (like Hanamani) but any modern setting stuff is usually ok..sometimes it gets a bit hard when time trave/sci fi is involved though.

  20. There seem to be a lot of good games coming out!

    Well, I’m considering buying a vita but I was wondering how difficult you would consider the kanji to be in games like Non9? I’ve read that it’s slightly history based and I’d assume that it would be more difficult to read but do you think it’s significantly harder than DiaLovers or Amnesia? I still have to look up quite a few kanji when playing but I’m slowly starting to remember them XD

    I’m sorry to bother you with these questions though ><

  21. Yeah Ninkoi looked really nice and it seems to have done positively so I’ll probably end up buying it 😀 haha

    And since I changed the trajectory of my career path I got offered a job as a business analyst for an international company in China so it’s likely that I’ll be moving there if I accept. I’m pretty excited! I shall be closer to the mecca of otome games. LOL

  22. yea I learned that lesson from many many games so I’m glad I cancelled my order. I’ll be waiting on those reviews/discount sales lol.

    I love Ninkoi so I hope you like it too :3 Wow so where are you moving too? China, Japan? Soudns fun 😀 Enjoy!

  23. Ughhh 黒蝶のサイケデリカ looks sooo pretty but I should have learned by now that pretty art =/= good game LOL so I’ll wait for reviews then consider it. I preordered Re:BIRTHDAY SONG because I’ve been waiting ages for that but if it sucks lol well idk we’ll get to that if it happens lmao. I never played 忍び、恋うつつ but it looks like fun so I might order it for Vita \o/ I’ll probably order レンドフルール, I’m pretty interested in it, hopefully it doesn’t get delayed again. Other than that though I have to cut back on the otome gaming for a little while since I’ll probably be moving abroad in a year or so lol. Anything else I’ll probably wait for reviews before buying anything. Still, glad I (finally) jumped on the Vita bandwagon haha ^0^

  24. I figured you were busy based on your blog updates, but it never hurts to ask! 😉

    I’ve been limping through using my PSP by supplementing it with Nintendo DS games, but there are a bunch of PSP specific otome games I want to play, so yeah. Vita is probably in my future! (Yaaaay for fun times Noooooo for saying good bye to all things social as I play hermit as soon as I get it!)

  25. No cause I don’t really feel like spending money on a game that I know I will probably hate lol. Also while you and some others may enjoy my rage, you guys don’t really know of all the lash back I receive after writing this stuff and that just adds to the unpleasantness of the whole thing ^^;

  26. Aww, you’re not gonna play Diabolik Lovers: Dark fate? I love your rage when you review the game, the past two game reviews were so funny 🙂 Are you sure you won’t be playing/reviewing it???

  27. The only down is that you first have to play common route 6 times (although using skip mode) to unlock the individual character.

    Oh pls no lol.

    Yea it’s good that you enjoyed it but I’ve played enough of these wafuuish type games that I just don’t enjoy them.
    I read a few summaries & saw CGs here & there and I can definitely tell it’s not for me so playing it then ragging on how much I didn’t like it just seems like a moot point lol
    Not saying it’s bad just not my thing that’s all ^^;

  28. I don’t have basically any historical knowledge but I enjoyed “Ken ga Kimi” (the PC ver.). Heck, it’s the first game I played nonstop until the end. It has some great writing. Basically no loose ends and it doesn’t go over the top. And the Sanzu River scenes, that could be too fantastical, are quite good as well. I seriously cried.
    The only down is that you first have to play common route 6 times (although using skip mode) to unlock the individual character. Although it’s doable as each character has about 3 scenes of his own (first is scene from daily life, one is “saving the heroine” scene, another is “after mission complete”). I recommend unlocking all 6 guys in the common route in one go as you play.
    Ah, I guess another down is having to go through the swordsmanship festival’s fight descriptions in the individual routes.
    But overall this game is very enjoyable. And the heroine is cute but brave. 🙂

  29. I actually haven’t preordered it yet cause I’m afraid if I preorder it’ll get delayed xD Gonna wait a month or so before I do!

  30. It’s the same artist that’s why lol XD
    I guess as long as people keep buying the games they’ll keep pooping them out

  31. lmao “3/19 ノルン+ノネット ラスト イーラShopping_Cart-20 – Ordering at the speed of light.” Haha that what I do too lol I haven’t finished the current game but already PO it haha /o\

    Luckily my WTB list only Norn and Reines xD

  32. I do want to try out the Peter Pan Sweetneverland game. The art looks extremely similar to the Alice games though, to the point where I’m actually seeing Blood and Peter’s face in there.

