Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-Sama♪ -Sweet Serenade-

Op movie removed cause Broccoli doesn’t want gaijins feasting their eyes on their 2D men

Well again same as the previous fandisk but this time the routes are for the Class S guys + Ringo & Ryuuya sensei. Class A guys are starring in a movie so they’re too busy to hang out with you until Ringo’s route.

Kurusu Sho – So since Ren’s like the bro of the game he tells Sho he should step-up his relationship with Haruka before he goes off to America to get his surgery. Sho gets a role in a drama and asks Haruka to make the ending theme song for it while he’s getting surgery. He comes over her place the night before he flies off and Haruka gets all clingy and asks if he can sleep with her in bed all night. Sho grumbles but eventually agrees. While he’s in America he gets jealous when he hears that Tokiya is writing songs with Haruka. Ryuuya tells Haruka that Sho’s surgery went ok but he’s been unconscious but they have a deadline to meet for the drama song. He suggests Tokiya sing it if Sho doesn’t wake up on time, but Sho makes it in time back to Japan right on the last day. He ends up staying at Haruka’s place that night because he left his dorm keys with Kaoru and they kiss and talk about how Sho was all ronery in the hospital. Sho’s sexual frustration is also like over 9000 and he has to keep himself from ravaging Haruka because he’s gotta be the innocent angel of the group 😆 Ren gives them a “Love Lesson” pr0n book he wrote  and they try to hold hands and kiss but when it has stuff like “stick your tongue in her mouth while you’re both half naked” Sho’s like (  Д ) ゚ ゚. XDXD So then during the drama shooting, Haruka trips like the bumbling idiot she is and knocks over a camera right into Ryuuya. She feels so horrible that I guess the stress makes her sick or something and Sho stays at her place cuddling her to health x3. He even proposes to her the Japanese way (Will you make me breakfast every morning?) but of course it completely flies over Haruka’s head /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. So then to add on to some more plot drama Sho starts getting sick and constantly having a fever while they work on a “cheering” song for some track marathon.

He gets so sick that his throat hurts and he cannot sing and talk and they start chatting via “writing” on a notepad. One day she catches him singing and yells at him that he needs to get better and so he agrees to rest and only sing when he’s up to it. Then Sho gets this weird inferiority complex over Tokiya thinking Haruka looks better with him (which she does I don’t blame the child) and then they have some kind of race together I dunno. I kinda stopped paying attention when it was obvious they were grasping for straws in regards to the plot. In the MajiLove end Haruka cheers Sho on as he runs and then he performs his song after he reaches the finish line. Afterwards they go back to Haruka’s place and Sho takes a shower coming out only wearing his jeans (//ˇ◡ˇ//). Haruka accidentally finds a hairpin Sho meant to give her as a present so he’s like oh well now that you found it let me stick it in your hair. It’s a matching hair-pin like the one he wears and then in the process bumbling haruka strikes and trips them both with Sho falling on top of her. He tells Haruka that the pins are a replacement for a “ring” until he can get her a real one. They end up making out until Sho sneezes and Haruka says he should put a shirt on. Sho wants to continue being half naked like in Ren’s book so he carries Haruka to the bedroom and they…….go to bed. Sigh. WHERE’S THE REST BROCCOLI щ(ºДºщ). In the Love end, Sho gets a high fever ending up in the hospital with Haruka taking care of him. He lets her keep the keys to his room so she can come over anytime. So one morning Haruka comes to wake him up and finds him sleeping amongst various toys & stuffed animals and pokes him because he’s so cute to her xD.  Sho’s like “gasp you found my secret” and tries to tickle it out of her \( ^o^)/ . In the best friend end, or rather the Tokiya x Sho homo end they do some duet performance together after Tokiya told Sho to stop risking his health. Whatever, this gay ending never happened. What the hell honestly Tokiya looked like he was about to make out with him. (ಠ_ಠ)

