Otome Game Review: Re:Vice[D] ~Dear my Lord, I definitely find you~

And so this is my first Vita otome game! Gonna critique the hell out of that in my final thoughts :P.  Aika lives in the underworld serving her dark lord. One day the dark lord has to go off to war to fight. He leaves the throne in Aika’s hands until he returns, but he never makes it back. Aika decides it’s time to find a replacement and she and her 3 man slaves the other 3 guardians head to earth. The four of them each find a human who they think is a “good candidate” for the throne. It’s now up to the great election book Mike to test them all out to see who is the one best fit to be the next dark lord.

iro01Iroha – I played Iroha’s route first but I think it would have been better to start the game with Hinatsu. Anyway, Iroha is Mr. Perfect at school. Good at sports, has the best grades but his personality is terrible – or rather, he’s just a misunderstood tsundere ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ. He spends most of his time skipping class and sleeping outside in the school garden because he’ll ace his exams anyway. Needless to say, he isn’t pleased with Aika harassing him to do all sorts of dark lord tests and dragging him around all over the place.  After he discovers that Aika’s a demon(because Suiu throws a rabid demon dog at all the candidates), he tries to avoid her cause he’s scared shitless.  Tired of being avoided, Aika decides to just go to him directly, and embarrasses him in front of the whole class saying she has something to say to him after school. After school to prove that he’s not dreaming, she changes into her sexy demon lady outfit and he starts stuttering like a tsundere saying he believes her and to “put some clothes on” ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \  At one point they get into a fight because Iroha says that the mazoku & kizoku have been fighting for ages but nobody knows why. They just labeled each other as “enemies” and have been fighting ever since. He says that the dark lord is dumb too for just following along and doing nothing about it. This is a huge insult to Aika and she gets pissed off and stops talking to him. He feels bad about it and using Akatsuki as a mediator, asks Aika to meet him in the park that night. At the park, he says he’s really sorry and he shouldn’t have said things the way he did. Aika apologizes too for saying that she would “kill him” if he was a kizoku. After discussing things with the other 3, AIka decides that Iroha will be their dark lord candidate. Unfortunately for her, Iroha has no intentions to be one lol. She embarrasses him by bending down on her knees and begging him to be the next dark lord x’D. He tells her to get up and agrees he’ll take the “testing ceremony” to see if he’s eligible to be the dark lord. He says he’s tired of his boring earth life anyway even if he is chosen.

iro02And so the  following night the perform the painful ceremony on Iroha in the park.  After the ceremony is over Iroha goes nuts and says he’s gonna kill everyone and begins to strangle Aika (´・ω・`;A).  They knock him out and take him to the hospital because the ceremony has failed.  Not only has it failed to turn him into the dark lord, it has instead turned him into their rival clan the Kizoku knight, and now he’s going around killing every mazoku he sees. He attacks both Suiu and Shinku which ends up destroying their magic and sending them back to the underworld. Aika is his next target, but when he manages to get a hold of himself, he tells Aika to stay away from him as he runs off. That night he calls Aika and tells her to come to the school garden. There, he tells her that after that ceremony, all the voices of the dead Kizoku started raging in his head to kill any mazoku. So even if he doesn’t want to, they basically brainwash him into doing so. Just seeing a mazoku drives him crazy to kill them so he’s been telling everything to Aika with his eyes closed. He tells her that he never wanted this stupid power and he has no grudge against Mazoku, but he’s being forced to kill them. Aika feels bad so she hugs him from behind where he can’t see her. He tells her she can kill him since he’s defenseless and is her enemy but Aika can’t do it.  Just then Akatsuki shows up and says that the reason mazoku & kizoku fight is they don’t know each other. Aaand Akatsuki reveals that he intentionally created Iroha into a Kizoku by messing with the ceremony spell. He says that he wants there to be equal balance between Kizoku & Mazoku in Revicia,so he constantly switches sides when necessary. He tells Iroha to go to where the other Kizoku are and Iroha agrees so he can see if there’s a way to get out of this mazoku-killing predicament. His final words to Aika is that he can’t stand living without being able to look at her face.( ;∀;)

iro03Aika then realizes that she’s in love with him. After some encouraging words from Yukine, Aika decides to visit the Kizoku people with Iroha to see if she can get to the  bottom of why the 2 races have been at war for all these years. He agrees as long as she becomes his “eyes” because if he opens them he might kill her. And so when they get to Revicia, Aika holds his hand as they walk through the woods (*´∀`).  After some derpy demons attack them and get their asses owned, they have a chit chat and Iroha realizes that demons aren’t just ruthless monsters who kill people emotionlessly. Aika then says that she’s like a human too and can have feelings for someone as well while she STARES at Iroha :lol:. Iroha babbles that she’s not ready for a big step like a confession but Aika don’t take no one’s orders and she decides to play pocky game with him ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Unfortunately much to her disappointment the pocky stick breaks before she can kiss him lmaooo X’DDD   And so they make it to the border of the Kizoku (which literally looks like the difference between heaven & hell lol). To try and act natural, Aika lies and says that Iroha is her husband and they’re just travelling together. They find out from the villager there that the kizoku don’t really wanna fight and it would be safer to leave…but they were all born in Revicia and they want to protect their land. Typically in the wars, the Mazoku were always the first to attack. They walk around and visit a cemetary where an old man tells them a story about a kizoku girl who found an injured mazoku dude during war. She helped him out and they fell in love and had a baby. Unfortunately things weren’t well since the father was banished from the village for being a mazoku and eventually both of them died from a disease. Their child then disappeared as well, and the grave they saw here was their grave.

iro04Turns out that Akatsuki is that “son” and he comes by to put fresh flowers on his parents’ graves. Iroha decides he’s gonna go kick ass and try to stop the war between Mazoku & Kizoku. When Aika asks why he cares so much, he’s like well maybe once they stop fighting, these voices in my head will finally calm their titties! He tells Aika to run away so she doesn’t get involved in the war and leaves with Akatsuki. Aika returns to her house in Revicia but with the dark lord, and the other 3 guardians gone, she’s all alone and her mazoku underlings have no one else to follow. While she’s thinking on what to do in her room, Shinku shows up making fun of her for being a hikki like Hinatsu xD. Suiu comes back as well and says he’s aware that Kizoku plan to attack the Mazoku. He then tells Aika to gather her army of Mazoku, and become their leader – like the dark lord to face against Iroha and the Kizoku. Aika then would request a 1 on 1 battle against Iroha, this way no lives would be lost and maybe they can sort out their differences in front of everyone.  Aika signs a contract with Mike to be the next dark lord, and then goes to meet Iroha at the battle field. He has his blindfold off but he’s doing his best to keep the rage of all the kizoku knights at bay.  Aika challenges him to a one on one duel, and he accepts  but during that, he whispers to her to let him die on purpose. This is hilarious because well Aika had the same idea and she tells him that the one dying will be her so she goes and stabs herself with his sword. As she spits blood, she kisses him so that it will make all the kizoku spirits leave his brain. It’s super effective!

