Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-Sama♪ -Amazing Aria-

OP movie removed cause of Broccoli’s anti-gaijin policy

This is the first UtaPri fandisk that came out featuring Class A + Cecil (and one more who I won’t spoil in the intro paragraph x3.) While Class S is busy doing recording for a new drama, Haruka gets to have fun with the class A dudes overcoming whatever random drama comes their way. Not going to be too much here as each route was only 4 chapters but more after the jump!

Ittoki Otoya – Since Otoya got majorly shafted with his romance endings in the first game, they REALLY made up for it in the fandisk. (*´д`*)ハァハァ  So to create random drama Saotome tells Otoya that he has to try to hold himself back because he has trouble hiding his emotions in public so he should try controlling them in private too. He also tells Haruka & Otoya that in a month he must get 1000 fans in his fanclub so the 2 of them decide to make a homepage & blog to update and attract fans. Fortunately this works but then Haruka starts getting jealous because he’s giving attention to all his fans but she can’t say anything because they have to keep their relationship a secret. Even when they’re outside, fangirls start coming up to him asking him for autographs and Haruka immediately begins running away fearing that they may find out. At the same time Haruka is trying to “step up” her relationship with Otoya by uh showing him some “signs” which ends up being a massive cocktease to him since she just does something and then has no idea how to follow through with it 😆 To take a break from all the fan activities/song making they go to the beach together. It starts raining so they go hide in some abandoned shack where they’re both partially undressed but NOTHING EXCITING HAPPENS unless you pick the option of “it’s cold Otoya can I get closer to you” and he’s like (〃▽〃)ポッ. So then Kuppuru starts having fights with Otoya because let’s face it, it’s Cecil in there and he’s gotta pretty much sit there watching Haruka & Otoya make out right in front of him xDD. He gets so pissed off that he runs away and turns into Cecil who continues to cockblock/hit on Haruka RIGHT IN FRONT OF OTOYA. I mean Otoya’s already trying to hold his feelings back for that whole “fan trial” but now he’s gotta hold back the urge to kick Cecil in the head for hitting on his woman IN FRONT OF HIM.

After they perform in front of all the fans at the amusement park Otoya admits to Haruka that he’s been holding himself back because when he’s in lovelove mode he can’t control himself. Finally after more drama his stupid bitch fans praise Haruka for writing good music for him to sing to and Saotome congratulates them for getting over 1000 fans. In the Maji Love end, he asks Haruka to kiss him and when she does I guess this sets off his hornball switch because next thing we know he’s on top of Haruka, her shirt slipping off and then they end up humping. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ In the Love End, Otoya finally gets a lip touching CG and they make out and probably hump again. Haruka tells Cecil that she’s got a sexy beast for a boyfriend and isn’t interested in going to god knows where country with him. In the Best Friends end Kuppuru kisses Haruka and turns back into Cecil over & over and then he and Otoya preeettty much end up fighting over Haruka the whole time. Cecil refuses to stop being a massive cockblocker, abducts Haruka saying Otoya’s song doesn’t have enough love for her. Finally Otoya’s song I guess has enough love to break Cecil’s cat curse, which is unfortunate because now he no longer has anything to stop him from playing Haruka tug-of-war with Otoya. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) Man I don’t know what the deal with this route was but Cecil was SO ANNOYING. Like dude what the hell’s your problem lmfao back dafuq off his lady! Well aside the stupid bff end, I thought Otoya’s Love & Maji Love ends were hot so I’ll just pretend that other ending never happened, good grief.

Aijima Cecil – Well since Cecil was already annoying me I figured I’d just go right into his route and get him out of my hair. Sadly his route was not only anti-climatic in comparison to Otoya but it actually made me dislike Cecil a LOT. Saotome lets Haruka & Cecil date as long as they keep it a secret but Cecil starts bitching that he can’t live in the same room as Haruka. I mean even when they began making out, Haruka’s bones ? or muscles cracked an she like cockblocked herself god. She gives him keys to her room so he can come in any time and tells him to keep his magic powers a secret or people will freak out. Cecil gets a call from Agnaples and finds out that his dad’s gotten sick and because no one’s pleasing that whore Muse, everyone’s powers are weakening, Haruka & Cecil can’t sing and Cecil’s magic weakens turning him back into a cat. So then Haruka is like YAY BABYNUKO AGAIN and sleeps with him in bed until the next morning she finds herself being glomped by Man-Kuppuru. When he kisses her he turns back into a cat and when Haruka tries to kiss him to reverse this, it doesn’t work. So then for god knows what reason NATSUKI turns out to be the rival in this route but rather than wanting Haruka he just wants to cuddle both Haruka and Cecil together 😆