Ichinose Tokiya – I did Tokiya after Sho in hopes to bleach the gay from my brain but hey instead of BL end with Sho it was a BL end with REN. THANKS BROCCOLI. I WANTED A YAOI GAME, REALLY. Anyway, that aside, the route did start out nicely when they started getting randy in Tokiya’s room with him licking her fingers until Haruka started moaning hahaha. Tokiya told Haruka to find “his weakness” since he always finds hers but Haruka fails (why didn’t she just stick her hand down his pants) and so Tokiya has his way with her instead. (/ρ\)いやーん Haruka goes to see the last showing of Hayato’s program since Tokiya plans to quit being Hayato and re-debut as himself. After the show ends, Tokiya does a special Hayato speech for Haruka saying he loves her sending Haruka into tears. (ಥ_ಥ) Saotome tells Tokiya to go be in a commercial and then Tokiya buys  Haruka a necklace. So then Ren has to be a cockblocker and they fight over who will escort Haruka better on a date so they end up…going on a 3P date to the amusement park =_=;. While there Saotome asks them to fill in a performance for a live show and so Haruka has to compose a song on the fly. Since she’s an idiot savant apparently she does this and it’s a major success to the point that now they have to fend of fangirls. Ren decides to take on that manly task while Haruka  & Tokiya run off together.  Later Ren sends Haruka a photo he took of her and Tokiya together though. (*´ω`*) One day while Haruka’s working on her song for the commercial, her computer BSODs and she freaks out sending Tokiya a text msg going SAVE ME. Tokiya thinks something drastic has happened and rushes to her room in his pajamas.  While he’s fixing her computer she notices the button on his pajama shirt is falling off and she tells him to strip.

Tokiya’s like (〃▽〃)!? but then calms his hormones when Haruka explains she wants to sew on a button. After they both finish, they have some breakfast and make out on the couch. So then yea drama time, Tokiya starts wangsting about his father and how he thinks that the reason his dad left his mom is because Tokiya wanted to become an idol.  Ren gives Haruka some advice to hear the man out and when she talks to Tokiya he says he wanted to keep his wangst private because he wanted the song Haruka made to be happy. So then after Tokiya talks to her and lets everything out they finally go and finish the song and it gets accepted for the commercial. In the MajiLove end, they go to the spot where the commercial will be shot and Tokiya gives Haruka a wedding veil. He says it’s “practice for their future” and then he makes out with her until they both end up on the ground humping. YES THEY DID IT THAT WHITE FLASH IS AN ORGASM 😆 (at least that’s how it works in R-18 games so YEAAA.) In the Love end, Tokiya performs his song on stage and then they meet outside and he gives her a necklace from the commercial. They end up making out on the bench and Tokiya proposes that he wants to “become one” with her that evening. So yea maybe bench humping or maybe they went to a love hotel later. That’s 2 for 2. So then in the Best Friend I mean gay end, Ren gets all jelly of Tokiya being raburabu with Haruka as he pulls on the “pair necklace” Tokiya is wearing. Gah whatever I don’t want to think about this what the hell are t hey doing in this fandisk (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!! My Tokiyaaaaa. Actually I was really disappointed with the choice of CGs for Tokiya’s endings honestly. Maybe it’s good I didn’t leave him for last 😕 At least dem kiss sounds Miyano made during the MajiLove end make up for this disaster.

Jinguuji Ren – So you’d think after all his bitchyness in Repeat  Ren would be more enjoyable…well he was until chapter 3 where he got so consumed with jealousy that he became a brat again. Gah! щ(ºДºщ) Soo anyway after Ren wins the audition they get randy and make out in Saotome’s office lolol. Saotome of course comes back and is not the LEAST BIT PLEASED. Ren refuses to back down to follow the no love rule so Saotome tells them to make a song that expresses their love in order  to allow it. Ren in the meantime decides to step up their relationship and tells Haruka to call him “Darling” while he calls her “Honey” 😆 He buys her a dress and offers to “help her change” when he starts unbuttoning her shirt ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ He carries her into the bedroom and uses her as his body pillow overnight. The next day they look at  Ren’s old photo albums where it has pics of him with George and he teaches her how to play darts. So yea then shit hits the fan when he sees her going shopping with Sho and gets extremely jealous. The reason she goes shopping is because Sho gets roped into being a trap again and since Haruka is his BFF she’s the only one he can rely on to help him without going nuts (like Ringo.) So Haruka tries to like appease Ren’s jealous by basically offering to put out and he’s like NOPE NOPE LEAVE NOW LADY and Haruka’s like Y U NO HUMP ME щ(ºДºщ). Eventually they just go back to working on their song with some makeout sessions in between.

