Otome Game Review: Arcana Famiglia 2 ~La storia della Arcana Famiglia~

This is the direct sequel of the Arcana Famiglia series, Arcana Famiglia 2. As usual everyone has their daily life on the island of Regalo until one day a group of merchants come to visit. The merchants are Vir, Neve, Serafino and Teodore. They seems like average junk sellers until Felicita and co. discover that they are selling a deck of Tarot Cards that no one but Mondo should have! Mondo asks to speak to them immediately and suddenly he has them staying over at the family house like bffs. Felicita and co. are confused on what’s going on so they follow the merchants to Nordia to get to the bottom of things. Be forewarned, this game’s depressing as shit and characters you love may end up suffering terrible fates. The good news is, being a sequel, every route starts out with Felicita and the guy already being lovers.

af2003And now time for the big ol’ bag of spoilers below. The entire story follows a single linear plot but bits & pieces are revealed in each route (which makes it annoying because you’ll get spoilers thrown in your face without prior warning depending on the order you play in.) Felicita also stops randomly reading people’s minds in this game by wearing an outfit that shows off her titties chest so people can see her stigmata and whether or not she’s using it. So the big thing here is Vir. Vir is the one who drew the original Tarot Cards by request of his adopted parent Agata…400 years ago. Agata decided to contract with the cards and took the entire thing upon herself. Thanks to alchemy/tarot card powers/philosopher’s stone mumbo jumbo, Vir has been alive for 400 years. The original Agata who adopted him died, and the cards then eventually made their way to Mondo who as we know is the most recent contractor. Vir was born in Regalo but his homeland is Nordia. About 10 years prior or so, he went to Japan where he met Yuki, Sumire’s younger sister. Sumire didn’t even know she had a sister since both were just products of rape/prostitution. Yuki was forced to be a loli prostitot and was constantly told she’ll never be as good as Sumire (sigh). This was until pedoVir came and adopted Yuki to be his loli waifu (well at least she’ll only have to please 1 pedobear rather than…many pedobears!) And so after adopting Yuki, Vir gave her the name Neve and a new life as she traveled the world with him.  Her wish was to one day see her sister Sumire but when she finally met Sumire she’s like “wait so you ran away from your past but are coming to see me – who is connected to your past wtf lol”.

af2002She tells Neve that she should face her past and not just run away to Vir because he was the “better solution” to being stuck as a prostitot. Neve of course gets pissed off anytime anyone says bad things about Vir and attacks them like a wild animal. She ends up hurting Sumire and feels like an asshole so she and Sera run back to Nordia where Vir and Teo have gone off to. The other half of this is every 100 years, Nordia is hit by a huge tsunami called Aquatempesta. It basically floods the town and causes a huge disaster. In order to stop this, Vir asks Felicita to use the Wheel of Fortune and join forces with Neve.  After Neve gets over her butthurt against Sumire and Felicita gets over her butthurt of Mondo not telling her anything, they decide to bff it up and by their powers combined Nordia is saved. The current Nordia leader (mayor? governor?) is one of Agata’s relatives who is also named Agata. She had made a contract with Vir to  help protect Nordia from the Aquatempesta but they have a deeper connection. Teo and Sera are Agata’s twin sons but when they were 12, Teo drowned saving Sera. Agata couldn’t stand to see her son die so she begged Vir to help save his life and it ended up making Teo an eternal life homonculus. Now he will never grow up or age and due to this he stopped thinking of himself as part of Agata and Sera’s family and chose to go traveling with Vir after Nordia is saved. In the meantime, there’s an important contract between Mondo and Vir (Vir is like the fuggin Kyuubey :lol:). Because the Tarot cards are starting to eat everyone away/take over their bodies etc, Mondo and Vir made a contract that Mondo would die, the card powers would be sealed and Vir could have his little tarot cards back.  Felicita will not have any of this though, so she and the rest of the guys try and find a way to save Mondo AND seal the tarot card powers.

af2004Liberta – Liberta’s route is heavily tied around Nordia because it’s the location of where he burned down his old orphanage (aka Jolly’s happy experimental fun time lab.)  Liberta’s mom is Kiara, and Joshua was in love with her so he didn’t want to go with whoever Mondo kept trying to arrange his marriage with. Eventually Mondo gave in and let Joshua pursue his love with Kiara which is how Liberta was born. Dante sits down with Liberta while they are in Nordia and tells him the truth about how he burned down the orphanage and about all the experiments. Dante was also originally a Nordic spy but when he met Mondo , Mondo accepted him knowing he’s an enemy and then he decided to be loyal to Mondo and quit his spy ways. So after they save Nordia, Liberta gets worried that Sera’s gonna NTR Felicita from him xD.  So then everyone returns home to their house and Mondo reveals that Sumire’s arcana is like burning her hand and they ask if Liberta’s forehead one has been doing the same thing. He denies it but it’s true and then Mondo says that the tarot cards will basically eat their life span until they die. Turns out when Felicita saved Mondo, she changed his destiny of taking all the card curses upon himself – but instead the cards started to take the lives of their owners instead of Mondo. Mondo then says he wants to sacrifice himself to save the others and said he made a contract with Vir. He says he’s the one who opened all the tarot card powers so he wants to take responsibility.  Jolly ain’t havin’ none of this so he suggests using Liberta’s and Felicita’s tarot powers to try and seal the powers to save everyone.

af2005So then Felicita tries to give her wheel of fortune powers to Liberta but his tarot starts acting up and his headache gets more painful. Jolly says the only thing to do is to seal Mondo’s “za warudo” tarot card but Dante thinks that it will be too much of a burden on Liberta’s body. Liberta says it’s nothing and while it works for Mondo, it takes a heavy toll on his body. Since Mondo is no longer the “holder of all the cards”, Vir takes them and leaves Regalo with Neve and Teo. So then Liberta’s wound from the Tarot marc is gone but the pain is still there. Everyone else’s tarot powers start slowly disappearing and Mondo says that without the cards they have nothing connecting them as a family. Jolly says as long as they all have each other they’re family. Because of the burden from the Mondo thing Liberta’s card takes over his body and he goes and joins Vir and co. He basically acts like the card and no longer the happy nice Liberta, just like what happened with Joshua (though  Joshua was dead while Liberta’s soul is taking a nap.) Felicita comes to Nordia and finds Liberta is there with Vir and co. Vir’s like “lol you two love birds solve each others problems” and takes Neve and Teo and walks away like a bro.  Felicita grabs Liberta-card and is like “give him back his body dude!”  She ends up fighting The Fool  until she manages to get Liberta to wake up and take over his own body. Her lovers card gives her one last chance to look into his heart to further realize that the real Liberta is still there.