Cecil gets even brattier and really jealous of Natsuki thinking that he and Haruka are better fit for each other because of all his cultural differences. He tries to revive their marriage appeal to Haruka by making a rose petal bath for her but bumbling idiot Haruka slips and they both fall in it fully clothed. Instead of like this being something hot, she’s like “lets just sit in the tub in our clothes!” Uhh okay… (ಠ_ಠ)So then it turns out that the reason he keeps turning back into a cat is that whore MUSE is jealous that he loves someone more than her and so Cecil tells Haruka to stay away from him, while Natsuki suggests that they should make a new song to please that biotch. Haruka thinks its a good idea and tells Cecil to stop burning with pointless jealousy over Natsuki as they complete their song. In the Maji Love end, they go to Agnaples to present the song to that stupid Muse ho who accepts it but then Cecil tells Haruka to return to Japan alone. Turns out some arabian mafia was out to kill her and when it’s finally safe he comes to Japan to take her back with him. And they make out, the end. In the Love end, the muse appears accepting their love and they make out in the recording room.

Cecil says he wants to become an idol so people of his country can see him and that he can promote his country to the world. When he finds out he has to be an idiotic idol (like HAYATO) he’s not amused but agrees to do it anyway and after he sings and hears his fans he’s like YAY I’M SO HAPPPPPYY. He’s so happy he randomly twirls Haruka in a field of flowers for no apparent reason.  In the Best Friends end….I wasn’t even paying attention excet that Natsuki like offered to teach Cecil Japanese culture beyond chopsticks & manga..so basically fake 3P end. Or more like “Natsuki gets new play things end”. Natsuki seems to love petting Cecil like a cat, maybe because he found out that Cecil was a cat and things were never the same since… Also Otoya’s route hinted that Cecil may be his half brother but then Cecil said “I wrote a letter to my mother! She saw me perform at the audition.” Uh no Otoya’s mom’s been dead for like many years so yea if anyone was thinking that, it’s been officially decanonafied. God Cecil was such a stupid and annoying brat. It wasn’t like a tsundere at all. I mean maybe it was trying to be but since he babbles poetry and Engrish and French most of the time his tsundereness just got lost in translation or something. ( ´_ゝ`)

Shinomiya Natsuki – AHHH I’m so disappointed with Natsuki it depresses me. He had a lot of really cute off screen scenes but when it came to the CGs I was just MEH and the endings were just BLEH.  Saotome suddenly is against their relationship and tells them to prove themselves they have to create a new song and PV (and have Masato and Otoya be backdancers for it 😆 ). Natsuki asks her to spend the night in his dorm room before he moves out and since Sho is  visiting his family possible implied humping??? I don’t know maybe. I wish there was a CG here. (´ε`;)  Some drama producer asks Haruka to make some BGMs for his show cause the real music guy collapsed from overwork (gee I wonder why 🙄 ). Haruka spends a week cooped up in the recording room without seeing Natsuki, who was already at his weakest and really needed her by his side. Due to this he loses even more  confidence in himself and ultimately reaches his breaking point when he sees the erojiji director hitting on Haruka and putting his arm around her shoulder. He drags her out of the studio and then he somehow gets knocked out and ends up in the hospital waking up to be “Satsuki”. Well turns out it’s actually Natsuki ACTING like Satsuki in order to try and be “stronger” for Haruka but Masato’s the first to realize that that’s definitely NOT Satsuki there. Satsuki’s long gone since the last game and while Natsuki acting like Satsuki was charming, Haruka eventually was able to see through it as well.

He gets really jealous and tells Haruka that he’ll pretend to “attack her” and she should push him away as if it was some random guy. Haruka’s like “uh I can’t push my sexy boyfriend away no matter how hard I try //swoons~” Eventually she pushes him away just to make him happy (even though she really didn’t want to – and who would blame her?) Haruka grows a pair and kisses Natsuki and after he blushes like a tomato he carries her into the bedroom where he pats her head until she falls asleep. Eventually Natsuki admits that he was pretending to be Satsuki because he felt like “Natsuki” was too weak and always caused trouble for people. Haruka tells him that she loves both him and Satsuki equally and he doesn’t need to pretend to be someone else. Natsuki goes back to being himself and he’s so excited he pushes Haruka down on the couch and starts unbuttoning her shirt with his lips…AND OF COURSE THERE WAS NO CG HERE. WHY WOULD WE PUT A CG IN A REALLY NICE SCENE. Oh wait we did that for Otoya so now we can stop trying. So then if that wasn’t rage inducing enough, he decides LETS BREAK UP SO I CAN BE REBORN AS A NEW ME~~~ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!………щ(ºДºщ)知るかぃ! So yea pretty much at this point it was all downhill from here and they focus on their stupid song and he gets over his jealous of other guys hitting on Haruka. They go to the beach at night in the MajiLove end and then they walk into the ocean (which to me read like a god damn suicide scene) and then they get into a hammock where they make out. Seems hot right?

