Otome Game Review: Dot Kareshi -We’re 8-Bit Lovers- III: Yami no Hanayome

And so this is the final installment of the beloved Dot Kareshi series. щ(ಥДಥщ) Villager, Slime, Dark Lord and Dark Night all go to the lake where they run into a bug and wish to see the heroine once again. God is like sure, and brings the heroine into the video game like before. He goes hur dur I don’t know how you can leave this world so have fun! Everyone goes to the villager’s house  where she looks at everyone’s statuses and they get mad at her for sealing their ultimate skills or skipping cut scenes again. Since the game ended and they don’t feel like their endings were completed to the fullest, they ask her to do a quest with one of them.

slimeSlime – Slime brings everyone to his cave where he asks the heroine to MERGE WITH HIM XDDD. Thanks to the bug from god, he was turned into a human form. Just then all his other slime buddies come and his plans are to “marry oneesan” so they can split into more oneesans lmao xD. He starts absorbing the heroine into himself while the other 3 try to fight off all the slimes. They eventually manage to burn all the slimes and rescue the heroine. The original slime seems to be ok as well and he’s like why u guys cockblockin my merge?! Maou tells him that she was gonna die if they didn’t stop him.  He then apologizes and promises not to merge with her but wants to tentacle her all over every once in a while :lol:.  And so everyone returns to Maou’s castle to rest and have dinner. End 1: Slime comes to the heroine’s world with her and keeps bugging her while she studies.  To get him off her she blows him off with a hair dryer xDD. He promises to let her study next time so she forgives him and takes him on a date to the aquarium. Inside the aquarium he sneaks a kiss on her (*´꒳`*). End 2: The heroine ends up staying inside the video game with Slime inside his cave. He says since humans and slimes can’t get married, they should go on a journey to find some item that will let them do this lol. He then gives her his lap to sleep on as he waits for her to turn into a slime like himself. I….liked Slime-kun the most in this game oh god why Σ(゚д゚lll)….dat Takahashi Naozumi….

darknightDark Knight – Constantly refers to the Slime as ZAKO cause he’s a shitty low level enemy xD. His quest is to find an item to resurrect his sister because she was attacked by some vampire and her body & soul have been separated. As they go inside Maou’s mansion and get attacked by some evil ho, everyone realizes that DK’s weakness is girls. He blushes and starts stuttering just from holding the heroine ( ≖‿≖). Maou’s magic doesn’t work on the vampire ho since she’s one of his minions lol. The ho attacks the heroine saying she wants her blood, but DK protects her and somehow one of his attacks defeats the ho. After this Dark Knight decides he wants to save the world and fight for justice and becomes a Holy Knight!  End 1:  DK comes to the heroine’s world even though it meant betraying his sister. In her world, he’s working on his resume so he can get a job to support her xD. Before he goes out to get more resume forms, he gives her a kiss. End 2: Heroine stays back in the videogame with DK to continue helping him revive his dead sister. I think if Morikawa wasn’t doing that grating voice of his I might have liked this guy more, but he was still really sweet. In the CD it was funny cause he started out as this bad guy then realized he’s being bad and had to apologize and stop lmao.

maousamaDark Lord – They can’t really beat Maou’s quest because the heroine kinda beefed up her party and they all have max stats, HP and armor xD. He then comes up with an idea, for the heroine to then beef up his stats instead so that he has better stats than them. Unfortunately, all the monsters are his underlings so he can’t get exp from them ww. The only way to level up his skills and stats is to get a magic item, which is apparently hidden in his own castle! They go into Maou’s castle and have to fight off his mobs cause they start attacking the others. When everyone gets badly beat up and have no way to heal, Maou asks the heroine to give him her blood which will bring him back to his full form.  She agrees and he gets his ORESAMA MODE powers back and gets the magic item. As a thanks he gives the heroine a kiss ( ≖‿≖). End 1: Maou returns to the heroine’s world and apparently he’s into weaving and wants to knit a dress for her! He plans to become a famous weaver and he starts measuring her body so he can make the right size :P.  She gets tired of him groping her and kicks him in the balls ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.  She then pats him on the head and gives him a hat she knitted herself to cover up his horns. It looks like crap but he still thanks her for it, and puts it on before they go out to buy yarns. Before leaving he grabs her and kisses her. End 2:  Heroine stays at Maou’s castle with him inside the video game. He babbles like the hetare that he is and says he could kill her pathetic ass anytime, but then goes nah, I’d rather protect you (*´ω`*). He tells her to stay by his side and make sure he doesn’t decide to go nuts and take over the world again. They then ichaicha on his throne~. Sugita is best when he voices hetare characters so Maou was the most adorable final boss ever xDDD.