af2006With Vir’s help, the Fool is completely sealed as a favor that Vir owed Joshua or something. End 1: And so a year later, Felicita and Liberta return to Regalo, and everyone loses their arcana powers.  For Christmas they go to dinner together to celebrate. In the epilogue Liberta gives Felicita a ring that he made to propose to her.  And so not too long after, Liberta and Felicita get married (cause well I guess marrying your aunt is ok in fantasy Italy land.) End 2:  Years later Felicita and Liberta who are all grown up are returning back to Regalo after travelling at sea for a while. End 3: Liberta joined Vir on his journey because of being taken over by Il Matto. Vir gave him a philosopher’s stone to turn back to normal, but he can turn back into the card at any time so he thought for Felicita’s sake it’s better to stay away from her.  While in Nordia, he constantly visits the ruins of his old orphanage and places flowers near it. In the meantime, Felicita visits Joshua’s grave years later every year.  And so 5 years later, Vir suggests they go to Regalo so Liberta can visit Felicita. Additionally he also suggests that in order to control the Fool, to contract with the World card (the one Mondo had) because then the Fool cannot stand up to the World.  Liberta agrees and so he returns to Felicita as the new holder of the burden of the tarot cards. Not gonna lie I…..kinda wanted a route with Sera in here more than anything else ;_;. Seraaaa….

af2007Dante – Because Dante’s route had so many overlaps with Liberta’s I went ahead and did him next. Felicita’s all upset that Dante won’t tell her anything and feels like he’s treating her like a kid (which she is so umm yea).  She wants to go to Nordia with Dante but Dante says it’s too dangerous for her to go along.  Jolly tells him to just take her so she comes along (and with Liberta just like in Liberta’s route).  While in Nordia, Dante gives Felicita a bouquet of flowers and a tiara which is the Regalo way of proposing. He then asks her to marry him when everything’s resolved.  Felicita agrees and I was sitting here scratching my head lol. Ok I know they are supposed to “start out as lovers” but I never saw Dante more than a father figure to Felicita orz.  This time Felicita ends up going along with Dante instead Liberta and they run into Vir.  While they are in his lab, they try to fight him, but Dante ends up somehow losing like 10 years of his life xD. Vir then reveals how he’s the one who created the Tarot cards. He then explains that Dante’s tarot card is what stole like 10 years off his life because now the cards are starting to eat away at everyone. Felicita tries to protect Dante but loses in a fight to Vir and she and Dante get knocked out and thrown into the ruins of Casa Bianca (the orphanage Liberta burned down.) After this Felicita’s like dayum son Dante isn’t some bald ossan but a hot young stud (well I’d beg to disagree with his sprite but his CGs looked nice!) And so she’s all hittin on Dante now and he starts getting all jealous of his “younger” self that actually makes Felicita jump on him xDDD.

af2008Despite this, Felicita gets upset that she’s gonna end up growing up older than Dante who might be stuck looking forever young. I guess the curse of the card stops him from aging. Dante and Felicita decide to use her Wheel of Fortune to seal the cards without having Mondo die. Vir says that if they just burn the tarot cards it will destroy them and their powers – not with regular fire but with the fire on Vascello Phantasma. And so they go on Ash’s nice boat and burn the cards and as proof they can see Felicita’s stigmata is gone. When Vir comes and sees this he shits bricks but like wtf dude you told them they can burn the cards! lmao!So yea Vir gets all butthurt and says he’s gonna kill the both of them. He then curses Dante which makes him an emotionless log.  Felicita tries to ask him to marry her again but he says he has no feelings for her and refuses her proposal.  Felicita gets so upset she goes to Nordo to see Vir.  Everyone tells Dante to come get her but he’s like herp derp it’s not my job so Liberta rages and says he’s going instead. Felicita tries to fight Vir to get him to break the curse but when she’s about to get her ass handed to her, Liberta and Dante show up and save her. Dante says he doesn’t know why his body just moved on its own.  Vir almost kills them all until Neve steps in and demands that he lift the curse. She says that his own curse will return to him and he’ll constantly be pissed off and butthurt about the cards and never be happy. Neve adds that Felicita’s her friend and she feels bad after hurting her mom so now she wants to make up for it. She threatens Vir that if he don’t do as she says, dis loli packin her bags and going elsewhere!  Vir has no choice so he lifts Dante’s curse and everyone returns back to Regalo.

af2009End 1:  Everyone thinks Dante is adorable because Felicita orders him around and because he still looks young.  He comes into her room one day and apologizes for refusing her proposal when he was cursed. He then asks her to marry him once again and sooooo some time later they both get married.  In the epilogue, 16 years later Felicita’s now taken over the family after Mondo and has a teenage daughter named Ema…who is apparently in love with Liberta. The incest just gets weirder! End 2:  While Dante and Felicita are ichaichaing Vir and Neve come to visit surprising him. Felicita admits that she’s the one who invited them because she still considers Neve her friends. Vir and Dante on the other hand are nearly at each other’s throats :lol:.  They all take a boat to Japan and Neve suggests that they buy Felicita a kimono.  While they try the kimonos on, the whole time Dante and Vir keep raging at each other over stupid things making both Felicita and Neve frustrated lol. The 2 stupid men decide to stop arguing or their womenz gonna ignore and stop talking to them xD. End 3:  Everyone makes fun of Dante forgetting too soft thanks to Felicita lol. But basically everyone’s powers are gone except Dante and Felicita’s. Due to this, Dante uses his powers to help control her powers.  When ichaichaing on his boat one day everyone burst in cockblocking xDDD.  Dante gets pissed and tells them they better make the ship sparkly clean by tomorrow. It’s so funny how all of Dante’s ends are basically happy cute ends but when I think about the ends 2 and 3 for other characters I’m just like HOW IS THIS FAIR.

af2010Jolly – To get the pedobears out of the way I moved on to Jolly. I don’t like Jolly, but I was curious because of Elmo and well in the end, fuck yea Elmo and lol you have my pity dear Jolly fans. Jolly’s route basically gets hijacked by Elmo’s NTR and if I was a Jolly fan I’d probably be pissed. Fortunately, I liked Elmo more than Jolly so for me it was ワーイヽ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)ノワーイ. One night while Felicita and Jolly are hanging out, they find a very sickly Elmo. He starts to disappear so Vir strolls in and is like “sup shota how about I give you a philosopher’s stone so you can exist!” Jolly tells him to GTFO and not to listen to him but Elmo doesn’t wanna die so he agrees.  He passes out but is significantly better. Felicita and Neve bff it up in this route cause they both got pedo boyfriends. She doesn’t go to Nordia and stays behind along with Neve and Sera. Sumire and Mondo throw a Christmas party for the family that everyone attends. One night, Elmo comes to see Felicita in the garden and he’s no longer a shota but a hot ikemen! Because he made the contract to live with Vir, his part of the deal is to protect Nordia from that hurricane or whatever. He then leaves and Felicita’s like Jolly wtf man and he’s like whatever my creation’s left me time to fill that gap Felicita. He then takes her to his room and  gives her a wedding veil…but when she asks him when he’ll make her his waifu he’s like “trololol”. After he finishes trolling her, he brings her to a spot on the beach which is his private place to be when he needs to think about things.  Jolly then gets in an argument with Elmo because he’s not listening to him and now has a mind of his own. Elmo also claims that Vir is not as selfish as Jolly is.  Elmo asks “are you worried about me as your creation or about the philosopher’s stone inside of me?” He says that he wanted Jolly to save him that time and felt like he had no choice or he’d disappear.

