SmaKare Game Review: Sensei, Ikenai koto tte nandesuka?


 Anyway this time, my randomly generated heroine Tsugimoto Hitomi is a 17 year old high school girl whose boyfriend is a dickface rapist that forces her to have sex with him in the classroom a month after they’ve started going out. When Hitomi refuses, he dumps her on the spot (well good riddance to that piece of human garbage!) Fortunately to help dry her tears (or in my eyes, cause further trauma), she has 5 hot teachers ready to do all sorts of forbidden things! 😆

kaoru01Sakakibara Kaoru – I decided to do the creepy nurse first because he had the same creep vibes as the boyfriend and needed to be done out of the way as soon as humanly possible. He tells Hitomi he just wants to make sure that she’s feeling better and then as luck may have it, she gets assigned to be the nurse’s office assistant. She comes to his office often to clean his mess (why are male nurses always such messy pigs? :lol:). He then begins to sekuhara her but Hitomi is like holy shit, ME GUSTA (´☣౪☣)!! She tells Kaoru that he should only do stuff like kissing her neck or ear if he’s her lover, so he’s like “ok then let’s be lovers, you’re single right?” He then gives her a hickey and says if she wants more, to come see him before it disappears. Lo & behold, she runs into him at some restaurant a few days later and because the seat next to him is the only one open, he grinds his leg between hers the whole time they’re eating :lol:.  Eventually Hitomi realizes that she’s fallen for the randy nurse man and gives in to his advances! Needless to say, they agree to be lovers and screw in the nurse’s office. After this they have to hide their uh relationship, but it seems like Hitomi has to do all the work cause apparently he doesn’t care about being caught and fired :lol:.

kaoru02Just then news comes that Kaoru is gonna transfer his job to another school and Hitomi is heartbroken – especially when he treats it like a small matter and has 0 consideration to her feelings. On top of this, Hitomi gets a love letter and a confession from one of her classmates. Not being able to forget about Kaoru sensei, Hitomi rejects the poor kid. Sensei sees all this and gets all jelly then rages her telling her that he’s “done playing with her” and tells her to GTFO. Hitomi gets all depressed but doesn’t give up and goes back to him telling him that she loves him even if it’s one sided. Well turns out it’s not one sided and he admits that he loves her too and is actually sad that he’s moving away next year. The two of them then go on the school rooftop alone at night and make out. Before he leaves, Kaoru asks Hitomi to go on a date with him but forces himself to go to the amusement park. He can’t stand crowds or rollercoasters but deals with it just for her. Afterwards they go to the school for some reason and screw in the nurse’s office. Honestly, wouldn’t it have been safer to go to his apartment or some love hotel? (  ゚,_ゝ゚) And so as Hitomi finishes her 2nd school year, and Kaoru gets ready to go to his new job, they meet at the nurse’s office and he screws her against the window with a blindfold on 😆  They promise that once she graduates he’ll come back for her or whatnot.

yama01Yamanashi Katsumi – Yama-chan sensei is the English teacher who’s popular among his students, but he’s not like some foreigner like you’d expect in these kinds of roles. He noticed that she was dating and broke up with her loser boyfriend so he offers her some advice to just move on. Unfortunately Katsumi’s pretty much nice to everyone and due to this Hitomi has to deal with stupid jealous bitches who threaten her if she dares to step out of line. ( ´_ゝ`) Sensei tells Hitomi the best way to forget her problems is to..join the KEION CLUB that he supervises. Unfortunately the dumb bitch Yuki is in the club too and she immediately makes Hitomi feel incredibly unwelcome.She also dumps cleaning duties on Hitomi but Katsumi is like the dumbest teacher ever and acts like nothing is wrong. Seriously he’d be like “are you being bullied” and I pick “yes” and he’s like “oh well if you are bullied tell me.” WTF DUDE I JUST TOLD YOU ARE YOU STUPID? (#^ω^) But then out of nowhere, he grabs her, shoves his tongue down her throat and says “Oh btw I love you ^_~.” Wut. Being that this is a short mobile game, Hitomi’s teenage hormones level goes over 9000 and she realizes dat she wants more of the hot sensei action! She’s too shy to admit this tho so she avoids him…which causes him to go all yandere and like pull her behind the school building demanding answers! He tells her that he kissed her because he likes her and that’s it’s not really a big deal since it’s not like it’s her first kiss. After this they officially become lovers but the shit treatment from Yuki continues and all the other band club members notice this. Fortunately Katsumi finally picks up on it and helps Hitomi out by telling Yuki to help with cleanup and to stop saying dumb shit and practice her instrument. The bitch doesn’t give up though and afterwards pushes Hitomi down the stairs. Fortunately Katsumi grabs her hand and catches her in time and after the bitch goes home,