iro05Unfortunately Iroha now has to see his girlfriend dying in his arms. He yells out  that he wants peace between Mazoku & Kizoku, and he can’t do this without Aika and begs someone to help save her.  After one of the Kizoku dudes offers to help, Aika apologizes for not stabbing herself more safely 😆 Iroha also tells Akatsuki to go fuck himself and work for him for the rest of his eternal life! m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ The Knight & the Dark Lord end: In the epilogue, Aika and Iroha visit earth together.  They ichaicha on a date but she only lets him kiss her on the cheek idk why. They confess and hug instead and Aika wishes that someday they will be just a man and woman, rather than leaders of separate “countries”. In Balance: And so Iroha disappears within the Kizoku and never returns. The Mazoku take over Revicia and the wars continue with no dark lord replacement. Akatsuki, Aika, Shinku and Suiu basically rule over the Mazoku in his place. Akatsuki promises to protect Aika from Iroha when he gets taken over by the knights’ curse.  Unseen Enemy: Aika decides to ignore Iroha’s phone call and doesn’t go to the school to meet him. When she tries to get in contact with her Mazoku crew in Revicia, she hears people getting killed. Suddenly Iroha comes out of the gate and kills her. I really hated Iroha at first I was like “not another annoying Kimura character…” but when I realized he’s a tsundere, all his grumbling became really adorable :lol:. The pocky game and his general interactions with Aika made this a great route.

hina01Hinatsu – Hinatsu’s snark comments were pretty funny in a lot of the routes but in his own he felt like…he was the heroine XD.  Hinatsu’s a NEET teenager who sits at home all day and reads books. His parents are rich so while they’re away most of the time he gets home schooled so he never has to leave the house. With all the dark lord testing though, Aika and co. manage to help him get out of the house more often.  Sadly after the beast attack Hinatsu shits bricks and never leaves his room refusing to let anyone else into the house.  They go to check up on him and find him suffering in his room, so they break through his window to try and help him. Shinku thinks calling an ambulance won’t help when they find some kind of red glowing seal on his shoulder.
After he ends his suffering, he tells AIka he’s not scared of her, but was just scared of the beast that attacked him. Tells Aika that in the past he was once attacked in the park by a creature similar to the one that Suiu sent on them.  He says that he’s scared of the beasts and mazoku, but he’s not scared of Aika or Shinku and thanks to them he got more courage to leave his house again.  When Hinatsu says he’s willing to become the dark lord, Aika gives him the ring that the original dark lord left for her (though in the CG it looks like she just gave him an engagement ring lmao xDDD) Shinku sees this ring the next day and freaks out that such a powerful ring was given to Hinatsu..but Aika’s like “well he’s gonna be the dark lord so its fine right?”

hina02Aika doesn’t realize she placed it on the engagement ring finger so when Ryoga and Yukine find out they rage at him /(^o^)\.  And so they finally convince Hinachan to take the dark lord test ceremony. Unfortunately it doesn’t go well and Akatsuki jumps in to stop it causing Hinatsu to lose consciousness and for the seal on his shoulder to get worse.  Hinatsu then wakes up and says he knew he wasn’t fit to be the dark lord and he really just wanted to become one so he could be with Aika.  The 4 guardians decide to return to Revicia empty handed but Suiu warns Aika to get the ring back from Hinatsu. She goes to him and feels awful but he’s apparently aware that without the ring, he will be consumed by that seal and die. (ಥ_ಥ) Aika feels bad and hugs him because she knows he’s just trying to act tough and accept his “fate”.  Just then Akatsuki shows up to ruin the moment, turns into his demon form and demands the ring. Aika refuses to give the ring and faces off against him. Just then Shinku shows up in his demon form, and along with Aika they escape. Not knowing what to do Hinatsu’s like “let’s go on a date!” 😆 And so for the next few days they live in Shinku’s hobo tent and fight off demon beasts that are after them and the ring. Just then Aika realizes that Suiu has somehow stripped her of her powers and she’s stuck in a plain human’s body.  He then demands that Hinatsu hand over the dark lord’s ring and beg to save Aika’s life.  Hinatsu refuses, and Suiu gets the ring back. He doesn’t kill Aika but says that the seal on her powers will melt just in time when it’s too late anyway.

hina03After Suiu leaves, Aika takes Hinatsu back to his house and cries over his sleeping body. He wakes up  and proposes to love her forever and ever(*´∀`). Aika then admits she had no idea she put that ring on his engagement ring finger but it made him dokidoki ever since. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Just then Shinku shows up and says he’ll try to find a way to save Hinatsu – in Revicia so the 3 of them set off on a field trip to the demon world!  They get to the dark lord’s castle and Akatsuki is waiting there to beat them down. Shinku tells Aika and Hinatsu to run while  he’ll beat up Akatsuki and catch up to them.  They run into Suiu and fight him but being both with only mere human powers,  Hinatsu gets stabbed protecting Aika.  Because Shinku wins against Akatsuki, Aika’s seal is removed and she kicks Shinku’s ass. Unfortunately it’s too late and she only has Hinatsu’s unconscious body next to her.  She cries and complains that he won’t wake up before kissing him.  And it’s super effective cause princess Hinatsu wakes up and says he loves her (✧≖‿ゝ≖)。Living Life With You End:  Hinatsu did die once, and that made his cursed seal disappear…but he was revived thanks to the dark lord’s ring..and now cannot live without it. Since Akatsuki & Suiu “lost”, their job is now to try to handle the chaos in Revicia since there’s still no dark lord. Ryoga & Iroha threaten that they’ll refuse to be dark lord candidates if they attempt to take the ring from Hinatsu. Eventually Hinatsu can take the ring off, but until that day they force Akatsuki and Suiu to wait. In the meantime, Hinatsu gives Aika a ring so that they both have one. He says that once he doesn’t need the dark lord ring anymore, he wants to get real rings for them and get married (in 5 years that is lmao.)