af2011Jolly says that it’s Elmo’s fault for not trusting him and he’s the one who betrayed him. He ads that Elmo is his “thing” but Elmo’s like stfu I’m not a thing and then he runs out upset and hurt since he cared so much about Jolly like a father. Felicita follows him and says that Jolly does care about him but Elmo says that he doesn’t feel that they’re like a parent & child anymore. Jolly gives Elmo a proposal and says that if he doesn’t do what he says, he’ll consider him an enemy to the family and no longer allow him to return to the home. He starts to fight Elmo but Felicita tries to get them to stop by trying to stop Jolly.  After Jolly’s knocked down Felicita asks if he’s ok but Elmo’s like “no bebe why you not pick me over king pedo!” 😆 After Jolly gets up, Elmo says that he will no longer return to the house but he will also no longer call Felicita as “older sis”. In fact he grabs her, kisses her on the forehead and says he’ll be back for her lips. イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! HEELL YESS WHY WAIT ELMO BABY xDDDDDD (lol Jolly’s gettin NTRed so badly but I’m laughin my ass off :lol:) Jolly tells Felicita at the beach spot that the reason he kept Elmo alive is because it reminded him of himself. Elmo said he wanted to live when Jolly created him out of an experiment, and it reminded him of the time when Mondo adopted a lonely shota Jolly cause he wanted to live too.  Jolly and Felicita are then thrown into some kind of ruined building which Jolly explains to Felicita that it’s Elmo’s card is “The Tower”. He says when Elmo was created, Joshua’s card “Justice” reacted to it and that’s why the ship came over.  He says that his experiments were only for the sake of saving Mondo. And so several days later the tarot cards get sealed  and Elmo returns to the family house surprising everyone.  He asks for Luca and Ash’s help, because they’re alchemists, to fix Jolly’s eyesight.

af2012End 1:  Jolly is out of commission since he’s ill and blind and spends most of his days in bed because of the burden he took from sealing the cards.  Felicita comes into his room and puts a veil on her head and gives him a clover ring.  She then asks him to marry her and he’s like damn I wiash I wasn’t blind but accepts her proposal. Elmo End: Elmo asks if he’s allowed to return to the arcana family house and Jolly’s like do whatever you want. And well he does and tells Felicita that when Jolly gets better, he wants a fair chance at her heart.  Jolly is like “why wait till I’m better you can just NTR her now, right Luca?” 😆  Elmo then kisses Felicita on the lips saying “did you forget that I promised to take your lips away?” (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン OH YISS BEST END (whose route was I playing again? xDDD) End 3: Jolly’s still blind but his hair is still black cause Elmo never threw them into that world of his. Elmo then asks if Felicita loves Jolly  and Felicita says yes saying she will stay with him. Elmo tells Felicita that he was in love with her and says that the philosopher’s stone inside of him will return Jolly’s sight. Jolly tells Felicita to stop him but she can’t and he disappears and thanks them for everything. Just then Jolly’s vision returns…щ(ಥДಥщ) NO ELMO NO!!  WORST END EVER!!!!!  Also it just occured to me that Elmo’s card is the tower and now I’m having Ozmafia flashbacks when Sou turned into the damn tower NOOOOO щ(ಥДಥщ)!! End 2: Felicita and Jolly go to Nordia to face his past sins. Felicita says she came along so she could be his “eyes” while Elmo and co. work on trying to experiment to restore his vision.  Felicita tells him he better be ready for her love and he’s like no woman u better be ready for mine! Lol if only Jolly was like this the whole time! Tl;dr, poor Jolly, hell yea Elmo.

af2013Nova – Nova was disappointing for 2 reasons. Despite him “growing up and looking ikemenly” in all the promo stuff, in the actual game he looked terrible. Most of his sprites just looked really awful and while he was okay in the CGs, it’s the sprites we see 80% of the time so..I only have memories of his weird looking face. The 2nd problem with Nova is most of his route is spent with him feeling like no one tells him anything and he’s completely left out. Ok yes I can see him getting angry about this but the fact that this is the center of the conflict of his route is a real disappointment. Nova once met with Sera before when he studied abroad in Nordia so they have a little reunion. Sera wanted to be a glass artist when he grew up. Nova can tell when Sera’s lying and knows Sera doesn’t care about Vir and only works for him cause of his contract.  So then after the whole deal with the tsunami and stuff, Vir strolls in and tells Nova that it’s his tarot card that causes those around him to be misfortunate. This is what caused his parents to start raging and plotting to kill Mondo when in fact they would never think to do this on their own. Due to this Nova gets bummed out.

af2014He then gets even more upset when Mondo announces his sacrifice to the tarot cards. Vir offers to contract with Nova and after thinking about it, Nova agrees despite it betraying the family.  He starts acting weird so Felicita gets worried thinking something is wrong with him. Liberta and Felicita run to look for Nova and they find him with Vir. He says he has nothing to say to them and refuses to answer questions on why he’s with Vir etc.  She’s like “Wtf dude I’m your fiance right? Why won’t you tell me anything!” Vir tells Nova to say his goodbyes to his lover but Nova just says he can’t tell her anything.  To make it worse, he destroys the red glass butterfly that they bought in Nordia which is a sign of “happiness” ;_; The deal Nova made with Vir is to save Mondo without Mondo dying.  Felicita finds him and says she knows Nova’s just trying to help Mondo…but then his card like takes over him and says he’s gonna kill Mondo instead!. He starts going bipolar between killing Mondo and saving him so Felicita decides to knock some sense into him. After she knocks him down he starts crying that he doesn’t want Mondo to die but he’s pissed off that Mondo is just gonna go off and die for the sake of everyone.  Felicita tells him it’s alright babe, let’s find a way to save daddy together and the power of love snaps him back to reality lol.

af2015So then Vir decides to stop trolling and tells Felicita to use the Wheel of Fortune on Nova which will somehow magically save Mondo. They go to Mondo and Nova says he loves Felicita and that he wants to try this method with her. Mondo’s like ok letz do it ladiez and like magic, Nova manages to put the Tarot cards to sleep (Which is La Morte’s power anyway) thanks to the assistance from Felicita’s wheel of fortune.  After Mondo is saved, Liberta says he’s gonna leave the family because what he’s done is unforgivable.  Felicita is like it’s ok dude, we ain’t mad. End 1: It’s Nova’s and Felicita’s wedding day and Mondo tells Nova to take care of both Felicita and the family as the new leader.  They say their vows and kiss and some time later send a letter to Sera saying they’re gonna visit him in Nordia. Sera in the meantime has started training under his old friend Dino to be a glass artist. End 3: Nova says that he has to leave the family no matter what and well…he says his goodbyes and goes off. End 2:  Years later Nova and Felicita have twin babbies, a girl and a boy (and they’re not deformed despite Nova & Felicita being first cousins! Lol!) Nova’s dad and Felicita’s dad end up fighting over who the kids like more.