Katsumi asks Hitomi to go on a date with him over the weekend. Unfortunately not only does he flirt with other women while with Hitomi, the 2 of them gyama02et caught and she receives a threatening letter in school the following day. When she tries to tell Katsumi about it….he’s busy flirting with other female teachers =_=;. After she goes to the music room to practice alone, Katsumi comes after her and hugs her saying that he has to hold back his urges in school cause they’re still student and teacher. They start making out but then the other band members come in so the 2 of them hide in a locker cause he doesn’t want anyone to see Hitomi’s SEX FACE :lol:. After everyone leaves and they come out, Katsumi gets called to the principal’s office. While he’s gone, Yuki shows up, bitch slaps Hitomi on the head with her guitar raging that she stole her man away from her! Yea ok you stupid ho. Before she can do more damage, Katsumi comes back and tells her to back her ass up. The crazy bitch starts yelling that Katsumi  is her lover but he’s like “uh no only in your delusions”. Katsumi then tells Hitomi the crazy ho’s been stalking him for 2 years but he didn’t report her cause he didn’t wanna ruin her future since she was his student. After Katsumi calls Yuki’s  parents to take her home, he and Hitomi go up to the rooftop. He admits that the reason he’s such a manwhore to all the ladies is because he has some trauma about making girls cry so he tries to be nice to all of them. No dude, that has the opposite effect I’m afraid! After they screw on the school rooftop, Katsumi decides that it’s time to take action against his crazy stalker. And so uh I guess we jump to the happy end where Katsumi and Hitomi are engaged until graduation when they can get married. He announces it publicly in class so I guess this is to get the crazy girl to give up on him officially. After getting approval from Hitomi’s parents, Katsumi gives her an official diamond engagement ring. They then screw in her room (and I’m sure her parents heard everything) and promise to try to be able to contain themselves until Hitomi graduates.

inui01Inui Kyousuke – Kyousuke seems like this badass drill army sergeant but he’s a good guy. Well I say he’s a good guy because he saves poor Hitomi from being raped by her exboyfriend in the classroom. I thought anyway until soon as the ex ran off, the teacher then gets on top of her, kisses her and goes “yo I can do better than that little boy.” Wow umm how can you fix a traumatic sexual experience by attempting to nearly rape her again? WELL ONLY D3P KNOWS APPARENTLY cause for whatever reason Hitomi was like FUCK YEA DO ME SENSEI! ヽ(。_゜)ノ  And he screws her like so hard (well ok I guess he only screws her with his hand or something) that she starts passing out in class cause she can’t take the heat! Still at least while she’s half dead, he’s nice to her and provides her more case than the dickwad nurse who just sits around saying lewd things to her. Well the good news is, Kyousuke’s not a total jerk and apparently he’s just a huge meat headed dork who has no idea how to show affection. In fact, apparently he had assumed that Hitomi is “ok with being his girlfriend” therefore all the stuff he did to her was because he had assumed they were lovers. When he tells her this after school one day, she’s like ( ゚д゚)ポカーン? Oh wow rly I didn’t know we were going out I thought you were just sexually harassing me! 😆 Yea Hitomi I thought so too, but good to know that he actually cares about you beyond some blow up sex doll! Well the good news is, Hitomi’s like madly in love with him anyway so him claiming that she’s his girlfriend is music to her ears.

