Unboxing: Remake of Heart no Kuni no Alice, Kamigami no Asobi & Diabolik Lovers More Blood


It’s always exciting to get your package and unbox it…but for me the excitement is when will I actually get to playing these games! Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ

Everything was ordered & shipped from CD Japan. As always they do a great job of packing everything perfectly and neatly so mad props! (Now if they only stopped with their no-PC game selling grief.)

As far as tokutens, Alice & KamiAso came with nice posters. Diabolik Lovers MB came with a postcard book featuring most of the CGs you can find on the site so no spoilers fortunately. Alice comes with the comic/short story booklet as usual and it feels like 30% comic and 70% short story…..( ´_ゝ`)…well whatever this is probably the last QR game I’m gonna buy anyway 😆

For the inquiring minds my planned play order will be Dialovers → Kamiaso → Rakuen Danshi (haha wait what that’s right this game is awesome and I am currently playing it on the side!!) → Alice remake cause well I’ve played it before so no need to prioritize this lol. Before anything though I’m working on finishing Danzai no Maria. I’m hoping to finish it this weekend and start on the new games next week! Thanks to those being patient with me and my MMO drug habit hobby. /(^o^)\


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  1. Okay, so basically the only way you can play this amazing game is if you are fluent in Japanese hook a translator to the psp? O man, this blows man, well is there any possible way you could even connect your psp to your computer or is that like impossible too? I no understand why they woulnd’t put it for the PC im picky and like my big screen bishies!!!! wahhhhh

  2. Oh okay, I know this is gonna sound like a long shot, but is there any possible way you could connect your PSP to your computer and then hook a translator onto it? I think there is a way that you can hook a translator to your PSP, but im not sure?? I dunno…

  3. O my gosh they made a new remake?! Is it for the PC or for the PSP cus I need me a translator so bad, I can’t read Japanese fluently yet and can barely say a sentence or 2…Is there any possible downloads for this game, I mean I know that sounds absoloutley terrible but I really enjoy these games and I can never find the disks for these things especially for the PC

  4. yea I searched & found those scans earlier.
    Really bummed out about the fact that they’re just really taking “pictures and names” and completely gut renovating the entire plot.
    At this point if you’re gonna do that then the alice series could go on forever (What if THIS time Blood loves to drink CRANBERRY JUICE and Alice starts off being married to PETER!?)

    And yea the Blood bias is awful. I admit I’m curious about the game simply because of Peter but QR’s rep has gone down for me so badly that I don’t think I’d ever bother with this lmao.
    And I also get the feeling the reason is because they just got new writers and told them to “do whatever” lol

  5. Original scans are here: http://kirihamasaki.tumblr.com/post/67760361574/heart-no-kuni-no-alice-fandisk-or-au-wonderful

    Some things about the plot are here: http://oujochan.tumblr.com/post/68041695503/info-about-the-heart-no-kuni-no-alice-sequel

    Holy shit, I hate the plot. She doesn’t remember the twins at all, all the character’s personalities are screwed up again (seriously QR, if you want to do new things at least do new characters so you don’t ruin the old ones) and worst of all, she’s married to Blood. I repeat, she’s.married.to.Blood. WTF QR? I know it won’t be a truly romantic setting but for me, romance or no, it’ll make me think of Alice as a huge ho when she goes for other guys. And considering a good chunk of the fandom doesn’t like him anymore due to the stupid heart manga, yeah, bad move. And at this point, are expected to think the “change characters” plot is nothing but an excuse to cover the fact that their incompetent asses can’t do character consistency anymore?

  6. omg no what the hell? Is it on tumblr somewhere??
    Ugh yea I think I am also done with Quin Rose. I haven’t even started on the Alice remake but it’s pretty much last on priority list due to being a remake and due to everything that I heard about it -_- How disappointing honestly.

    Everytime QR announces a new game I also just see flaws with it and expect the same terribad pattern. Usually seeing how they’re consistent in their terribleness, they deliver as promised! I guess having a game sell only 2000 copies is still good enough for them.

  7. Did you see the new Alice game scans (another one already? Just STAP QR)? They’re replacing our hot twins with another set of twins, Humpty and Dumpty, “mad twins”: Like WTF, what’s the point of switching out beloved twins with a pair of different twins? They’re just gonna end up fulfilling the same fetish.Knowing QR it’s just because the old twins weren’t yandere enough for their new beloved messed up endings. Or confusing enough for their confusing plots.

    I think it’s a bad sign when I see a new game and all I can think “QR, why are you messing up already?”. I think I’ve truly had it with this series. The new twins aren’t even hot IMO, and they don’t have the identical twin thing Dee and Dum had that used to lead to funny jokes in the old games. *sighs*

  8. yea I heard that they cut out a lot of CGs from the originals & anniversary and I’m just like….bye Quin Rose.
    I won’t be buying any of their games anymore lol

  9. Just a head’s up, I’ve seen all the CGs in the Alice remake and you’re gonna be disappointed. A lot of them are actually worse than the original CGs IMO. There are some pretties though, and Peter is among them.