Well it was until Haruka’s like “oh no the moon is watching me I’m so embarrassed!” and then Natsuki following with “Just pretend that the sky is making love to you”………what. (ಠ_ಠ) Dafuq. And then he ends the freaking last sentence with “See it’s alright like this..Satsuki.” What the hell honestly. 3P end? Fake 3P end? Whatever. In the Love end he confesses to her again, Saotome approves their video & relationship and they perform on song station. Some dude hits on her again but she manages to ward him off and Natsuki’s all happy. They go back to her place where he kisses her and then says he wants to sleep with her but suddenly our bold & daring Haruka from 2 chapters ago has jumped out the window and we’re back to shy/stupid Haruka. She’s all like NOO and he’s like “ok fine I’ll settle with lying down in your lap.” Yes it was a cute CG but no I couldn’t care less to see a CG in that scene and then Natsuki started babbling about the god damn starry sky again. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) In the Best Friend end Saotome tells them to redo their video cause he doesn’t like it for whatever balls reason and instead we get Masato x Natsuki Bro-Fist manly friendship end. God I don’t even honestly. I’m so disappointed because there’s so much potential for hotness with Natsuki (or even Natsuki acting like Satsuki) but I feel like they suddenly thought all that poetic shit in Cecil’s route would be good in Natsuki’s route. UGH DONOTWANT ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー. Bleh way to ruin a route for me, so much for FAN disk lol. Well maybe it woulda been better if they just added CGs to all those really hot scenes in the middle of the route instead oh well.

Hijirikawa Masato – Saotome lets them date as long as they keep it a secret after he wins the audition. To celebrate he and Haruka go make out in his room but then DADDY has to cockblock and tell Masato has has 1 month to make a new song to impress his rich family to “prove” himself to them. Before that can happen, Masato gets invited to star in some old timey NHK drama and he has to be apart from Haruka for A WHOLE WEEK! OH NO THE TRAGEDY! And he’s so clingy to her he sends her like a million text messages every day and after THREE WHOLE DAYS he finally talks to Haruka on the phone about how ronery he is and about how she’s writing her songs. He gets soo jealous though when he finds out Haruka’s not lonely at all and in fact she’s been practicing writing her songs with Natsuki and Otoya 😆 So then misunderstandings galore when she gets a staticy phone call from him which makes it sound like his fiance is in Tokyo and now Masato’s gone off to see her. When Masato calls her back to explain things, Saotome BURSTS through her window, breaks her glass and says “oops wrong room”. Masato hears this on the other side of the phone and freaks out and immediately runs to Haruka’s place.

He takes her to his room (where there’s no hole in the wall) and then they are both so tired they go sleep in bed together. Masato starts babbling erotic things in his sleep as he nuzzles into Haruka and she’s like ( ´゚д゚`)エー!? So then cockblocker daddy stops by again saying he wants Masato to marry his fiance but Masato refuses saying he loves Haruka and he will prove his love when they finish their song. So then bumbling idiot Haruka loses the ring Masato gave her in the last game and starts freaking out looking for it. When Masato comes over she refuses to let him in ashamed of losing such an important thing (lol he coulda just bought her another one with all that money) but turns out she just dropped it at his place and he gives it back to her. So then Haruka acts like an idiot as usual and overworks and passes out ending up in the hospital. Masato thinks it’s all his fault and his immediate solution is LETS BREAK UP. Wtf is this Natsuki’s route? (ಠ_ಠ) Why the fuck’s that the solution to everything, damn kids. So they break up but that only makes Haruka go wacky tabacky as she starts roaming around the forest going MASATOO I WANT TO SEE YOUUU like a hobo. And then like for no apparent reason MASATO COMES DOWN FROM A GOD DAMN HELICOPTER AND RESCUES HER lol.