    Yet another Hakuouki game? Are they that desperate to make Saito the otome sex god again or something lol my guess is they’re far from being done with the series

  33. I’m not really following what you’re asking me here….but reading your comment just seems like you’re angry that you can no longer pirate otome games (due to them not being emulate able) and you’re angry at Sony for this ?? Sorry if I’m understanding wrong here.

    I never took Japanese classes either really. A lot of my Japanese was self taught through playing games, fansubbing anime etc. Sure at first I didn’t know half the kanji I Was reading but as I played more I learned more. Just because your Japanese isn’t good doesn’t really justify you not buying the game. I mean I can see where you are coming from but it’s pretty much on you at that point.

    There’s a lot of great otome games for the Vita, more so than for the PC. A few bloggers other than myself always post summaries/reviews so even if you don’t fully understand something, you can still enjoy the game then refer to the review to catch up on whatever you may have missed due to not understanding/not being able to use a translation software. Eventually you will just naturally start to learn what’s being said even when it isn’t voiced.

    specially as otome games tend to use all kinds of crazy a** fonts to make it even more impossible to decipher what a kanji could mean using a dictionary.

    This no longer applies to the Vita as the screen is clear & large.

    It’s obvious that these devices are being out-dated in an even steadier and much faster rate than before. That’s one reason more to trust PC games over PSP/PSV etc.

    Windows systems get outdated too. There are old PC games I can no longer play on my windows 7 computer so it’s just the same.

    While you can be pretty sure that a lot will have to happen for your PC games to stop working, you might easily end up having to buy a new hand-held in a year.

    I had my PSPs for 2 years really and the device itself is years old. It’s just otome game companies being late on the bandwagon, realizing it 3 years later and then moving on to a newer system the vita.

    And the games we people do play need a lot of card space because of the extensive story lines etc.

    Don’t know where you got this info from but unless you buy a download version of the game from PSN, you don’t need more than a couple mbs for each “save file” for vita games that you buy physical copies of.

    And I’m not really supportive of this whole milk-them-dry-strategy they seem to be favoring in the gaming section these days. I bet Sony gets a sort of provision for every game sold that runs on the PSV. So they prolly benefit by the sales of games already anyways. And while I might give them the benefit of the doubt and shut my eyes on the PSV only accepting OM-memory cards, they made their own graves by putting an excessive price tag onto those cards. Plus the fact that I cannot emulate it onto the PC sucks hard.

    So you’re saying you don’t support paying money for games and are angry that you can’t pirate them on your PC?

    In the past I’ve never bought the consoles/games but therefore went for the merch stuff to “give back” for the games I emulated.

    You don’t justify supporting a game by only buying merchandise. A couple keychains is maybe $15 but the game costs $60-80. What about those of us who buy the game AND merchandise? That’s supporting the company what you are doing is not. You don’t go into a grocery store, steal a bunch of fruit, and then “give back” by planting their seeds near the store’s parking lot lol. You have to actually buy the fruit for the store to make profit. Also more often than not the companies who make merchandise for the games are not the companies who make the games so in fact you are not supporting the company at all by pirating their games.

    I hope that answers any questions you may have and all I can tell you is, if you really want to support companies you should buy the games and stop giving yourself excuses on why you shouldn’t. If you’re “tempted” to buy a Vita just buy one. You will enjoy the games that are on it and not limit yourself to only playing what you can get for free on your computer.

  34. YEA I just read that too recently and I’m like WHUT….well maybe if the heroine is do-S then they can have a do-S off!? that would be amazing xDDDDD
    I’m getting hesistant to preorder games lately so maybe I will stick to reviews on Amazon first lol…