hina04You’re Not Here End: This time the tables are turned and Aika is the one who dies and gives her life to save Hinatsu. He wakes up and puts the dark lord ring on her but it doesn’t work. This is a bad end but it was kinda funny cause he’s like “I should have died!” and I’m like oh yea cause then it woulda been the good end lol!  Beyond the Crimson End: Even though they get the ring back, Hinatsu falls into eternal slumber to never awaken. Aika keeps him at her house in Revicia and she and Shinku end up becoming leaders for the mazoku. While he’s sleeping, Shinku and Aika travel around Revicia trying to figure out a way to awaken him. Shinku also tells Aika that his younger brother died from the same cursed seal that Hinatsu possessed.  He also reveals that his brother’s name was also Hinatsu and Aika figures this is why Shinku chose the human Hinatsu to be the dark lord candidate.  The Separated Hands are Distant: Aika decides it’s a bad idea to bring Hinatsu along with them to Revicia and so only she and Shinku go leaving him behind. Unfortunately they find out from Suiu that soon as they jumped through the gate into Revicia, Hinatsu had one of his seizure attacks and died.  Aika hears this and loses all motivation to fight eventually being killed by Suiu and Akatsuki. Lost Feelings: Suiu and Akatsuki ambush Hinatsu and Aika while they’re out on their “run away date”.  It felt really odd that compared to say Iroha, Hinatsu had way more bad endings. I did like ikeman-Aika in this route though she was pretty awesome! Suiu sucked badly though and well he sucked in Ryoga’s route too which I played following this one.

ryoga01Ryoga – Ryoga has 99 problems, but scaring off women & children isn’t one of them. Oh wait actually it is, because he has some kind of weird “evil” inside of him, he’s been scaring off da ladies since he was a wee shota. He became a host in order to try to improve his communication skills, but despite this he’s the worst ranked host. Even though he loves cats, he can’t hug every cat because they’d rather use his face as a scratch pad. Needless to say, his first crush on Aika becomes serious business because she’s the first woman who has not rejected him. So for a while, he thought eventually Aika would hate him too but she told him as long as he’s the dark lord, she will pledge her loyalty to him. When Aika confirms that she only wants him to be the dark lord he’s so happy he cries lol. AIka then calls him a whimp and tells him he needs to toughen up to be the dark lord xDDD. After this Ryoga is constantly babbling about Aika at work to Suiu lol. Sui btw works as a host along with Ryoga but unlike Ryoga, he’s actually the #1 host at Club MAOH.  One night Ryoga comes to Aika’s place complaining that Suiu didn’t come to work. Suiu acts like a wingman telling Ryoga to come inside and have tea with Aika while he goes to the host club. Even Mike acts like a wingman and goes back inside his book to give Aika & Ryoga some private time xD.

ryoga02Unfortunately suddenly his yandere side comes out and he demands that when he becomes the dark lord that Aika NEVER LEAVE HIS SIDE! Aika is so shocked that he goes from whimpy dork to aggressive dude that she can barely get a word in. She tells him to calm down and that she’s chosen him as the dark lord, so he calms himself and goes back to his normal self.During the dark lord ceremony, Suiu starts bwahahaing because he knew that Ryoga was the perfect candidate. The reason that women & children and small animals hated him is because he harbored POWERFUL DARK MAGIC WITHIN!  And yea once he wakes up he basically treats Aika like his trophy and demands that she be by his side 24/7. Aika is torn between “oh shit what have I done to Ryoga” and “I must follow my dark lord!” And not only is he strict with Aika, he’s ruthless to his mazoku followers who dare go against him. Two months go by and there’s not a single person who will stand up to Dark Lord Ryoga! Aika sadly feels disappointed because she knew the nice guy Ryoga and kinda misses his dorky self.  Suiu on the other hand is orgasming at the thought of being at the top of all those plebeians.   Despite being evil dark lord, Ryoga’s actions are still mostly driven by his feelings for Aika.  I mean he has her sit on his lap while she tells him “news and information” from outside /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. But the problem is, he doesn’t wanna do anything that doesn’t involve Aika. So when some tribes need help to defend themselves he’s like “lol whatever let them fend for themselves”.

ryoga03Shinku runs in and sees her in Ryoga’s lap and is like wtf. Aika feels so embarrassed she grabs Shinku by the neck and runs away in embarrassment lmao x’D They run into Akatsuki and the 3 of them agree that Ryoga’s immature and is just controlling everyone with brute force. He fires all his female servants and basically has Aika doing all of their duties cause he don’t want no fake bitches. Aika keeps trying to find the old Ryoga in him and it’s hard not to do so when he keeps giving her signals of his old self. But yea the problem is he wants her all to himself because he loves her, but Aika just sees him as her respected dark lord.Things get pretty bad when he gets jealous and compares himself to the previous dark lord who Aika really idolized. He then tells her to be his woman and have his babies and Aika’s like whut!? She tells him that he’s not the Ryoga she loved and slaps his ass back to last year. Ryoga is in despair cause he thought everything he did was for Aika and  to have her reject him like this is heartbreaking to him.  My Dark Lord: Ryoga tells Aika to GTFO but she refuses cause she promised she’d never leave him. (*´∀`) She says she stayed with him because she loved him as Ryoga not because he was the dark lord. Ryoga drops the evil dark lord persona and starts ichaicha hugging with Aika XD. He admits he was scared that if he wasn’t the perfect dark lord Aika would leave him. Aika apologizes for not seeing his true feelings, and he’s like ain’t no thang, I made this decision myself to be with you. ( ;∀;) He onlu put up the evil dark lord act to try and impress Aika lmao what a dork.