inui02Kyosuke tells her once more than he’s in love with her and they officially begin secretly dating. Though Kyousuke’s idea of a great date is constantly groping her in public and watching her get off on the idea that she’ll get caught. And well they DO get caught by her ex boyfriend and somehow after this Kyousuke’s jealousy skyrockets. He forces Hitomi to make him bentos and constantly refers to her as “his thing” so she starts to get pissed. She asks if she’s only a thing to him, so he pushes her down on a bench, leaves a hickey on her thigh and tells her to kick dem nasty thoughts! ヽ(。_゜)ノ Well his exhibitionism only makes it worse when Hitomi’s ex takes a photo of Hitomi and Kyousuke making out in the classroom and spreads it around school the next day. Even though Kyousuke gets called into the principal’s office and everyone whispers about Hitomi, the 2 of them screw in a locked classroom after school anyway. DO U TWO NOT LEARN ANYTHING (;^ω^). And well apparently this is the end and Hitomi’s graduation day approaches. The whole make out photo was excused with it as being taken when Hitomi tripped and Kyousuke caught her while she was cleaning. Due to a “bad angle” it looked like they were kissing and everyone forgot about it or something. Ever since then though, they barely interacted at school just to be safe. Now that Hitomi’s graduated, Kyousuke ain’t holdin’ back so he takes her to some empty classroom, locks the door and they proceed to screwing on a desk. After they’re done he asks Hitomi to marry him and tells her that he wants to meet her parents ASAP. Uhh lol well that route was kinda…weird. I mean the fact that they got caught but it somehow all magically was forgiven cause of some bullshit lies…and the fact that her ex finally gave up?? And the fact that this whole thing started with what is technically rape…… :(;゙゚’ω゚’):

art01Hashiba Amane – Amane sensei is the art teacher but unlike the last 3, he’s not a randy rapist, he’s a shy cute moe ossan. (*´▽`*) He offers to give Hitomi some art therapy by having her join the art club and paint pictures to help her feel better.  She agrees and Amane says that he’s really interested in her being a portrait model for him. Unfortunately for some reason, everyone keeps quitting the art club and he breaks the news to her a few days later that the club has to be shut down. A club needs to have 4 members to be active and now that it has to be shut down, Amane is crushed. ( ;∀;)  They decide not to give up so they put up posters all over the school recruiting new members. A week goes by and nobody joins so Amane says they should just give up. Hitomi is upset because art helped her get over her idiotic ex-boyfriend, and she tells Amane that he’s just as upset but hiding it. She says that she likes his smiling face just like he likes her. Well this immediately makes him きゅん(ノ´∀`*) and he grabs Hitomi in the empty club room and kisses her. Fortunately unlike the other routes, Hitomi and Amane had some time to get to know each other and she doesn’t mind at all. In fact after this, Amane tells her to stay away from him because oh noes student x teacher but Hitomi’s like NO BEBE I LOVES U!! ;A; Amane’s super happy that the feelings are mutual (and so am I after the last 3 weirdos) that they start kissing once more. Amane’s such a good guy though he stops and is like “I don’t wanna trigger your fear of men because or your rapist ex b/f” but Hitomi tells him that it’s ok if it’s him~. Well that pretty much sets off his randy switch and he shoves his hand between her legs \(^o^)/. Unfortunately for whatever reason, Katsumi keeps cockblocking the 2 of them in this route and keeps asking Hitomi to join his music club. On the weekend Amane and Hitomi go on a date to buy some art supplies so they can try to make new posters to recruit for the dying art club.

art02Still he can’t seem to keep his hands off her and even in the art supply store he starts poking her with brushes and then making out lmao. He does catch himself and is like omfg what am I doing and stops but the dude just needs an appropriate place to let out an obviously large amount of pent up sexual frustration www. A few days later while they’re painting in the empty club room, Amane says he can’t paint anymore cause he’s in a slump. Hitomi offers to help him get out of it saying she’ll do “anything” so…..he tells her to be a nude model for him /(^o^)\. She agrees and the idea of him staring at her naked body the whole time makes her all hot & bothered! He almost hits that but then backs off, and is like noo I can’t do this it will hurt you. It gets worse once he finds out that Hitomi’s got PTSD from her ex practically raping her and so feeling guilty, Amane refuses to lay a finger on her. Instead, Katsumi comes outta NOWHERE like “oh hey Hitomi I love you be my gf”. Hitomi refuses him saying she has someone she loves instead, but he’s like oh that’s okay I get excited from NTRing people. Wtf =3=;. Just then Amane bursts in going “yo lay off mah woman” and Katsumi’s like “oh um well I don’t wanna get in a fight with my senpai so bye.” Nice plot device! Amane apologizes and says he should have kept away like he promised but Hitomi grabs him and is like NO U STAY HERE. She then says that the only way to cure her ex bf trauma is to find a new love and tells Amane to screw her ASAP! And he’s like alright sounds good, so magically her clothes fly off and they screw in the abandoned art club room. And so in the ending, they go shopping for art supplies to paint over at Hitomi’s place that night – since her parents are away.Instead tho, they end up screwing cause apparently they hadn’t done it since that time in the abandoned art club room. After they finish, he slips da ring on her finger and asks her to marry him after she graduates. Well aww ain’t he sweet, at least one decent route in this game lol!