af2016Pace – Similarly to Jolly, Pace definitely got the short end of the stick…and since I actually liked Pace this was quite heartbreaking. Because of his card The Force is a fuggin angry bitch, she literally sucks the life out of him and he starts to lose his taste in things as well as his strength. After fighting with Vir, Debito and Pace realize Luca is hiding something. He decides to spill the beans and reveals that in the past in exchange for getting Debito that amethyst for his eye, Luca made a deal with Jolly to become his experiment assistant. On top of that it was also his job to “monitor” both Luca and Debito’s tarot card powers so he’s felt guilty the whole time. Just then it was when Felicita’s powers went out of control so he was assigned to watch over her instead and felt like he was relieved of being Jolly’s slave. When everyone hears the story they glomp Luca and are like lol Luca pls we still love ya ;D.  Pace then tells Felicita that he’s considering returning to his family and becoming a noble, which would result in him having to leave Arcana Famiglia. He asks Felicita to come with him when that happens and Felicita’s like of course <3.  He goes to see his brother to discuss this with him and even sees his father and mother and everything is great…except for his body’s condition. After Mondo reveals his contract with Vir, Pace passes out in front of everyone making everyone shit bricks. He then gets even more upset when Mondo announces his sacrifice to the tarot cards.

af2017He then is forced into bed and Felicita looks after him for a few days. He barely has any energy and all he can do is touch Felicita’s face and kiss her while in bed saying that he’s afraid to die щ(ಥДಥщ). The next day Ash tells her that if she wants to save Pace to go talk to Vir. Vir tells her that she can save Pace using her wheel of fortune along with the lovers.  Felicita then uses both cards to destroy almost every single card except hers and Pace’s. The lovers tells Felicita that The Force is a stupid bitch who just wants to take powers from her owner and kill him asap. The Lovers card is like fuck dat beitch I can’t deal with her so Felicita’s like “how about we make them get along!” Just then Pace wakes up and goes “how about we get married, that’ll make the damn cards get along!” He gives Felicita a ring and they get married ASAP.  Pace tells Felicita that whatever time he has left to live will be all for her.  The thing is, Felicita and Pace still have their cards while everyone else’s have been destroyed. Vir’s like “Ok I’ll wait till Pace dies, and it would make my life easier if you can just kill yourself so I can take all your cards.” Pace and Felicita decide to move away from the family house and move to his family’s house where he will train under his family to follow in his father’s footsteps.  They decide to go to Nordia for their honeymoon, but in truth they’re really going to find Vir. Felicita knows Vir’s just trollin’ and really knows a way to free them of the tarot curse.  They get to Nordia and go to see Agata explaining the situation and how as long as the stigmatas are there Felicita will be upset.   Agata then tells Pace and Felicita about how Teo died at the age of 12, but with Vir’s help Teo pretty much got eternal life. She feels guilty because it’s her fault and now that he has eternal life, he can never find a lover because they would just grow old & die before him.

af2018Felicita and Pace go to Vir asking him to help and he refuses at first but then agrees. If it fails Vir says he could revive Pace to be like Teo but Pace refuses saying he wants to live in the same “time span” as Felicita. So the next day they go to Vir and he basically uses Neve to act like a “body” for the “Force” card. Felicita then asks the Force to return Pace’s life to him and it’s like GRR HOW DARE U ASK ME SUCH THINGS! Felicita then uses the powers of the lovers & wheel of fortune to knock some fuggin sense into the Force (and poor Neve lol.) Felicita (and by Felicita I mean me and my awesome button reflexes) kick ass and win. The Force is like “oh wow I approve of you as my appropriate rival” and agrees to leave Pace’s body as well as returning his lifespan back to him.  And so with this, all the tarot cards are sealed. End 1: And so everyone’s happy that Pace is alright and then in the spring Felicita and Pace go to see almond tree blossoms. Also because his card is gone, his vision is back to normal and he no longer needs glasses.  They then ichaicha in the falling blossoms. (*´ω`*) End 2: Felicita is older living with her twims, from Pace…but Pace is gone ;_;.  He decided to get eternal life like Teo in order to be saved and was forced to leave the family and basically follow Vir. Felicita is now raising her kids to take his place to be the family heir now. End 3:  Pace and Felicita never bother with removing their cards and so Pace’s short life ends. Pace’s brother becomes the Ryoushuu as Felicita takes over the Arcana family replacing Mondo. The bro tells Felicita to work together with him to preserve peace on Regalo. Like what the hell man end 2 and 3 were complete crap compared to Dante or something! Ugh -_-

af2019Debito – Continuing its path of destruction, this game also gave Debito some awful endings, nearly as bad as Jolly’s -_-.  I honestly feel like ever since the first game, Debito’s endings just got progressively worse throughout the following games and this pretty much was the nail on the coffin. They go to rest near a sunny hill where he lies in her lap and Felicita tells him not to just disappear from her. Debito says that even if he goes away, Feli will find him. Turns out 7 years ago, Debito was ordered to kill Felicita on her birthday.  Felicita saw him and read his heart seeing that he’s wavering and asked him why. He was surprised and ran away but Felicita followed him going “hey let’s play so you’ll feel better!” lmao xD Back in the present time, Felicita gets upset that Debito’s not telling her all the stuff he does “behind her back” to “protect her”.  He tells her that he’s forever stuck with the guilt of the day where he was going to shoot her. Even if he loses his arcana powers, it won’t change the past. He feels that he doesn’t deserve a bright future with Felicita because of this.  The Lovers card tells Felicita that he wants to LOVE Debito’s The Hermit card but dat dude just wants to be foreveralone.jpg which is what’s causing Debito to have these guilt pangs and push Felicita away. When Felicita asks Vir for what to do he just says Mondo should just kill himself.  Jolly suggests combining Felicita’s wheel of fortune with Debito’s Hermit card to seal the cards. They go ahead and do it, but someone working for the Luchi, an organization Debito used to work for, comes in and shoots him.  Because the ceremony was interrupted the cards were sealed halfway and Jolly warns Felicita that if she doesn’t seal them fully asap, they will destroy the owners. On top of this, Debito has a memory lapse and seems like he has no memories of ever being lovers with Felicita.