  35. Seeing the awesome games I’m really tempted to hop the PSV wagon. I’ve never had a PSP or any PS/ XBox w/e before because first of all I’ve never been interested enough in the games and 2ndly they are pretty much overpriced in Germany. Like 2 years ago I started trying some emulation to see if I liked the games etc. I’m still studying Japanese (even though I don’t have active classes anymore because my university decided to go even more all-Europe and showed us the middle finger when we requested to have a course above JLPT N4).So in the end I’ve done the 2 Genki books and that’s pretty much it. I browse Japanese sites and use Perapera and stuff like that to decipher words. Some stick after a while of seeing them but most don’t. Right now I just don’t have any possibility to join a class in my region and alone I just don’t find the time to sit down/don’t really know how to go from there. So I’m concerned about my Japanese level not being enough. I understand most of the meaning of animes and otome games when I listen to the voices. Kanjis however are a screw-up hard for me and the heroine’s part mostly is unvoiced. Especially as otome games tend to use all kinds of crazy a** fonts to make it even more impossible to decipher what a kanji could mean using a dictionary. I do like PC games / emulation more because it gives me more of a possibility to translate unknown words using ATLAS and stuff or simply Capture2Text and a kanji dictionary in the background.
    Despite the language barrier I often find myself snooping the site for Vitas. But during all the sessions of gathering infos I started to feel a bit disappointed about how Sony handles their business. It’s obvious that these devices are being out-dated in an even steadier and much faster rate than before. That’s one reason more to trust PC games over PSP/PSV etc. While you can be pretty sure that a lot will have to happen for your PC games to stop working, you might easily end up having to buy a new hand-held in a year. And that’s economically and ecologically a no-no in my opinion. And what turns me off a great deal is the whole memory-card issue the PSV seems to have. Appearently you can ONLY use OM-cards of Sony. And the games we people do play need a lot of card space because of the extensive story lines etc. And I’m not really supportive of this whole milk-them-dry-strategy they seem to be favoring in the gaming section these days. I bet Sony gets a sort of provision for every game sold that runs on the PSV. So they prolly benefit by the sales of games already anyways. And while I might give them the benefit of the doubt and shut my eyes on the PSV only accepting OM-memory cards, they made their own graves by putting an excessive price tag onto those cards. Plus the fact that I cannot emulate it onto the PC sucks hard.
    So well yeah…I’m really bothered by this whole issue and dunno what to do. In the past I’ve never bought the consoles/games but therefore went for the merch stuff to “give back” for the games I emulated. Now if there was a chance that I could use another manufacturer’s memory cards or Sony wouldn’t be trying to gang-rape my wallet when purchasing them, I’d be much more tempted to buy a PSV and games for it. Do you know if there’s been any change in those regions the past few months? My last info is like a 1/4 to 1/2 year old, so things might have changed. *sigh*

  36. I was excited for Vamwolf Cross until I read that all the captures would be sadists. Considering that D3P is the only publisher that’s really succeeded in creating an otome-horror game with atmosphere(at least out of the games advertised as having horror elements) I’ll probably still give it a chance but I’m nervous that they’ll just try and pull a Shiratsuyu and troll those with expectations.
    Otherwise I’m looking forward to both the Dia Lover games despite myself, along with Reine des fleurs, Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen, Ninkoi, Sweet Clown, and Possession Magenta, all of which I’m pretty sure will be decent… Or is that just wishful thinking? Otome game companies are so sneaky about making games they’ve obviously put very little effort into look like the game of the year.

  37. lol let me tell you a thing about Gekka Ryouran Romance’s text.

    yea the sound from the UMD is so bad I just hacked my psp so I could rip the ISO from the UMD just so I wouldn’t have to play with those horrible things. My old MiyakoFD would literally just freeze and crash my psp because of the UMD lag blah!

    I don’t really read ebooks other than manga and to do this I”ve set my Amazon Kindle to reflect off my Amazon JP account unfortunately xD. Reason being is typically on my commute I whip out my Vita and read my otome games so my time to read stuff on kindle is pretty small sorry!

  38. Hmmm, I was avoiding buying a Vita, but you might have just convinced me to take the plunge. I always feel like I’m holding my PSP screen roughly four inches away from my face to read the text and what not. And the NOISE. My PSP is so old I swear the whole thing shakes when the disks get going. Plus there are sooooo many beautiful games coming out!! O_O Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

    Random, but I was wondering if you ever read ebooks. I’m an author, and I’ve written what is essentially a fairy tale, otome book–The Wild swans. ( I consider it Otome-ish because the main character hangs out with a bunch of bishies, and the story has two different endings, so you can choose the guy she ends up with. (They are both hot guys, what else could I do!?!) Sounds like FF14 is taking up most of your day, but if you would like a free copy of the ebook, let me know!