tasu01Kusakabe Tasuku  – Er yea dat name. Tasuku is like Hitomi’s “oniichan” because she grew up with him and he’s basically a really old childhood friend of hers as well as her Japanese teacher. But yea as the stigma of all childhood friends I guess he also love her long time and he tells her right off the bat he ain’t no nice oniichan. He then takes her hand, starts kissing and babbling really creepy shit making Hitomi freak out….that is until the D3P libido kicks in and she likes every minute of it. But yea turns out fortunately he actually has an excuse for his behavior. His dad was an asshole and told him that he doesn’t want a son before walking out the door and abandoning his family. When he was 16 year old being told that was devastating to him so he used to just sit all sad and alone in his room not wanting to see anyone. Just then loli Hitomi who was 7 at the time saw him lookin all sad so she climbed into his window like a loli bed intruder. She said he looked sad so she came over to pat him on the head and give him a hug 😆 From that day forth Tasuku’s been in love with her and of course seeing her be abused by a dickhead exboyfriend pissed him off to no end and probably made him lose all his marbles. When they run into his dad while on a date, he tells his dad to fuck off and storms off. After this he keeps avoiding Hitomi until she finds him alone in the library. He tells her about his past which triggers her rusty childhood memories and she’s like OH SNAP YEAH I REMEMBER NOW. And so he tells her that he loves her but says he understand if she doesn’t accept his feelings. Hitomi’s like heeeeelll no baby I accept it aaaalll! And so the 2 of them realize they’re both in love with each other and start making out behind some bookshelf. And so they officially become lovers and they try to walk to school together behind alleys so nobody sees them. He even indirectly admits that at night he faps when thinking about her hahaha (too bad Hitomi doesn’t get it :lol:).  So a few days later a bunch of senseis start hitting on her and flirting with her which drives Tasuku up the wall. He then saves her from the savages but turns into one himself when he says she should be PUNISHED for as much as talking to other men! He nearly rapes her in the classroom until she starts crying and calling him oniichan so this brings him back to normal and he’s like oohhhshittt what am I doing!?

tasu02Tasuku apologizes for bringing back the trauma with her ex and takes her to the amusement park in exchange. Unfortunately they find his dad there with his new family and child so Tasuku gets upset. Hitomi tries to lighten the mood and suggests they go on the ferris wheel together. He’s still upset though and he says he really feels like he’s alone and asks Hitomi to never leave him, as he hugs and kisses her inside the ferris wheel.  A few days later she comes over his place during a rainy day to run away from her rapist ex. The 2 of them start making out and he almost hits dat sheit cause it turns him on seeing her in one of his man shirts 😆 (lol ossan hoihoi.) He stops though, but the following day he asks her to come with him to the gym equipment shed to look at the sunset from the window. Idk why they had to go into the freaking SHED to do this but they did, and as cliche would have it, they get locked in! Needless to say instead of trying to use their phones to call for help, they use it as their love hotel and make lovin’ all night! And so in the happy end, Hitomi graduates high school but comes back to visit one day for old time’s sake. The 2 of them are engaged and have plans to marry soon. Tasuku also tells Hitomi that he met up with his dad who admitted that he cheated on his mom with some ho and got her knocked up. He still cared about Tasuku but he was more in love with his lover…so he divorced Tasuku’s mom. However he figured it would be easier if Tasuku just hated him for it even though he wanted to take Tasuku with him after the divorce. When he found out Tasuku’s getting married he cried at the restaurant and congratulated him. And so they get married and hump non stop on their wedding night where Tasuku says he wants to make lots of babies with Hitomi /(^o^)\. Well seeing how he’s the only one who got the marriage ending I guess this would make him the canon OTP!