ryoga04To prove to him that he’s the perfect dark lord for her, Aika grabs and kisses him and he goes back into hetare mode XD. He admits all he ever wanted was Aika’s love, not her “loyalty to the dark lord.” The next day Ryoga calls the 4 guardians to a meeting and apologizes for being a terrible dark lord. He also says he’s done pretending to be evil dark lord and is gonna be himself and upon hearing this Akatsuki and Shinku burst out laughing. Unfortunately Suiu is fucking pissed because he liked EVIL RYOGA and Aika made him all “soft”. He tells Ryoga to step down so he can be the dark lord instead (lol dude why didn’t you just do this in the first place…) Ryoga’s like lol no and promptly kicks his ass. After this, Ryoga works harder to make it so that independent demon tribes can make most of their own decisions.This way he has more time to ichaicha with Aika and go on dates in the human world :P. Ryoga also tells the other 3 that if they ever betray him, he’ll kill them ^_^ lmao xD. Endless Rain (Suiu): Aika leaves Ryoga’s room crying and Suiu finds her and hears the details. He tells Aika she can live with him instead since she rejected Ryoga and it’s ruined forever. Aika figures it’s okay as long as she can continue to “work” indirectly for him while assisting Suiu. Aika loses her status as one of the 4 guardians & her  tribe basically rejects her so she is now on her own and only has Suiu to rely on. Because of this, he brings Aika to stay in the human world so that it doesn’t affect his or Ryoga’s reputation. (´・ω・`)

ryoga05Suiu tells Aika that Ryoga’s basically gotten worse after she rejected him and is on a downword spiral because of it. Suiu’s like trololol I have the thing that the dark lord wants as he babbles about how everything is going just as keikaku. Sigh, Suiu is such an asshole lmao who wants this shitty end! Also lol having him try to act nice and say that he’s now Aika’s lord doesn’t work. He’s already gone beyond any redeemable status! Just as a Dark Lord: Aika agrees to have Ryoga’s babies though she wonders if this is the kind of relationship either of them wanted. My One and Only Treasure: Aika isn’t sure if she’s gonna vote for Ryoga to be the dark lord candidate. He then somehow gains super magic power levels and not only kills the other 3 guardians, he also wipes everyone’s memory of them. Aika now thinks she’s some average school girl who’s going out with Ryoga and when Hinatsu gains his memories back, he tries to call her and tell her but she thinks he’s crazy. And speaking of crazy, on their movie date Ryoga’s like let’s go to some deserted island…and insert yandere babble here. Lol this end sucks cause it makes no fuggin sense \( ^o^)/. Like yea he suddenly got magic powers to overpower all the 4 guardians lol howaboutno. Other than that though Ryoga’s route was pretty good. He’s the only guy in the game that is the true “dark lord candidate” since Iroha, Hinatsu and Yukine basically failed to become dark lords for various reasons. I personally like hetare dork Ryoga more than badass dark lord Ryoga but maybe Aika would beg to differ XD.

yuki01Yukine – Yukineeeee is my baby and I just feel so sorry for him ;_;. I truly feel like canonically he can never really have a happy ending with Aika which is why his happy end felt kind of unsatisfying to me. (´・ω・`) The way Aika meets him is one day she’s busy deciding whether to buy a kawaii uguu neko stuffed animal (and being laughed at by the other 3 since she’s considered the ICE QUEEN in the underworld). Just then, Yukine shows up, buys the cat doll and gives it to her. (*´▽`*)Yukine is Mr. Mysterious, no idea how old he is, where he lives, anything about his family etc. Aika can’t even contact him because he has no cell phone so she just always “runs into him” (or more it seems like he’s stalking her.)  He tells her that he has no memories of who he is and he just found himself in her town one day. He does tell her that he loves her, and feels like he’s known her from a while back.  Aika tells him that she was born weak and did her hardest to survive.  After this incident, Aika’s all dokidoki for Yukine and doesn’t know what to describe this feeling like some kind of otome xD She ends up being kinda distant from him which hurts his feelings so Ryoga the wingman tells her to go GET ‘EM. She catches up to him and indirectly tells him how much she can’t stop thinking about him and Yukine gets the idea and gets all happy that the feeling is mutual. (Though sadly for some reason Aika’s love comprehension in this route has plummeted to extreme density levels :lol:.)  Fortunately her high school friend Sumire puts Aika in her place and tells her that she’s in LOOOOVEEE.  And then of course Aika does the most smartest thing of going to Yukine and being like “so am I in love with you?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Yukine’s like well I don’t know but I do love you and he gives her a hug. ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。

yuki02Aika tells him that she don’t have no love and sheit back in the demon world, but being with Yukine is the best thing ever.  After this, Aika spends more time with Yukine than before, even though the dark lord elections are still going on.  He doesnt have a place to live but tells Aika that he doesn’t seem to “need” one. Also both Aika and Yukine start having flashbacks of the great disaster that hit Revicia many years ago when Aika was first born. Because of this Aika feels like she’s gonna lose Yukine and their time together is limited. She then starts to really worry about him even if he’s gone from her sight for 5 minutes…to the point that she puts her embarrassment aside just so she can hold his hand. (*´▽`*) After one of their dates he buys her a nuko pendant which Aika loves since she likes cute things lol.  Sadly their happiness is cut short because Yukine tells Aika he knows that he cannot be the dark lord. Heasks what she would do if he isn’t chosen, she says that for now she just wants to be with him. Yukine says he only wants to be with her too, and then he kisses her. Just then though, the world starts warping around her and she blacks out, only to wake up alone back in her room. Shit ain’t right because she keeps having some bad TV reception in her head but she continues her daily life thinking she’s just imagining things. The next day she goes on a date with Yukine but even though it’s a weekend….there’s no one else outside but the 2 of them. This limbo continues until Aika starts to feel like she’s forgetting something and the scenery around her becomes more and more like ice.

yuki04Eventually Yukine tells her the truth and tells her to stop ignoring reality and when she does she realizes the entire world’s been covered in ice.  So then Yukine drops the revelation that during the great ice disaster of Revicia, the dark lord sealed it and it was split into 2 parts. One went to the Mazoku and the other went to the Kizoku. Well turns  out that the Mazoku part was implanted in baby Aika, while the Kizoku part kinda floated around until it took a human shape – aka Yukine. Honestly though, I don’t know why Yukine never told this to Aika before and just said “I have no memories of who I am.” Apparently kissing her sparked his memories lol. But yea the point is, they were split but now that they are “back together” its gonna cause the 2nd impact!  (Kinda reminds me of what happened in Ozmafia.)  And so yea while Aika and Yukine are having fun in dreamland, outside the great ice disaster has frozen the world.  He says the reason that they met and felt “nostalgic” was probably because they were each other’s half.  Just then Yukine disappears  and Aika finally snaps out of dreamland to find herself faced with the frozen reality.  She runs into the other 3 guardians and they all transform and attack her because she’s now their enemy and the cause for the ice disaster 200 years ago. Aika kicks their asses enough to run away but she doesn’t know where to go or who to run to. Everywhere she goes instantly turns the area to ice. She eventually finds herself alone by the river until Kuroda comes by and is like “let’s go home dude it’s cold out here!” 😆 She accidentally attacks him and tells him to get away, but he has awesome powers and somehow knocks them all out of the way. Aika’s like whut the hell ninja but he tells her he won’t tell her anymore for now and that he’s not afraid of her. Seeing You Again: Aika tells Kuroda she just wants to see Yukine again.  Kuroda the magician makes her wish come true and suddenly Yukine appears before her eyes.