af2020Jolly offers to use his card powers to bring back Felicita’s memories in Debito, but it’s a double edged sword because it would bring back the memory of him trying to shoot Felicita as a loli. Felicita decides to try to make Debito fall in love with her again by her own powers but he just sees her as a little child. Debito says that he heard that he and Felicita used to be lovers and asks her to tell him the truth. In his room he finds the necklace that Felicita gave to him and it sparks something in his memory.  Just then some riot happens and they ask Debito to use his powers but since it was half sealed he can’t do anything.  So then Felicita and Debito take a nice boat ride to Nordia to see Agata regarding Debito’s memory lapse. Meanwhile Debito’s card, the Hermit’s image begins to get wiped off its card. Felicita has a chat with Agata and Seline. Selin says Debito is like her younger brother, and Felicita says she wants to make Debito love her once more.  Felicita asks to confess to him so they take a nice boat ride through the canal. Felicita confesses her love to him saying she wants to make him fall for her once more. Sadly their nice scene is interrupted by a butthurt Vir who’s raging that the image of the Hermit is starting to get erased off the card. (And grr how dare you erase my memories with Agata and how I painted these cards for her grr!)  He then says that the only way to get his cards back is to kill the owners and attacks Debito & Felicita.  Despite not having their arcana powers, Debito can still use his gunzz so they take the cards from Vir and tell him that he’s too fuggin obsessed with them. Just then Neve shows up and is like “wtf are you saying you love these cards more than me!?” She says that if he loves her to prove it by drawing an image on the blank card. Meanwhile Debito tells Felicita that even if his memory is gone, his feelings for her are still there. No matter where he was he always felt like there was someone beside him and now he knows it’s Felicita.

af2021As the sun rises, the two of them hug as they tell each other their feelings. With this, the ceremony is complete and all the cards are sealed.  And so while they’re in Nordia, they get hitched Vegas style :lol:. Just then Luca and Pace show up for the ceremony complaining that they were marrying without them. They also bring the cologne that Felicita bought for Debito as a Christmas present she never had a chance to give him. Turns out though, Debito has lost his hearing because of a curse from The Hermit card. He’s only able to understand Felicita based on reading her lips. щ(ಥДಥщ) Vir says that unlike the Hermit who chose to go off to be alone in nothingness, Debito has loved ones around him so he’ll never be alone. End 1:  Debito says he had a dream where he was chasing a young girl (aka the dream of the past where he was going to shoot her.)  In the dream he told lolicita that next time he meets her he will call her “Bambina”.  Debito and Felicita are travelling around trying to fix Debito’s ears while Mondo is crying back at home (along with Luca) wishing for his daughter to come back soon. Meanwhile Sumire has predicted that Felicita’s gonna have Debito’s babies soon www. End 2: Felicita and Debito have 3 kids and have become a priest  & nun at the local church. Lol wtf I didn’t see that coming (´・ω・`;A). Despite being a priest though, he’s still randy as hell with Felicita lmao xD. Debito is deaf unfortunately -_-; End 3:  Debito tells the Hermit that he’ll take all of cards burden on himself.  And so just like the hermit he goes off to be alone by disappearing from everyone else’s memory except Felicita’s.  In fact not only that but nobody can even see him but her anymore. The reason is that nobody knows the existence of tarot cards anymore and therefore to them Debito no longer exists. Felicita and Debito now become lovers in solitude for the rest of their lives as Felicita becomes Donna and Debito protects the family from the shadows. Felicita can’t see him anymore but knows that he’s beside her. Blah how is this fair, poor Debito -_-.

af2022Luca – Well at least one of the trios got decent ends but still one of his ends was awful and the 2nd half of his route was just WHYYYY. He also cries at the wedding end of like every route so it felt like I was cheating on him in every route xDD. Neve suggests Felicita buy a skimpy dancer outfit to wear for Luca for his birthday but Feli’s like “why? Why would he care about this as a present?” ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \  Debito and Pace call Luca a pedobear and tell Felicita that he needs to get laid for his bday プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  For Luca’s bday they throw pies at him lmao and they do this every year ww. Felicita gives him a ring and asks him to marry her lol xD. She even slips the ring on his finger, what an ikemen! xD She even makes him a birthday cake and he’s so happy he starts crying. She asks him about the slutty dancer outfit but he’s like “…you can tempt me if you want” lmaooo but she refuses xDDD At Agata’s place Agata tells them that they feel more like family than lovers.  Luca says that it may have been that way until a year ago when Luca was spending Xmas at a bar with Debito and Pace. They make fun of Luca saying he wants Felicita all to himself xD. He then realized that his feelings for Felicita weren’t that of “family” but that of a “lover”.  At one of Agata’s parties Felicita sees Luca dancing with Neve and gets really irritated. When Felicita asks why Neve won’t tell her anything but tells Luca stuff, Neve says it’s because she feels Luca and her are similar. Luca will listen to stuff about Vir, but Felicita reminds Neve of Vir and she gets nervous. Seeing Luca surrounded by more womenz Felicita gets even more irritated. She feels like her feelings towards Luca are changing because she’s starting to love him a lot more as a lover than just her guardian.

 af2024The next day Luca gets a message from Jolly about Sumire’s stigmata starting to basically eat her.  Luca explains to Felicita the only way to save everyone is to seal the cards. They almost hump one night until Agata calls Felicita and cockblocks lmaooo XD  She thanks Felicita for saving Nordia (post Aquatempesta)  and tells her about how her entire generation was a bunch of Agatas. And her great great great etc grandma created the Philosopher’s stone while she adopted Vir who created the Tarot cards. Vir was originally born in Regalo but lost his family and was adopted by Agata’s relatives. Agata wanted to run Nordia without relying on Vir but she ended up relying on him to save Teo’s life. Things start to get worse when Pace starts to become sick from his card eating his life away ;-;.  Luca says he’s gonna go to Vir alone to try and resolve this but Felicita won’t let him go unless he takes her with him. Luca uses his alchemy to make Felicita pass out and uses the opportunity to leave.  Ash wakes Felicita up and they run after Luca and find him with Vir at Ash’s ship.  Felicita then confronts Luca asking why he won’t tell her the truth.  Luca says he wants to follow Vir’s idea of having Mondo die because he wants to save Felicita and he doesn’t want her using her wheel of fortune to hurt herself. Felicita is shocked that Luca will let others die just for her and it doesn’t seem like the usual him. When he goes to talk to Vir, who in exchange for Debito’s peridot, tells Luca that if he has Felicita use her Wheel of Fortune on Luca, he can neutralize all the tarot cards. This way the burden would be on him and not on Felicita. This kinda sucks because the rest of the route becomes about Luca doing things behind Felicita’s back and making her feel upset and left out.  She overhears Luca talking to Jolly about everything and comes forward saying she’s sick of Luca taking everything on himself. She asks him to rely on her and that she wants to help too.  Luca then finally asks Felicita for help to save everyone.