village01Villager – Villager is the most boring character in the game because let’s face it, he’s just an NPC who you talk to for quests or buy/sell potions from. He says his “wish” for the quest is just to once again meet with the heroine, but since nothing has changed he says he’ll think about his wish once more.  He’s also a closet pervert and he wants to hit dat shit so badly but has to keep holding himself back www.  Turns out the villager is just yandere for the heroine and he has some super powers where he knocks out the other 3. He then brings the heroine to some instance where it’s just the 2 of them because he wants her ALL TO HIMSELF! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ  He’s basically butthurt that all he could do was say programmed lines to her but just that made him fall in love with her!  Not only that, but he reveals that he’s actually EVERY SINGLE VILLAGER IN THE GAME and he’s ALWAYS WAITING FOR HER! But as the heroine got to the end of the journey she stopped talking to the villagers cause they would always say the same thing. This made our yandere villager-chan extremely jelly and he got pissed off that she would only talk to the main cast instead lol. He says that from now on he’s her ONE AND ONLY Villager!!!1 Fortunately just then the other 3 manage to break into his instance and tell the Villager to fuck off lol.  They try to fight him but basically “lol u can’t hurt me I’m an NPC bwahaha!” XD Not only that, but because he broke out of his NPC barrier, he’s able to to manipulate anything in the game, including making himself have max stats and ridiculous skills xD.

village02He then proclaims himself to be the FINAL BOSS of the game, and the heroine says she will “come with him”. This is of course to “make his wish come true” and with this, he loses his powers and everyone’s booted out of his instance. Realizing he’s back to being a plain ol’ villager, he starts to cry.  The heroine tells him that it’s not a total lost hope and he can join them on their adventures so he can try to find his own path instead of being a plain ol’ villager. End 1: Villager comes to the heroine’s world with her and becomes her house waifu. He then teases her with his haraguroness but he’s in no rush to hog her because now he’s got all the time in the world. They go out to the park together where he gets to try ice cream for the first time.  They share a cone together and he ends up licking some off her face (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。)!! End 2:  Heroine stays back with villager and helps  him be less bored by assisting him with his daily tasks like gathering items for making cheap shitty potions xD. They go to the lake where everyone made their wishes to god, and while he’s worried she’ll leave him, she pats him on the head to reassure him. She then says they don’t have to go the lake after all, and he’s so happy he starts crying again. He then says to make his life more exciting he’ll try to make potions that actually sell and not just be stuck in his “role” since the game’s bugged anyway. Though he’s happy for now, he’s still worried that she’ll leave him and starts pondering about a potion that can stop time so she can be TOGETHER FOWEVEH! Sometimes I wonder if Villager is supposed to be the true canon because the slogan of the game says “I wanted to kiss you one more time” and out of everyone it seems he’s pretty much obsessed with her from the very beginning xD.


I loved all the guys in this one so much it’s really really hard to even pick a favorite order. I guess if I were to get really nitpicky it would be Slime > Maou > Villager > Dark Knight but it doesn’t mean I dislike any of the ones who are last. I love them all! (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) Villager is also an example of one of the only yandere tropes I can deal with lol. (Or maybe I’m just biased towards Miura (*´д`*)ハァハァ ). Anyway I’m really glad to have played all 3 Dot Kareshi games, they were definitely enjoyable. Also this time around Rejet released a patch which pretty much put everyone in their undies and it works on any Dot Kareshi game you have installed 😆


I think Takahashi Naozumi and Sugita Tomokazu deserve awards for their outstanding performance in this game xDDD Overall I can say is that if you haven’t played any of the games I highly recommend them. They’re all self contained honestly but why settle for only 4 when you can get 12 RPG MANS!? ( ≖‿≖)  Anyway not much else left to say here but definitely one of the most enjoyable series I played in 2013!

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  1. I LOVED this series hahaha but my favorite out of all the dudes would still be magician from the first game! Kondou’s acting was just brilliant きゃーっ the only gripe is that each of the routes were so short I just want MOAR! I even went to the rejet shop to get all their dot kare merch because I like this series so much. Rejet is definitely one of my favorite makers but too bad they’re more focused on nosebleed inducing drama CDs (and their dudes are all a bit psycho)

    1. I agree on the psycho dudes ;_;
      I prefer Rejet when they do goofy stuff like this than crazy abusive yandere mans 😦
      And yea I loved the mage man too but I think I vaguely recall liking the Yuusha a lot too but I have a weakness for Namikawa’s deep voice (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン
      And awesome for getting the dot kare merch though isn’t it just like buttons or something? I feel like most otome game merchandise is stuff I’d never want cause I’m already running out of space for games themselves in my little apartment!

      1. they had a really cute pouch and pocket mirror that was for AGF I think… I wouldn’t get buttons either they’re a waste of space… Namikawaaaaaa actually I still thought the first game was the best but the third was slightly different from the other two. As for Rejet, DL was never my cup of tea so I just ignore that, at least the few games they made weren’t bad.