One day Haruka finds Ren on top of the school building roof working really hard on his lyrics and Sho tells her to go easy on him because he’s so madly in love with her but he doesn’t want to show it cause it would kill his “cool” image. Haruka feels bad from hiding stuff from Ren so she then tells him that she’s been helping Sho with his trap adventures and nothing more. Soon as Ren hears this he’s like WELL SHIT ALL THAT PENT UP SEXUAL FRUSTRATION FOR NOTHING.  Sooo then in the MajiLove end Ren admits that he kept his wang in his pants because he didn’t want to corrupt Haruka because she’s like his precious bebe and Saotome approves their final song. To celebrate they go back to Ren’s place and have some hot sex all night long. In the Love ending apparently George was sick (maybe I was too busy raging at Ren’s PMS to notice) and so they visit him in the hospital when he gets better. Afterwards they go home and hump on the sofa because Ren can’t keep his wang in his pants long enough to carry Haruka up to the bedroom. \( ^o^)/  The Best Friend end is a キャキャうふふ ending where Sho Ren and Haruka splash water all over each other at the beach. Well it was visually less gay than the 2 routes above but 2 dudes splashing water on each other and giggling….uh yea. Soo anyway Ren’s love ends were HOTTTTT *sizzle noises*. Seriously its like the make his ends hot in order to make up for his bitchyness during the route. I mean I know I SHOULD be like “oh yea he’s just being whiny” but he gets soooo obnoxious it’s beyond my tolerance levels so I have mixed feelings about him in general except when it’s time to bring Haruka to the bedroom 😆  I loled though when in the seiyuu talk Suwabe commented that this time it was rather “steamy” hahaha.

Hyuuga Ryuuya – And her we have a rare case of Yusa Kouji NOT voicing a rapist! It’s a miracle! Actually Ryuuya sensei really reminded me of Sano from Hakuoki so if that’s the kind of Yusa role you like, then you’d prolly like sensei :). Alright I guess the first problem we have is he’s 27 and Haruka is 16. Jailbait! So thanks to that they pretty much copped out on us but at least it was nice while it lasted. Anyway Haruka has no partner and she wins the audition via song but since there was nobody to sing her song she isn’t accepted to work at Saotome’s agency. Not wanting to just be kicked out of her man harem, she ends up working as Ryuuya sensei’s assistant but instead of writing music and using her talents, she is his filer, copier, coffeemaking Ol-chan. Ryuuya’s partner (male) named Haruki died in car accident 3 years ago and ever since Ryuuya’s quit singing and being an idol cause he hasn’t gotten over it. Ryuuya blames himself for Haruki’s death because he asked him to get his good luck charm before one of his singing events and when Haruki went to get it, he got hit by a car. Ryuuya’s like oh no if I didn’t ask him to get it he’d still be alive/survivor guilt etc. One night he comes back to his room drunk and Haruka is there working (since they have to use his room work cause their office is getting maintenance done to it.) He ends up calling Haruka as Haruki and the flops into her lap drunk on the couch. For a while I seriously was thinking Haruki was like  Ryuuya’s former girlfriend but it sounded like a male name and yes indeed it was a male so…I dunno maybe they were gay for each other. Their relationship obviously was more than just SINGER and SONG WRITER in my eyes anyway (ಠ_ಠ). So then the S class boys decide to help Ryuuya sensei get over his dead lover friend and decide they will sing the song Haruki wrote for Ryuuya before he died. While they secretly rehearse with Haruka’s guidance she continues working with Ryuuya and she works like all day long cause she’s now completely in love with him.