What the fuck how did he even know she was in the forest and lol HELICOPTER MAN. I’m having Hanasakeru Seishounen flashbacks 😆 So they finish their song and perform it at the Hijirikawa party and everyone accepts their relationship. In the MajiLove end,  they go to the beach together where Masato yells out to the ocean I LOVE U HARUKAAA like a dork. This is followed by them going to a Ryoukan where they make lovin’ all night. In the love end, Saotome tells them they have to sell 200 CDs which they successfully do and to celebrate they go home and makeout on the couch. In the best friend end Masato does a duet with Otoya but says that even if they do any future idol unit work, Haruka is HIS NO TOUCHY ( ಠ益ಠ ). Needless to say, I LOL’ed. Poor Otoya, he’s so nice he’s not gonna fight Masato but fucking Cecil wouldn’t back off in Otoya’s route goddamit 😡 Hm well anyway the majilove end was kinda hot but it felt….short. Like I wish there was more to it, also Masato’s nose in that kiss CG really buggered me. Otherwise the route was kinda silly with everything being misunderstandings yatty ya. The best part I guess was that Jii wasn’t around. If I heard another “BOOOCHHHAAAMAAA” I might have flipped a desk.

Saotome Mitsuo – If you were thinking “is this like Shining Saotome at age 14!?” then you guessed correctly. Well and if you were thinking that time to get slapped with the sad truth. Saotome uses a time machine which causes an accident sending him back in time to 30 years ago and sending his 14 year old self to the present. The worst part being of course is that despite being 30 years younger HE SOUNDS THE SAME. Ok it’s really obvious that Wakamoto can only do that ONE voice. Why couldn’t you get another VA to voice younger Saotome? Why щ(ºДºщ). Soo yea it was so awkward, it was like as if Saotome was off screen and the guy in front of me wasn’t voiced. It was so bad at one point in order to feel ANY romance in this route I just had to turn his voice off. ( ´_ゝ`) The scenario of them going to the amusement park and him almost kissing her on the ferris wheel was cute. I admit it was adorable and Mitsuo’s char design is cute but OSSAN VOICE UGHHHH. ヽ(`Д´#)ノ So anyway Mitsuo asks Haruka to write a song for him because he’s been learning how to be an idol thanks to everyone’s help. As they’re in the recording room one day, they get locked in and the A/C breaks. In the MajiLove end, Mitsuo hugs her blowing on her hands to keep them warm until Otoya & co. rescue them. They complete the song (which is btw  Welcome to UtaPri World lol) and then Saotome comes back from the past telling  Mitsuo that he is himself and he needs to return to the past. Mitsuo tells Haruka he loves her but agrees to go back and kisses her forehead.

After he goes back everyone slowly starts to forget his existence but Haruka is determined to keep his memory alive by having everyone sing the song she wrote for him. By the time they sing it, they forget why they’re singing it but then Saotome hears it and his memories flow back. He runs to Haruka and says “I’m back” and just then Haruka sees an image of a younger Saotome and starts crying.  In the love end, after Saotome tells Mitsuo to go back, he agrees saying he’ll become an awesome idol and promises this to Haruka. One day Haruka is reading a magazine interview about Saotome and why he became an idol, and it says in it “I made a promise with someone.” In the Best Friend end, Mitsuo kisses Haruka on the cheek as a goodbye and tells her he loved her. Everyone slowly starts to forget about him but they finish the song and use it as the “assignment” that Saotome gave Haruka when he asked her to make a duet song for the Class A guys. When Saotome hears this song, he starts crying saying that he doesn’t know why but it feels very nostalgic to him. LOL MAN I ALMOST CRIED TOO. (ಥ_ಥ) I swear I think it was Wakamoto’s ridiculous voice that kept me from fully getting all emotional in this route which is a pity since if they just PICKED A DIFFERENT VOICE ACTOR FOR YOUNGER SAOTOME it would have been a really good route. BLEH Broccoli you fail. ( ´_ゝ`) ダメダメにょ。I’m still bitter because I just loved how younger Saotome was written and I loved his character design but yea Wakamoto’s ossan voice just ruined everything.