  39. I didn’t even care about the songs but the way those notes move accross the screen actually nauseates me lol. I had the same problem when I reviewed Megpoid the Music so I knew immediately there was no way I was gonna bother with this.

    Maybe you’d enjoy photojourney though since you care about touristy stuff? It seems like they focus mostly on that and then just shove some last minute romance at the end. I reviewed a similar game about Hokkaido though I found it more fun to play a game like that if it was about a place I had visited ( like hokkaido rather than a random part I hadn’t been to)

  40. haha well if we all had the same otome game taste as me koei and quin rose would be out of business 😆
    original cinderella game wasn’t bugged but rather shit like having to rubberband my psp just to skip etc lol

  41. Ah I see, seeing from your buy list your type of otoge is pretty reversed to mine haha xD for me QR doesn’t really have bug on the alice and cinderella series game, but their PC game is bleh 8″D THAT WAS ACTUALLY TRUE 8″””D and their normal edition too is MUCH More expensive then the other otoge :””(( no wonder the limited edition isn’t really doin well on bussiness 8″(

  42. Omigosh, I felt the same way about RootRex. xD
    It seemed pretty interesting at first, and the heroine is flipping adorable. But after I heard the music…All I could think was, “lol wtf is this”. Some of it is okay…But ehhh… (The grunge font they use is starting to drive me up the wall too.)

    I DOLL U ended up really catching my attention, especially after I saw there promo video. Like DANG. That’s the kind of idol music that pumps me up. I hope it’s actually good.(And I love it when Shimono hiro voices shota’s. Thats always a plus for me. :D)

    But aside from that, POSSESSION MAGENTA is looking REALLY promising, and I’m still really curious about レンドフルール. It’s been getting a lot of hype.

    Gaahh, but I’m kind of disappointed to see that Photograph Journey is getting bad to lukewarm reviews. (And the segmentation is such a pain…) I honestly liked the idea of a touristy otome game. Because I thought maybe I could learn more about the different regions of Japan, while also studying Japanese, while also trying to snag a guy all at the same time! 😀 WOOH. But after hearing the responseeee~ Not so sure anymore.
    I dunno, we’ll see. I may just get it anyway as a study tool.

  43. I’ll wait for reviews first. I don’t really have issues with the characters or story but I’m a bit wary of systematic bugs with Quin Rose hence why I’m waiting out on it. Plus I swear almost nobody ever buys Quin Rose games so a lot of the time even limited editions are left in stock way after the release date lol

  44. basically my problems with koei are the really complex stat raising systems and very little reward. (like how you train your ass off in corda but there’s barely kissing or hand holding and its not fully voiced.)

  45. I haven’t actually preordered it yet but I definitely will as it gets closer in the case Otomate goes delayhappy again lol

  46. Oh man if you haven’t played CZ, with Vita resolution and all the new stuff added you should definitely add it to your list!

    and yea Hakuoki….someone needs to put it out of its misery

  47. you should try to buy crimson empire, the old one already work super well for me 8D and i am very excited for the remake on vita //w\\
    haha, you sure ignoring KOEI pretty well, I can’t say a lot since I already fell into KOEI’s dark dark hole 8″””D

  48. 薄桜鬼 真改 Otomate please stop it. -_-

    ROOT REX. I am not interested with it since first place…

    And yay for KLAP!! and I DOLL U. I wonder if Shion have route? Also for I DOLL U, I hope the system won’t like ROOT REX.

    Also Reine won’t ended up like brocon, delayed and then BAM a Bug! :/

  49. Why don’t you like Koei? I was kinda looking forward to Harukanaru 6, but it kinda looks cheap and my hype is down. I hope Angelique looks better.

  50. “3/19 ノルン+ノネット ラスト イーラ – Ordering at the speed of light”
    – LOOOL exactly what I did xD
    I’m also interested in the Shinigami Kareshi games (because satoi’s pretty art *_*) but they’re for PC :/ Maybe if they get ported to vita I’ll play them. I’ll look forawrd to your review of Re:birthday 🙂

  51. I DOLL U and Possession Magenta are definitely on my eyes. it had me interested since day one and Sarachi Yomi’s art is pretty as usual! also haven’t played CZ makes me wanna play it too.. but financial problem comes first XD also Hakuoki erggh I thought they stopped BUT NO IT’S STILL NOT ENOUGH

  52. I can’t wait for the Norn9 FD :DDD Especially on the Vita!
    Yea i mean norn9 is swiss cheese as far as plot but the characters make it all the worthwhile

    I don’t think KLAP is gonna be like dialovers. If anything I think it’s the teacher who’s gonna be delivering the punishment XD
    And yea I have no idea who is buying PhotoJourney…I mean I think the concept is good but unless you’re a travel buff I cannot see it appealing to anyone.
    It might have been better marketed as NOT an otome game I think?