af2023And so Felicita uses Wheel of Fortune and the Lovers on Luca, who then uses The Temperance card to seal the other tarot cards. After he’s done, he asks Felicita to try and use the lovers to read his mind but she’s unable to which means they’ve succeeded. Luca then tells her that he loves her because she can no longer read his thoughts (*´ω`*).  He then asks her to marry him and she’s like Luca you dork I’ve already proposed to you lmao xD.  And so some time later, Luca and Felicita get married and he brags that she’s beautiful because HE’S STANDING BESIDE HER! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ End 1:  Some years later Felicita and Luca have a baby girl named Maria.  She calls Pace and Debito as PAPA while calling Luca as Luca xDDD. He continues to cry and complain that he feels left out of his own family lmao. ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ   Felicita makes Luca feel better by telling him that despite everything, Maria only sleeps in his arms and no one else’s. He says that maybe they can have 1 more kid and next time it will call him PAPA lolol. End 2:  Felicita and Luca get married and at the ceremony Neve comes and says she’s sorry to both Sumire and Felicita. She says that Sumire was right and now she’s happy that Vir calls her by her real name, Yuki. And so everyone makes fun of Luca and complain that they wish Felicita was unmarried a bit longer lol. I’m so fuggin glad that both of Luca’s end 1 and 2 were happy cause after Debito and Pace I was like Σ(゚д゚lll). End 3: Both Luca and Felicita go into a coma after trying to save everyone with their powers. Everyone else waits every day praying that one day they will open their eyes. Sometime later, Luca and Felicita finally awaken but Luca has lost his voice and only communicates somehow through telepathy or something ヽ(。_゜)ノ.  Felicita’s also really exhausted from the burden of using her powers so they spend most of their time in bed. ( ´_ゝ`)

af2025Ash – Hnnnnnnnng Assshhhh (;´Д`)ハァハァ (*´Д`)/lァ/lァ (*` Д´)//ア//ア!! Ash is the obvious OTP of this game because his route was the only one that felt like it had good pacing, and decently happy endings. And a lot of people watching this broadcast with me agreed so I know it can’t just be my bias!! xD He even admits in his route that he loves Felicita’s thighs www xD. He got a new suit thanks to Debito cause apparently he and Debito are now the same size and because he keeps desroying his suits when he turns into a tiger.  Some dude who comes after Ash & Feli says he wants to escape out of his current organization.  After getting in a spat with everyone he accidentally turns into a tiger and is like i quit dis shit im going back to my ship (ノTωT)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・おらっ~ He’s pissed off that when he became a tiger he lost his self and hurt Felicita in the process. Felicita slaps him and says she don’t care and she wants him to be with her because she loves him. He’s like I love you too !!! ///// And as they ichaicha Debito’s like “lol I’m still here guys” ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ  Ash says he’ll try his best to at least control himself in the case that he turns into a tiger.  Jolly uses his power to knock Ash out and have him basically face his “fears” in his dreams. He starts having nightmares about his past and how when he turns into a tiger he can’t control himself.  Felicita then uses The Lovers to speak to Ash inside his heart. Inside there she hugs him saying she’s here for him which calms him down and he’s able to wake up.

af2026After the thing with Neve, Felicita gets upset that she couldn’t protect Sumire.  Ash tells her not to hold anything in and if needed he’ll be a shoulder to cry on. He tells her that he noticed that the area around Sumire’s stigmata was getting extra red and things something’s wrong. Turns out that Vir is Ash’s distant relative cause he has the same powers as Ash does which Ash inherited from his dad. He says that Vir has the same name as his distant relative and was also the creator of the tarot cards. To find out if this is true he asks Felicita to read Vir’s heart but when she does it ends up knocking her out. Eventually Felicita wakes up finding herself on Ash’s ship with him on the way to Regalo. He apologizes for putting her into danger and tells her she can kick or punch him all she wants in return. Felicita just pulls his cheeks instead. (*´ω`*)  She also notices that she’s now reading Ash’s mind without intentionally trying to do so.  She thinks something is weird and asks him to look at her stigmata and everytime he does, she ends up reading his mind. He asks her what the deal is but she says she can’t tell him yet and it just irritates him making him feel like she can’t rely on him.  When they go to Jolly, Felicita tests it on him and basically anytime someone touches her, her card instantly goes off and reads their mind. Felicita thinks about it for a while and apologizes to Ash and says she’ll try her best to not touch anyone.  Ash says he doesn’t care that she looks into his mind because not being able to touch her is even worse ( ≖‿≖).

af2027Felicita’s like oh hell yes cause I want you to touch me all da time baby and he’s like hell yes guurl and I’m just gonna pretend they had some implied sexy time even though this game is Cero B 😆 (✧≖‿ゝ≖) The next day in town they run into a grown up Elmo and realize that he’s now working for Vir.  They run into Elmo on Ash’s ship with Teo and start bickering until they are reminded that a giant tsunami is on its way to Nordia, right behind them!  Soon as they realize it, they quickly head back to Nordia. The 3 of them decide to join forces with their alchemy powers to help and hold back the tsunami.  And so Nordia is protected and everyone enjoys the celebration afterwards. Then as usual Mondo announces his demise.  After the announcement from Mondo, Felicita’s really upset so Ash takes her to comfort her. He tells her that if they have the philosopher’s stone they may be able to seal the cards so Mondo doesn’t have to die.  They go to his ship and search around until they find a treasure chest where he had kept a philosopher’s stone hidden since he was a little kid. By using the stone on the cards and not on himself, he’s basically destroying the chances of ever fixing his tiger curse. Felicita says that even if he’s a furry tiger she’ll still love him and she gives him a kiss (*´∀`*)ノ。+゜*。. They go to Mondo and tell him of their plan to seal the cards with the Philosopher’s stone.  End 1:  They seal the cards and Ash groans that he doesn’t wanna follow and take over the family after Mondo xD.  He says despite this, he still wants to be together with her and some time later they get married.  (✧≖‿ゝ≖) End 2:  Ash and Felicita try to seal Mondo’s card but it ends up going out of control. Ash decides to turn into a tiger so he can bite Mondo to get him to come back to his senses. It seems like it works but Ash is stuck as tony the tiger. They then realize that to fully destroy the tarot cards they should burn them at the flames of Vaschello Phantasma.