I don’t know honestly I mean I like games with senseis, and randy senseis but there was just something awfully traumatic about the entire thing. The heroine is clearly traumatized from her rapist boyfriend, but somehow magically the teachers forcing themselves on her makes it all alright! Wtf? ( ´_ゝ`) And even when it’s really not alright and she really is like crying and going please stop, she forgives them for it anyway! I feel like the only guy who tried to NOT force himself on her and even tried to keep away form her was the art teacher :lol:. Everyone else is like “whatever u know u want it” and she’d be like “ok yea I guess I do *spreads legs*” Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン. I dunno it’s been a while since I was side eyeing the morals in a game and I never thought I’d do that in a simple (?) cell phone game lol. I guess other student/teacher games always seem to focus on the romantic fantasy of the whole thing, but in this one it was pretty much walking a thin line between fantasy and reality and frankly it just made me uncomfortable. (;^ω^) Maybe I’ll stick to games where the heroine is an adult, as it seems like this young heroine is a rarity amongst the SmaKare games.


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  1. >I don’t know about people buying
    *Has preordered a copy* (´;ω;`)
    and its not that theyre out of ideas its because they love remaking stuff with better art. it’s not the first time they’ve done it and seems like probably not the last.

  2. I know that but I don’t know about people buying a third one lol. It’s like how people get tired of constant Pokemon remakes. (possibly people are running out of ideas?)

  3. t’s okay! Thanks for telling me some information about that. If you don’t mind me for asking, hows your progress going for Mirror Alice?

  4. Sorry it’s been a year (and like 50 games) since I’ve played Anniversary Alice. I know they kill her in 1 of the bad ends but I’m not sure what else you’re referring to sorry!

  5. I just heard that Quinrose is releasing another Heart no Kuni remake O_o don’t they already have Anniversary?? Why bother making a third? Lol

  6. Okay, thanks for answering my questions! 🙂 I just have one more question. What did you mean when you said that the twins were sad about Alice in the original game? Did they kill her?

  7. Yes I’m fluent or I wouldn’t waste money on the games lol. Yea it’s not that great but ace’s route actually explained a lot as I was playing it tonight. It’s probably the first interesting route in the whole game. Hopefully I can try to finish the game this weekend.

  8. That sounds like a pain. I heard Mirror Alice is not really a good game. Are you fluent in Japanese? If not, how do you translate the otome games like the Alice series?

  9. yea I’m playing it right now.
    ITS REALLY LONG like I’ve put in 63 hours into it (according to my save data) and I still have Ace & Julius (and the side routes for Blood & Sidney left)
    Basically Quin Rose decided to just stuff the game full of stupid NPC dialogue scenes to waste time so it’s been taking me forever -_-

  10. Sorry that this has nothing to do with the game but I was wondering, are you going to be doing a game review for Diamond No Kuni No Alice: Wonderful MIRROR World?

  11. I decided to stop lurking around your blog and finally speak up XD Really good work and thanks for all the reviews you’ve done with all the sarcasm and laughs in the middle of them :3 I’m pretty much new here so I was wondering if there were any games you could recommend?
    Also and thanks for all the hard work on your reviews!!!o(^▽^)o

  12. Is it all in japanese? I’m trying to find these games on iTunes but it seems like there’s no english version in any of them

  13. I just checked, yea Alice & Wendy are in a similar pose but it doesn’t seem like it’s a trace.
    I think it’s more like Fujimaru having to draw so much she’s just running out of fuel 😆

    I did look through the Peter Pan gallery though and yea there’s quite a few CGs where the poses are identical..nothing surprising there tbh

    I think the reason the QR games have “high” reviews is because almost nobody buys them. The sales rankings for their games speak for themselves. 0ji Cinderella sold like 2k copies and Mirror Alice sold 6k
    In comparison, UtaPri ALl Star sold 96k. I think if QR stopped pumping out crap every month and actually released a quality game they’d maybe get more sales ?I’m starting to see 2ch folk who are QR fans getting tired of their half assery.
    THe response to Black Code is basically “Wow this is some pretty terrible art.” In the magazine scans everyone looks so stumpy lmao

  14. Woooow. Then I wonder if this is some cut and paste style too:

    If I remember correctly, their Peter Pan game has a similar CG of that with Peter on top of Wendy. Plus, Alice’s expression and position looks too similar to Wendy’s. Just the guy’s head re-angled.