To get her to stop working he makes up a story saying that there’s a ghost in his room and suddenly the lights go out. Haruka gets so terrified she clings on to him and that’s when the man in him awakens and he starts to take interest in Haruka as more than just his student/assistant. Ringo comes over with some cake and makes fun of Ryuuya saying that the 2 of them should date. At one of the live performances they attend some camera equipment falls on Haruka knocking her out and sending her to the hospital. Ryuuya gets so worried he starts crying saying everyone around him always disappears. She ends up staying at his place while he takes care of her but since Haruka can’t just sit around she ends up ironing his shirts or doing his laundry. So then Saotome realizes that Ryuuya and Haruka are raburabu and puts Ryuuya through tests and they end up duking it out. The S class boys perform the song and it’s a big hit but Ryuuya still has to fight Saotome to prove to him that once Haruka ripens, he’ll be the first to take her. In the Maji Love end he defeats Saotome (wow lol) and says that eventually he’ll go back to being an idol and he wants Haruka to write songs for him to sing. He tells Haruka that when she grows up he’ll teach her what “real love” is but Haruka’s not about to sit around and wait so Ryuuya pushes her down on the couch and ravages her………UNTIL SHE’S LIKE NOO STOP. Since he’s not a rapist-yusa character, Ryuuya lets her go and tells her to grow up before “inviting” him for such things. So lame, they only cut us off because there’s an 11 year age gap since obviously Haruka let Otoya, Tokiya, Masato & Ren screw her until the end! In the Love End Ryuuya makes out with her after the concert and says he’ll “take her” when she’s nice & ripe. In the Best Friend end, Ryuuya, Ringo & Haruka go and visit Haruki’s grave. Well Ryuuya sensei was actually rather hot, and he’s really sweet and caring about Haruka but yea Haruka’s immature and I guess he’s too much man for her to handle 😆

Tsukimiya Ringo – Ringo is the resident trap. Well it’s not hat he wanted to be a trap, but because he looks so cute he was told to act more feminine and in the end they basically forced him into being a trap idol to get any work. So yea basically it’s like Sho’s story almost. The story moves us back to Class A( even though the FD is about Class S lol). Haruka’s partner was some random girl who had to quit school early on and so she was left partnerless the rest of the year. During that time Ringo sensei would cheer Haruka on and give her guidance so she was able to win the audition with her song but again not hired cause she has no singer. The Class A boys and Ringo beg Saotome to give her a chance so he tells her if she can come up with a group song in 1 month he will let her stay at the agency – otherwise Ringo & the 3 guys would all be kicked out along with Haruka. So from that day on Ringo starts taking care of Haruka and helping her out by also giving her makeup tips and buying new clothes for her XD. They work so late on the song in the recording room, Ryuuya comes to check on them and since Ringo doesn’t wanna deal with his nagging, he drags Haruka under the table and shoves her against his crotch. Haruka’s like (/ρ\)いやーん and when Ryuuya leaves the 2 of them fall asleep on the couch together until he comes back the next morning and rages at them. Ringo tells Haruka that he finally got a role in a movie as a bishounen vampire so he needs to try acting more manly. He asks to rehearse a scene where he sucks the heroine’s blood and asks Haruka to help him. Of course instead of sucking blood, he ends up kissing Haruka’s neck (*´Д`)/ヽァ/ヽァ. Haruka becomes so in love with Ringo she overworks herself and gets sick. Ringo ends up staying over her place and taking care of her, even as far as giving her a sponge bath.