yuki03Kuroda then gives Yukine a magical sword and tells Aika and Yukine to make the decision in the short time they have left on what they will do.  They go to the frozen park together and Yukine asks Aika to kill him because if he’s dead, the ice disaster will never fully be able to happen again.  Aika refuses and takes his hand and starts crying. After talking together a bit Yukin tells her that he fell in love with her because of his own feelings, not because they are connected by the ice disaster. He then thanks her for loving him and the 2 of them take the sword and stab one another while hugging.  In the epilogue, 1 year later the ice disaster ends and the human world is back to normal. For some reason only Yukine disappeared but Aika survived. And so long with the other 3 guardians, they returned to Revicia, picked a new dark lord and once a month Aika returns to the human world.  Aika also lost most of her “ice” powers and just has your average mazoku magic now.  She only returns on earth looking for Yukine in hopes she will run into him.  But yea insert Otomate’s infamous deus ex machina ending, AIka runs into Yukine who’s back and they hug and live happily ever after. No explanation of anything or why he’s back or if it’s dangerous for them to be together again. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Fortunately in the after story omake thing, they wrote that when Yukine got stabbed his soul got absorbed by the knife (like in Kuroda’s ending.) Then his soul was “reborn” as a human and he mentions he actually needs to eat & sleep now and he lives together with Aika on earth. She returns to Revicia daily to do her duties, while he’s at his part time job and then they come home together and ichaicha. I could see Yukine being reborn and since Aika can live for a while, 20 years is like nothing for her in human time….but that doesn’t really explain how he magically remembered her. Oh well power of love I guess lol, they never really went further into that.

yuki05Goodbye: Aika says she wishes she could go back to the way things were with Yukine before her powers went out of control. Kuroda makes her wish come true and kills her. The Great Ice Disaster: Aika’s powers go out of control until she freezes the world and herself. If You Wish: Aika wishes she could be in her love love dreamland with Yukine forever and she loses track of time.  Yukine makes her wish come true and never tells her the truth…so they enjoy their time together while the rest of the world gets covered in ice. With the Moment: Aika tells Yukine she’ll have to find another dark lord since he said he can’t be one. Aika tells Yukine that until she finds the new dark lord to stay by her side. Yukin says as long as she wishes he will always be with her. Eternal Vow:  Despite flirting with Yukine the whole route, Aika feels the urge to pick someone other than Yukine as the candidate for dark lord.  Mike instead says that the best candidate for dark lord is no one other than Aika! ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ   Aika performs the awakening ceremony and is perfectly initiated into the role!  Well, after sleeping for about a year anyway :lol:. And so the 3 guardians really do become her manslaves this time as Aika becomes an awesome dark LADY! Aika then uses magic to make it so that they can never part with her because it will be fatal to their lives..so they’re her eternal manservant harem m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ! Ugh aside the harem end, all those other bad ends Yukineee ;___;. Even though Yukine is like the poster boy for the game, it’s hard to say if he’s truly the canon OTP for Aika. While he’s her “better half” shall we say, ultimately it’s like adam & eve in the Eva movie, and being together basically destroys the world! So I guess the rebirth ending was the only way they could “snake” out of it but I still feel they could have done a better job to finetune the consistency rather than hurpaderp miracle power of love end sigh Otomate. (・_・; )

kuro01Kuroda – I pretty much guessed it from the start but Kuroda is the dark lord we’ve been looking for this whole game. How did I know this? My seiyuu dar was able to catch on to Suwabe’s voice at the beginning of the prologue :lol:. Kuroda owns the big old timey Japanese house that Aika lives in a “section” of. So technically they “live in the same house” similarly to how Aika lived with her dark lord at the castle back in Revicia. Because Aika’s room is destroyed from Shinku fighting with the others, Kuroda allows her to live in his part of the house instead. She ends up staying there with him until one day some butthole named Kohaku comes to be another freeloader at Kuroda’s place who Kuroda says is his “old friend”. One night Aika has a dream of the past where she was being engulfed by her ice powers until the dark lord found her and sealed them away saving her.  Meanwhile, all the other dudes in the game complain that she’s spending too much time with Kuroda.  Since they can’t decide on a dark lord candidate they decide they will be returning to Revicia soon. Ryoga decides to host a farewell party for them at club Maoh.  That night she has a dream about the dark lord and starts mumbling in her sleep. Kuroda hears this so he goes into her room to check on her but before leaves, Aika grabs his shirt subconsciously babbling “maou-sama…”

kuro02When she gets together with the other 3 guardians to discuss who the next dark lord should be she says she doesn’t want a replacement for the old dark lord…Maou Grafar.  They ask Mike on what he thinks and he says that he doesn’t want to do the ceremony, because the previous dark lord is still alive somewhere. At night while Aika is sleeping she hears Kuroda and Kohaku saying something to her then leaving her room in the middle of the night.  She feels something is suspicious so she chases them down and finds Kohaku stabbing Yukine (ಥ_ಥ). Kohaku says that Yukine should stop pretending to be a human because even when stabbed he doesn’t even bleed. Aika comes out and is like wtf are you doing ?? Yukine tells AIka to run for it as he disappears. AIka gets pissed and starts to fight Kohaku until Kuroda shows up and stops them.  Kohaku complains but then Kuroda uses his MAOU VOICE which makes both Aika and Mike realize that Kuroda is the missing dark lord! Grafar 😀 On top of this Kohaku is the Kizoku Knight Anva. Although it was pretty obvious to me by now but basically Anva and Grafar joined forces to stop the ice disaster aka Yukine & Aika…by setting up a plan to kill Yukine. However since Maou-sama loves his precious Aika, he wanted to keep her safe so as long as Yukine was destroyed all was ok. The sword Anva used to stab Yukine was something he created after long research to destroy him permanently because before all they could do was seal them.