  10. なるwwwほどwwww
    薄桜鬼のトラウマかーwww 私一回も遊んでないからなぁww というか、一週目で面倒くさくなって投げ出しちゃったwww

    忍び恋うつつはどう思う?一応和風だけど、バカっぽくて面白そう (゜∀゜*) どうせキャラ萌えゲーだからストーリーに期待する必要もなさそうだしwwwww

  11. かみあそは┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオゲームだと聞いてるんで期待しないほういい!!www
    花咲くは予約してないごめん!本当に和風ゲームには興味ないww (はくおきのトラウマおかげだと思うw)

  12. こんにちは、chabashiraです♪ 
    Unboxing めっちゃ楽しそうだね>w<
    カミアソ楽しみにしてるよー (“´∀`“)


  13. WUAHHHH !!! *&*
    Unboxing ALWAYS makes my kokoro goes doki doki!!
    What site did u order these from?
    I usually order from play-asia myself,
    DIALOVERS was 50$ !!
    I’m waiting SOOOOO badly for ur review !!
    hurry pweasssssssse !!!
    I hope it won’t get more expensive .. >,<

  14. I appreciate the info. I do recall reading about them releasing a Vita port with some new CGs, but I don’t intend to get a Vita for a while unless companies start to move away from the PSP en masse and only release games for the Vita. I just bought a PSP this year so buying a Vita so soon would be a bit much for me and there aren’t enough games that I absolutely must have coming out on or being ported to the Vita. I would’ve loved the extra CGs though. It’s a huge bummer.

    Well, I don’t need my items ASAP and I’d be too lazy to track things anyway (and I’m cheap) so I always use SAL, but SAL also has a weight limit, which usually doesn’t cause problems except when I have big orders like this one. Since it doesn’t give me issues that often, I forget that sometimes. They just upgraded it to SAL Parcel, which doesn’t have a weight limit, but that was a huge chunk of change to upgrade the shipping.

  15. I know it’s too late to tell you this but you should have waited for the Dialovers Vita port as that will contain new CGs. Then again if you don’t have a Vita I guess that’s a moot point but I figured I’d let you know D: Sadly I also bought the original PSP game so I won’t be opting for the Vita port (not that I have a Vita anyway)

    Wow weird they had to change your shipping? That’s never happened to me before. Which method do you use? I typically vary it up between EMS/Fedex and Airmail.

  16. Well comicomi sent with my order the promotional booklet that QR makes so I got the introductory manga of heart and some taisho kitan 4komas so I don’t feel as bitter about the poster anymore… still paying taxes despite not being in japan hurts.

  17. I’m still waiting for KamiAso and my Diabolik Lovers twinpack (since I didn’t buy the original game yet I thought, hey, why not get the twin) to come in but it’s exciting to see the unboxing of your stuff! And I’d love it if CDJapan started selling PC games too. I love CDJapan’s point system. I can tell getting into otome games has made me spend a lot more because I started getting the quarterly extras that I never got in the past when I was just buying CDs and DVDs.

    The only thing is that I recently tried to combine too much items in one order because it came out cheaper when I first calculated it, but they had to upgrade my shipping because of the weight so I just got charged a lovely $48 excess shipping today…such sadness. This happened one other time before for the same reason (but it was only $28 more in comparison) so I probably should’ve remembered that. Just gotta be more careful in the future >.<

  18. That’s the thing I’m using a credit card! that’s why I’m wtfing about it and nobody in either side have been able to tell me what’s going on, whatever, clearly my money wasn’t good enough for cdjpan 8P (too bad because I really liked their point system too orz)

    the good thing is that at least you will be getting awesome art with kamiaso if everything else fails.

  19. lol yea that’s totally true…like if they’re gonna homo it up between each other, why is the heroine even needed! Why does she even get an end!
    Lol yea at this point once I get to KamiAso I’m putting on my sarcasm goggles and writing up a review that will hopefully send the masses laughing at the level of stupidity that Broccoli has come down to. I always thought the homo was gonna stay between UtaPri stuff cause of the anime like you said, but now in my head Broccoli is a BL game company. What a shame as I heard great things about Meiji Tokyo Renka but I guess for the most part that’s just ported off the cell phone game and less of Broccoli’s bullshit writing involved.

  20. BL vibes between capturable characters aren’t even considered acceptable across the board in BL GAMES, for god’s sake. Some people like that kind of stuff, but most really don’t like the idea of capturable characters liking each other and the MC is just being the third wheel—-you’re in BL to ship people, not feel a sense of superiority for having ‘won’ against a rival. Between side characters it’s fine, though overdo it and it’s considered very trite, so I’m not sure why it’s in otoge.

    Maybe it’s for people who like OT3s, because I can’t see it being targeted towards fujoshi alone. Utapri slash is huge, but they’re always based on the anime instead of the game AFAIK so….

    And personal preferences aside, the idea that you can have BL developments to the point where it overshadows the het romance and YET the het romance gets chosen because….’a girl is the right choice for romances because she’s a girl and MEN ROMANCE GIRLS AND GIRLS ARE CUTE’ strike me as being really really wrong. 😛 If you’re going to have BL vibes, at least develop the het to the point that I can believe this relationship is REALLY more important to the character than the BL.