Umm yea very short game I guess XD. I’ll be honest I got really excited after I played Otoya’s route and I was hoping the rest would be just as good but they just didn’t live up to the hype. Okay well Otoya’s ROUTE didn’t blow me out of the water but his endings sure did. (*´д`*)ハァハァ  So because of this I had high expectations for the others but Natsuki’s star secks was dumb, Cecil’s was a whiny bitch and Masato’s glory moments were cut short. It almost feels like this fandisk made up for the lack of romance for Otoya but for everyone else they just didn’t bother cause their original routes in the previous game were already good enough. Very sad. ショボーン(´・ω・`) The rhythm lesson was stupid as hell seriously. In the first game, I found it useful because you would repeat what the teacher did and it was the exact same notes. In this one not only the notes were different but some of them you could barely even HEAR behind the freaking BGM. It would just drown them and I had difficulty doing the damn rhythm lesson sigh. I didn’t like any of the songs since I’m biased to only Tokiya’s songs so aside from Welcome to Uta Pri World (which btw in this game you didn’t actually get to play) nothing to write home about. I do remember Natsuki’s song gave me grief in Pro mode on MUSIC but that’s not something I want to remember :;:;:;:;ガ―{´_`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:;. I honestly have mixed feelings overall. Everyone had their “moments” but I felt satisfied only with Otoya’s endings so it’s hard for me to “recommend” the game. I guess if you played the first game though this is just something obligatory and it’s short so it won’t take too much of your time. Hoping the fandisk for S class will be an improvement.

*<(。´∀`)ノ【∮*+゜*。Merry Xmas。* ゚+*∮】

11 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-Sama♪ -Amazing Aria-”

  1. Man, it seems like Natsuki’s always getting shafted. It’s like they don’t know what to do with him without Satsuki or Sho there as foil. /o/ Saotome’s route sounds interesting but LOL Ottoya obachan’s ex ;;;;; Hopefully Sweet Serenade will turn out better.

    Merry Christmas to you too! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  2. I agree once Satsuki is gone they don’t know wth to do with him. I mean he DID have some cute scenes with Haruka but they don’t seem to want to expand on that blah lol. Saotome’s route reminded me of like Back to the Future where Michael J Fox had to kiss his mom and was like UGH WTH…I HAD THAT SAME FEELING LOL

  3. When I first saw AA’s CG pack, I thought Mitsuo has some magic powers too like Cecil. But it’s actually younger Shining Saotome?! ∑(゜Д゜;)

    Btw, thanks for translating Otoya’s maji love end. ^///////^
    Oh and I love the last pic. Tokiyaaaa~! <333

  4. I only played Masato and Natsuki’s route here because I both it the same time as sweet serenade and I’m dying to play the teachers routes Dx Reading this post makes me want to play it again….just so that i can savor a young Saotome(despite how he looks, I can’t IMAGINE him with Wakamoto’s voice DXX)

  5. Thank you for the review! I admit I played Sweet Serenade first only cos I was easily swayed by the teacher’s routes XD I haven’t touched Amazing Aria cos honestly it didn’t appeal to me. But I guess Otoya’s route is worth playing and Saotome’s too after reading your post =X

    As a Natsuki fan I am extremely disappointed they didn’t have some rated 16 cgs lols. Guess they wanted to keep his innocent persona? So to speak =_=

    Merry Christmas to you btw! =D Looking forward to your thoughts on Sweet Serenade =)

  6. Jean> I knew SS would be better since Tokiya is there lmfao so I decided to save that for last xDDD AA is worth playing for Otoya honestly lol but you could play the other routes for the cute scenes in between….rather than the endings 😕

    horetazei> You missed out Otoya! His was the best!! XD Lol Wakamoto’s voice was sooo awful nothing you want to imagine honestly lol.

    Euryx> When I first saw the sample Cgs I thought Mitsuo was either 1. a relative of Cecil 2. Saotome’s secret love child hahahaha xD

  7. would you care to upload more pictures of the game?im kinda interested in how the game is out side the plot

  8. Hello, just a quick comment.

    I really enjoy reading your Uta*Prince reviews. It’s funny hearing your thoughts on the admittedly ridiculous events that happen during those games. I’ll admit that the only one that I regret reading is Debut’s, but that’s only because I haven’t played it yet. I’m wary…

    Anyways, comment on Otoya and Cecil’s thing (and spoilers from here on forward!) I haven’t actually played Cecil’s route in AA yet, but even if Cecil’s mom watched the audition, she wouldn’t recognize Otoya because it was established that she had amnesia after her plane crash 15(?) years ago, so she doesn’t even remember Otoya. …Poor Otoya…

      1. I think it was that Otoya and Saotome thought she died in the plane crash (15 years ago), but then Cecil said that his dad found his mom wandering in the desert alone (15 years ago) without her memories other than her name.

        Hey Otoya, you’re technically a prince =O

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