kuro03Anva then ends up kidnapping Aika and bringing her back to the dark lord’s castle back in Revicia.  Not only that, but the other 3 guardians are now forced to serve him as the new lord of all of Revicia.  And of course anyone who went against him has been killed but Aika ain’t takin’ none of dat sheit and tells him he’s no lord of hers! Unfortunately she has no choice because the seal that was put on her originally was set to be that if the dark lord says “Do as the lord says” she cannot go against it. So then Mr. I Need Some Concealer tells Aika to become his woman but Aika tries to resist. Fortunately before Anva rages at her, Grafar  shows up, gives her a hug and apologizes for being late. He then tells Anva that the agreement was to free Aika once Yukine was destroyed but Anva shows him the sword and says that the ice disaster has not been destroyed.  In fact the powers are sealed inside the sword so that Anva could use them for himself to gain some sweet disaster level powers. Grafar’s like “oh Okay”, grabs Aika and runs  for the hills /(^o^)\ナンテコッタ And by hills I mean they jump back to Earth. In a flashback we basically see that the reason Maou Grafar disappeared at the beginning of the game is he went off to look for Aika’s other half, aka Yukine and destroy him. Anva bitched that they should just kill Aika since she’s right here, but by then Maou Grafar was already in love with her.   When Aika and Grafar get back to earth he seals the gate for 24 hours so that nobody else can follow them.  She asks if the command “As the dark lord says” was used to sway her feelings but he said he never used it until today.

kuro04Aika then realizes that she’s in love with him and Grafar says that he didn’t want her “powers” he just wanted her heart (*´∀`)むふ♪. He tells her to live with him in the human world so that she can be safe while letting Anva do whatever he wants in Revicia. Anva’s goal is to ultimately get both Yukine’s and Aika’s powers for himself but Grafar knows that he won’t be able to control this power and it will go out of control and cause a 3rd impact. Aika’s like “Wtf no dude Anva needs to be stopped!”Grafar then admits that he’s in love with Aika and grabs and kisses her. Rebirth[D]: Aika’s totally okay with this and tells him she feels the same way. They screw all night long (well maybe not but they woke up in bed so I’ll pretend they did) and the next day decide to return to Revicia to stop the Kizoku dictator. When they get there and fight him, he babbles how he has the Kizoku knight curse (like Iroha had) and keeps hearing DEM VOICES in his head. He was hoping by getting the ice disaster powers he’d make the voices go away but he didn’t think his cunning plan all the way through :lol:. Needless to say Aika’s like “guess what bro, I have the same powers as your dinky knife and I’m giving them to my maousama~”. On top of this, Yukine wakes up from the sword and tells Anva to go fuck himself cause he only protects Aika, not hurts her. (´;ω;`)

kuro05And so Anva’s defeated, Yukine says goodbye to Aika and tells Grafar to take care of her ;;;___;;;; and then Grafar becomes the official dark lord once more per Mike’s election decision. In the epilogue, Grafar just wants to ichaicha with Aika, but the other 3 guardians pile up work on his desk and tell him he has 3 months of catching up to do m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ. He gives in and starts giving out assignments, except to Aika who he says to be his waifu lmao. Glasslike Harmony:  Aika decides the hell with Revicia and she wants to live with her maou-sama in the human world even though she knows it’s the wrong decision. And so despite having the guilt in the back of her head she and Grafar continue their peaceful life as humans on earth. Amber Words: Aika can’t resist the word command to obey Anva and he orders her and the other guardians to find Grafar and kill him.  She’s now stuck following this smeared eye makeup bastard for the rest of her life. (´・ω・`;A)This end made me so sad and made me wish I was able to play Yukine’s route AFTER Kuroda’s lol. I think you need to play all 4 candidates to unlock Kuroda though (not confirmed). It’s honestly hard to decide since being with Yukine is bad for everyone but herself, but ultimately she was always in love & devoted to her maousama ever since he “rescued” her from being engulfed by the ice disaster curse. I read some reviews saying people felt sorry for Anva who just wanted to rid himself of that curse but he’s such an arsehole I have no pity for that dude. Good riddance ಠ_ಠ.

Sexy dark lords 😉

So I never got the point of having Aika be a high school student. She and everyone else are 200+ years old so in the very beginning I felt like she was some cougar going after some hot young studs in the game haha XD. I  realize technically she is the youngest of all the guardians but then having scenes like “oh noes you can’t come into the host club with a school uniform” just made me roll my eyes. Coulda just made her a regular “young adult” in her early 20s and I think it would have been fine? Though then conversely I guess it would be weird for her to hit on a 15 & 17 year old high school kid ??? Ya I don’t know. I think my biggest issue with the game is the system. We’re finally on a Vita but the lack of “touch” features is appalling, come on Otomate! There’s a system in the game during the dark lord candidate testing called “Oekaki” event. In Mike’s book you will see all sorts of scribbles. Apparently you can actually click on them to go see the events BUT you can’t get to them unless you move the curser with the joystick. I didn’t even figure this out until I fully comped the game and realized I was missing trophies. I kept punching my screen to click on the scribbles but nothing was happening so I figured it must be nothing. Sigh. There was no special voices or CG touches and other than “go to next piece of dialogue” and choice selection, there wasn’t much else you could use the touch screen for. Son, I am disappoint. ಠ_ಠ The system itself was confusing as well as far as picking the right “scenes” in order to raise a guys affection. I followed a guide but I think without a guide I might have gotten lost. There was way too many choices and I’m frankly amazed & impressed at those bloggers who were able to come up with guides (though for Yukine I had to use 2 different ones to unlock his epilogue story.)

Grumbling aside though, AIKA IS SUCH A GREAT HEROINE. Seriously if I didn’t know any better I’d never believe this is Otomate’s average heroine. She is seriously badass, and extremely hilarious in many routes. The humor is definitely the top thing for this game. I found myself trying to suppress laughter on the train so I don’t look like a moron roaring over my Vita screen. The story was decent (other than a few nitpicks with Yukine and Hinatsu), and while the art may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I guess I just got used to it? I didn’t feel like it was terrible, it was just a “style” to get used to I think. I really wish there was more “omake” stuff to the characters because I really liked all the maou candidates. The ending of the game desperately screams for a fandisk. Like I want to see “after stories”, even if they’re dumb and pointless and O/C just so I can spend more time with everyone again ( ;∀;)!!  For play order I’d recommend Hinatsu → Iroha → Ryoga → Yukine → Kuroda. And finally this game has some great music. From the catchy OP theme to that rockin’ bgm during the maou elections and the jazzy bgm of Club MAOH – it’s been a while since I enjoyed the music this much! This is definitely an unexpected surprise from Otomate this summer, and I hope that means they’re putting more effort into their new Vita games so I have something to look forward to for the remainder of 2014.