    WAIT WHAT. THAT’S HORRIBLE wtf because I can’t even imagine Boris as a yandere??? That’s seriously unpleasant. I’m against the idea of turnining normal characters into asylum prisoners. It reminds me of Akazukin where you’d think he’s cute at first then suddenly all hope is CRUSHED. I also think part of it might be because of the Japanese audience because I tried googling for Japanese reviews for QuinRose fandiscs and everyone seems to like it…………

  15. oh yea their interface is an actual cut & paste. I found a template for MOther Goose in the CG pack of Oumagatoki 😆

    I have 0 interest in their Black COde Geass 😆 I also have no interest in Taisho Kitan cause the story is a complete ripoff Otomate’s Hanaoni (though since its QUin Rose I doubt the heroine will be bullied like Otomate’s was.)
    I think the concepts of their games are interesting but the execution is terrible. I’m so pissed off today I finished Boris’ route and they made him into a yandere…there’s even a “cage” end…like wow they’re just trollin’ at this point aren’t they lol. Still it pissed me off that they freely go and basterdize their characters like this. IF this is what they do with their signature work I don’t even wanna bother to know what they will do with their “new” releases.

    I’m sure they will ruin the cast of Arabians Lost so I don’t really feel like bothering with Arabians Doubt anymore.

  16. QuinRose is running out of ideas lately, it seems to me. Sometimes it’s not just the content of their games that bugs me, but also the way they design the game’s interface. They all look the same. I mean, okay I’m not one to mind, but it would be nice to have a variety once in a while!

    I also wish they’d stop releasing new stuffs. They’re topping Otomate in terms of this at this point. At least Otomate makes sure they WORK on their games while releasing new stuffs, but it seems to me once QuinRose releases a new work they completely forget about the previous work they just announced. Now they just announced some new game called Black Code. That one looks admittedly really interesting, but JFC I wish they’d finish Snow Black or Taisho Kitan first.

  17. I haven’t thought that far ahead. To be honest my interest in otome games is pretty much on its death bed right now and if it wasn’t for the stuff I had pre-ordered I don’t think I’d be playing anything except my cell phone games right now. Too many bad games have ruined it for me and with FF14 as an alternative I’m having trouble getting through 1 game right now (´・ω・`;)

  18. I saw a cg, where a certain someone cockblocked.
    I want to be Ema ;-;
    No, I want to be a character in an otome game.

  19. I read a comment on English patches.

    I was talking to my friend. (Who I showed Hatoful Kareshi so he would understand my obsession) He showed me this site. I got really mad, it was pirating a bunch of games. I got even more mad when it pirated one of my favorite games Dangan Ronpa.

    One day I’ll make a rant blog. To be honest, all I need to know is what choices do I pick. Then I can use my imagination. I like how this one translation is going, where they just put annotations on videos. Or put a picture of the sprite and what they said.

    I think Hatoful Kareshi has the best heroine. She has a personality. Not like; “Oh, I’m in love with a bird.” Or, “I’m in love with sensei so he can kill me.” Also, DOES EVERY CHILDHOOD FRIEND HAVE TO BE IN LOVE WITH THE HEROINE?

    Can’t you fall in love with her, when she actually loves you? Do yanderes need to lock you in a cage or be a weird rapist? Does there need to be a BITCH that tries to snag your love interest? Does a heroine need need to be tsun?

    If you want to hear me rant more. It’s 3:33 AM and I have school. Maybe I can sleep after not being so annoyed by otome games. Sorry I unleashed my rage on you.

  20. yea and I hear they have another release announcement in B’s Log this month.
    The problem with Alice mostly is like I have put 40 hours into the game so far and I’ve only finished Gray and Nightmare. Wtf??
    20 hours per route?! And I thought Hiiro no Kakera was long! And I read fairly quickly/my usual speed so I know it’s not me!
    It’s gotten so draggy (lots of scenes with characters who dont have sprites/lots of draggy content in the same scene) that I’ve had to basically multitask playing it while crafting on FF14 lol
    NIghtmare’s rout was really cute though, I enjoyed it a lot more than Gray’s but the ending felt like they were really stretching it out. Rather than add a bunch of pointless tl;dr for the 5 guys here, they should have compressed it all into 1 game in the original Dia no Kuni…but yea its obviously more profitable for them to release multiple games…though I wonder how long before all their fans stop buying their b/s. The Alice remake may be the last QR game I buy at the rate they are going.