Haruka gets into a slump since all she can think about is her feelings for Ringo, knowing that they will never be returned. Ringo notices this and takes her out to take photos and to cheer her up. He tells Haruka that if Ringo’s movie role goes well and Haruka’s song is accepted, they will go on a date as “lovers” for a day. Haruka is so excited she blurts out that she likes Ringo but only as a “fan.” So once they complete the song she runs to Ringo in the rain to make him listen to it. So in the MajiLove end, Saotome accepts their song and so they go on their date as promised. Ringo comes dressed as a guy and then confesses to Haruka that he loves her as a woman, not as a student or song writer. 11 year difference was not ok but apparently 8 year difference is totally ok for Haruka so she and Ringo have some outdoor sexy times against a wall (/ρ\)いやーん. Afterwards Ringo says he’ll only be a “man” in front of Haruka but continue his trap idol career, as he gets randy with her at her place. In the Love end, Haruka is so clumsy she ends up ripping her skirt on their date and tripping and it’s so bad she starts crying at herself in shame wanting to run home. Ringo drags her back saying he likes her clumsy self, in fact it’s such a turn on they end up humping outside on some bench or something. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ In the Friend end, Ringo makes fun of Ryuuya saying he’s just jealous of Ringo and Haruka being all raburabu. Ringo doesn’t seem to care to hold his feelings back and he even kisses Haruka in front of Saotome. Nakamura Yuichi of course was not pleased that he had to act like a “cross dresser from a gay bar” but dem sounds he was making during the MajiLove ending….(*´Д`)ハァハァフンフンソウソウ It makes me so sad knowing we’ll never see a “new” sprite for Ringo’s male form because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t get a route in Debut. Maybe I can hope for a fandisk after Debut since they’ll prolly wanna give routes to all the new guys and while at it throw in Man-Ringo again??? (ಥ_ಥ)

Wowww yea Haruka got laid by everyone except Ryuuya (cockblock) and Sho (poor Sho.) I guess I can safely say I enjoyed this fandisk more than Amazing Aria simply because 1. no whiny bitch Cecil 2. No 14 year olds who sound like they’re 60. While the choice of some CGs were rather meh I  have a positive feeling overall. The endings were full of (*´Д`)/ヽァ/ヽァ so I guess no complaints in that department xD. As usual the Rhythm Lesson was stupid and horrible to keep up with and it was weird seeing the Class A dudes back along with the OP to AA as one of the songs you had to play…but nah nothing really to complain about too much. Only complaints I have is Haruka cockblocking herself but what else is new honestly. Well this concludes my UtaPri adventures until UtaPri Debut comes out in March. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the broadcast, it was a pleasure fangirling with all of you. (*´ω`*)


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  1. thank you for reading 🙂
    If you mean my tumblr, i’ve had this blog way before that one – that was just a side blog and this is my main one ^^

  2. IM IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG i come here everyday to read all your fangirling! i went into despair when i saw that your other blog was down but thankgod i found your new one! its so nice to see ppl that likes otome and feel what i feel while gaming! *-*) im your fan!!!! *not a stalker..a fan* kiss!!

  3. Haruka looks like she borrowed Saotome’s fabric from his shirt to make her dress 😆 Kaoru is so gay for Sho I have a hard time imagining him with Haruka xDDD; but yea UtaPri BL is ridiculous so I know they’re just playing up to the fans. I’m not a BL fan at all but the only BL I honestly felt in the game was between Ren and Masato loll

  4. …broccoli kinda likes to hints heavily on the gayness here, yes. I mean, Cecil is so moe and uke (and that’s why I ship him with his senpai). I said they are milking UtaPri for all it is worth, including the BL-potential…..xDDD I mean, i know many fangirls who really like that *looks at her friends*

    I sure hope Debut is not disappointing us, damnit. (But Haruka’s outfit is fugly – and that’s what I might cosplay…?!) Andandand….I hope for another fandisk with Ringo and Kaoru /shot

  5. dellz> Yeaaa Ren’s ending was the hottest lmfao xDDD;; Ryuuya’s was hot too until Haruka cockblocked herself though =_=

    Celestie> I’m not sure about Debut anymore…the Tokiya/Otoya/Reiji drama CD I listened to was SO GAY lmfaooo I was like oh my god where does Haruka even come in here. Also I’m soo not looking fwd to Camus & Cecil, that’s gonna be so annoying to deal with. However if they can bring the same awesomeness that as Repeat I guess I can forgive them xD