And now some funny text screencaps I took during my playthrough:

37 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Re:Vice[D] ~Dear my Lord, I definitely find you~

  1. I was almost going to buy this game because the heroine sounded like my cup of tea from the site descriptions. Looks like I’ll be moving this up my list. (<—person whose enjoyment of romance games is 40% dependent on the quality of the main character)

    1. yea I totally sympathize. I buy for the dudes obviously but when the heroine is awesome it makes the game a million times better.
      sadly my expectations for otome heroines are always pretty low so when they are exceeded it’s indeed a great feeling 😛

  2. I read some of your tweets about this game and with that I want to play this too because of the heroine! :3 I actually never paid attention to this because the art is just meh but if the it will give nice laughs then I may rethink about getting it.
    Too bad about the touch screen feature though. Mostly looking forward to the “kiss feature” in Trigger Kiss for that XD

    1. yess Aika is awesome!! and yea I laughed a lot I felt like such an idiot on the train haha they prolly thought I was some wacko XDDD
      and yea I guess trigger kiss will more than makeup for the lack of touch screen features xP

      1. I can relate to the train rides! That’s also how I am when playing a really funny scene from an otoge while at the bus/train XD. Kinda sucks that you can’t laugh as hard as you can compared to when you’re playing alone in a room XD

        1. Lol I know right I have to snicker like an idiot instead HAHA XD
          IT’s rare that otome games make me laugh this much anyway so I didn’t expect to have to hold back laughter lol

  3. Yaaay! Im so glad you review this game. I’ve been looking forward to it since I follow your twitter account and sadly I can’t find much information about this game even in the internet. I agree that the style kind of threw me off but only with Yukine since when I first saw him, I thought he had an alien head.O-O otherwise the rest of the characters looked pretty normal to me. Also, having a heroine fight back or have a personality in a game is so much more enjoyable for me because I’m tired of always reading stories where the male is always in charge and the heroine “couldn’t help sleeping with him” after meeting him for one day. I mean come on! Where is your sense of respect for yourself! In any case I’m glad you enjoyed this game because that translates into me enjoying your reviews. 🙂
    Oh and I also wanted to ask since I’m so terribly curious, what are those things around Yukine’s ears that go to his belt? Are they headphones or what?

    1. The things on his head are headphones but it seems like they were only on the website?
      They weren’t on his sprite in the game so I guess maybe they scrapped them last minute?
      It’s only his “frontal” sprite that has the weird alien hair but from other angles & in the CGs his hair seems totally okay to me xD
      And yea heroine was definitely great =D

  4. gah!..ok new goal before 2014 end is to get myself a ps vita *A*. It seems like Otomate is releasing some awesome games—and heroines in the Vita……….oh! and I’ve seen in their site that they will release an FD/Sequel for Clock Zero—FINALLY!……Though..Its going to be on the Vita T-T….yet another reason to get it DX

    Anyway..rants aside. Great review as usual 😀 I’m really looking forward to Iroha and Ryoga once I get my paws on a Vita—hopefully within this year XD

    [Question] Will you be playing Reines des Fleurs and Code: Realize? :))

    1. they have sales once in a while so just keep your eye out 😀
      its not an FD or a sequel btw..
      It’s just the port of the original game but they’re adding some extra scenes/endings and a route for Nakaba (I think that was his name?)
      So yea I’ll probably get it. I already missed out on the extras from the PSP version by playing the PS2 one so there’s enough new content for me to warrant buying it again.
      Also it’s been like 4 years since I Played it anyway 😛

      and yes I am going to be getting both of those games!

      1. oh…hahahah so..its like the second remake? XD they now realize that Nakaba should have gotten a route afterall XD

        but I wonder why they kept on milking amnesia or hakuouki and not give FDs to some of their really good games *cough* Desert Kingdom *cough*

        And I’m looking forward to your review of Reines des Fleurs….she may not look like a fighter..but I hope the heroine is as good as Akira ❤

        1. I wouldn’t say “remake” since it’s really just the same game and they just add “appendixes” to it. It’s not like how quin rose feels the need to actually remake the art and system for their alice games 20 times 😆

          and why do they keep milking those games? cause the blind hakuoki/amnesia fans will keep spending money on it….lol

  5. Thank you for your review 🙂 I was hesitating in getting this game due to the artwork. When I first heard of the title, I thought the game will be great, until I saw the character design, that was when I decided not to get this game…. Since I’m reserving money for code:realize and reines des fleurs. But the game sounds awesome! especially the heroine 🙂 Maybe I just need to get used to the artwork, and buy it… I hope Otomate will put more efforts into their Vita games too, since it got so much potential. Can’t wait for all the new titles they are pushing out!

    I have a question for you: It’s actually my first time buying otome games, and I’m not sure where I should get them from. I remember you mentioning about CD Japan, and that’s the place where you’ve been placing orders at. But I also saw your post about BaggageForward. Which one do you prefer currently? I’m thinking to just order 1-2 games at a time. Btw, I live in US.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. I typically order from CD Japan because it’s cheaper for me to the US as well since there’s no 3rd party fees and fedex bulk shipping is cheaper than EMS.
      However CD Japan doesn’t sell PC games so for that I will use BF and Amazon Japan to make orders. I’ve ordered from Animate sometimes too but its sooo expensive (and for a drama CD and some buttons its not really worth it in my opinion.)

      As far as art goes – the art in the game was really easy to get used to. It feels nicer IN the game than when you just look at it on the website I think.
      Remember how many games Otomate has released with nice art though – and terrible story…(Like Chronostacia lol) so sometimes if they dont put as much “focus” on the art the game is usually better than the “pretty” games they release. Of course nice art + great story is always the best choice haha.