  21. Nothing to do with the review since I’m not that into mobile games, but it’s kind of saddening to hear that Mirror Alice is terrible. 😦 I’m actually looking really forward to the remake for HNKNA. I tried playing the original, but the gameplay made me quit halfway. I checked out your Tasogaredoki review as well and the whole deal with Hisoka sounds really horrible. I recently just finished his route in Oumagatoki and it was REALLY unpleasant for me. (And this is coming from someone who adores yanderes!) I’m having second thoughts to play Tasogaredoki now, but then again my favourite character gets a route in there… (´;___;`) Sad to hear how QuinRose’s quality in games just keeps on degrading.

  22. it seems like it was Gray’s route (and the really really long first run) that was really bad. I’m playing NIghtmare’s route now and I’m pretty much |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ the whole way down so hoping it’ll be like this the rest of the game!

  23. Aw, I was hoping that Mirror Alice was good after this wave of bad games lol.
    Quinrose what r u doin with your CGs jesus christ

  24. I guess I haven’t read Shoujo Manga in a while but last time I saw something like this was in a Shinjo Mayu manga 😆
    And nope not touching the GGE one, I may be old but I refuse to go after someone older than my parents! lol

  25. I think it’s using the ‘woman learns how to accept and welcome men’s desire on her’ trope, related to eve-teasing. Seems to be pretty common in shoujo and, unfortunately, real life.

    Some people do like that thing, though, and I suppose I can’t fault a multi-game….game for trying to have stuff that caters to everyone. Have you tried the GGE one yet?

  26. *Is stalking the site now*
    I must read a bunch of old reviews until Mirror Alice.
    Also under New Releases That Alice looks like a loli.

  27. I guess I was just used to the brighter, more comedic feeling in the older Alice games. I think it’s just that diamond had a much darker tone to it lol

  28. lol otome games lol xD
    All the guys are between 20~30 so they’re not that old 😉

    Diamond was ok, I just hated the twins and Elliott’s routes…but there’s some stuff in MIrror that’s really annoying me. One biggest nuisances are the horrid bird sound effects. Omfg they are like literally nails on chalkboard.

  29. yea Amane was the only decent one! The childhood friend was OK but he had some major attachment issues and he came off as a creeper due to it unfortunately. Yea it was definitely a game that felt really awkward to finish lol

  30. So she’s traumatized by the fact that her ex tried to rape her. But she doesn’t mind getting raped by them senseis? Ok, makes total sense XDDD
    Maybe she has a jiji fetish? Lol

    And this is off topic but I agree about the Alice games, I was ok with it until he Toybox one but then Diamond kinda disappointed me? I guess this is the fate of all milked games

  31. This game’s premise seemed like it could’ve been really interesting (randy senseis….mmmmm) but it fell short. I don’t understand why there has to be so much rape situations in the majority of the routes. The only one I probably would’ve enjoyed is Amane. And then I’d maybe okay with Tasuku. At least theirs made sense. I think I’d pass on the other three though…

    I’m all for a realistic edge once and a while, but not like this. It all seemed too…I don’t know, I guess realistic in the wrong places and then ridiculous in others…

  32. well this is an Alice game too so you’d think they would put more effort into it. I’m sure my final thoughts will be full of complaints…I guess my “rose colored glasses” for Quin ROse have shattered and now I’m seeing the blatant half assery that they are putting into their games.

  33. Whoa, 29 hours? That’s some lengthy first run… >.>;

    Here’s to hoping the game won’t be much of a chore like the other recent otoges you completed. I have my worries about QuinRose’s games but… since Alice’s kinda their cash-cow, it might not be that bad (crossing fingers).

  34. wow really Vitamin R is like that too? What a disappointment but guess I”m glad I never bothered with that game…… :/ I really can’t stand when its only the guy it feels like you have to self insert yourself meh.

    and yea too many mediocre/bad games this year

  35. thanks for the review ^^
    those sparkle CS are so deceiving lol

    From all the bad CG, I’m also lost faith in QuinRose now
    Actually that style of kiss and hide the heroine’s face CG are still trend in lots of games but… yeah with better art T_T. In VitaminR the CGs are mostly the guy or the guy with the hand of the heroine @@. Guess it’s the true level of cero B lol

    Too many new games and bad games in 2013, Hope things will better in 2014 ^^

  36. yea I guess this would be an example of a “rape fantasy” but still I’m like =_=;

    I know everyone tells me “dont play if you are burnt out” and I’m like noo I spent money on this and I hate leaving things unfinished must force ugh lol
    Fortunately for now the next route I started (Nightmare) seems kinda cute so far so maybe it was just the lengthy first run?
    Also I think my new PSP firmware tells me how much time I’ve put into the game and after only 1 route and a little bit of a 2nd route I already have 29 hours in….what the fuck?