  21. I’m using a credit card and I heard CD Japan having issues with debit cards so maybe that’s why? Sorry to hear that though, I really love CDJ’s point system 😦 Also COmiComi makes you pay taxes even for those living outside Japan :S I only use them for PC games nowdays (like dot kare)

    and yea I figure I better put on my troll goggles for kamiaso from all the things I’ve been reading lol 😆

  22. Feeling jelly, I had to buy my games from comicomi (and it will just arrive either tuesday or wednesday) since Cd japan just won’t take my new card for whatever reason and I really wanted the Alice poster _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_ and well, Reiji and Laito portraits aren’t a big loss anyway. Since I had points that were expiring for nothing like that I had to use them in anything I could get without using money still I lost 717 points because they won’t take my card even when my bank said there should be no problem T-T

    At least (art apart) I had no intention of playing kamiaso so I will be checking your broadcast for that one since if the story is really lacking and there are homo vibes it should be a riot to make fun off.

    Brocolli should just make a BL game if they want to write it so badly, they already have fine art so it’s sure to sell anyway.

  23. Maybe they’re trying to cater to two groups: the otogamers and fujoshis. Y’know, two pigs with one stone. =/

  24. Yea it kinda bothers me too. Cause it’s like coming to a Japanese restaurant only to be served greek food or something. Like yea sure I could eat greek food but I’m in the mood for Japanese what gives! Oh well if the BL gets in the way of the actual romance in like Debut I guess my review will be more “fun” to write..lol

  25. I can’t wait for my broadcast of it though, the chat is always a pleasure! lol:

    Kamigami sounds irritating, I’m worried now orz. I didn’t mind homo in FREE! cause it wasn’t an otome game…but when they start doing that in an otome game I’m just like why not just make a BL game?

  26. yea I saw the reviews too and I saw complaints about a few otome game landmines that send me a in a fit of rage. crossing my fingers 😦

  27. Somewhat unrelated, but after seeing the comment above I can’t help but wonder why that Utapri writer wouldn’t just go write a BL game or something instead of sticking BL vibes inside an otome game…

    I mean, I play BL games, obviously. But when I play an otoge, I want to play an OTOGE. BL vibes between side characters maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe but between capturables it’s like ewww don’t.

  28. LOL DiaLovers. I’m already anticipating your review on that. That otoge always draws out interesting reactions from those who play and those who’ve seen people play it. XD

    I’m currently tackling Kamigami, and due to the draggy script, I started making unpunny jokes about the characters, myths and events in my mind, just to take off the bore. Not to mention that the ‘depressing’ (drama) stuffs are grating on my nerves, especially when an issue got brought up then pushed aside without proper closure. =/

    And like C-san mentioned, the amount of homo in them Nordic gods’ routes… LOL I get Free flashbacks all over again. XD

  29. Enjoy the games ^-^/ I saw some Kamiaso’s reviews from amazon. Most complain about the story but I kinda ignore it and better judge it by myself /o\. Also I can’t wait to see your review too :). Oh I heard lots of good thing abut rakuen danshi xD Glad you enjoy that game xD

  30. more blood is the sequel
    twin pack contains first game + sequel
    limited v edition is the Vita version of the first game which was on PSP

    if you’ve never played the original game and you have a Vita I recommend the Vita version over the original since they said they are adding extra CGs to it!

  31. is there a difference between the diabolik lovers more blood, diabolik lovers more blood twin pack and diabolik lover limited v version? or is that a different game?? sorry i’m just so confused…>~<sorry if this is too much to ask!!!!

  32. I can’t blame you orz Broccoli’s good at marketing but they can’t do two things for their life: Keep writing consistent and get their English right.

    If it makes you feel better the other routes were okay it’s just some of the endings (I guess “friend” endings). Anubis and Thoth had really short routes though and I REALLY would have liked more…… but do give it a chance! Recc’ed play order Apollon>Hades>Balder>Loki>Tsukito>Takeru>Anubis>Thoth

  33. shouldn’t get high hopes because it’s the same writer who did Utapri debut and MUSIC2 scenarios, so expect a little “homo” vibes in some of the routes (coughlokibaldercough).

    ガ━━━━━━∑(゚д゚lll)━━━━━━ン Suddenly I feel like I’ve made a GRAVE mistake.
    Welp unless it somehow turns out to be amazing this will also be the last Broccoli game I buy as well I guess….

  34. congrats on your package!! I’ve heard good things about DLMB (I personally don’t like the vampires genre so I don’t play DL) so it should be fun!

    About Kamiaso…I’ve played through most of the game by now and I can say while the art and music and voice acting are great, the story/script leaves much to be desired. I don’t know if it’s Broccoli’s way of getting people to want to hope for an FD but I do. The characters are interesting and likable but the story argh….just feels 物足りない all over. Shouldn’t get high hopes because it’s the same writer who did Utapri debut and MUSIC2 scenarios, so expect a little “homo” vibes in some of the routes (coughlokibaldercough). There are mixed reviews on Kamiaso but I guess you should just play it keeping an open mind.

    I’ll be waiting to read your reviews!

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