  6. Now I regret cancelling my order :w: Guess I’ll look up to cdjapan, I think it sill on stock or just buy digitally, I’m glad we got badass heroine because I’m sick with typical otomate heroine. Thanks for the review, I’ll add this to my next to be buy game uvu

    1. I actually regretted not getting the limited edition 😦 I figured after all the bad otomate games I’d be safe and only order regular, go figure.
      My Binary Star preorder is also reg edition now I’m wondering if I should order limited. I’ll save my money for limited edition for Trigger Kiss I think instead XD

  7. Buys regular edition -> game is totally awesome
    Buys limited edition -> it’s almost another shiratsuyu literally

    Oh fate why do you hurt me so

    1. omg tell me about it :(( I regret not buying limited edition so badly.
      curiously which game did you buy limited edition of that was another shiratsuyu?? XD

      1. its shame i dont have a ps vita otherwise i would’ve gotten the limited edition for re:vice[d] after reading your review and it seems like otomate is stepping up on their quality for their ps vita games

        although i use shiratsuyu as a general term it was probably on of the hiiro kakera games that otomate used to milk but at least the game actually made sense compare to shiratsuyu lol

  8. Thank you for the awesome review! 🙂 I just want to ask what is your favorite character ranking? 😀 For me I really love Iroha ❤

    1. woops found this in the spam box
      My favorite is Yukine for sure lol.
      Dat Okamoto Nobuhiko sweet voice pretty much won me over from the start 😛

  9. Im actually playing this game haha but I decided to spoil myself so I read this xD. Yeah, Aika’s like one of the best heroines from otomate really, especially when she shoots stuff at the other 3 guardians lol.I’ve only finished hinatsu so far, and im working on iroha.But overall the game to me is hilarious from what i’ve seen. im guess this is a good start to otomate’s vita games, but im still considering binary star. Are you getting that? Since I really want someone to review that suspicious yandere game before i jump on a game with my favourite seiyuus blindly.

    Also Hinano, i was wondering do you want the bf (kari) code from dgs? i noticed you spamming it and i dont play the game so i was wondering if you wanted it.

    1. Yeah sure I’ll take it xD I’m still spamming the game. And yep I preordered binary star and also hanamani, senjou waltz and trigger kiss 😊

      1. The code is (removed since I just used it xD)
        Oh you’re getting those games huh? Well i’ll be looking forward to mainly the trigger kiss & binary star review then!

  10. Japanese like their teenaged (or younger) lolis and making them 200 years old completely legalises them. That aside, I am still smirking at the Engrishy title. Actually… no… I am not smirking. I am laughing like nuts.

    So… my understanding is that technically Yukine is her ‘brother’ (okay, her male self). Does that mean its wincest? 😛 Also Kuroda is quite obvious her “Dear my Dark Lord” since the name is very suggestive. Kuroda should also just spam UBW.

    BTW, I thought you boycotted CDjapan? ^_^

    Re: Limited editions. Limited Editions of games are a hit and miss thing since if you preorder you don’t know anything about the game until you play it. They’re primarily aimed at collectors. It’s good to wait until the reviews come out. However it must be balanced with the risk that it sells out. Anime limited editions are a different matter. The thing about limited editions is people get them for the extra goodies. Most LEs list out their goodies with or without sample pictures. Basically it boils down to whether you’re desperate for the additional knick-knacks.

    1. I guess if you look at it that way he COULD kinda be her brother? But lol there’s not really “incest” in beings from some evil power anyway.
      Kinda like saying smoke from a chimney that split into 2 different directions are “siblings” Lol.

      And I did for a while but then they stopped fucking up my orders so I continued I guess? They are still the cheapest place to order games for me so it’s hard to buy anywhere else tbh.
      And you are right about limited editions, you risk either missing out on goodies or buying shit. I’m gonna have to just instinctively guess what might be a good or bad game and go from there I guess

  11. The heroine certainly looks sassy!! Come to think of it, Otomate seems to finally Realise their gamers hate doormats. Trigger Kiss’ heroine seems to be a pretty funny one too… And while I won’t kiss my Vita, it does look promising for a game with more features.

    And which senjou waltz did you get! I’m desperate for the Stella set, so I got it today. Not expecting much from Ran though. The CG scenes tell all…

    And I played the psp version of HanaMani. IT WAS GREAT \(//∇//)\ I’m hella wishing there was a fandisc.

    1. Yea the RootRexx heroine sounds great as well. I’m glad for this change since it ultimately makes such a huge difference in the gameplay.

      I just ordered the regular edition from CD Japan…BUT I FOUND OUT IT WAS DELAYED UNTIL 11/20 (;ಠ益ಠ;) So I had to email them to cancel my order so that Trigger Kiss/Hanamani Vita arrive on time -_-;

      1. Yeah I was making that face too…. I thought I would have something to fiddle with through October after TK and my plans are busted now (; ̄ェ ̄)

        I’m so glad about Root Rex! I love Karneval but I doubt I will play it, so I’ll be stalking you if you do :3

  12. I’m glad I found a review on this, and it turned out to be a decent enough game! I’m in desperate need of new otoge — the only preorders I have lined up are HanaMani and the Amnesia Later/Crowd port (interesting how the only time I work on my backlog is when something gets a system port).

    I’m also somewhat disappointed that there is no special touch features, but the CG touch trophies on the Hakuouki and Amnesia ports were a pain to get (at least for me, I had to run through them all several times) so only that’s a plus for me.

    1. After nightmares with Amnesia Crowd and Yuugiroku 2 mini games, I decided to avoid both of those and thanks for the confirmation that I’m glad I did.
      I’m curious about the Amnesia World CGs though so I’ll see if I can get a used copy or just get the artbook with all the CGs anyway 😆

      I’ve preordered Hanamani as well based on some recommendations from people but I’m going to focus on new games. Honestly I think for me with visual novels, there’s very little replay value so it gets kinda boring for me to “replay” a game I’ve played before unless they add a lot of new features or I REAAAAALLLY enjoyed it for some reason.

  13. Do you think ImaImo influenced your opinion about this game features, since it was your first Vita game? Perhaps if you played this one first you would be more satisfied…

    1. I mean don’t get me wrong I love the vita graphics over PSP. It’s hard to return to playing any PSP games for me now.
      So I might have been “happy” comparing stuff to the PSP but for the stuff they could have potentially added, I was disappointed.
      That’s not to say I’m unhappy with the game. It was actually a great game and I enjoyed it a lot for whatit was 😛

  14. Im partially disappointed
    I had very high hopes for this game since i heard nano’s song for the OP
    but at least we got another badass mc

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