  37. lol maybe but my webcam is old and crappy so that would never work haha 8D
    even if Otomate jumps on the bandwagon I think it will be a while before other makers do so I don’t forsee a VitaOnly market until maybe 2015

  38. oh yea you need that cam device from TV as well… it costs a lot too if you want a good one, but I can say even a normal one could cost $100 so let’s trash that idea orz. I’m still arguing if I’d buy otome vita games but thinking kusomate made the first move, I just… and a few people actually cam their vita games by putting the camera directly to the screen? xD

  39. Wow, this game seems full of weird lulz. Don’t like how they easily brush away the ‘rapist/almost rape’ thing but… meh, some games just take the easy way out.

    Review asides, i get what you mean about otoge-burnout… Been experiencing that after finishing Norn9 and couldn’t really get into the next otoge on my list (VitaminR). A friend suggested getting over the slump with a challenging rhythm game (UtaPri Music 2) and it got addictive…

    Guess what i’m trying to say is, don’t worry about not being able to uh… otogame and put up a review. Gaming’s all about fun and enjoyment in the first place. I’d rather you enjoy FF14 than toil thru shitty otoges just for the sake of completing and reviewing it.

  40. Hi and thanks for reading all this time ;D
    I think you do…
    In the past I had a rooted phone (I don’t anymore) and at the time you could use market enabler to switch to JP market to download any restricted apps.
    Once you download it ONCE on your gmail account you can then download it on any phone using that account.

    Now I know that this no longer works and I think you may be able to use some google chrome extension called Apk downloader to download the apk directly and install into your phone manually. I haven’t tried it myself but give that a shot maybe?

  41. I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your site a long time ago and realized that I’ve never commented before. I think you’re honest about your opinions when it comes to otome games which is refreshing. Keep up the good work! (About the burnout you’re experiencing, it’s okay–those who follow this blog understand and know that you’re doing this all for fun.)

    I was wondering, do you need to have a rooted phone in order to download the SmaKare app? I went to their website via the link you kindly provided, clicked on their link to the Android version, and it said that the app is not available in my country (I’m in the USA).

  42. English Teacher? Oh well that bird gets murdered by his BFF, the math teacher, and no gym teacher.
    (Hatoful 3 plz come)

  43. I think the reason is because Japan is releasing a brand new lighter/slimmer Vita in October so I guess Otomate is jumping on the big wave and throwing a few new games to appeal for people to buy. After all, Vita actually garnered sales back when Project Diva f came out 😆 I only bought a PSP cause of otome games so I’m not about to switch to a Vita unless suddenly all the other otoge makers make the jump.

  44. I think to broadcast from a TV you’d need to get a TV card into your PC which is more money I don’t wish to spend. Also my TV is in the opposite room of my PC so it would never work XD

  45. this is some smakare game lawl. I read the entire thing and I have the same response as yiu : wtf?
    the whole rape thingy started the whole thing, yet she’s ok to give herself to the sensei orz ( Д ) ゚ ゚

    as for the vita thing, the only way to broadcast is prolly via the upcoming psvita tv which is ridiculous unless you want to spend another $99 (if I wasn’t mistaken) just to play it on tv orz but I guess it’s sad to see you on otoge slump specially with Alice Mirror World ( ・´ω・`)

  46. Loved the lolful review. My inability to play a game without seiyuu voices is drivin me madnutz -_-, so thanks for posting all these smakare game reviews. “I like games with senseis, and randy senseis” yep, me too. Me too ~(*^v^)~ As for the PS Vita thang, I’ve always thought the console failed to capture gamers but I guess I was wrong @_@. I don’t play many PSP games… then again I haven’t really been playing any game lately, but if the switch does happen, I’m really going to miss a boatload of otome games orz sigh sigh sigh life’s a queenbeeatch -_-

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