        1. oh I think I know what you mean…CD Japan was selling it for a ripoff pricing on their site lmao. For some odd reason I actually loved the 2nd characters more, but I liked the scenario more in the first one and well I just love the 3rd one in general cause like you said – it was different xD

          And as far as Dialovers, it seems to have been poisoned with the otomate milking virus and seems like they do more for it now than Rejet which is why More Blood was so freaking awful 😦 Rejet yandere games are usually “though provoking and interesting” but Otomate yandere is usually disgusting and irritating 😆 That’s how I can tell! XD

          1. As far as I’m concerned, Rejet only ever makes PC games so anything wrong with the PSP games are Otomate’s fault www it’s not like I hate Otomate but I just don’t know about their writing anymore (heard SBL wasn’t that good either)

  2. So I see that Rejet now supports the tactic of selling all your starting armor sets to buy better weapons. This is exemplary. Not even Square would often let changes in equipment reflect in character sprites, you know. /sagely nod

  3. Slimes are made moe! There is a god!
    I ordered Sweet Fuse a couple of days ago for the lulz and can only hope it’s as entertaining as this (but half the cast are ojisans…). At least I heard the protagonist girl is funny so we’ll see.
    Cheers to a new year of blushing men!

    1. Who woulda thought I’d think the slime was the most moe dude in this game!!
      And lol enjoy sweet fuse, I heard it has Aksys’ canon barking in the translations!

  4. My dot kareshi package got lost in delivery so I’m glad to see that it’s good enough to warrant the extra wait on my end. =3

    LOL at that nakkidness patch. I wanted to try replaying the previous two games with it but I’m afraid i might roflmao too much to be able to proceed. XD

    How’s SBL so far? And I await your Kamigami review, since I see it’s off your ‘now playing’ list. You didn’t get turned off by the homoz, right? XD

    1. oh I’m sad to hear it got lost. did you use SAL or something? I used COmiComi so mine came via EMS pretty quickly (once they actually shipped it)

      I actually got bored of the nekkid patch after the first run XD Had to put their clothes back on cause they were so fabulous lol (especially Maou-sama!)

      And no I didn’t abandon KamiAso, I just have to write a review for it xD; Its just that Dot Kare is so short it was easier/faster to do a write up for it first. SBL is ok but super long common route so I’ve yet to really have much one on one interaction with the guys.

  5. Omg Sugita… seeing your review kinda makes me want to play this asap. Still stuck in the 2nd series /o\ I kinda interested with the villager but too bad it seems his story is pretty boring?

    LMAO REJET …. Laugh so hard seeing them in underwear ww

    1. well Villager is your typical “me love u long time why wont u notice me senpai” type of route so I guess it has its own charm xD

  6. Ahahahahaha… Now I can’t wait to play Dot Kare for myself… I’m still waiting for the 2nd and 3rd installment to arrive around new year and then I’m going to have a Dot Kare PANTS Party!!! xDDDD

    But it’s nice, that it’s actually a nice game series… I was hooked when I first heard about the RPG parody, but I didn’t think that Rejet would actually do a really good job with it. wwwww

    1. I mean it COULD have been better, but it was fine for what it was.
      I honestly love silly games like this and because I enjoyed it so much I wish it was more expanded on (rather than milking Dialovers though I think that’s more Otomate’s doing than Rejet’s)

  7. Oh thank god this game doesn’t suck, Because I’m waiting for this game to arrive and so far, every single game I bought, and almost every one I played, totally sucked. So I can at least start the next year on a good note. *fingers crossed that Jewelic Nightmare is also good*

    1. Jewelic Nightmare gave me the feels of a landmine so I decided to cancel my preorder but for your sake I hope it’s good? I’ve also had my share of crap this year ~_~

      1. I think we all have played crap this year. If last year was the year of the delays, this is the year of el boring turds (and even some delayed turds at that). Not even Cherizt, the company that made the only good game I bought, gets a pass because I heard their new game has annoying fangirls in every route. Why would you do that? And not even the R-18 games were horrifying this year, so nothing to laugh at either.

        All I’m hoping from Jewelic Nightmare is an interesting plot like BWS had. Not even expecting good romane any more, just give me something I don’t feel I wasted my time on. Overall, if this goes on I will so not bother with a Vita even if otoge moves over there.

        1. yea I haven’t felt the need to buy a vita yet either..
          honestly only remakes/ports are going to vita at the moment (or otomate’s dumb milking cows) so doesn’t seem like there’s a point atm.

  8. Well that sounds awesome. gotta say i like the slime bro (also i love the bloody twins from heart no kuni too….DOES THIS MEAN IM A SHOTA CON?!?!?!?!) but seems like a really good game though!*thumbs up*

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