  6. Ahh, ahh, AHH, Yusa in a non-S/yandere role and RIIIIINGOOOOO~~~

    Congrats on finishing UtaPri as fro now (Hm, wonder how Debut will be, broccoli is at least promoting the heck out of it with the senpai CDs and stuff and merchandise that kills our wallets TAT) And thank you for reviewing~

  7. Thank you for summary, played it before but only know a small portion of the story ^^

    Ringo… oh my his story is so sexy but you are right Ren’e ending is beyond hot lol

    Happy New Year 2012

  8. >Hinano: Well, I was only hoping that they could’ve let yuichi and koji sing their own songs right?(I was expecting it before because they said they are TOP idols). Sweet serenade was originally Hyuuga’s right? I really wanted to hear him sing it xD

  9. lol yea when I plow through games I tend to do like 6-7 hour marathons on the weekends so they just fly by xDDD Ringo’s route was really hot at the end but I don’t know if I could say it was as hot as Ren’s endings x3.

  10. “Ringo ends up staying over her place and taking care of her, even as far as giving her a sponge bath.”

    /cough. Ringo’s route sounded sexy. And WOAH THAT KISS CG, MAN RINGO LOOKED SO HOT. (///O __ O///) I envy that you could finish your games so fast. Even if it’s a fandisc, I’ll probably take as long as two weeks or something to finish the entire thing. xDD

    Thanks for the both the reviews for the fandiscs. \o/

  11. Ringo’s not gay well he’s as gay as “Sho” is gay since they have the same “story” as far as xdressing goes.

    Really? I didn’t know about Shyo’s story… and do you mean this crossdressing when Natsuki dresses him??? LOL

    So I’m really happy that Ringo is not gay=))) And finally…Nakamura!!!!!

  12. yukiさん> 大丈夫ですよw 来年もよろしくね!! (゚▽゚*)))゚+.明けましておめでとうございます.+゚(((*゚▽゚)

    horetazei> Lol I didn’t mind the group songs since I liked them but for some reason I wished they included welcome to UtaPri world in like Saotome’s route in AA or something.

    Nataly> yea they like randomly paired up the guys this time lol I don’t know. It was just like wth is this OOC crap xD. Ringo’s not gay well he’s as gay as “Sho” is gay since they have the same “story” as far as xdressing goes.

  13. また記事には関係なくてごめんなさい^^

    I wish you good luck for the next year!


  14. lol. Yeah, for some reason, SS was more fun than AA(maybe because of the teachers). But damn… i really wanted them to have their own songs instead of the trios TT_TT

    Thanks once agian for the funny review 😀


    ahaha, but I really want more a yaoi game, so I’m waiting impatiently for these endings, though I would prefer Tokiya/Otoya, and Tokiya/Sho…I’m shocked =.= I don’t remember ’em even talking to each other in anime…
    I’m waiting for Ryuuya and Ringo roots, I’m surprised you can pick ’em… cool!!! Nakamura! btw, Ringo had to be a gay, I always thought…hmm

  16. The age gap thing is dumb because there’s an 8 year age gap between Ringo and Haruka and they did it TWICE lol. I still like Sho the most but I have to admit Ringo & Ren’s endings were (*´Д`)/ヽァ/ヽァ Sho had his cute moments but yea I have a feeling he’s just there for the cuteness and not there for the sexyness xD.

  17. Yay! Thank you for the review! Lols I absolutely enjoyed Ringo’s and Ryuuya’s route =D though I was sorely disappointed that Ryuuya didn’t get any sexy time =_= I’d totally ravage him myself if I was in Haruka’s position. But I guess its cos of the age gap? Say what? lol. Oh and when Ringo spoke in his manly voice it was so low compared to his usual voice XD loves it! I wish he’d have another route in the future too!

    So overall who’s route was your favourite? I loved all of them to be honest but not so much Sho =_= again no sexay time so yea. Obviously I’m biased towards Tokiya and Ren plus Ren’s endings were deliciously hot and steamy *__*

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