af2028Vir shows up and is like wtf dude that doesn’t seal the cards, that completely destroys them. He also tells them that if they destroy the cards, they will lose all their arcana powers and Felicita will no longer be able to communicate with Ash while he’s a tiger. Ash tells her that her ability to read minds by touching people is in fact not her arcana power but some weird effect that happened when she tried to read Vir’s mind.  Felicita ends up burning the cards and everyone lost their arcana powers.  Ash is still in his tiger form, but at least he can still communicate with Felicita. (´;ω;`) Vir shows up like a troll and says he’ll turn Ash back into a human if he agrees to go with Vir along with Ash’s ship.  Felicita refused his offer, but now she’s starting to waver if it’s the best decision for him. Vir’s like “well he’s my greagreagreagreat grandson so I feel bad leaving him like this so how about you give him to me.” Like the witch in the forest, Vir gives Ash an apple that will turn him back into a human. He says that even if he’s with Felicita as a tiger, no one else can understand him so it’s like he doesn’t exist anyway. He says he’ll go with Vir, become a better alchemist and one day return to Felicita. That night Ash comes to say goodbye to Felicita and she says she’ll wait for him to return to her.  As she sees him off the next morning he kisses her goodbye ichaichaing in front of Nova & Liberta :lol:. End 3: 5 years later Felicita becomes the donna and is now the leader of the family. One day Luca bursts into the room saying he’s finished working on turning Ash back into a human.  Felicita immediately runs to the ship and finds him lying in bed because it’s been such a long time since he was human he’s not used to walking on 2 legs. She jumps into there and they smooch after a 5 year long reunion. (ノ´∀`*)ノ♥ Well I bought the game mostly for Ash and I’m glad that his route didn’t disappoint me like some others ~_~.

af2001Other Ends – Donna End: This route basically shows all the extra scenes with Vir & co but otherwise the same as the others. In the end Felicita decides that she will take over the contract with the tarot cards from Mondo and bear the burden. She splashes her blood on the cards and the contract is transferred. End 2: Vir says what Felicita did is something that the original Agata did as well. He then ichaichas with Neve while travelling with her and Teo. And so some time latter Felicita becomes the Donna aka leader of the family, and she already has a marriage proposal from Alberto (Pace’s brother.)  None of the other guys will stand for this cause they all want their precious Felicita (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Felicita says that for the time being she has no plans to marry anyone and so the dudes constantly fight over her like a harem~ \( ^o^)/. End 1: Sumire and Jolly say they’re gonna stay with Mondo until his last moment.  And so Mondo dies, and 2 years later Nova takes over the leader position. Liberta decides to travel the world and visit Japan. Pace died and Jolly disappeared. Debito started protecting the family from the shadows while Luca and Ash protected it from the front. Lol um I’ll just pretend this end didn’t happen or it’s some awful bad end ~_~. Sera End: Felicita is the donna and receives a letter from Sera as he comes over and hands it to her in person ( ≖‿≖). He tells Felicita that he loves her and says his life is incomplete without her.  He says that he pretty much fell in love at first sight with her when they first met. Teo End: Teo decides he wants to see the Arcana family again so they go to visit Regalo. He goes up to the highest point in Regalo with Felicita and tells her how he’s sick of watching Vir & Neve ichaichaing together.  Felicita gives him some shrimp since it’s his favorite food. He says that if he hadn’t died and become immortal he might have met her in a different form. Felicita tells him that even if his mentality & growth are stunted, he can eventually learn the meaning of love~.  He then says only thing left to do before he leaves is to yellow out that he loves Felicita (umm okay?!?) There’s also an omake called Arcana Academia where the Arcana Family becomes like teachers for Regalo so they can teach people stuff. Sadly it wasn’t a school parody omake like in Danzai no Maria so it was mostly like the love or laugh omakes from the last few games :(. None of these had CGs which was a huge disappointment for me -_-.


Okay so what I expected was really just ichaichaing between a bunch of characters along with Vir and his loli but instead I got mostly depressing endings for some of my favorite characters Σ(゚д゚lll). All the toukakoukan stuff and the raising people from the dead and alchemy and stuff just brought Full Metal Alchemist flashbacks to me. Also it really bothered me that the method to “save everyone” would vary depending on whose route you did…and due to the differences some characters got away without a scratch while others suffered heavy losses. Basically if like Jolly, Debito, or Pace then you should definitely not play this game. On the other hand if you like Liberta, Dante, Ash, Luca or Elmo then yea sure play it! They all had decent routes and happy ends so you wouldn’t be as upset! Still though, I thought the tying of a lot of lose ends was really good and I thought it was a great way to finish up Arcana Famiglia. Still I can’t help but feel that EVERYONE SINGLE CHARACTER deserved a happy ending, and it’s not fair that some got lots of happy ends while others got the short end of the stick ( ´_ゝ`).  The game had 2 mini games that came up during the routes. One that was just like a 2D scroller Mario type game, but the 2nd one was this annoying roulette game which was ridiculously RNG based. Seriously that one made me flip a desk and I didn’t see how in any way it was relevant or contributed to the flow of the story. The pluses are that Felicita’s name was called out loud if you left it default and she actually had LINES in this game! That’s right instead of saying just “un” and “nani?” she actually had dialogue! This made the conversation flow a million times more interesting than in the previous games. In the end I’m not sure if I feel like this game was good, or disappointing because it was just a few steps away from being great. It was decently written, the flow of story was alright and it definitely had its cute moments…but I can’t help but feel like I wanted more. I especially feel that the omake this time around was rather disappointing and short. I don’t know if this is the end of the AF series but if they were to make another game, I’d hope for  an actual AU school life game like in all the parody images – a REAL Arcana Academia. One where everyone is happy and nobody dies or becomes disabled for the rest of their life. I think for AF fans it’s probably worth playing because it ties up a lot of loose ends from the last few games but if you’re looking for the same non-serious gag games that AF began as, you may find yourself disappointed.


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  1. Since I don’t like Jolly, I didn’t actually care even though I normally hate NTR 😆

    And nope no interest in the K game since I never really liked the anime

  2. I really wish there was an Elmo route here that didn’t look like Felicita was NTR’ing Jolly (I hate him too, but I dunno, it makes Fel look sorta slutty that way XD) Also I’m glad Ash actually got one of the best endings. He’s my bias, along with Pace (and I think I fucking flipped tables upon getting his End 2 on my first play through)

    btw sorta out of topic, but do you have plans on playing and making a review for K Gakuen?

  3. I’m playing this, currently! ^^ Your other post about the first game helped me get through it because I didn’t know enough kanji, thanks for that by the way~ ^^ I’m currently on Pace’s route~!

  4. You should play some of Pacthesis’s games.
    Like. Number Days is hilarious or Chrono Days, cause some characters are just adorable.

  5. Hi! I wanted to recomend an english otome game type thing that you might like. Its called “Always remember me” so uuh yeah try it out! ….bye

  6. HHAHAHAa oh my god that sucks lmao xD
    The game starts out all fun then you get into the dudes route and its like GUESS WHAT ENJOY THE MISERY LOL seriously I don’t understand how some get away with happy ends while others suffer for all eternity. How is that fair! And why Dante out of all people gets the happiest ends? lol

    I like Ono Yuuki too, was bummed out at his pathetic ending :/

  7. Ahahaha… Guess who 3 I started the game with (゜∇、°)

    This game makes me so depressed. I always thought Arcana games were fun and bright but I guess not anymore. I feel so bad for Pace and Debito. Dude, just give them a break. They could have given Dante’s good endings for them, because seriously who cares about Dante that much? ((….And by the way, why did Debito become a priest? That’s a total wtf for me lol xD))

    Maan, I really hoped there would be a longer route for Sera and not just some short ending. Because A. it’s Ono Yuuki and B. it’s still Ono Yuuki XD A whole route with him would have made the game better and it would have taken some of my bitterness off.