  53. oh I’m glad you enjoyed Binary Star and CR!!! XD My favorite games from 2014 (along with Trigger kiss of course ;D)

    yea I realized with Hanamani that the whole prostitution thing just doesn’t ride well with me.

  54. OH MY GOD!
    I literally just ordered the LE PS vita norn + nornette, omg, I’m so excited for the next game.
    I read that you said it had some ploteholes but those faces, omg.
    I hate how in the trailer though they have their mouthes open for like 5 seconds as if theyre trying to kiss eachother but dont know how lol.
    KLAP looks good? I was reading their website and I didnt notice they were all like monsters or w.e, omg. I hope it’s not like DiaLovers though, no more punish, pls no more punish.
    Who exactly is buying these Photograph Journey games? My friend bought one and she said it was really awkward, and for the first like half of the game you were pretty much being tourguided around and it was boring asf, and really short. I hope you don’t get screwed over with Birthday song, the art is so pretty, god bless Satoi.
    Thanks again for this, and i look forward to another year of otome game reviews. 😀

  55. So glad that you’re interested in KLAP!! and Possession Magenta! I think those are the two games I’m most interested in besides the segmented ones sighs my wallet…

    Its a shame that Hyakka Yakkou doesn’t interest you since I did liked the opening song for it a lot but I do agree that the whole prositution air to it is sometching I’d rather not play…

    Will be looking forward to your unboxing+review of the two I mentioned before and thanks for showing me the way to Binary Star and Code;Realize; THEY WERE AMAZING😍😍😍

  56. Oh yeah, I can definitely understand that! I like history (in general and also specifically Japanese), but I probably wouldn’t have been interested in it except I saw it in a list of nakige and I loved the art and the (original, not Vita) opening song lol

    And I guess I have a soft spot for sad hot swordsmen haha

  57. haha sorry for the scare, I hope you enjoy it! It’s just these kinda games are not my thing I guess. I only like “old timey” games when they’re goofy brainless fanservice like Ninkoi xD

  58. Oh okay, thanks! Phew!! I had it preordered and I was getting worried I missed something about it haha.

  59. Oh the edo period stuff was basically the put off for me. Any serious heavy old timey war wafuu games usually put me to sleep or make me rage because I end up having to go to Wikipedia to look up all the historical facts since I have no knowledge of Japanese history. This is purely a personal preference and has nothing to do with the quality of Ken ga Kimi what so ever!

  60. Is there a connection between Hanasaku Manimani and Ken ga Kimi or did that just put you off Edo period stuff? I was actually looking forward to it lol

  61. I imported my Vita but I don’t have customs issues so it’s a different story for me XD I like the new Vita a lot more than the bulkier old one so it was worth it for me. Also I pretty much only play games on my Vita nowdays lol.

    And fuck yea Nakaba route I’m excited as well XD And I totally feel you when any game is announced and there’s no updates for a while it’s like the pumped up feeling for the game kinda dies and then you’re like whatever there’s other games lol.

  62. I hope Rejet joins the Vita bandwagon with more depressing games. xDD But I have to buy a Vita first. Ooops. I really want the white/light blue one, but they only sell boring black charcoals in Germany… ;w; Do I really want to buy my Vita from Japan?? orz I don’t wanna pay extra customs for the Vita like I did for my drawing tablet. >_<

    Possession Magenta, Un:Birthday Song come to meeee! PM might be a really fun game and the cast is such a nice change! So many new seiyuu!!! I hope Un:Birthday will make me cry at some point, because I expect a flood of feels. LOL

    Oh man, you can't imagine… I'm so happy they decided to port Clock Zero for Vita. I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET MY LOVELY GUYS AGAIN. (♡´艸`) And there's a NAKABA ROUTE. HELL YEAAAAH.

    吉原彼岸花 is actually a game I'm looking forward to, but there were no updates for like half a year, so my interest is pretty much non-existant now?!

    Seems like the companies are keeping it low, huh? But I believe they will give us more games in April, like they always do? ^^

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