    But Hallelujah, you finished the game. Awesome review and have fun with the Alice game.

  8. Lol that game totally slipped my mind. Guess that shows just how much of an impact that game had >_> lol

    If you don’t mind, would you like to exchange links? I just started blogging about otome games recently so I don’t have too much up, just my ranting about Ken ga Kimi which I am obsessed with atm lol. Do you have plans to play that one?

  9. I’ve used baggage forward 3 times and I’ve never had issues.
    Just be warned their whole site is in Japanese though if you can read Japanese you shouldn’t have any problems figuring things out.
    Amazon japan doesn’t have enough blank lines in their address to fit BF’s forwarding address so you can put the remainder of the address in the “company name” slot and it was okay for me when I ordered my PSP. It’s pretty straight forward I’d recommend them ^^

  10. Hi, this is actually a question about buying the games but I couldn’t comment on the guide you wrote. I want to buy a game from Amazon.co.jp using a forwarding service. The shipping adress is in Turkey so I guess it means a long way. I’m reaaaally noob about shopping from abroad so I have never used a forwarding service. I read your guide about shopping and I guess Baggage Forward looks like the best option to me but I want to hear your thoughts and I would be grateful if you told me how to use a forwarding service. (sorry for the extremely long question and wow this is the most formal thing I have ever written kdjsghsdkl)

  11. Lol maybe it’s because I have only played Hakuouki + Zuisouroku that I have a higher opinion of the series xD It is disappointing that they are copying Kazuki Yone’s art instead of just getting a new style though…

  12. nah I’m skipping SSL because
    1. I’m sick of otomate milking a dead cow
    2. Sick of them trace-copying KAzuki Yone’s art
    3. Sick of those awful mini games (they made me ragequit Yuugiroku 2 lol)

    Also I don’t even have a PSVita xD

  13. Wahhh I’m glad you loved Ash since he and Luca are my favorite characters! I skipped reading the summaries and went to your final thoughts since I haven’t played yet xD I think a school life AF AU parody would be awesome actually since Hakuouki SSL looks like it’s going to be fun! Will you be getting that one?

  14. haha my reviews are certainly NSFW! (Not safe because you’ll burst out laughing and look like a weirdo. Happened to me with my own reviews wwww)
    yea I guess if you think about poor ELmo’s sacrifice Jolly got away clean but Debito! Debito literally has no end where he isn’t injured or disabled in some way wtf!!
    Even though they made Dante younger, his sprite still looked too ossany or maybe it was his voice. The ossan-ness hasn’t changed after he became younger so I still couldn’t really find him appealing! Teo makes NO SENSE. THere were hints of Elmo/Sera liking Felicita but there was no hint ever about Teo so when he got that short end I’m like ????

  15. As always your reviews are hilarious. I was trying so hard not to laugh like a moron at work (yeah because that’s how desperate I was to read your reviews, especially this one!) Seriously “trololol” becomes my new favourite expression XD

    I agree with you everyone should have at least had one happy ending (Debito and Pace in particular, poor guys T_T Jolly has it rough but at least he’s not dead/exile/no chance of healing!!), especially since when looking at the game in its entirety it seems they were 298679028 different ways to seal the cards-_- Especially when said endings sound so final–I don’t think there’s a way to make another sequel except AUs as you said? That’s a sad in a way, since AF managed to stay good (well maybe it’s better this way, they won’t have time to ruin it by milking the poor cow to death).

    Now I’m curious to buy the game just to see Nova’s horrible sprite XD Kidding aside, nice trick for Dante. I was wondering how they would magically give him back his hair, but bonus he’s younger for real too! I’m surprised Teo, Sera and Elmo don’t have more developed ‘routes’ too, but I guess we can’t have them all 😉

  16. The first game is really different from the following 2 because of the frustrating system so your mileage may vary.
    It’s weird like Pace got 1 happy end, but the other 2 were terrible.
    Debito got “well this could be happy but …no” kind of ends.
    Meanwhile Dante, Liberta, Ash, Luca all got pretty much mostly happy ends! So yea totally unfair lol.

  17. Skipped to your final thoughts, because I still have AF in my backlog. I only tried it out real quick to check that the UMD worked last summer. (It’s mocking me from the game shelf every time I go to sleep and haven’t gotten closer to playing it, I’m sure. Even more so because I got the game before the anime aired, and I still saw the anime first.) I lol’d when I saw you compare it with FMA.

    Sucks that they are biased against some characters though. Every character deserves a happy – or happier – ending, and about the same amount of them too. Either make every end sad, bittersweet or happy (or whatever), or at least treat the characters like equals, yo!

  18. I still think back how my first otome game review on this blog (and first review of the year) was Da Capo girls symphony…ah the olden days..

  19. lol if you love those 3 I think you’re gonna be disappointed. For me it was Luca, Elmo and especially Ash that made the game the most worth it. Well Liberta and Dante had decent routes/ends but incest/ossan is not my thing www
    But they DID have happy ends but it was more bittersweet than TRULY happy soo you might end up feeling frustrated :/

  20. yea raging and fangirling just about covers this game lol
    yea and totally unfair for Debito and Pace (and well Jolly but I’m glad at least I don’t care about him so one less chara to rage about lol)
    I don’t think limited edition Festa is worth it unless its like dirt cheap. It’s mostly a mini game after all.

  21. umm no? Almost every otome game has bad ends and that’s not what I’m complaining about ?
    My complaint is that some guys get like 2-3 happy ends while others only get 1 and that’s not fair to fans of those characters.
    there’s no reason to be biased to some and not others.

  22. Luca had a cute route (except near the end blah) so you won’t be too disappointed.
    Ash was still the best though 8DDD

  23. Hahahaha FMA XD
    Oh my, Ash *¬* can’t wait to play his route.
    Luca is my favorite, for sure I’ll like his route |o|
    She had lines, that’s new haha
    Thanks for the review ;D

  24. Yay the review’s out!! If you do know I visited your broadcast quite a bit for this game was raging and fangirling at the same time. The 3 characters listed for “bad routes” had my 2 favourites in it T^T I really agree with those ends they’re really bad.

    After looking at the broadcast it really looked great with the gameflow and everything and lines for Feli!! Well I guess that tied up all the ends but UNFAIR ENDS FOR CERTAIN DUDES щ(ಥДಥщ)

    Btw, I was wondering if it was worth it to get the Limited Edition version of Festa Regalo? The game shop I frequent have that in their shelf so I was wondering if it was worth it……

  25. Thanks for the review! I skipped to your final thoughts, but I’m conflicted about whether to play this or not especially since I love Jolly, Debito, and Pace ;___; Normally I’m ok with depressing stuff in bad ends but if it’s their only end….

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